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After my 'why zoella's channel died' and 'why alfie deyes' channel died video' today we take at a look at another youtuber who has dropped off, Tyler Oakley. Tyler Oakley is someone that has been on the platform for a very time, not really been exposed for too much and has done videos with creators you know like Jenna Marbles and Zoella, so why is he losing 20,000 subs a month?
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1 Agu 2018

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A RESPONSE TO THE COMMENTS ABOUT TYLERS TWEETS!!!!!!!!! READ THIS BEFORE YOU GET ANGRY ABOUT WHAT I WAS TRYNA SAY BC I MOST LIKELY AGREE WITH YOU POLITICS: I was a bit nervous in some of the reasons i spoke about in this due to the sensitivty to if i didn't clarify clearly why they effected tyler , let me give a final explanation. I think if youtubers state who they're voting for, they may take heat but their channel will be fine. But if ID-vidr's dwelve deep into politics despite being a vlogging/entertainment channel then they will lose subscribers and that happened with tyler. I don't care he voted for Hilary, wouldn't care if he voted for Trump, it's a fact people didn't subscribe for politics they subscribed for entertainment. Hope you understand where I'm coming from. RACE: With the race related tweets, i think more people were mad at the fact he was so stubborn and ignorant he wasn't willing to debate people and express his opinions, i don't even think his opinion was THAT bad in full context, but just the way he presented it was moronic. And the other ones such a people getting bored by him + him going way too mainstream i think i explained well enough, so ya ty :) FOLLOW THE PODCAST! ► FULL ONISION DEBATE ► FOLLOW MY TWITTER ► JOIN THE DISCORD ► SUB TO THE SECOND CHANNEL ► THE PATREON ► Instagram ► Music at beginning ► Title: Scott Buckley - Elementary Artist: Scott Buckley Source: License: Promoted by Music Library:
HamonLord Hari Yang lalu
+snickle1980 Thank you for actually providing intelligent bits of facts and reasoning to a table. Is it just me or this comment section riddled with so many leftists (I'm a little lefty myself btw)?
HamonLord Hari Yang lalu
+anthail *"TL;DR Having prefences is not inherently prejudiced, but completely and actively excluding a group of people from your dating pool based on a single trait without further considering why you're doing it is fucking prejudiced."* Pretty positive there are a variety of reasons BASED on entirely physical levels of attraction and how they already feel after seeing and interacting with a ton of people rather than just "it's only because they're part of race X" (which would kinda be racist). But, you say you're a gender researcher and a LGBTQIA+ activist, so meh whatever.
HamonLord Hari Yang lalu
+jess harman Can we also acknowledge that there are many people who might have experimented with different races and groups and met a ton of of them in their daily lives, before determining if they are really attracted to all of them or not? *"I doubt anyone who will literally write off entire ethnic groups of millions of different people ((WHO DON’T ALL LOOK ALIKE BY THE WAY)) has even come to this conclusion from any place of knowledge or experience."* Did anyone say that they all look alike? I doubt you actually understand other people's conclusions. We don't all think alike either. *"Anyone can be attractive and who even has a type these days lol lame"* Yes, but the two are not mutually exclusive lol lame.
Xc Ace
Xc Ace Bulan Yang lalu
Boy you a Virgin
Dippy Bulan Yang lalu
honestly as a queer person I can see where tyler is coming from w the whole “preference” tweets. Its really common online and in real life for (mostly white gays) to just straight up say “no blacks no asians” etc etc with a lot of white gays having no shame being blatantly ignorant like that to disregard an entire race of people (and to basically say an entire race is unattractive and just labeling it as “preference”). So I personally could see where he was coming from in the mindset of a white gay person who’s “trying” to promote inclusion w the platform/privilege he has. Although, I definitely think he should have turned it into more of a discussion if he was gonna make multiple tweets about it, instead of not engaging w the people he was trying to inform, but overall I think his message came from a good place
Kendall Krider
Kendall Krider Jam Yang lalu
actually...saying you won't date a person based on their race is exactly what racism is and entails. our 'preferences' don't exist in a vacuum.
tahily rojas
tahily rojas 6 jam yang lalu
i stopped watching cause i got tired of his lame attempts at being the best and wokest democrat youtuber
Sooz Kempner
Sooz Kempner 13 jam yang lalu
White barely-out-of-his-teens kid explains racism and makes himself look a prat. Aaaaaand unsubscribe.
