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After my 'why zoella's channel died' and 'why alfie deyes' channel died video' today we take at a look at another youtuber who has dropped off, Tyler Oakley. Tyler Oakley is someone that has been on the platform for a very time, not really been exposed for too much and has done videos with creators you know like Jenna Marbles and Zoella, so why is he losing 20,000 subs a month?
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1 Agu 2018

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iNabber Bulan Yang lalu
A RESPONSE TO THE COMMENTS ABOUT TYLERS TWEETS!!!!!!!!! READ THIS BEFORE YOU GET ANGRY ABOUT WHAT I WAS TRYNA SAY BC I MOST LIKELY AGREE WITH YOU POLITICS: I was a bit nervous in some of the reasons i spoke about in this due to the sensitivty to if i didn't clarify clearly why they effected tyler , let me give a final explanation. I think if youtubers state who they're voting for, they may take heat but their channel will be fine. But if ID-vidr's dwelve deep into politics despite being a vlogging/entertainment channel then they will lose subscribers and that happened with tyler. I don't care he voted for Hilary, wouldn't care if he voted for Trump, it's a fact people didn't subscribe for politics they subscribed for entertainment. Hope you understand where I'm coming from. RACE: With the race related tweets, i think more people were mad at the fact he was so stubborn and ignorant he wasn't willing to debate people and express his opinions, i don't even think his opinion was THAT bad in full context, but just the way he presented it was moronic. And the other ones such a people getting bored by him + him going way too mainstream i think i explained well enough, so ya ty :) FOLLOW THE PODCAST! ► FULL ONISION DEBATE ► FOLLOW MY TWITTER ► JOIN THE DISCORD ► SUB TO THE SECOND CHANNEL ► THE PATREON ► Instagram ► Music at beginning ► Title: Scott Buckley - Elementary Artist: Scott Buckley Source: License: Promoted by Music Library:
anthail 8 hari yang lalu
Kiah Wilkinson As anLGBTQIA+ activist and a person researching gender, I figure I'll reply to this for peeps who truly want to know about the preferring or not preferring some race is or isn't racism. The video by T1J that Kiah linked is a pretty good starting point to the whole topic. The fact is that inherently, there's nothing wrong with preferences like hair colour or type, eyes, height, or skin colour. However, different fields of human sciences have repeatedly shown that preferences are widely influenced and even formed by social biases, stereotypes and the mainstream culture and/or race within our immediate communities and especially the media. Basically, we can't really help what we're attracted to, since the society around us pretty much informs our beauty standards for us, just like it forms all other social standards and norms. Of course, we're not all the same so even if the entire society tells you that this is what is catered to you (= e.g. women's magazines are presumably filled with things of especial interest for women) that doesn't mean that you absolutely agree with all the things your community is into. But you are more familiar with them. However, if you never contradict the social bias of your community and the representations media give you, or even the representation that that one kid that is from a completely different ethnic and cultural background in your school creates for their entire ethnic group, or you never actually truly consider why you believe thing X about group Z, that is when "just having a preference" is no longer a preference but a potential source of prejudice (good or bad, since ethnicity-related fetishes are arguably just another form of racism). At the same time, the biological response, i.e. attraction, is something we can't control. However, there isn't a single ethnicity that has individual traits that vary to such a degree from all the other ethnicities that you can make generalised, all-encompassing judgements like "I'd never date a person of ethnicity Y". That is to say, while having preferences is inherently just fine, it is very very easy to propagate and reinforce racism and other prejudices through making generalised statements such as "I prefer white men over black men because black men are/have quality W". Especially in western and westernizing societies where the beauty ideal usually reinforces the social status quo where white men are the most priviledged. Basically, the problem isn't so much in having preferences than in excluding entire groups of people because of them. The fact that dating sites let you say what ethnicities you prefer is quite questionable, if it leads to