Vegan BBQ Ribs Taste Test

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Ditonton 463 690
94% 12 398 698

Josh put vegan things on a stick, covered them in BBQ sauce, and called them ribs. GMMore #1425
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19 Nov 2018

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Komentar 1 385
zvxcvxcz Hari Yang lalu
Josh's cooking is like his mustache today... half-assed and wimpy :P ... well, they got better as they went, so maybe the stache will too...
Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster
Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster 2 hari yang lalu
Guy on the right looks and sounds like Jesse Eisenberg
Alleigh Bal
Alleigh Bal 5 hari yang lalu
Don't look at me like that, Alex.
Arias Nguyen
Arias Nguyen 6 hari yang lalu
When he spin the wheel he stopped it there
Ronnie Buck
Ronnie Buck 7 hari yang lalu
If Vegans HATE meat so much WHY they keep naming their food SAME AS MEAT DISHES?????? vegan. BURGERS - SAUSAGE - ETC
Ben Wicker
Ben Wicker 9 hari yang lalu
I don't understand vegetarians if u don't like meat why do u try to make everything taste like meat .
Aurora Lewis
Aurora Lewis 9 hari yang lalu
Alex! Someone s;*% on your hat! You two our awesome though.
RadenWA 12 hari yang lalu
"This is Satan"
Daniel Fercard DFC DESIGN
Daniel Fercard DFC DESIGN 12 hari yang lalu
Beast Mode, On!!! 🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗
Michael Guthrie
Michael Guthrie 13 hari yang lalu
Rib=bone=real meat. Tofu=tofu=tofu=zero flavor
Martin marty
Martin marty 14 hari yang lalu
Megan Ellars
Megan Ellars 14 hari yang lalu
Need more Alex on this show.
Jerimiah Weekly
Jerimiah Weekly 14 hari yang lalu
St. Jude is the patron saint of lost causes.
Kiernan Z
Kiernan Z 15 hari yang lalu
ceramic ribs would have been a wonderful substitute for the bone-in experience. but is obviously more costly than the popsicle sticks
DarkJaxter 15 hari yang lalu
This is one of my favorite GMMores, I want to see more of Josh and Alex!
Rachel Dunn
Rachel Dunn 15 hari yang lalu
like ive noticed that we never talk about crew members leaving but Mike and Lizzie- I miss them the most. 😭😭😭😭
Caitlin Murphy
Caitlin Murphy 15 hari yang lalu
I will forever call bamboo skewers “vegan rib bones” from this day forward.
Lananh Hoang
Lananh Hoang 16 hari yang lalu
Josh! Use sugar cane as the "bone" next time! It helps keep the "meat" moist and gives off a sweet aroma. :)
Aleshia Bellinger
Aleshia Bellinger 16 hari yang lalu
This was great!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂
Kate Bedn
Kate Bedn 16 hari yang lalu
Is it sad that all of these looks like what they give us at school?
Jenny Mizell
Jenny Mizell 16 hari yang lalu
If it's on a stick then I guess that makes it a rib right Josh
LegitBanana 16 hari yang lalu
6:04 Me AF
T.M.E Teach Me English
T.M.E Teach Me English 17 hari yang lalu
Vegans keep making their food just like normal people's food. this means they know they are doing it wrong. why the fk do they make their food look and taste like meat but not meat.
Michael Guthrie
Michael Guthrie 13 hari yang lalu
Doesn't matter...tofu will never taste like meat. Enjoy your your all meat ribs.
Buddy Ujung
Buddy Ujung 13 hari yang lalu
Because they're hypocrite
Riley Harris
Riley Harris 17 hari yang lalu
This is my favourite episode of GMMore. These are by far my 2 favourite crew members. They should have their own show on GMM Crew
Jason Barnes
Jason Barnes 17 hari yang lalu
soy boys lol
Gobilla 21
Gobilla 21 17 hari yang lalu
i love the dry humor
Martin Vega
Martin Vega 17 hari yang lalu
unixsteven 18 hari yang lalu
Lol he thinks tofu is made from eggs
Donovan Sheppard
Donovan Sheppard 18 hari yang lalu
Why would you make BBQ ribs when BBQ ribs is MEAT but your a vegan so you don't eat meat so why would you want something that taste like meat, sounds a bit dumb to me. (Just an OPINION, DONT GET BUT HURT)
mshmsh Saad
mshmsh Saad 18 hari yang lalu
😂😂😂😂It look like ice cream not BBQ ribs hhhhh
gazathug53 18 hari yang lalu
Rib of what exactly?