MJ Caboose
MJ Caboose 19 jam yang lalu
He once had 9 million
Rosa Marianna Watts
Rosa Marianna Watts 22 jam yang lalu
I agree with tylers ‘racism’ tweets but i think he shouldnt have voiced it on twitter because that will always lead to misunderstandings and backlash, the reason i agree is because attraction isnt purely based on appearance anyway, if you dont give people of a different race a chance even if they maybe arent your type physically is ridiculous, unless your very shallow and dont give anyone a chance if they dont fit your physical standards then thats a whole other problem in your psyche, essentially i understand you cant choose who you are attracted to, but this concept is only based on physical appearance which isnt the be all and end all
GierigerFisch Hari Yang lalu
We're all one race, just different ethnicities ;) Oh and if only ppl would stop to apply their US-centric views (and maybe UK) on all of humanities social inclinations of the whole world and realize there is so much more going on. But one can only fantasize... PS I guess your channel dies when you've covered all the "deaths" of others?
jeff Hari Yang lalu
Are u a girl or a guy ?
Ivan Ritz
Ivan Ritz Hari Yang lalu
One thing that you didn’t mention in this video was a tweet where he said how if someone was a Republican that they should unsubscribe from him or something like that. (this was years ago, so my mind on the subject is a bit rusty) Simply seeing that if I was to have different opinions he would write me off as a subscriber made me unsubscribe
Kaze No Okami
Kaze No Okami Hari Yang lalu
Also,do you think I’m Alex is a cunt ?i like em
Kaze No Okami
Kaze No Okami Hari Yang lalu
Tyler’s cartoony twitter avi that’s shown in this video looks like hank hill from afar to me lol
Colin John
Colin John 2 hari yang lalu
You're at like at 35 and we need you at like a 7
Pluto Vs fairy
Pluto Vs fairy 2 hari yang lalu
A few months ago me and my friend were talking and saying “I barely watch ID-vid anymore there is nothing interesting” once summer was over I think I managed to enjoy it but me and my sister legit watched ID-vid all summer which could be a reason but this was before then 😂 Some youtubers (in my opinion) have changed content as the viewers changed (remember also my opinion) such as niki and gabi, and people with content like that (again my opinion don’t come at me in replies please :D)
Salt Cube
Salt Cube 2 hari yang lalu
Good video, you really flail your hands around a lot, maybe maracas next time?
Pansexual Animator
Pansexual Animator 3 hari yang lalu
When your channel will die (hope not) do one of These:)))))
just very anxious
just very anxious 4 hari yang lalu
tyler oaklely kinda reminds me of tumblr; just kinda outdated and overly sensitive
Jamie Da
Jamie Da 4 hari yang lalu
Ur videos r too long
mickey O'Neil
mickey O'Neil 4 hari yang lalu
the thing is you can say I've never found a person of a particular race to be attractive but that doesn't mean it's impossible. when you say I could never ever like anyone from this particular race it is kind of fucked up regardless of the race
Gaydolf Hitler
Gaydolf Hitler 5 hari yang lalu
if your not a political channel then stay out of politics. that why he fell. its a very divisive time
Chris R.R.
Chris R.R. 5 hari yang lalu
i love how he keeps refrencing leafy and bro no one knows who that is anymore
pilot ///
pilot /// 5 hari yang lalu
I could not stand Tyler Oakley I had completely forgot about him until I saw this video lol
kanishq ruhil
kanishq ruhil 5 hari yang lalu
Get woke go broke Oakley went full sjw
CarissaEllyn 6 hari yang lalu
Well I mean... not liking someone is one thing but saying "I won't date black people or anyone not white" that's racist. 🤷🏻‍♀️
KTWEBS 6 hari yang lalu
That pic of ellen in the thumbnail is terrifying wtf
chloet182 6 hari yang lalu
I never “got” why people liked him ....boring ....unoriginal...his whole brand revolves round his sexuality 🙄 We get like getting fucked in the problem but no need to make 646 videos on the subject 🙌 He thinks he’s better than everyone that’s why he shares his opinion one EVERY subject despite his obvious naivety ...he’s fake af
PetiteCheval 6 hari yang lalu
Lilliputian 6 hari yang lalu
Tyler was right tho on the tweet. People use ‘type’ to mask racism. It goes hand in hand with the ‘nobody dates asians’ stereotype. You can’t say you are gay and only attracted to white man.You can say tend to date white twinks but if you write off a whole race of black/brown/asian people entirely it is literally what it is, racism. You are forming opinions on whether you will like a person based on their skin color and not their personality. Racism isn’t just hatred, it’s every bit of discriminatory behavior based on color. I’m all for people talking about their beliefs on twitter and ID-vid, but this being said, Tyler is just so bland and unfunny that his content is just not interesting. He wasn’t wrong tho.
NomNomMotherfucker 6 hari yang lalu
I actually forgot he existed..