the algorithm completely excluding everyone in a category you don't prefer as much as another one. Say, all the other qualities that you're looking for match up perfectly - cept that the skin colour happens to be wrong. Fair enough, you might not be attracted to this particular person - can't help it. But if you never even saw the option to consider this person simply because of their ethnicity? That is when we're definitely approaching blatant racism. And there are a lot of dating profiles that outright say "no blacks/asians etc". Which, while may be founded on a lack of attraction in general (maybe this profile's owner never met a black/asian person they're attracted to), it is still a generalisation and therefore prejudiced i.e. racist. Then again, it's also useful info for ethnic peeps encountering profiles stating "no your ethnicity" - at least they'll know to run away from that person behaving in a racist way. Cause in the end, it's not preferences and biological responses that make something racist. It's the thing that comes after, i.e. racist actions. Tho, if we want to make this more complex - let's consider ableism along with racism. When I ask kids in schools that I visit to give lectures on gender and sexuality, I often play this game where the kids have to consider different statements. One of which is "I would date a disabled person who is in a wheelchair". Now, most people say, yes, yes they would. But then there are those few kids who say something along the lines of how hard it can be to live with and potentially care for the physical needs as well as emotional needs of someone in a wheelchair, depending on their disability, and therefore the kids feel uncomfortable saying they would date someone in a wheelchair a 100% of the time. Because it wouldn't be fair to the disabled person either, dating someone who isn't up for the potential challenges. Now, should people be allowed to exclude all disabled people from their dating searches and apps? No. Cause that would be ableist, since you're reducing an entire person to nothing but the disability, something which society does all the time to the point of forgetting disabled people have sexual lives, too. There are so many different kinds of disability that excluding all disabled people would be..... hmmmm, akin to saying you'd never date a person of colour simply because they are a person of colour. TL;DR Having prefences is not inherently prejudiced, but completely and actively excluding a group of people from your dating pool based on a single trait without further considering why you're doing it is fucking prejudiced.
Nathan Perez
Nathan Perez 10 hari yang lalu
In regards to rac,e, like ok but thats not what u said?
RoyDoesRandom :D
RoyDoesRandom :D 22 hari yang lalu
U suck
Dan Backslide
Dan Backslide 24 hari yang lalu
+William Barry Willie you seem like a smart guy but my god you're such a dick fuck you dude
CasanovaTheCoolGuy Bulan Yang lalu
iNabber some of yall sound like incels. Nobody is obligated to like you for whatever reasons. If someones like oh I dont dating mexicans, or blondes, or wtv, why do you gaf? Chances are you wont want to date them either, so let everyone do them.
Hailey Figueroa
Hailey Figueroa 2 jam yang lalu
inspector of brown bricks
I never liked his content, I completely forgot about him until I saw this video lol.
Cindy Monroe
Cindy Monroe 5 jam yang lalu
Lol Hillary Clinton ruined his career 🤣🤣🤣 love it
İpek Küçük
İpek Küçük 6 jam yang lalu
I stopped watching him because he wasn’t active on his channel. Also I checked his channel last week and his videos wasn’t as interesting as it used to be.
Dani Simmons
Dani Simmons 6 jam yang lalu
3:44 predijuce
Beherit Syriac
Beherit Syriac 7 jam yang lalu
Yuck, shitty brit says racist trash, is a better title. Doesn’t even know he’s a worthless bigot, eat a spike fash
Beherit Syriac
Beherit Syriac 7 jam yang lalu
This is the next dead channel, calm the fuck down. Christ, the shit you’re saying is not this exciting.
boss apocalypse
boss apocalypse 7 jam yang lalu
why were 2 videos from you in my recommended when Ive never even heard of your channel
Mr. Random Man
Mr. Random Man 9 jam yang lalu
Claim: ImAlex is a c*nt Evidence: He drinks bath water
hhris C
hhris C 23 jam yang lalu
3:45 he said the word prejudice like a bellend
hhris C
hhris C 23 jam yang lalu
Why do you wear lip gloss?
Izumi kajiura
Izumi kajiura Hari Yang lalu
He have no charisma, it's content fatigue more than tweets, in 2018 maybe it would have been like that cause of all Sjw retards but c'mon have you been on tweeter ? This place is a dumpster of human stupidity.
L u ll h a b i t
L u ll h a b i t Hari Yang lalu
He is right. End of discussion.
