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Vic Mensa - Reverse (Official Music Video) ft. G-Eazy

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Watch the Official Music Video for "Reverse" by Vic Mensa featuring G-Eazy produced by Marshmello
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Mello made it right
[Chorus: Vic Mensa]
Aston Martin, push-button motor (yeah)
Migos on the ice (yeah), anti-sober
Go, oh, oh, don't get hurt
Turn around and throw it in reverse (whoop)
Let me see how you work
You boys smokin' dirt (on Gelato), we smokin' Larry Bird
Saint Laurent straitjacket, go berserk
Turn around and throw it in reverse
[Verse 1: Vic Mensa]
DB11, it's a 'vert (skrrt skrrt), it goes skrrt
Keep her panty droppin', ridin' shotgun like she Kurt
Weavin' through the traffic with my ratchet in the purse
In a Saint Laurent straitjacket, if I crash, I go berserk
Overseas I need a visa, breezin' in Ibiza
Tryna' see me when I'm speedin'
You get burnt like Derek Jeter
And my Nina, she's a diva, purty like Lupita
Peter Piper, pick a pussy, make her peck my millimeter
Chilly on the chain but the seats is heated
Shawty wanna race like I been believin'
Spent three G's on the sneakers
Like three stripes and a slash, I'm undefeated
Rick Owens, I'm tip-toein', push button, Kim Jong
Rode through lookin' so cool in a old school like Vince Vaughn
Vroom vroom, nitro, hit the turbo
Pour that Ace of Spades up, we don't want no Merlot
Cop the coupe, drop the roof, hop out the top like I'm a turtle (ooh)
Then she turn around and throw it in reverse though
[Chorus: Vic Mensa]
Aston Martin, push-button motor (yeah)
Migos on the ice (yeah), anti-sober
Go, oh, oh, don't get hurt (watch out)
Turn around and throw it in reverse (whoop)
Let me see how you work
You boys smokin' dirt, we smokin' Larry Bird
Saint Laurent straitjacket, go berserk
Don't get hurt, turn around and throw it in reverse
[Verse 2: G-Eazy]
Yeah, bend that ass over, throw it backwards
Moonwalk into the pussy like I'm Michael Jackson (oh)
Make a film with your bitch, turn into an actor (ah)
Shimmy out and then she ate a pill after
I get clothes from Vaccarello, I get Céline from Slimane
I get packages from Paris, drop that Fed-Ex, sign my name
I get runway, off the runway, to the runway on the plane
Told you we are not the same, see that Spider switchin' lanes?
Give it some gas, look at the dash
What is he doin'? He goin' fast
Look at the whip, look at him smash
Look at him skrrt, look at the cash
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a man that's gone insane
He's onstage in a straitjacket, this is not a game
Yeah, lit like a candle, I been too much to handle
This velvet jacket's fragile, 'Kay, be careful when you handle, please
(Why did you touch me?) Yeah, your hands look kind of dusty
Please be careful how you touch me, in Paris, out the country, ayy
[Chorus: Vic Mensa]
Aston Martin, push-button motor (yeah)
Migos on the ice (yeah), anti-sober
Go, oh, oh, don't get hurt
Turn around and throw it in reverse (whoop)
Let me see how you work
You boys smokin' dirt, we smokin' Larry Bird
Saint Laurent straitjacket, go berserk
Don't get hurt, turn around and throw it in reverse
[Outro: Vic Mensa]
Turn around and throw it in reverse
Don't get hurt, turn around and throw it in reverse
(C) 2018 Roc Nation Records, LLC
Music video by Vic Mensa performing Reverse. © 2018 Roc Nation Records, LLC


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Want A Sprite Cranberry?