Emma Liebe
Emma Liebe 7 hari yang lalu
i came to see if alex commented, but sadly he is a cunt & he didn’t
Stranger Happened
Stranger Happened 7 hari yang lalu
*Oakley and Neistat have advocated for a WAR CRIMINAL to become a president.* Inexcusable.
cemeterydrive10 7 hari yang lalu
but what about the fact that it’s probably what Tyler wanted for himself? i’m sure he’s more than happy to be with those celebrities, doing something he likes. he’s not a refusal youtuber anymore and that’s a fact, and as a former fan of his it’s a bit sad, but i don’t really see the problem with him doing different things
H05TIL3 8 hari yang lalu
Im having an iNabber binge rn
Maya Reads
Maya Reads 8 hari yang lalu
Yes it is racism (the "I'm not attracted to X race"). But it's institutionnal racism. Like Tyler said. Sociaty dictates beauty. And yes there is scientific proof. We can easily see this when comparing what is seen as "beautifull" in different part of the world and different time (history heyhey). Let's be real clear. It's not that saying you don't find someone attractive that we are talking about. It's discarding an enter race of poeple. That's fucked up, and if you can't see that I don't know what to say. You can realise its fucked up and still not find X race attractive, but at least akwolegde it . Representation matters even in beauty standard. The problem honestly is that poeple are offended, like they take it personnaly when you point at that something is racist. The same way white man are angry when you talk about the FACT that being black makes it harder to get in University. Again, institutionnal racism is the problem here. Yes white are privilege, it doesnt take anything away from you. But some how it seems really hard for some poeple to just acknowledge it. Its not against you, its against society. Reconnize it, can help. SORRY for the spelling I'm french.
Maya Reads
Maya Reads 8 hari yang lalu
+ to add to the comment you posted. How can you have a debate on tweeter? come one. How can you have a debete when you're as famous as Tyler was back them, let's be real. I was trying to have a debate just today about grey's anatomy, a fucking tv show and it was impossible cause poeple on the internet dont want to debate. Feeling = facts. thats that. -_-
Baepsae 9 hari yang lalu
Is it just me that finds it annoying that people see him as the face of the lgbt+ community? (I’m lgbt+ before someone gets pissed off )
DarkKittyPhantom 9 hari yang lalu
are all the"*insert channel name here* is dead" videos, like this, opinion pieces? (i clicked this one at random) Why did all of the changes to how content is promoted here through: 2015-current completely escape mention? that's at LEAST an equally feasible culprit to "politics" in support of the viewership/subscription loss within the time frame I'm sure some people who have incomplete/diminished/sparse/faulty (what's the least offensive word to use?) understanding of racism (including as you defined it in this video) felt as you described with the preference thing, but I don't think that would have had as much of an impact. The content in relation to the viewers: (new and aging) is the most solid logic to be found here both in comments and video
Ecaterina Visan
Ecaterina Visan 10 hari yang lalu
Because he was your typical tumblr overly feminine gay guy,internet "politics" were the smartest thing he knew,never accept different points of view,happy go lucky type of person. His interests and personality were so stale after watching 2/3 videos of him,you knew pretty much everything about him.He didn't feel like a real person,but rather a cliche of how the older generation portray the current generation.Who knows,maybe there is more to him in real life,but his internet persona was repetitive and predictable. I'm pretty sure the only reason he got big was because he was one of the few openly gay people on the internet and many still in the closest teens admired him for that. Is he a bad person?No.Is he a very generic/cliche representation of our generation?Very much so.
Dagron Sayler
Dagron Sayler 10 hari yang lalu
I seriously hope every sjw pig in this comment section hangs themselves. You fucking retards, some people just don’t find certain skin tones attractive. It’s like not wanting someone with brown eyes, or preferring green eyes. It’s not racist, it’s what you’re attracted to. I’ve had plenty of friends that have said “I wouldn’t date a light skin”, referring to lighter skinned black people, because they simply aren’t attracted to the tone of their skin. Just like gay people are predisposed to liking the same sex before they’re even born, some people just develop a preference for different skin tones and races. If someone tells me “I’m not sexually attracted to you, because I prefer ____ men.” My first thought isn’t “wow you racist bitch”, it’s “well that’s not something I can really change, and since it is YOUR preference, and what YOU’RE biologically coded to find unattractive, I guess it wasn’t meant to be”. Seriously, grow the fuck up you retards.
Luis Alberto Durand Téllez
Luis Alberto Durand Téllez 10 hari yang lalu
I agree with most of the comments, the format of Tyler’s channel never changed and just got boring and repetitive. I remember i jumped shipped when all the content he uploaded was Q&A after Q&A. I understand he started focusing on other projects and mainstream media, however I do not care for most celebrities, likewise he started to vanish into the back of my mind
Blade619234 11 hari yang lalu
I agree with Tyler Oakley. How do you say “I will never date a black girl” so tens of millions of black women are unacceptable. Tens of millions of women and you find none of them attractive, or you can’t be attracted to them?