I go 0 to 011 mike real quick
Why don’t you like imallexx? Not hating lol I love both your channels
This is Carousi
This is Carousi 3 hari yang lalu
*P R E D U J I C E*
Skämma Sverige
Skämma Sverige 3 hari yang lalu
I respect the way you acted when talking about the politics.
Ash Williams
Ash Williams 3 hari yang lalu
Because he is a terribly annoying person.
Ivanperez 128
Ivanperez 128 3 hari yang lalu
It’s kinda sad people like him exist
Kate Nelson
Kate Nelson 3 hari yang lalu
I think your arguments about attraction are very simplistic.
Neta Parash
Neta Parash 4 hari yang lalu
I totally agree
RE 4 hari yang lalu
He’s so white his teeth look yellow
Dana Jimenez
Dana Jimenez 5 hari yang lalu
So....I’m racist towards my own race? Lmao I don’t really date Hispanics and Colored people because it’s just not my preference. Are they good people? Yes. 2 of my friends are colored and I care for both of them to death. They mean the world to me. But because I don’t want to date that race I’m racist? No baby, no. Shh
Kevin Z
Kevin Z 5 hari yang lalu
Oh wow the Tyler + Hillary video is top cringe.
1D Fan
1D Fan 5 hari yang lalu
I haven't watched his channel science he was on 1D day.
Lauren The Lady
Lauren The Lady 5 hari yang lalu
Who is Tyler Oakley
averagejoe455 5 hari yang lalu
You... You do realize there are non corporate news channels on here right? People come here for news as well.
Forgotten Email
Forgotten Email 6 hari yang lalu
Going mainstream is inevitable, if you're big it'll happen. The difference between him and, for example, PewDiePie, is that Pew DiePie didn't purposefully get involved with mainstream stuff and it just happened naturally because he is the biggest channel, with Tyler he purposefully got involved and put his name out there with the normies
Philly VooDoo
Philly VooDoo 6 hari yang lalu
People don't come to ID-vid for one specific thing.... There are whole successful channels based on politics...... And again many ID-vidrs eventually become mainstream by the sheer number of your reach...... For many that is the goal..... And if 7 plus million subscribers justifies as a dead channel, I'll take it ASAP........ That's all......
Luca Kanga
Luca Kanga 6 hari yang lalu
You Should make a video on how I get shitty views.
Madssice 6 hari yang lalu
I think you explain things a bit too much, like you said the same thing 3 times, talking about the same thing for 4 minutes isn't entertaining.
Josip Druzic
Josip Druzic 6 hari yang lalu
You flail your arms so much my video had to buffer.
Future president Hernandez
I only like tyler oakley because he’s lgbt, but other than THAT. I don’t even watch his this just decreases my interest into watching his videos, sorry but im too good for libtards ;^)
TheRealBenStiller 6 hari yang lalu
Future president Hernandez are you gay?
Future president Hernandez
TheRealBenStiller yes
TheRealBenStiller 6 hari yang lalu
Future president Hernandez you like him because he's gay?
six piece chicken mcnobody
i unfollowed at the point where he photoshopped those teenage republicans standing next to words like "im republican because im stupid and ignorant and blinded by my privilege."
six piece chicken mcnobody
curioussebastian yikes
curioussebastian 6 hari yang lalu
six piece chicken mcnobody he was right tho
iloccorB 6 hari yang lalu
You look like Tyler Oakley without the hair lmao
Fleato 7 hari yang lalu
I mean its easy...... Hes one of those people who went from making content to making trash content trying to virtue signal and he went full political sjw and you get the fall out of that. Hes part of that super hardcore leftist minority that even other liberals hate.
curioussebastian 6 hari yang lalu
Fleato Wrong he moved away from ID-vid. Stop creating fantasies to reflect your reality.
Vince Vince
Vince Vince 7 hari yang lalu
I always hated that he seems like he did used his homosexuality to ''differenciated'' himself and grow a platform from this. As a gay man I find it very cringey, uncomfortable and almost insulting that those kind of ID-vidrs will exploit their own sexuality for personnal gains.
