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After my 'why zoella's channel died' and 'why alfie deyes' channel died video' today we take at a look at another youtuber who has dropped off, Tyler Oakley. Tyler Oakley is someone that has been on the platform for a very time, not really been exposed for too much and has done videos with creators you know like Jenna Marbles and Zoella, so why is he losing 20,000 subs a month?
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1 Agu 2018

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iNabber 6 bulan yang lalu
A RESPONSE TO THE COMMENTS ABOUT TYLERS TWEETS!!!!!!!!! READ THIS BEFORE YOU GET ANGRY ABOUT WHAT I WAS TRYNA SAY BC I MOST LIKELY AGREE WITH YOU POLITICS: I was a bit nervous in some of the reasons i spoke about in this due to the sensitivty to if i didn't clarify clearly why they effected tyler , let me give a final explanation. I think if youtubers state who they're voting for, they may take heat but their channel will be fine. But if ID-vidr's dwelve deep into politics despite being a vlogging/entertainment channel then they will lose subscribers and that happened with tyler. I don't care he voted for Hilary, wouldn't care if he voted for Trump, it's a fact people didn't subscribe for politics they subscribed for entertainment. Hope you understand where I'm coming from. RACE: With the race related tweets, i think more people were mad at the fact he was so stubborn and ignorant he wasn't willing to debate people and express his opinions, i don't even think his opinion was THAT bad in full context, but just the way he presented it was moronic. And the other ones such a people getting bored by him + him going way too mainstream i think i explained well enough, so ya ty :) FOLLOW THE PODCAST! ► FULL ONISION DEBATE ► FOLLOW MY TWITTER ► JOIN THE DISCORD ► SUB TO THE SECOND CHANNEL ► THE PATREON ► Instagram ► Music at beginning ► Title: Scott Buckley - Elementary Artist: Scott Buckley Source: License: Promoted by Music Library:
HamonLord 2 bulan yang lalu
snickle1980 Yeah me too lol. This comments section is just filled with shockingly massive amounts of ignorance and cancer that I just lost a few brain cells reading. Btw snickle1980, you know anywhere else we can hit up and chat?
snickle1980 2 bulan yang lalu
+HamonLord im somewhere in the middle, SJWs tend to avoid drama channels, so my guess is that word spread that someone was having a lil laugh at their ideology and they poured in...?
HamonLord 3 bulan yang lalu
+snickle1980 Thank you for actually providing intelligent bits of facts and reasoning to a table. Is it just me or this comment section riddled with so many leftists (I'm a little lefty myself btw)?
HamonLord 3 bulan yang lalu
+anthail *"TL;DR Having prefences is not inherently prejudiced, but completely and actively excluding a group of people from your dating pool based on a single trait without further considering why you're doing it is fucking prejudiced."* Pretty positive there are a variety of reasons BASED on entirely physical levels of attraction and how they already feel after seeing and interacting with a ton of people rather than just "it's only because they're part of race X" (which would kinda be racist). But, you say you're a gender researcher and a LGBTQIA+ activist, so meh whatever.
That Native Guy
That Native Guy 6 hari yang lalu
This was actually pretty interesting. Good work Mr. Nabber.
Zacky Zaki
Zacky Zaki 9 hari yang lalu
Tyler Notley
TheBlondeOne' 11 hari yang lalu
I agree with you, you tubers are bringing a lot of the outside world into ID-vid, I come to ID-vid to ignore all the shit actually going on not to see youtubers using their platform to influence politics I really couldn’t care about that. I forgot about Tyler Oakley and now watch pewdiepie whom I swore years ago was shit😂
saki playz
saki playz 14 hari yang lalu
I almost forget he exist till i searched his name in the youtube search bar
Younx TV
Younx TV 16 hari yang lalu
*_My Channel Died_* ;-;
Carla Gray
Carla Gray 20 hari yang lalu
your face doesn't match your voice
Mamodokod 20 hari yang lalu
His personality is just like rainbow colored cardboard.