Want A Sprite Cranberry? 20 jam yang lalu
1:21 HOLD UP TB&D on her back! The Beautiful and Damned, G's December 2017 (Eazy Season) album name! Nice cameo 👍
balaji mk
balaji mk Hari Yang lalu
Christian Hari Yang lalu
That R32 though
Nabil Lion
Nabil Lion Hari Yang lalu
You'll never reach X's level pussy
Miriam Medellin
Miriam Medellin 2 hari yang lalu
Me gusto mucho😍😍
Sign Spinner of VA Tre Faber
yo id kick it wit g-eazy dis dude real on bars
J Carr
J Carr 4 hari yang lalu
They both trash
Not Gavin H
Not Gavin H 4 hari yang lalu
Why was there a marshmallow head at the beginning ?
will 4 hari yang lalu
he dissed x but this is awesome
Lucio Morales
Lucio Morales 7 hari yang lalu
2019 why is marshmallows heads here
BitRy AKA PacManGG23
BitRy AKA PacManGG23 7 hari yang lalu
Was Jelly part of this?
cícero sampaio
cícero sampaio 8 hari yang lalu
Wolfie Vlogs
Wolfie Vlogs 8 hari yang lalu
That dwarf destroyed that man
enrique cifuentes
enrique cifuentes 8 hari yang lalu
Oh no no
Michael Pagliaro
Michael Pagliaro 9 hari yang lalu
I came here from his old he really has turned to shit hay!! Probably that’s why no one knows who he is hahah
Christian Valenzuela
Christian Valenzuela 9 hari yang lalu
video wack tho
Christian Valenzuela
Christian Valenzuela 9 hari yang lalu
My Chest! DX
div1ne 10 hari yang lalu
G-Eazy ft WHO? - Reverse (prod. Marshmello)
Editor Harp3r27
Editor Harp3r27 11 hari yang lalu
These are the bars 2019 needs
Fernando Garcia
Fernando Garcia 13 hari yang lalu
El Vic Menso
yeety butthole
yeety butthole 13 hari yang lalu
Wait whys marshmellos head in when the title doesnt mention "ft marshmello?"
Big JoE
Big JoE 13 hari yang lalu
Wait shouldn't it be marshmello ft vic mensa & g eazy
Gust Dust
Gust Dust 13 hari yang lalu
ReeQ Shrek
ReeQ Shrek 14 hari yang lalu
MaxiMilianMus 14 hari yang lalu
Anyone from fearless
oSnappy 15 hari yang lalu
Marshmello went crazy with this 🔥
Bobby d exposes the p 2jz
Bobby d exposes the p 2jz 16 hari yang lalu
0:46 r32 Nissan skyline gtr 😍😍
Powergate 515
Powergate 515 17 hari yang lalu
2019 Anyone?
Young Black Conservative
Young Black Conservative 6 hari yang lalu
Just came out 6 months ago..😑
Erti 7 hari yang lalu
kill yourself you cringy retard
Ty F
Ty F 20 hari yang lalu
"Don't get hurt, turn around and throw it in reverse". The DJ be playing this song at the skating rank and everybody begin to skate backwards. It be LIT, you feel me??
Tim Lund
Tim Lund 26 hari yang lalu
I fuck to this
Janny Squad
Janny Squad 26 hari yang lalu
I only came hear cause I heard Migos..😂😂
Ian McIntosh
Ian McIntosh 28 hari yang lalu
0:29 Marshmello Apperence, very nice :D
lil bilal
lil bilal 29 hari yang lalu
mother fucker
lil bilal
lil bilal 29 hari yang lalu
ey lising fuck you betch x is more beter on you. you are fucking shit
DJh 22 hari yang lalu
Learn how to spell and your mad late you fucking retard
Jorgito Martinez
Jorgito Martinez 29 hari yang lalu
I didnt know dis dude exist just here bcuz Tkashi mention him on a radio
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 29 hari yang lalu
Aston Martin not in the budget?