MackLyon 8 hari yang lalu
I just realized how scary Hillary Clinton looks.
curioussebastian 6 hari yang lalu
MackLyon wait to you see what Trump looks like
Meomix Mimix
Meomix Mimix 8 hari yang lalu
Are you guys really surprised to be seeing this after bringing real people unto a digital platform?
mastu asl
mastu asl 8 hari yang lalu
Can you do why Ingrid nilsen channel died
Bingis Boy
Bingis Boy 8 hari yang lalu
It becaus he gay man boy pig !?
Jonathan Felix
Jonathan Felix 9 hari yang lalu
Dude, you could give Philip Defranco a real challenge at the "hands moving while talking Olympics".
Tristan Cooper
Tristan Cooper 9 hari yang lalu
Dude you forgot to Blink
רז רענן
רז רענן 9 hari yang lalu
12:30 I agree and also, it’s nice to compare it to Shane’s series of confronting people from his past- like night and day difference..
JBlite 9 hari yang lalu
And Because gay
Danny Hustle
Danny Hustle 9 hari yang lalu
He gay
shayzee time
shayzee time 10 hari yang lalu
He still has 7m subs so he's doing pretty good although it was a lot better before I guess.
ShowYaFriends 10 hari yang lalu
good to know...
Dark Voyage
Dark Voyage 10 hari yang lalu
3:45 “predujice”
Nathan Perez
Nathan Perez 10 hari yang lalu
Dude I really like your videos but this one was harsh and kinda the reason why I don't watch youtubers religiously. I don't understand how people get so upset about stuff that doesn't effect them and they cant just move onto the next video? Especially when nothing racist, homophobic or sexist has been said, if u don't agree with a political stance, then ignore the 3 videos that they've made and watch the other 500 they got
Riley 10 hari yang lalu
LMAO WHY WOULD HE RIDE IN TO HIS HIGH SCHOOL LIKE THT does he think he's the fking president omg he was prob a loser in hs
Llensa Véronique
Llensa Véronique 11 hari yang lalu
Come on, we can't just pretend our "tastes" of who's attractive isn't influenced by society. What is the standard ? Heterosexual, white, thin, able, cis gender (etc etc) people. If you don't agree, just think 2 seconds of how it's "surprising" when a model (for exemple) isn't one of the things said above. So yeah, it is internalize racism to not find attractive someone because they are a certain color.
Sammie Cave
Sammie Cave 11 hari yang lalu
I used to watch him all the time but idk I just kinda.. stopped watching his stuff no really reason just got kinda boring lmao
John Le
John Le 11 hari yang lalu
Hey im super spunky and gay gets kinda old after a few years
EVO 11 hari yang lalu
so THAT is who made that notion such a bitch in todays society. no wonder hos channel died. im not particularly attracted to black women. i havent dated a black woman. does that make me racist? no. it just means i have a preference for lighter skin toned women than black women. doesnt mean im not attracted to ANY black woman. hell. zendaya, rhianna, and a few other black celebrities, are absolutely gorgeous in my opinion and i would love to date a girl as pretty as them. doesnt make me racist because i wont date their cousins.
Abraham Mireles
Abraham Mireles 11 hari yang lalu
And nothing of value was lost.
Imperialx Warlord
Imperialx Warlord 12 hari yang lalu
Wow I forgot he even existed. For me what caused me to stop watching him was 1) it got repetitive, he never changed, it was the same shit day after day and after awhile you’d seen it all. 2) he got a bit too political and divisive.
Imperialx Warlord
Imperialx Warlord 6 hari yang lalu
curioussebastian Sure...have your political beliefs but I don’t need to hear politics all the damn time. If I want to listen to left wing politics I’ll goto left wing political channels and websites.
curioussebastian 6 hari yang lalu
Imperialx Warlord "too political" is code word for he called out republicans on their shit
Drift Scale
Drift Scale 12 hari yang lalu
It's not very dead tho lol
Adrien Cloud
Adrien Cloud 12 hari yang lalu
Whoa Whoa Whoa Man Tyler was right to tweet that This Preference situation is prevalent in the gay community like no lie grindr is a terrible racist place sometimes. Tyler seem to speak to his fellow gays not just insert yourself here. Something that I personally have been dealing with it sucks and it makes me feel lesser so the tweet thing I agree with. I just don't know if you considered who tyler was speaking to when he tweeted that. his fellow gays. Go online or the gay chat rooms it won't be long till you see what he's referring to. I myself have it on my profile "I don't like guys with loud preferences." most of the time men will openly have it on there profile..."only white guys just a preference" like really man. I could be a buff guy with a big as dick and be glossed over cause im latino. that kind of shit it unnecessary if you have preferences there isn't a need to openly state it. just nicely ignore or let them no your not interested it's as simple as that but no race has to be apart of it for everybody to so it's sickening honestly.