Sydney P
Sydney P 23 hari yang lalu
.... but .... Tyler was spitting truth with those tweets. Y’all just hate admitting it
Blastendedskrwt 23 hari yang lalu
It seems like you’re just jealous of Tyler Oakleys success. People change, and ID-vid isn’t the most important thing in the world. At least Tyler Oakley has used his platform for good. Who are you to say what youtubers should and shouldn’t do. I mean all your channel is, is complaining about other people on ID-vid. I think you’re just scared that you are going to fade into the ID-vid graveyard too, but you won’t have anywhere to go to after you move on from your ID-vid career.
Yasmin S.
Yasmin S. 25 hari yang lalu
While I can see why people didn't like Tyler Oakley's tweets, I agree with him, it's not barbaric at all. When you ask someone why for example they wouldn't date Black/Asian/Indian people etc., It's because of stereotypical and prejudicial thoughts that the person possesses on that particular race. It can happen the other way around too, where someone would fetishize a race. For example, a lot of Asian women are fetishized because based on stereotypes, people believe they'd make 'perfect wives'. This was so bad in the past, that interracial couples couldn't go on with their lives since they were looked down upon.
Alex Pullum
Alex Pullum 28 hari yang lalu
I unsubscribed because he wasnt pushing out good content anymore, i dont hate him but youtube has just gone to shit
Azonl 28 hari yang lalu
why inabber’s channel died I’m still waiting for that one
Lincoln Strong
Lincoln Strong 29 hari yang lalu
0:47 “Algae beetee q plus community” Lmao
CharlotteRèel Bulan Yang lalu
Agree. His content got boring and a tad narsissistic. I remember thinking «I watch the News, and involve myself in politics on a daily basis. I’m here for a light hearted break» and he didn’t create that. I got respect for him though, as I do for most people, but it was very easy to click «unsubscribe». Now I’ve haven’t given him a thought for years, like a lot of other people, refering to the comments.
Musically Average
Musically Average Bulan Yang lalu
I didn’t even like him back in the day. He pretended to like One Direction and it came off really really fake. I was a directioner and it just felt like he was trying to take advantage of my fandom. Which he was. And a lot of people fell for it.
dM Bulan Yang lalu
he sold his soul to fame. it's like a poison Apple TM
Jaime Bulan Yang lalu
Okay I get what you are saying. But perhaps so. But we do not know what's going on in someones life. Everyone comes to ID-vid for different reasons. Tyler is not well a bad guy. I think he's creative but his creativity has kinda come to stop. But his channel still going. I don't agree with uh the Twitter thing I mean we all say dumb shit once or twice and hopefully he learnt from that.
Farhaan Ahmed
Farhaan Ahmed Bulan Yang lalu
Who almost vomited when they saw this dudes face😩
E V Bulan Yang lalu
I don't get why people have to be so hyperbolic and say that a particular ID-vidr's channel is "dead" or "cancelled." Most of these channels are still going strong even if they lost a lot of subscribers.
Lone Avohkii
Lone Avohkii Bulan Yang lalu
“2016 was a great year for all of us” said no one ever. John Oliver literally blew up 2016 due to how shit it was.
Logan Berlew
Logan Berlew Bulan Yang lalu
His channel died because he is a pretentious Douche
Artem Shimanski
Artem Shimanski Bulan Yang lalu
I mean I've never gone out with a black girl, but Id love if halle berry was my gf lol.
Sudan Nutella
Sudan Nutella 27 hari yang lalu
Race mixing is not normal.
j gg
j gg Bulan Yang lalu
Because your the heir
KaWi Reloaded
KaWi Reloaded Bulan Yang lalu
I do believe that in SOME cases people are brought up and raised with a prejudice towards dating a certain race. Growing up I heard adults around me say things like “date a black man if you wanna piss your parents off” and other things like that. This shapes a young mind into thinking their “preferences” as adults better not include black men because that’s “bad”. I am hispanic and I heard these comments growing up, I can’t imagine the conversations that were heard in white families. So in that sense I can see what Tyler was TRYING to say, maybe. But honestly there is no way to know who was taught these things versus who naturally is just not attracted to a certain race.