Jennifer Vapes
Jennifer Vapes 11 hari yang lalu
I can't believe how many people think that people should be in unhappy relationships just so they aren't called a racist. Someone even told someone they were a racist because they admitted to not having found someone of a specific race attractive yet even thought they try and don't intentionally avoid that race but they were racist just because they hadn't found one yet. No one dictates what I find attractive, not even me. I tend to be attracted to losers anyways. Believe me, if I could flip a switch to change what I am attracted to, I would. The type of sites that see the most statements of "no certain races" are hook up sites. They want a person that they are attracted to quickly. They aren't looking to get to know every last person on the site. It does happen on other sites as well but it happens a lot more on hook-up sites and all races do it. I have come across plenty of black men who only date black women or white women. I have come across a lot of black and white men who only date Hispanic women or Asian women or mixed black/white women. I am not insulted. I don't want them having to go through the dating process with someone they will not be sexually attracted to. I don't want my time wasted and don't want to get my heart involved with someone who is not sexually attracted to me. Sure, there may be that one person somewhere out there that they do find themselves attracted to but if they don't want to open up a wide door for a minuscule probability, I don't care. I would feel different if it were a situation where someone doesn't want to date someone of a different race because they feel that races is inferior or because of some stereotype. There are people of all races with this mindset but for the most part, it's just about sexual attraction and to call people racist because they're not attracted to certain features of certain races is insulting. We don't call straight people homophobic because they don't date people of their same sex. After all, they haven't met everyone of their same sex. There very well could be that one person somewhere out there that they would have a same sex relationship with.
Jennifer Vapes
Jennifer Vapes 11 hari yang lalu
I cannot stand it when entertainers try to push their political opinions on other people. There's a difference in sharing your thoughts, when they have a legitimate basis, and encouraging your fans to vote a certain way. I come to YT for entertainment, not politics. His tweet about "not being sexually attracted to a race makes you racist" is still making it's rounds and gets people riled up each time. Am I homophobic because I don't date women? That type of tweet shows you the type of person he is and that he would say "if you voted for Trump you're a racist" being completely oblivious and insulting to the minorities that did vote for Trump. It's a "my opinion is the only right opinion" situation rather than wanting to learn why people voted for candidates other than Hilary. I guess, if they ask then they can't throw around the "racist" card.
Tak Jae
Tak Jae 11 hari yang lalu
Saying that preference is prejudice is ... really rapey.
Gemma Bedford
Gemma Bedford 12 hari yang lalu
nooooooo, i totally agree with tyler here! maybe he used the wrong word with preference, but having a type that's only white people is racist. only liking east asian people is racist, it's not okay
HamonLord 2 hari yang lalu
Do I detect sarcasm lol?
rawrisiloveuindinify 12 hari yang lalu
You say Bell end in every video lol
Paul Gordon
Paul Gordon 13 hari yang lalu
7.6 million subs. Ded
Nicole Velázquez
Nicole Velázquez 13 hari yang lalu
I’m one video away of subscribing to this channel 🤔 and i don’t generally subscribe to anyone...
Bob Marley
Bob Marley 13 hari yang lalu
"Disliked and distested"?????
DCMediagirl 13 hari yang lalu
This video is ridiculous. His fans grew up and moved on, end of story
chasity 13 hari yang lalu
gay doesn’t hide white privilege 😳🤠
Lars Zzzz
Lars Zzzz 13 hari yang lalu
Claire 13 hari yang lalu
I actually unsubscribed from Tyler because he wasn't uploading and then when he did, it was boring.
Jakob Lazarus Thibault
Jakob Lazarus Thibault 13 hari yang lalu
he just stopped making vids,,, that's why it went down
Cozy Afternoon
Cozy Afternoon 13 hari yang lalu
never heard of the guy
Jacqueline Harkiss
Jacqueline Harkiss 13 hari yang lalu
This video is way too deep...People just got bored of him, forgot about him. That's probably why he has so many subs still....people just forgot they were subscribed to him
svvcker 13 hari yang lalu
I stopped watching once you started justifying the "racial preference" argument.
Adelaide 14 hari yang lalu
Used to love this man...then i forgot about him.
timeladyana 14 hari yang lalu
I was genuinely interested in the video but the moment you started ranting about the whole race thing and completely missed the point those tweets aimed for, I just had to stop watching because I knew I would not be able to give you any credibility throughout the rest of the video. Being racist does not have to do with openly joining kkk and saying outrageous things about people of color, neither is that about not being interest in one specific person of color, but how our culture was built on making you think that you not being attracted to *inserts poc feature* is just your preference and not something you just learned to believe in your whole life. It does not have to do with one specific person, but the perspective. The whole calling him a moron for not elaborating and not accepting opposing views thing was just moronic of you because it just seems like you are ranting about a very important discussion without any actual knowledge on the topic out of the whole "tyler oakley controversy" perspective, the whole point of what he said was the racist background behind the perspective of not liking a feature or dismissing people of color just "because it's your preference", it does not necessarily mean that you, not being attracted to a specific person you met means you're racist and he literally did not say that, that was what you got from it, and that just sounds like you're being defensive on the topic, which I find very bad considering your job is to rant about topics and a little more care should be put into the topics being discussed and how beauty standards are excluding of poc is not something outrageous or unheard of, and that goes way deeper than you seem to know or be able to identify in your video while calling someone who brought attention to it a "moron" just because all of you were just too lazy and privileged to study about the topic. Hope you look more into the topics you discuss in the future instead of going for the whole drama way of it when it's actually something that needs to be talked about. My best wishes.