Blondy VS
Blondy VS 12 hari yang lalu
When’s the funeral
SnewP 12 hari yang lalu
mechaman14 12 hari yang lalu
You look a little girl
theletterafterj 13 hari yang lalu
Nah Tyler’s tweets were the tea. He was right 🤷🏾‍♀️
tupac shwarts
tupac shwarts 13 hari yang lalu
I sexually identify myself as a parahelicopter
dishmanw 13 hari yang lalu
Tyler Oakley was also on "Amazing Race". I didn't know who he was at that time, but after watching it, he appeared to be an a*hole piece of sh*t. Then when he got political, I didn't want to get to know him.
curioussebastian 6 hari yang lalu
dishmanw shut up libertarian trash
Molly Tomei
Molly Tomei 13 hari yang lalu
I only stopped watching Tyler Oakley because the only time he ever posted a video was just to promote whatever he was doing outside of ID-vid. He wasn’t posting any content that wasn’t just an ad for himself. I just felt like I was being used. Idk how to describe it
Milk 13 hari yang lalu
Tyler became a shill
Krabb Cake
Krabb Cake 13 hari yang lalu
Tyler got annoying. You're kind of annoying too.
Ken Rose
Ken Rose 13 hari yang lalu
Dude supporting LGBT rights is NOTHING special
Lost Soul
Lost Soul 13 hari yang lalu
There's no plus in LGBT... lol
Roma 13 hari yang lalu
I actually agree with Tyler's point, It just that maybe he worded it poorly. "Oh I normally don't date black ppl bc I don't find them attractive" it's very different from "Oh I normally don't date black ppl bc they're thugs/from the ghetto/etc" I don't think there's anything wrong about finding or not finding someone from a certain race attractive, but rather the WHY, especially in the lgbt community where ppl put "no blacks/not asians/not x race" on their profiles.
Rad Pax
Rad Pax 13 hari yang lalu
I dont think it was his tweet. Its good to speak about things you find important and if others leave cause they disagree then that's good. You have th audience you want. What made Tyler lose people was he first got in on being one of the few openly lgbt youtubers and was "quirky" for it. But he has no personality other than "gay", and im saying this AS a gay man. It gets boring when you have no actual personality and never change up shit. I see no issue with going with your gut and what you agree on. You dont always need or should be a people pleaser just for views. But you DO have to be entertaining and interesting and that he is not
Rad Pax
Rad Pax 13 hari yang lalu
I mean. I dont think Tyler was wrong lmao
Voidaken 14 hari yang lalu
He's gay, right?
kara miller
kara miller 14 hari yang lalu
Omg I actually forgot that he even existed 😂
Anna Stagnolia
Anna Stagnolia 14 hari yang lalu
I freaking love Tyler and I am sad that he's losing popularity.
Edía Paff
Edía Paff 15 hari yang lalu
ändrew Salter
ändrew Salter 15 hari yang lalu
Making a video with Hilary Clinton won't help !!!!
RABtoons 15 hari yang lalu
Never watched him but I remember his ads constantly playing over and over and over and my god I hated him just from the ads alone.