B. K
B. K Bulan Yang lalu
Gee, I wonder if you're a conservative......... :P How much do you hate Hillary Clinton? lol
Berry Tan
Berry Tan Bulan Yang lalu
The bridge save pewdiepie
Rachel Dunn
Rachel Dunn Bulan Yang lalu
Definitely agree with all your points in this video
mrs_catlady Bulan Yang lalu
He never changed up his content, and his only personality trait was being a quirky gay (I'm gay, chill).
D C Bulan Yang lalu
He clearly sided with the wrong candidate in 2016. That was the beginning of his downfall.
it’s a metaphor brian
it’s a metaphor brian Bulan Yang lalu
I feel like Dan and Phil are the only youtubers that have been around a long time that still have a substantial audience tbh
princess of pain
princess of pain Bulan Yang lalu
Love your profile pic
it’s a metaphor brian
it’s a metaphor brian Bulan Yang lalu
completely forgot i was subbed to him before this video
Ewe, a Clinton.
Kaily Bulan Yang lalu
pewds is best *
pewds is best * Bulan Yang lalu
He has 7.6 million subs rn
MusicCollaborator Bulan Yang lalu
Okay I should make a video exposing you I figured it out You are also Tyler Oakley! Same hair color both wear glasses I'm onto you! Then as I watched the Hillary part I realized that was you too! OMFG reptilians do exist! Then it all came together at 11:29 if people pay attention Tyler has the same mark on his forehead as you do in your Gabbie video! REPTILE! I don't usually watch drama vids but you do a great job I got hooked. Best wishes!
Joshie jeydi
Joshie jeydi Bulan Yang lalu
omg u tweeted that. u call Latino people lizard I-
ReleasetheKracko Bulan Yang lalu
The clip with him in the car is when he visited his college, MSU. I also went there and he is definitely a celebrity on campus. Anyone that goes to MSU would mention him as a notorious alumni. Also, Go Green!
Aspen Calloway
Aspen Calloway Bulan Yang lalu
I might be mistaken, but didn’t you give shit about Shane Dawson not using his platform for political/human rights messages, when here you’re giving shit to Tyler Oakley for doing the same thing?
SteezySouls Bulan Yang lalu
Huynh Clan
Huynh Clan Bulan Yang lalu
Shane, I think we found your new documentary 😂
Najimubu Bulan Yang lalu
The way I see it is that if your channel was not based on politics of the world/your country, then getting into it later when you developed a core audience for other reasons will usually blow up in your face. For example I do subscribe to political based channels and non political based channels. If one of the non political based channels suddenly started becoming political(even if i agree with it), I am more than likely to unsubscribe since it is not why I subscribed to them. I can support a youtuber wanting to try different things, but I would only deal with so much. Stating your political opinion is whatever really since it is nice to know a bit more about the person, but inserting it into your channel when it was never meant to be is not always the best idea. To put a good example out there, I subscribed to rob dyke for the (this is a long title) " Why would you put that on the internet" series, but I actually stayed for his "seriously strange" series. I find myself watching his WWYPTOTI series less and less(or binge watching once in awhile) and actually watching his seriously strange videos as I see them. If he suddenly had a segment talking about why democrats and liberals are retarded and the cause for the downfall of American society(no that aint my opinion), or how SJW's are ruining the entertainment industry, I would be unsubscribing(and I am moderately right leaning non religious if you are curious), because it is not what I came for. Also I have notice that channels(and strangely companies in the gaming media) have begun inserting social politics into their practices as things are beginning to spiral for them anyways. In a way I believe they are hoping to get a fanatic fanbase(and the ones to go for are the ones who claim to be "woke" since msm parades it all the time), but not realizing that most people go to these channels and games to escape the realities of the world for the time being and not to be reminded of it.
Hannah Zero
Hannah Zero Bulan Yang lalu
his channel died because he went sjw and sane people don't watch him anymore
Allison Gomez
Allison Gomez Bulan Yang lalu
What’s a bellend? I’m American
Kick Face
Kick Face Bulan Yang lalu
am I the only one who have ocd about inabber's yellow uneven teeth?