Jasmine Williams
Jasmine Williams 14 hari yang lalu
Tyler’s tweet was on the right track but the delivery was poor. So let me clarify: White/western beauty has been the standard for LITERALLY centuries. It isn’t to far fetched to think that many people still hold western beauty to the highest standard despite modern attempts to diversify the beauty world. We contour to have more angular features and angular features are a white beauty standard. Skin bleaching and colorism are serious issues in non white countries and these issues stem from western imperialism. Think about it. If European explorers set sail with the goal of forcibly converting foreign people into Christians, what makes you think that they didnt try to force their beauty standards onto the people they oppressed. Now that that history lesson is out of the way, let’s get into the meat and potatos. Having a preference for people that look a certain way isn’t inherently racist. However, once you start saying that you don’t find ENTIRE GROUPS OF PEOPLE unattractive SOLELY because of their race/ the color of their skin, ask yourself WHY?? There’s no biological reason to be unattracted to people of a different skin tone than yours. Facial features and body type are one thing, but discriminating your dating preferences based on race IS racist. Discriminating your dating preferences based on skin color IS racist. If you told someone that you didn’t find them attractive because their skin is too dark or light....why WOULDNT that be considered racist? Tyler tweeted those things in like 2015, but these instances are STILL prevalent in 2018. As a young woman of color I have been told on multiple occasions that guys aren’t into me because I’m black. I’ve overheard MULTIPLE people at my school say they’d never date a black person. My Asian, middle eastern, and Lantinx friends have all told me similar things at one time or another. Now where Tyler failed is that he didn’t clairify that it may not be modern generations’ fault that they find western beauty more attractive. Like I said earlier, centuries of a way of thinking doesn’t go away in a matter of 50 years. Most people don’t have these preferences out of malice and most people with these preferences aren’t racist. However, the origins of these preferences are indeed racist. I think it will be interesting to see how children middle school age and younger act when it comes to dating preferences. They will be the first generation with a truly diversified sense of beauty. Race convos are uncomfortable , but they’re usually met with outrage before they’re met with understanding. If you took the time to read this, let me know what you think.
StonnedLuizz 14 hari yang lalu
Tbh he died bc his content wasn’t good anymore nothing more or less he stopped being fun and he was inconsistent with his videos .
Keykibumie 15 hari yang lalu
I’m ok with ID-vidrs and celebrities speak on politics and say their opinions on shit. If they then become all bout and the content changes then is be annoying and I would stop watching them. If they have a video or 2 on politics I just skip and wait on the other video that I like. For Tyler for me he just got boring
Elizabeth Cloudwalker
Elizabeth Cloudwalker 16 hari yang lalu
Not to say you're wrong, but I've heard this argument about small bands making it big and then their formerly core audience saying they were sell outs for becoming popular and wanting to live a better lifestyle than they were afforded with their limited fanbase. It's wrong for US as consumers to limit someone else's success just so that we can feel like their 'ours'. You can't do that to people. It's abusive socially. If youtubers make it mainstream its because you helped them become mainstream and now you're having a temper tantrum because of it. Grow up.
Namenamename 16 hari yang lalu
I use to love Tyler Oakley so fucking much cause he was funny and he wasn't too childish with his content. I really thought I could watch him forever, and then he made the tweets about race. Honestly I was so confused, mainly cause I thought he was someone who was open to talk about these topics but rather he just shut off and yelled at everyone including his fans. Recently I've been trying to watch him again. I really hated the whole thing with Ellen and that was the first time I felt like stopping watching him. Ive started listening to his podcasts and I love them. Him and Korey are soooo funny and it reminds me of Tyler in 2014. But I do think his channel feels way to structured and you can't even see his personality on there anymore, I think stupid unplanned videos are way funnier than him sitting there talking some planned script which is just awkward. Anyone who used to love him, I totally recommend just listening to the podcasts cause they don't feel to planned out and it just seems much more genuine.
Zoe Grace
Zoe Grace 16 hari yang lalu
He should have moved on like Troye Sivan. Although I miss Troye’s old content I’m glad he is growing up and perusing his dreams or else he would have met the same fate as Tyler.