Alden McGrath
Alden McGrath 15 hari yang lalu
dude you look gay
I am Sherlocked
I am Sherlocked 15 hari yang lalu
I respect your videos but I think your commentary on Tyler's tweets about racism is wrong and I don't think that it caused the downfall of his channel, you're just slandering him at this point and refusing to acknowledge that white people are inherently racist. So you're kind of a bellend on this. Tyler lost subscribers because his audience grew up and his content was repetitive
CZsWorld 15 hari yang lalu
Wait, I thought you were Tyler Oakley? unsubscribed
Zach Bond
Zach Bond 15 hari yang lalu
I just don't understand how someone can lump an entire group of people together and say they aren't attracted to them. We all know that if a dark skinned person were to say that lighter skinned people aren't attractive to them, a bunch of sensitive white people would flock to that like flies to shit. Has anyone who has racial preferences ever tried to figure out why they are that way? There are insanely attractive and insanely unattractive people from each race. To me, saying "I don't date black guys" comes across like you have a problem with EVERY black guy, which is illogical and really, can only stem from one place. Attraction is psychologically a fascinating topic, and unfortunately I don't believe that iNabber is really going into enough detail and environmental factors, like what we see around us during our developmental years. We as a society believe fatness is unattractive- why is that? Is it because EVERY fat person is unattractive? Or is it because our brains have been conditioned to see skinny/in shape people as models, celebrities, etc... I think there is a lot more to take into consideration, and I truly believe that a lot of people unfortunately aren't able to look past their conscious state and try to figure out why they think or believe the things they do.
bitch pudding
bitch pudding 16 hari yang lalu
When America had an influx of Chinese immigrants, white men felt threated by them. They banned them for many jobs and striped a lot of rights from them. Causing them to be emasculated because they didn't have the same rights as white men. Although I'm not sure if it's fact or not, I've also heard that women found them attractive so American men made it so they wouldn't be interested. There was even a law that white women couldn't marry Asian immigrants. This is why people today don't generally find Asian men attractive. This racism is so deep-seated in brains that people don't realize how much it affects your views and preferences. You are influenced by society and media so much. Whether or not you believe it makes no difference. It's basic Psych 101. Everyone is subconsciously being controlled by what they see and hear around you. Not finding a certain race is absolutely racist. It's covert and quiet but it's definitely there. It might not be something you can control right away, but it doesn't make it any less true. There are subtle hints dropped all around you that constantly decide your attraction to someone. Even tho people usually don't outright say it, but the West pushes the idea that white feautures superior. Small noses, blue eyes, fair skin, blonde hair. All are celebrated in ways that are hidden behind marketing and media. We focused on this a bit in some of my Pysch classes in Uni. Your preferences when it comes to race is due to racism. You can come up with excuses all you want, but I am positive all of those reasons are rooted in racial prejudice. Like come on, how can someone make such a bold claim that they dont find an entire race of people unattractive when they haven't seen everyone of that race. Saying "I don't find black women attractive" is a ridiculous statement because every black women looks and acts differently than the next. Also sidenote, there is so so so much scientfic evidence to this claim. Read some peer-reviewed written works on the topic. Whatever the preference may be, whether attraction or trustworthiness or whatever, there are many articles about it. Anyone who is interested should check one out sometime. It's very interesting and rewarding to learn more about the brain. Or maybe that's just me lol. But still, it would be beneficial.
Alatar 8 hari yang lalu
"When America had an influx of Chinese immigrants, white men felt threated by them. They banned them for many jobs and striped a lot of rights from them. Causing them to be emasculated because they didn't have the same rights as white men. Although I'm not sure if it's fact or not, I've also heard that women found them attractive so American men made it so they wouldn't be interested. There was even a law that white women couldn't marry Asian immigrants. This is why people today don't generally find Asian men attractive. This racism is so deep-seated in brains that people don't realize how much it affects your views and preferences." White men did not discriminate against Chinese men because they found them threatening. They discriminated against them so they could gain more power and influence over China itself.
mechellemybell1000 16 hari yang lalu
I think his tweet is pointed at people that make statements like “I would never date a Japanese person” or “I only date black people.” Not just about someone having an attraction preference.
zaahatchetman gaming
zaahatchetman gaming 17 hari yang lalu
As a part of the LGBT community. Uuhh fuck Tyler and fuck the community
Mimi 17 hari yang lalu
i agree with you i unsubscribed around the time he posted the hillary video not because i dislike her (i'm not even american) but i completely lost interest in his content and it felt like he was too far away
Mimi 16 hari yang lalu
+MontcomHorror no need to insult me, calm the fuck down. i care more about trump because your fucking country elected him. what he does might affect me too. hillary? not so much. she can do whatever and it won't have any consequences for me.