Colleen Harrison
Colleen Harrison Bulan Yang lalu
And that's not really fair because he was a very big advocate for the Trevor Project, so do say that he hasn't really done anything but stand up for lgbtq rights in the past 3 years is extremely false. I'm not a fangirl or on the Tyler Oakley train or anything like that, I just remember these things because I stopped watching him when the election started. Actually I think I kind of fell off and stopped watching after Hillary loss, that's whenever I became pregnant so yeah.
Colleen Harrison
Colleen Harrison Bulan Yang lalu
I actually completely agree with you on most points, except for one. A lot of people are saying that it's wrong for them to use their voice and their platform for political purposes... That may be true to some extent, but whenever it's for the greater good, I think it's necessary. I don't know if you live here in America, because your accent tells me otherwise, but the reality of it is Trump really because your accent tells me otherwise, but the reality of it is Trump really has ruined many things, you are really on the dot When you say that somebody wants to forget about their lives and come home and watch something for 10 minutes and forget everything, but at the same time you don't realize what this election has done to people here. I've never been a part of anything like this before and I hope the next election isn't so blown out of proportion. Hillary may not have been the best candidate for office but anything would have been better than Trump at this point. Anything. And most of the time the type of people that watch Tyler are liberal, or Democratic of some sort anyways so I don't think most of his viewers Maita to terribly much on that aspect of things. But Yeah I do miss his old content.
Jamy McTaylor
Jamy McTaylor Bulan Yang lalu
I have to disagree, but also agree about the politics part. See, these politicians want votes, they want to reach people, they want to reach as many people as possible. Young people don't watch the news and often don't care much about politics at all. Politicans and companies have to go with the Zeitgeist and reach the young people, in order to get them into the boat as soon as possible. On one hand, ID-vidrs should try to get celebs/politicans on their channel for just for clicks. On the other hand, people have to accept that things will change and companies and politicans will go with the zeitgeist and try to reach people via Social Media, streaming services and what not.
Heath2000 Bulan Yang lalu
This guys voice pisses me off...
Iamjustherek Bulan Yang lalu
Uh he didn’t say “if you’re not attracted to ONE person” he said “if you claim you’re not attracted ALL people of a race simply because of their race”... I know you made a clarifying comment but your focus on that in the video is completely incorrect...
jageunbyulbit Bulan Yang lalu
Listen. He’s a cis white privileged gay boy lol how is this surprising. Never liked him never will
Martin Ivanov
Martin Ivanov Bulan Yang lalu
From the first 16 seconds I can tell that he was pretty well indoctrinated into identity politics and that can get anybody f*cked.
Mariam Ali
Mariam Ali Bulan Yang lalu
Somebody like Shane Dawson has been on youtube for many years and has learnt to evolve and adapt and that why he's loved.
Tykira Bulan Yang lalu
The only things i remember about tyler oakley is the starbucks mini commercial he did and his collaboration with shane dawson.
miss0Sweetheart 2 bulan yang lalu
THis is actually true every youtuber that went main stream their channel kinda died out - Lilly Singh is another example
Leisure 2 bulan yang lalu
🇺🇸 Leafy 2024 🇺🇸
Leisure 2 bulan yang lalu
Liking men is not a choice but liking white women is. You racists! Lol.
Blake Turner
Blake Turner 2 bulan yang lalu
I just recently started going back and watching his old content that I absolutely loved. It made me so happy but I really have no interest in his new content.
Mona 2 bulan yang lalu
2016 sucked for me. Same as 2017 & 2018
Rebecca Wyman
Rebecca Wyman 2 bulan yang lalu
iNabber - I love your voice. It is very soothing. Have you ever considered audiobooks?
amsayyy 2 bulan yang lalu
Nah I’m with Tyler. Because it’s usually not about “I’m NOT attracted to _____” and more “they’re not the race I fetishize”
Rebecca Clark
Rebecca Clark 2 bulan yang lalu
Honestly I don't think the politics thing was too big a deal in the downfall of Oakley. His 'downfall' was caused for the same reason most of the major youtubers from 2010-2015 aren't that big anymore, their audience grew up and ID-vid is a notoriously hard place for people to 'step out of their box' and change the sort of content they put out due to its complete lack of career safety nets if you get it wrong. The whole 'hastage-cringe hashtag-relatable' humour of the 2010's doesn't appeal to people at 21 like it did when they were 15. Also ID-vid is really a place for young people, once a creator hits thirty they find there's probably far more opportunities outside of youtube and so focus less on their channel.