Saul Sugarman
Saul Sugarman 16 hari yang lalu
I think it's interesting to see two videos this afternoon reference these infamous tweets from two years ago. A story like that doesn't seem to me to be a total career killer - especially because it was a celebrity trying to stand up against racism. I don't know if Tyler ever explained himself, but it's obvious (to me, at least) he was talking about a very prevalent problem on Grindr/apps in the gay community, where guys put on their profiles "No fats, no fems, no Asians - just a preference." Erm. It's really hard to NOT see a problem with this, IMO. His reaction was a strong one - but to me, also understandable, given how often we do tolerate this sort of casual prejudice in the gay community and call it "just a preference." It's never a fully-won argument he followed-up with: the idea that mainstream media is what actually curates our "preferences" in what we find attractive... but I've also found it a compelling one, as Tyler does. I'd be a little surprised - as I said - if this killed his career. It's interesting what you talk about though about content production & escapism & fan expectations. ID-vid is a Google-owned money making enterprise, so the idea that star ID-vidrs are just average Joes who become popular is a bit naive to me. ID-vid seems to be the place where video wannabes seek out and succeed in creating opportunities that were otherwise not there for them in Hollywood or in local news or radio. That doesn't mean they should be required to always be small-town schmucks who speak inartfully in order to remain successful.
Olga Jasek
Olga Jasek 17 hari yang lalu
It's crazy because at this time I also watched Dan and Phil, and with years I lost interest in Tyler (kind of forgot him) but it didn't happened with Dan or Phil?
Neo Logic
Neo Logic 18 hari yang lalu
Kind of reminds me Graveyardgirl, Tyler and her share the problem of not changing up their content and becoming too repetitive
Alana Carter
Alana Carter 18 hari yang lalu
No one hates him, people just don‘t care about him anymore. That‘s it.
K H 19 hari yang lalu
I think Liza’s channel is next!
badboje 19 hari yang lalu
Hillary was never the head of the Democratic party. She was their presidential nominee, different thing.
Tayloe Batts
Tayloe Batts 20 hari yang lalu
Keemstar 2020.
Eliza Sanders
Eliza Sanders 21 hari yang lalu
Sry I’m American, what’s a belland?? And how do you spell it?
Swandzz 21 hari yang lalu
You been bringing "bellend" to the states.
NeickhaSuPRA 21 hari yang lalu
Ever since he wrote his first book.
Sarah-Jane 21 hari yang lalu
here's the thing i don't think people talk about in these sort of videos. Generally people don't unsubscribe from many channels... idk if this is the same for other people but I just stop watching videos from a channel that I'm no longer interested in and then pretty quickly the algorithm on youtube stops suggesting these videos to me, I don't unsubscribe I just stop watching.... is unsubscribing something that people actually do a lot or does youtube do it for you if you don't look at a channel for a certain amount of time. Because i've gone back to watch videos from channels i used to and i wasn't subscribes (and i swear i used to be), just a theory
Lucey Trower
Lucey Trower 21 hari yang lalu
ya sure are using your hands a lot when you speak
Olivia 21 hari yang lalu
one word:
Purple Penguin
Purple Penguin 21 hari yang lalu
I honestly totally forgot that he exists...
demisaysstuff 22 hari yang lalu
I think his downfall was earlier than that when he got into a twitter fight with the One Direction guy in the midst of his “professional fangirl” era, which was becoming incredibly lucrative. It damaged his appeal to teenage girls which had become the bulk of his audience by then as he’d mostly abandoned the late teen - early 20s crowd he’d built from the beginning. He ended up with nothing, and his ability to articulately engage with the social justice opinions he held was just more hits on an already wounded career.
perrywinx 23 hari yang lalu
Tyler was clearly speaking to racist shit in gay hookup land profiles that are literally like "no fats no femmes no rice" and you're making what could be a constructive conversation in the lgbtq community about yt drama. yikes.
Imi D
Imi D 24 hari yang lalu
I realised I just forgot about Tyler- I used to love him & his content and now I just don’t find it relatable anymore and I’m sad about it- is this growing up?
Milk Boy
Milk Boy 24 hari yang lalu
People dont like Tyler Oakley because he called out racism on Twitter? He was in the right. It is racist to say you would never date a black person or other person of color. Is this not something most people realize? Really dumb thing to get angry at.
Shana loveshalloween
Shana loveshalloween Hari Yang lalu
Milk Boy agree
BIG JOE 24 hari yang lalu
what a tool
Daniel Phung
Daniel Phung 24 hari yang lalu
Generalisation... We don't all always come for entertainment. ID-vid provides pretty good educational content...
Akshay Jadhav
Akshay Jadhav 25 hari yang lalu
Some people due to their geographic locations aren't attracted to certain people. And that's all fine but doesn't mean they hate those people . Personally I don't get attracted to people with wood brown eyes and blonde hairs and my dad has wood brown eyes and brown hairs but doesn't mean I don't love my dad
Akshay Jadhav
Akshay Jadhav 25 hari yang lalu
iNabber I don't know why but I felt your spit on face while you were talking through the screen and btw ...nice video, you have studied the topic well.