Saad Durrani
Saad Durrani 29 hari yang lalu
Who here from vpings
Ravi Pappu
Ravi Pappu Bulan Yang lalu
The girls in this music video are hot
eazy-e the certified g
eazy-e the certified g Bulan Yang lalu
Vic Mensa doin X look at me pose on the car, with same camera angel
Ryan Garron
Ryan Garron Bulan Yang lalu
F x his music got bad old x wasss way better ( don’t be but hurt x fans )
Aegon of House Targaryen, Sixth of His Name, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm
just here to see the triggered xxxpired 12 year old fans crying
div1ne 10 hari yang lalu
just here to see an irrelevant artist who cant even rap lmfao
Bradley Earl
Bradley Earl Bulan Yang lalu
How come this beat sounds like the game of thrones intro
Anthony Preciado
Anthony Preciado Bulan Yang lalu
Who’s Vic Mensa
CannonShane Bulan Yang lalu
Im just here for the GTR.
RJ Murray
RJ Murray Bulan Yang lalu
I thought Migos sung this
Ben Cousins
Ben Cousins Bulan Yang lalu
Why does g easy’s verse sound like he is a ID-vid personality trying to rap
gamer543215 Bulan Yang lalu
Alexander Brown
Alexander Brown Bulan Yang lalu
Um, As an old Vic fan I don’t know what I’m hearing :/. Plus g eazy verse was major garbage, I bet he wrote it in 10 mins. G eazy is nice so he most likely didn’t even care. This song seem inauthentic and not genuine
Kennedy Barrett
Kennedy Barrett Bulan Yang lalu
G-eazy did not just say moonwalking to the pussy like I’m micheal Jackson😂😂
XxxSUPERBEASTxxX Bulan Yang lalu
Wow this came out on my birthday..
Marily Beltran ortiz
Marily Beltran ortiz Bulan Yang lalu
Ultimate Gamer
Ultimate Gamer Bulan Yang lalu
who came here cause of fe4rless
Jobanny Molina
Jobanny Molina Bulan Yang lalu
TUNER BWAH Bulan Yang lalu
That R32 tho
DamnDaniel Bulan Yang lalu
That R32 tho 😂
Static Shawkins
Static Shawkins Bulan Yang lalu
When did Vin Diesel start rapping?..
KRAZe4KiCKS Bulan Yang lalu
Don't like Vic Mensa but this song goes hard no cap
Cryo - Fitness and Gaming
G easy unshaven looks so sketch
Kashad TheGreat
Kashad TheGreat Bulan Yang lalu
Marcelo Jr.
Marcelo Jr. Bulan Yang lalu
This bull flow CRAAAAZZZY !! 🔥
Vitamins Vitamins
Vitamins Vitamins Bulan Yang lalu
Get Rekt
Get Rekt Bulan Yang lalu
Who is here from fe4rless
905 Bulan Yang lalu
fuck vicky.
Zachs Cool
Zachs Cool Bulan Yang lalu
walk to it! ahah
This Channel is dead
This Channel is dead Bulan Yang lalu
Despite the XXXTENTACION Controversy, Vic Menasa actually makes some pretty good music
Hjalte Ramsland
Hjalte Ramsland 7 hari yang lalu
Am I the only one that wasn't even offended by the X diss?
HyPer X_Sh4d0w_X
HyPer X_Sh4d0w_X Bulan Yang lalu
Who came from fe4rless?