Brooklyn C
Brooklyn C 2 bulan yang lalu
I stopped liking Tyler because it felt like every video was 10 minutes of promo/ads that he would be describing and then there was only 5 minutes of content. It was tiring and annoying to watch.
ch l
ch l 2 bulan yang lalu
Sad, he should have had a good manager. He could've made it as a host of some show, he's very charismatic...
Angy D
Angy D 2 bulan yang lalu
He’s boring simple as that
Goner Josef
Goner Josef 2 bulan yang lalu
как раз вспомнила Тайлера как смотрела его в 16 году его видосы с Троем Зои и Дэном и Филом знала что его канал скатывается так как ну блин что ещё можно снимать он только и говорит я гей-я гей ну типа... это всё? и вот я ищу в поисковике tyler oakley и вижу ЭТО ДА ЧУВАК ЭТО ПРАВДА
Nina Ahgase
Nina Ahgase 2 bulan yang lalu
did u just say predujice
Luka Runningwolf
Luka Runningwolf 2 bulan yang lalu
If attraction has anything to do with society please explain men who prefer bigger women or women who prefer shorter men?
Thomas Fisher
Thomas Fisher 2 bulan yang lalu
It still confuses me how an openly gay man can appear next to a politician who up until 2013 didn’t think marriage was for anyone other than a man or woman. Her blatant disregard for the LGBT community stems back to a 2003 speech - Yet here he is a mere 3 years later standing alongside her.
Courteous Geranium
Courteous Geranium 2 bulan yang lalu
He reminds me of my ex-friend. I'll tell you what happened, it's really dramatic. Basically, I'm a pansexual guy who always hangs out with gay guys, and this pinoy guy asked me out. So I accepted and we were dating and loving (until he cheated on me and broke up with me afterwards). But while we were dating, my friend suddenly confessed to me and told me to break up with him and date him instead, or I'd be transphobic (My friend is transgender ftm). It was really upsetting to have a friend for so long that'd say that to me. In the end I decided to give him a chance to be my friend again but he'd always say nasty things to my boyfriend, even calling him a whore at one point, so in the end I told him to not contact me. I think the main reason my boyfriend left me was because of my closest friend despising him. In fact that guy causes a lot of drama within the group and even though we were like, insanely close, I just couldn't put up with the toxicity. We still talk sometimes over the internet but I want to make sure that he understands how badly he was behaving before we ever start speaking again.
Kyle Ross
Kyle Ross 2 bulan yang lalu
If you ever do have merch you should put "This guy's a bit of a bellend" or equivalent. You use the phrase a notable amount
1998sims 2 bulan yang lalu
his whole thing is that he's gay, it's the most interesting thing about him, which is why he died off. if the most interesting thing about you is your sexuality then people are going to get bored, there's only so many "gay attempts regular activity" videos a person can watch
chips ahoy97
chips ahoy97 2 bulan yang lalu
Honestly this happens to alot of big ID-vidrs, most of them from about 5 years ago aren't even big or gaining many views as they did before, youtube just evolved into more content to show...
Sam Wells
Sam Wells 2 bulan yang lalu
Can u stop repeating your self so much
Sam Wells
Sam Wells 2 bulan yang lalu
WTF his tweet at the start was so stupid
PsychoKitty사랑 2 bulan yang lalu
You are british? you accent is subtle. But when you said bloke, I was like....wait a second...I had to check your profile to see where you are from.
Polina Pavlenko
Polina Pavlenko 2 bulan yang lalu
You did not convey your point well. This just looks like a reach.
ZORGNAX 2 bulan yang lalu
Omg the picture of Alex you showed LMAOOOOOOO
Burnt Toast
Burnt Toast 2 bulan yang lalu
Well he is a big gay.
zzzannaaa 2 bulan yang lalu
His teeth are brighter than Tyler's channel.