Akshay Jadhav
Akshay Jadhav 25 hari yang lalu
But but ...but Liza koshy does the same thing , she has OBAMA on her channel, she even had VOTing videos and and ...and she is one of the ID-vid's who is going full on celebrity mode by doing NICKelodeon game show hosting and red carpet at METGAGA and even doing a video with will Smith but her channel keep on going strong why ?
Mayva Alanis
Mayva Alanis 26 hari yang lalu
why is ellen on the thumbnail
StartedWithAReport 26 hari yang lalu
I also want to say I cannot STAND when celebrities start making ID-vid channels. Musicians to share their live stuff and videos? that's fine. Full-on celebrities? no, they should not be on trending or being advertised. I want to see real, regular people doing their thing. I don't want to see stuff I refuse to get a TV to watch.
StartedWithAReport 25 hari yang lalu
Well, I refuse to watch him. He doesn't need the money.
Akshay Jadhav
Akshay Jadhav 25 hari yang lalu
+StartedWithAReport maybe he knows his acting career is coming to an end so why not start a ID-vid career ?
StartedWithAReport 25 hari yang lalu
I literally puked when I saw he was on ID-vid. WTF he doing at his age with his career on here looking for scraps? lol
Akshay Jadhav
Akshay Jadhav 25 hari yang lalu
Like will Smith ?
StartedWithAReport 26 hari yang lalu
Does that guy not realise that most people biologically want people similar to them, or certain features which they would like to see in their children. I like my husband's blue eyes and blonde hair, I have blue eyes but bleach my dark hair blonde. Our daughter has blue eyes and light brown hair. People being attracted to certain things is fine. If someone wants a 6'3 woman with long curly black hair and grey eyes that's fine. If someone wants a tiny asian girl with long hair, that's fine. If someone wants a ginger then whatever.
HamonLord 2 hari yang lalu
+DS Just one question: Are you a leftist?
DS 2 hari yang lalu
StartedWithAReport You are honestly not even bothering about reading my comments. Im explicitly said that its ok to be attracted to someone because they look like you, what its not ok is to intentionally rule out an entire race just because its a different race, how is that so hard to understand. And yes, if it was a black person who does not want to date white people that would be racist too, but again this tweet was about the particular situation of gay white men in grindr writing “no asians or blacks or whatever” in their bios. You can like whoever you like, im repeating it, but if you think “i would never be attracted to a black man because of their race or skins color” then yes, of course that is racist and Im sure that its them who would not want to be your friends if that were the case. I have my own type too (although pretty different looking than me so your theory is not always the rule) but that has nothing to do with the point here. Also the whole race thing is bs, like its 2018 and people still believe that races are a real thing wth. Like just accept people as human being and stop seeing colors as something so important, like even the concept of “people of color” its just so weird, we dont have that in my country and we just date people for how they are, not the color of their skin. Also I have dated people from all colors so thankfully I haven met all those racist people you are mentioning that wouldnt date me because of my “race” lmao.
StartedWithAReport 2 hari yang lalu
+DS Didn't realise that refusing to date someone means you can't be their friend or have any other type of relationship with them. Most will never outright tell you they won't date you because of your race, but there's a lot of people like that as we all have different cultural backgrounds and social norms which many people do not wish to change or adapt to new ones. I'll bet your attitude doesn't extend to people of colour that refuse to date white people and probably reaches the outer galaxies of straight people refusing to date trans people being homophobic/transphobic too. You can't say a white person with brown hair and brown eyes liking people with brown hair and brown eyes is incest or a racial issue, because it isn't. Most people are attracted to other people within their own race - that doesn't account for mixed people necessarily whom will go to the traits they find the most attractive. Seeing as most people date within their race that is completely foolish to suggest it is a racist issue. Look at asian countries where they are nearly always expected to only date within their race or be disinherited or shunned for their own families. But you won't count that as an issue because they're asian, right?
DS 2 hari yang lalu
Look, if you make the concious decision to never date a black person because of the color of their skin then you are racist, period. Even if some people are subconciouslly attracted to someone who looks related to you or at least very similar like you say, which I honestly dont know about since im from a mixed country so races mean nothing to me and we are attracted to all kind of people here, that has nothing to do with writting on your grindr bio "no asians or blacks" which is what tyler oakley was refering to. You can and should be attracted to whoever comes natural to you, nobody is forcing you to like every single person on the planet, just dont rule out a race beforehand just because of their "race" lmao, its that simple. Like you said, I like tall guys, that does not mean that I only date tall guys, and I have no interest in ahving children that look exactly like me, sothe biology argument is not super valid nowadays with the many different realities we have in this world. Have a good day!
StartedWithAReport 2 hari yang lalu
+DS Nobody said you're automatically attracted to people that are the same to the point of looking related, but in general most people are attracted to their own race and the opposite gender - it is biology. And within that people have their own choices of what they like/dislike or prefer such as hair colour, height, etc it doesn't mean they will ONLY date someone that is their absolute ideal. There are always exceptions. Some people only want to date gingers or only want tall people or only like asians or whatever. It isn't racism, it's preference. If you'd prefer someone with fair eyes and hair and don't find dark eyes or skin attractive then you don't have to be forced into dating them. It's about reproduction and attributes you want in your children.