Moar Of WoW
Moar Of WoW 18 hari yang lalu
Can't believe with all the research out there that people still consume non fermented soy products...smh.
Robert Bemister
Robert Bemister 18 hari yang lalu
So gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Rick Shafer
Rick Shafer 18 hari yang lalu
That looks good not vegan but would totally eat those
Tairy Hesticalz
Tairy Hesticalz 18 hari yang lalu
I don't understand the point of being vegan if they out all their effort into making it taste/look like meat. Lol
Raj Wan
Raj Wan 18 hari yang lalu
Why not try Paneer instead of Tofu?
Andrew Choi
Andrew Choi 19 hari yang lalu
Now it would taste 100 times better if you replaced _______ with meat. Wouldn’t be vegan, but would taste way better than slapping ________ on a stick.
Ahhw E-Any
Ahhw E-Any 19 hari yang lalu
Like poopy boopies 🤔? I can only eat tofu sporadic ly. I'm just not the craziest about it. I like other vegan things tho
Emily B
Emily B 19 hari yang lalu
I enjoy them
Captain Kurk
Captain Kurk 19 hari yang lalu
Who are these goofballs?
Jerome Lund
Jerome Lund 19 hari yang lalu
The best vegan ribs are not vegan.
Tessa Maye
Tessa Maye 19 hari yang lalu
I didn't know I needed a Josh and Alex tag time but I definitely did
Alex J Brimmer
Alex J Brimmer 19 hari yang lalu
Good job Alex! That's a step in the right direction! I'm really happy. Vegan meats are pricey so I don't always buy it. It's not needed.
Malhaar Thatte
Malhaar Thatte 19 hari yang lalu
Can someone tell me how many times Alex said “REALLY?!”
Crystal Joyy
Crystal Joyy 19 hari yang lalu
damn. now i want some ribs
Zach Choi ASMR
Zach Choi ASMR 19 hari yang lalu
*me* : it just looks like tofu on a stick *me 2 minutes later* : it is just tofu on a stick >.>
Emre Toprak
Emre Toprak 19 hari yang lalu
He is so gonna eat meat the moment they break up..
Carissa Gonzalez
Carissa Gonzalez 19 hari yang lalu
This is one of the best gmmore i've watched. :) lol
Jordan Green
Jordan Green 19 hari yang lalu
Yay Alex!!! I'm so happy that you're vegetarian now!!!!
Jezzie So
Jezzie So 19 hari yang lalu
Rumour has it, Rhett and link will retire next year and these two are the replacements
genghiskangaroo32 19 hari yang lalu
"Have you ever had dog food?" had me ROLLING
Jordan Huffman
Jordan Huffman 19 hari yang lalu
The way he says wheat sounds like the way Stewie would say it in family guy
RBL 19 hari yang lalu
trying to make food thats not meat taste like meat or seem like meat is just crazy
Obzervant Kompulzive
Obzervant Kompulzive 19 hari yang lalu
The amount of lipsmacking is beyond annoying and impossible to not hear
Amber J
Amber J 19 hari yang lalu
I love Alex and Josh lol
Bethesda Boy
Bethesda Boy 19 hari yang lalu
I miss ribs so much.
Stryker 19 hari yang lalu
Did Alex say... "You could BEYOND to something"?
Luis Morales
Luis Morales 19 hari yang lalu
YO ESTOY BUSCANDO Muchas Movie de Las buena Para yo verla bien Pero no sea x Yo no quiero tener video .
Vlad Polunin
Vlad Polunin 19 hari yang lalu
NEW LANGUAGE: 🥗👩‍🍳🍲👩‍🚀🚀👅💩👀??😇!!
Petter Soltvedt
Petter Soltvedt 19 hari yang lalu
This is brilliant!