Aliejha Cullick
Aliejha Cullick 2 bulan yang lalu
*james charles.*
HUMC4L 2 bulan yang lalu
Uh... News and politics?? It's definitely a thing on ID-vid lol
King Dippy
King Dippy 2 bulan yang lalu
This just showed up and it's weird because I never look the guy up or watch him, but a few hours ago I was wondering why he faded out of existence.
KomicKalamity 2 bulan yang lalu
What’s up with the hand movements non stop
Daniela Yurkov
Daniela Yurkov 2 bulan yang lalu
You look so much like Tyler Oakley.
J.N P.
J.N P. 2 bulan yang lalu
I loved Tyler Oakley when I was in High School. He's actually how I got into Jenna Marbles. I own his book, and I follow his account on tumblr and twitter I was so excited to read and I did read the entire thing but man... the further I got into High School the less I cared. I just stopped caring. I don't even use twitter any more but man... it just got old honestly.
YesImRachel 2 bulan yang lalu
What’s with the comb over?
alex is trash
alex is trash 2 bulan yang lalu
9:21 he sound like he has a lisp, that’s probably just how I’m hearing it
limbo limbo
limbo limbo 2 bulan yang lalu
I totally forgot that he existed 🤣
Stormcrow 2 bulan yang lalu
I think most of what you said was pretty spot-on. The only thing I disagree with is the political aspect. Where is it may have rubbed some people the wrong way I think you made too big a deal out of that everything else is the reason is channel guide the political spectrum of it there's a ton of left-leaning ID-vidrs out there some even further left than him that are doing great.
Cory Fisher
Cory Fisher 2 bulan yang lalu
Can you do what happened to Liza Koshy next.
ashleyofoz 2 bulan yang lalu
I didn't realize Tyler's channel 'died'. I stopped watching in like...2016 or so because he was just getting preachy in some things and then I kinda forgot about him when I found new channels. I only just recently remebered him because I watched Season 2 of Escape the Night and I was like 'oh right, tyler's funny!' and then I saw this video and now im just kinda...sad. hm. You can't stay on top forever, but jeez. Sucks. Tyler is a genuinely amusing guy.
amir riddle
amir riddle 2 bulan yang lalu
Wrong about pewdiepie tho. Pewdiepie changes his content every year and a half/ it seems like
Tyson Williams
Tyson Williams 2 bulan yang lalu
Never was interested in his kind of content but I was just disinterested before but he became a cringey (I hate using this term but I am going to) sjw and yah he just sort of comes off disingenuous and assholeish
Joo Im
Joo Im 2 bulan yang lalu
remember when he dated troye for a hot minute
Gutz____ 2 bulan yang lalu
U rag too much bro, structure your vids more
jason R
jason R 2 bulan yang lalu
In comparison to your vids oh wait.......
SuperKingson12 2 bulan yang lalu
I wish he would've been willing to argue for his point about race and dating. Because, from my point, there was a lot of straight up dismissal of races and body types on gay dating sites and I think he was talking about the straight up refusal to even talk to other races. Like some people straight up said "No Blacks, No Fats, No fems". I mean having a preference is one thing, but it could be argued that some of those preferences almost went too far.
Amaya Siders
Amaya Siders 2 bulan yang lalu
dont get me wrong, i am, and will always be obsessed with tyler. he is the queen of youtube he slays everything thing he does. but i do agree with people saying he hasnt changed his content majorly to what is popular now. i have never forgot about and i do still watch what he posts. but in my opinion i do think he needs to change it up a bit, and post on a regular basis. also make zoe and alfie do youtube again, i love all you guys. i hate youtube nowadays because the only "good ol' " youtubers left is shane dawson. but anyway, tyler youre amazing, so is zoe, alfie, marcus, casper, joe, niome, tanya, and jim. (and everyone else like shawn, and poppy) love all you guys
Les Mortimers
Les Mortimers 2 bulan yang lalu
So, saying „I don’t find black people in general attractive“ is somehow the same as being homosexual now? Tyler was completely right, racists just love to defend themselves by making nonsensical points
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