Lawson 28 hari yang lalu
I’m not a zoella fan but her channel isn’t dead baha she gets like 1 mill + every video?
Adele Dazeem
Adele Dazeem 29 hari yang lalu
Someone make a video titled why iNabber never took off lol sorry don't kill me. I had to
AlbyGaming 29 hari yang lalu
As someone who has no racial preferences whatsoever (hell, my daughter is mixed), I can say it is not even remotely intelligent to condemn people for who they are and aren’t attracted to
Bart Perry
Bart Perry 29 hari yang lalu
Too many ads.
Akkyz Bulan Yang lalu
Tyler Oakley's channel didn't survive the snap of 2018.....
Lee Henriques
Lee Henriques Bulan Yang lalu
What the fuck are you on about? 1. His tweets make complete sense - he's talking about the racial prejudice that so many gay people know, coming from apps like Grindr where it's common place to see "no Asians, no blacks" on profiles. His audience is mostly LGBTQ+ so people like me (gay) know what he's talking about and it makes complete sense. The Westernisation of beauty standards glorifies whiteness and there's an obvious socialisation process to that, what he's saying makes complete sense. 2. You can't be mad at a ID-vidr for meeting celebrities and "going mainstream". Their platform is growing, they're getting more opportunities, and if you subscribed to someone seeing their career grow and expand and reach new limits wouldn't make you unsubscribe. Tyler was always vocal about his political view, he's always cared about LGBTQ+ rights, and going on the Ellen show and getting his own mini-series with her was not his downfall at all, if anything it just increased his platform, his brand, etc. Like most people are saying in the comments, his views are going down because his initial audience is ageing (I unsubscribed from him after being subbed for years), his content is kind of repetitive and his personality can be a bit much. But what you're saying in this video is utter bullshit. His tweets are right - maybe he didn't go about explaining them all too well, especially since he refused to follow it up by claiming everyone who didn't understand them were inherently racist - and becoming "mainstream" doesn't hinder your success at all - look at the Paul brothers, Liza Koshy, countless others. If you're on ID-vid for a long time your views and your subscribers don't tend to match up, it's happened to Grace Helbig, iiSuperwoman, countless others who have been on ID-vid for ages now - Shane, Jenna Marbles, PewDiePie are managing to keep their viewership through constant rebranding, an extremely loyal fanbase and relevancy through controversies, respectively. So, I'd like to repeat my original statement; what the fuck are you on about?
Toby Cat
Toby Cat Bulan Yang lalu
Tyler isn’t selling out. He is true to himself. He does what he is passionate about.
01man01truck Bulan Yang lalu
To your point about people coming to ID-vid for escapism and not politics is right _but_ the fact is, with so much riding on the 2016 elections, we couldn't afford to have people wanting to escape (the outcome of the election being evident of that). I can understand if the entire channel was changing into politics only like Philip DeFranco, that can be irritating. But if it was just for the election period and an election that was as controversial and divided as it was, I can't hold that against him for wanting to amp up his fans to vote.
01man01truck Bulan Yang lalu
I can't say that I agree with his tweet, but I can't say that I disagree with it either. Like, if a white person says they aren't attracted to black people, I don't know if it's racist, but it's definitely strange. There's an exception for everything. And to make such a blanketed statement like that comes off as ignorant. Here's a weird example. For years my cousin has been telling me he doesn't like sushi. That didn't make any sense to me because there are hundreds of different kinds of sushi. How is it that he can't like any of them? Obviously because he hasn't tried then all. There's at least one kind of sushi for everyone out there. I eventually found a kind that he loves and he's been getting it every week or two for the last 2 months. So when a white person says they aren't attracted to black people, this is strange to me because just like sushi, there are so many different kinds of black people. Black people aren't monolithic. There are black people from different areas, with different backgrounds with different standards of living and different upbringings with different styles, mannerisms, vocabulary, facial structures, skin tones, fits and sizes, etc! So it baffels me that they think there is no black person on the planet that they could ever be attracted to. Again, there's an exception for everything and when you make such a blanketed statement like that it tells me that you aren't even open to the possibility of finding that exception, because maybe it isn't a preference that you can't help but rather a choice. And if it is indeed a choice, as Tyler suggested, maybe you should examine why.
Rachel P
Rachel P Bulan Yang lalu
I mean Hillary and Tyler did speak the truth!
Hilary Price
Hilary Price Bulan Yang lalu
I used to watch him when I was going through a bad time in my life. He exuded happiness and made me laugh. Then he started focusing on other things, and put his channel on the back burner. Eventually I moved on. My taste in videos changes every few months. He just started doing stupid challenges all the time and I lost interest.
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