NicNacAttack 19 hari yang lalu
"H'wheat gluten" 😂 At 6:15 I heard Archer/Bob's Burgers voice when I wasn't looking👀
Queen Janeway
Queen Janeway 19 hari yang lalu
You should try Oumph, it's vegan and sooo similar to meat!
ale cambar
ale cambar 19 hari yang lalu
Ok why would vegans imitate meat flavor that's so dumb and contradicting
Isvixh 19 hari yang lalu
Looks like something from the chum bucket
Rachel Just Rachel
Rachel Just Rachel 19 hari yang lalu
This particular show is funny. I give all this food 0 out of 100. I was born eating beef. I will stay a T-rex.
momojo88 19 hari yang lalu
I'm sorry, but Josh needs to understand, he's a straight man; the last few weeks he's been trying too hard at being funny guy... It's not working.
Keren icehand
Keren icehand 19 hari yang lalu
Albert Escobedo
Albert Escobedo 19 hari yang lalu
these two episodes made me so hungry
Speak Up World
Speak Up World 19 hari yang lalu
I'm a vegan and BBQ vegan ribs are delicious
Lazlow Rave
Lazlow Rave 19 hari yang lalu
You can tell these guys have worked together for awhile. Such good, natural chemistry.
‘Murica 1776
‘Murica 1776 19 hari yang lalu
Vegan ribs are a mistake...
Chris So Vegas
Chris So Vegas 19 hari yang lalu
How is it vegan if it’s meat 🍖 🤨
Famid Bro
Famid Bro 19 hari yang lalu
It’s beard and glasses
dannyboy765ify 19 hari yang lalu
You became a vegan because your girlfriend is a vegan? Good lord dude
Tiffany Munro
Tiffany Munro 19 hari yang lalu
Great video. My vegan rib substitute is spaghetti squash. It has the stringy texture and when you coat it in all the rib stuff and fry the hell out of it it tastes great. It's the only way I'll eat it. It even comes with a built in "rib" to pull the "meat" off of.
Natali Bondarenko
Natali Bondarenko 19 hari yang lalu
yuka a
yuka a 19 hari yang lalu
love them
CTG 19 hari yang lalu
Did Mike die?
dhuffu 20 hari yang lalu
in regards to Alex’s hat. HAIL TO THE VICTORS VALIANT!!!
King Channel
King Channel 20 hari yang lalu
So good
Tom 20 hari yang lalu
eat ribs or dont eat ribs. Don't pretend
meak911 20 hari yang lalu
Eating the ribs of a pig is just plain diabolically weird when you think about it. I hear dog ribs are just as tasty btw.
Katie -
Katie - 20 hari yang lalu
BANTER. Love it
Callum Oliver
Callum Oliver 20 hari yang lalu
why not smoked then saused?
PigMine 7
PigMine 7 20 hari yang lalu
The last item @ 7:16 , the jerky looks great!
gameus boyius
gameus boyius 20 hari yang lalu
You mean trash ribs
Elijah Macedo
Elijah Macedo 20 hari yang lalu
There copie caters they copied good mythical morning
Bree Risk
Bree Risk 20 hari yang lalu
omg.. Alex is vegetarian on top of being cute and funny?!
Corbin Sarber
Corbin Sarber 20 hari yang lalu
You should have made one real ribs
Brittany Snook Photography
Brittany Snook Photography 20 hari yang lalu
Where is Alex from??? He’s wearing a U of M hat (Michigan) which is like an hour from me so really caught me off guard lol
Ryan Weyh
Ryan Weyh 20 hari yang lalu
I have missed Alex ! Hey Alex !
MusicMonster 20 hari yang lalu
Can we have more of this?
Wartler 20 hari yang lalu
Wait, Josh orders vegan lunch? But, he samples the meat foods he's made on the show before...
szymoozz 20 hari yang lalu
Where the heck is Mike. I want mike
Mark DeMint
Mark DeMint 20 hari yang lalu
should we tell them that ribs are pork and not beef?
Andrew 20 hari yang lalu
If you really wanna eat ribs then just don’t be vegan like how dumb are these liberals
PotterFreak22 20 hari yang lalu
I was in the Burbank area last weekend for a convention! Didn't see any good rib places though
Mary Wright
Mary Wright 20 hari yang lalu
Wow my Michigan pride came out so strong when I saw Alex’s hat
Sapere Aude
Sapere Aude 20 hari yang lalu
Vegan shout out!
Michael Kahler
Michael Kahler 20 hari yang lalu
Nothing like GMO soy with Glyphosate and BBQ sauce. Mmmm mmmm mmmm.
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