Tea Time
Tea Time Bulan Yang lalu
M4RK TheGamer me😂😂😂✌🏻
Sad Boi Minute
Sad Boi Minute Bulan Yang lalu
He sounds like OffSet in the starting
Kam Is Great
Kam Is Great Bulan Yang lalu
Daniel Lebre
Daniel Lebre Bulan Yang lalu
find it funny how people say x is a legend... 🤣🤣🤣 he's dead R.I.P but he was never a legend.. how the fuck can you compare his shit music to 2pac or biggie.... this generation is sooo fucked
div1ne 10 hari yang lalu
Daniel Lebre u probably only know sad and moonlight
Lillie lightning
Lillie lightning Bulan Yang lalu
Bish b dancing crazy to this right here!! 🤩😝
Tila Jocelyn
Tila Jocelyn Bulan Yang lalu
The extras I'm this video look dumb as hell lol you can tell they're actors :p
Bryan Elder
Bryan Elder Bulan Yang lalu
Neither one of those cars in the video gotta push button motor, and Definitely not no Aston Martin. Whatd yall shoot a video on a 100$ budget, lmao
Perfectneveryworld Rosemakerhaters
Swassy Gadzooks
Swassy Gadzooks Bulan Yang lalu
God G Eazy is ASS
Aleš Filipovic
Aleš Filipovic Bulan Yang lalu
Le-mia Bulan Yang lalu
who else thought vic mensa sounded quavo 0:23 threw 0:33 he did say migos
BoogieButts Entertainment
That nigga short Asf
Claude Akel
Claude Akel Bulan Yang lalu
this looks like gta online after the bikers update
Zachary Porter
Zachary Porter Bulan Yang lalu
Who noticed dwarf mamba in the background Dwarf mamba the viner
Dorian Carlier
Dorian Carlier Bulan Yang lalu
Marshmello is god
Dorian Carlier
Dorian Carlier Bulan Yang lalu
X the most overrated rapper of the 2010's
areed21xo Bulan Yang lalu
All y’all dissing Vic, but you gotta admit his flow on this track is sick 🤔.
Jefnier O.
Jefnier O. Bulan Yang lalu
That r32
Lil Milhouse
Lil Milhouse Bulan Yang lalu
Funny how most of yal talking shit but you helping Vic get views lmaooo
That bass tho
That bass tho Bulan Yang lalu
Where did he disrespect X?
oscar meraz
oscar meraz Bulan Yang lalu
Love this SONG!!!!!!
oscar meraz
oscar meraz Bulan Yang lalu
Who gives a fuck if he was dissing Xxxtentacion that's old news grow a pair of balls and move on. VIC music is still BANGING!!! Keep this shit up bruh because u better then all these crybaby artist out these days even better the XXXTENTACION
MrDillon2029 Bulan Yang lalu
Btw x wasn’t even that good lmao 😂
MrDillon2029 Bulan Yang lalu
G eazy is wack af in this song. He sounds like a little kid. Vic fucking lit af though!!! 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Micheal Smith
Micheal Smith Bulan Yang lalu
The retarded midget is gold
PinkyBars Bulan Yang lalu
I thought this was a migos song cuz he said migos on the ice and thought quavo was the one with the auto tune.
FRAproductions Bulan Yang lalu
DeAngela Williams
DeAngela Williams Bulan Yang lalu
I don't understand why nobody's talking about the fact that the video is talking about how women should be doing it in reverse and I don't see not one woman doing that how about that that's pretty funny right
Syzlic Games
Syzlic Games Bulan Yang lalu
Everyone talkin shit cuz marshmello commented like wtf bruh he produced this shit and this was made before the x drama. People callin mello out for supporting this like bruh that happened 2 months later
Kable2146 Bulan Yang lalu
Anyone else notice all the G-Eazy merch in the video ? 😂
Ada Şahin Wlogs
Ada Şahin Wlogs Bulan Yang lalu
Tiplere bak aq
cKronic the Hitman
cKronic the Hitman 2 bulan yang lalu
For the record, the chorus isn't saying "Go-oh-oh." It's saying "throw-oh-owed," with which the phrase right before it ("anti-sober") makes more sense. ... ... Although, I suppose it doesn't matter what the real words are because, of course, he dissed X and, therefore, won't be heard from again either way.
Eric Bell
Eric Bell 2 bulan yang lalu
Wonder how Wiz Khalifa feels about this track...?
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 2 bulan yang lalu
X is shit and overrated change my mind
XoidHD 2 bulan yang lalu
Alex Rose Ft. Almighty - Khalifa