MontcomHorror 17 hari yang lalu
+Mimi That's the problem is you're ignorant and showing that you are just a mainstream idiot who goes on what they are told. You hate Trump, but with Hillary "I don't care like at all . . ." SHUT THE HELL UP! TOTAL IGNORANCE and BLATANT STUPIDITY! *LOL!* DO NOT COMMENT ON AMERICAN POLITICAL FIGURES IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE THAT MUCH OF A RETARD! WOW, JUST WOW! Maybe watch the video above and question why this idiot's channel died after having her on it . . .
Mimi 17 hari yang lalu
+MontcomHorror no offence, i'm sure that what you're saying has it's reasons but i don't care like at all my opinion on her won't matter anyways and i honestly hate trump more than anything anyways
MontcomHorror 17 hari yang lalu
Do some research on Hillary Clinton and when you start questioning why the hell what you find out was never in mainstream media, except to downplay it, then maybe you'll get why people not only DISLIKE THAT POS, BUT FULL ON HATE HER AND HER FREAK HUSBAND. Ask some Haitians what they think of Hillary and Bill and their fake charity, The Clinton Foundation.
ari chapa
ari chapa 17 hari yang lalu
and i mean this sort of thing happens to so many you tubers who have had a channel for a while, isn’t it pretty normal? seems like it will all happen to other popular channels eventually
ari chapa
ari chapa 17 hari yang lalu
yeah i don’t know if his channels really died’ it’s just he changed what younger viewers saw as his branding and I feel like when he stopped all that a little after his book tour and became more himself he lost some viewers he’s still got a pretty large following and people that have stayed around
MontcomHorror 17 hari yang lalu
Ughhh, not really. If you look at how many people are subscribed to the channel vs. the views . . . IT DIED, BOO . . . *DIED!*
Hanne V.
Hanne V. 18 hari yang lalu
I do disagree with some parts of this. I believe you actually can do something else but entertain people, just look at Philip Defranco and how well he is/has been doing for such a long time. His news shows aren't purely entertainment, is it?
TheBatKing 18 hari yang lalu
I unsubscribe to tyler oakley when he started getting deep into politics I came to youtube to get away then I found out about the tweets he made I realized he was ingnorant and not worth listening to nor watching plus his content got super boring it was just the same video differnt topic.
vampireinthesun 19 hari yang lalu
Wow I forgot this guy even existed until you mentioned his name.
Salvador Simon Diaz
Salvador Simon Diaz 19 hari yang lalu
Nigga got some chipmunk teeth
XKidd 92
XKidd 92 20 hari yang lalu
Every video: Q&A. In Every Q&A: What’re you reading on Audible? (Insert ad for Audible)
Mr. Man
Mr. Man 20 hari yang lalu
its similar to how smosh sold out. They gave up their creative freedom for money and sponsorship and then their videos slowly became worse and worse. maybe my taste in comedy has matured as I got older but their content used to be really funny up until like 2012ish and then they went down hill.
Saman BR
Saman BR 20 hari yang lalu
i think those tweets r talking abt those gays who put "no rice no spice" and shit in their bios, and i feel like he for sure had a point
Saman BR
Saman BR 20 hari yang lalu
hes boring af but on that point he was right
Eric Ryan
Eric Ryan 20 hari yang lalu
He has grown out of ID-vid and is paying more time on other things. A podcast, Trevor Project, TV stuff, etc. Pretty sure no die-hard Drump fan was following Tyler to begin with, lmao. And you would totally interview celebrities....if you could.
Ed Reid
Ed Reid 20 hari yang lalu
When did you morph into Tyler Oakley?
Mittens The cat :/
Mittens The cat :/ 21 hari yang lalu
It’s something that happens when you tubers never change or do that interesting videos We start to get bored then maybe skip a upload then the next and before we know it we forgot they existed
gamer 2004
gamer 2004 21 hari yang lalu
I didn't even know who he was till this video
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2 bulan yang lalu
Ryan Franklin Is TERRIBLE
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