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Enjoy the trailer for THE THINNING: NEW WORLD ORDER, starring me, Peyton List, Lia Marie Johnson, Calum Worthy & Charles Melton. Coming to ID-vid Premium VERY soon...
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17 Okt 2018

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Komentar 20 648
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson Jam Yang lalu
Jacob Jam Yang lalu
ro pro
ro pro Jam Yang lalu
Lol, The Thinning... Is this a movie about Logan Paul's hair line? 🤣🤣🤣
x_rainn_x Jam Yang lalu
Now it's time to bring back Scare Pewds
based_will Jam Yang lalu
This might be kinda cool if Logan Paul wasn't in it
Razvy Jam Yang lalu
*Fuck the Pools!* wtf is this shit on my trending? @ID-vid
angery doggo
angery doggo Jam Yang lalu
Controversial but you do you
Zac Farrugia
Zac Farrugia Jam Yang lalu
You made a do you believe vine where you broke a mirror. Is breaking mirrors BAD LUCK and you broke a mirror.
Smiley Jam Yang lalu
So clearly what PewDiePie had to do to get his series back was to build up hype to a boxing event make a shit ton of money and then blueball everyone so they can buy tickets to the the next fight to then make more money 👌 You know I was being sarcastic but now that I think about it, it does make sense business Wise
ThisIsTori Jam Yang lalu
0:49 Logan did. He has it on video..........
Animated Tigress
Animated Tigress Jam Yang lalu
Just trying to make all that money you can from a bag of trash. This is a blantent rip off of several movies. Garbage for garbage. Paul family should of lost all of their accounts.
jmat444 Jam Yang lalu
Whats up, you fucking douchebag.
Slowed CaRegger
Slowed CaRegger Jam Yang lalu
I’m telling you, PewDiePie fans are the most ruthless fanbase ever! (Besides logang and Jake Paulers) why are y’all making fun of Logan!? Do y’all not know what he’s going through now?! Exactly none of y’all do! He just broke up with his one and only girlfriend a day ago and decided put out a video to make him cheer up, but noo y’all decided to make all these nasty comments because y’all have nothing else to do in your lives! Of a course Logan did do something HORRIBLE in the past but if you’re well educated, humans do the most darnest things even though they know the outcome! It’s okay to make mistakes! I forgive Logan even I still think he’s not a good ID-vidr!
Keira 1112
Keira 1112 Jam Yang lalu
omg yes I'm so happy I'm woching it win it comes out
Tartar Sauce
Tartar Sauce Jam Yang lalu
I don't even know who Logan Paul is but I'm getting really tired of hearing about him everyday
lutfi dandy
lutfi dandy Jam Yang lalu
wth i cant wait 🔥🔥🔥
Sahil 360gaming
Sahil 360gaming Jam Yang lalu
I thought you died for REAL
huihuang hui
huihuang hui Jam Yang lalu
Some Faggot
Some Faggot Jam Yang lalu
0:50 “Not one person ever saw *Blakes* body”
Carlos Mejia
Carlos Mejia Jam Yang lalu
Looks cringey
The Queen Of Gacha Zea
Why are you so uglyyyy???
iXON Horizon
iXON Horizon Jam Yang lalu
The movie is probably going to record more dead bodies... FUCK YOU LOGAN
Miss_Misfit Jam Yang lalu
I happy the thinning got a sequel
Weinthisbich Jam Yang lalu
Honestly I’m glad they’re making a second one I don’t like forever cliffhangers besides he isnt the only one in the movie guys the other actors don’t deserve to also be punished for his stupid mistake
HI Im a turtle
HI Im a turtle Jam Yang lalu
Can't wait for Scare Pewdiepie season 2 aswell
dumpster Jam Yang lalu
I thought his hair was thinning
hemanth P.A
hemanth P.A Jam Yang lalu
Waiting for this
Simon Cinatc
Simon Cinatc Jam Yang lalu
We want scare pewdiepie 2
Bodark Jam Yang lalu
Ah yes pewdiepie says a joke out of context so now he cant continue his show but no Logan films a dead body so let's give him a second movie
Rz GAMING Jam Yang lalu
ITS so bad
jm8373 Jam Yang lalu
Can I get a sub and I'll sub back just for the hell of it????
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas Jam Yang lalu
yeah man
Eggplant Eggs
Eggplant Eggs Jam Yang lalu
Jesus, ripping off the purge is all they can do.
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas Jam Yang lalu
it's not really like the purge
M Isa
M Isa Jam Yang lalu
After that incident I thought this would be cancelled...
Ymmot Jam Yang lalu
Oh god ID-vid.
Austin Riley
Austin Riley Jam Yang lalu
Alright logang time to bust out your iPhones and hit that record button because I saw a dead body in the trailer.
Nio Jacobs
Nio Jacobs Jam Yang lalu
The second I saw this was here I said, out loud, “Again?”
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas Jam Yang lalu
lol I thought to myself "this shit gay"
Hybrid Theory
Hybrid Theory Jam Yang lalu
Why do people watch Logan Paul he's a f a g g o t.
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas Jam Yang lalu
true but I like his energy and he's kinda funny that's only reason I watch him that and his boxing
trav sco
trav sco Jam Yang lalu
attack of the Soy-boys
Chris Tovar
Chris Tovar Jam Yang lalu
The Thinning. I’d rather watch The Shinning from The Simpsons and it better than this
Chuck Chuck
Chuck Chuck Jam Yang lalu
Who would watch this idiots movies?
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas Jam Yang lalu
crack babies
Galaxy Jam Yang lalu
RightMostAxe Jam Yang lalu
Logan paul kisses another girl several time means hes cheating on chloe
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas Jam Yang lalu
means he's in a movie and is a actor weirdo😂
jaffar1234 2 jam yang lalu
dogsnake5 2 jam yang lalu
Were is scare pewdiepie ID-vid 😂
MK 2 jam yang lalu
Trish Angela Villatema
Trish Angela Villatema 2 jam yang lalu
logan u kissed a girl!?!?
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas Jam Yang lalu
and he liked itt
Dolphin 2 jam yang lalu
Scared PewDiePie season 2???
Teddy human! PLAYZ
Teddy human! PLAYZ 2 jam yang lalu
This boi got a beard?
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas Jam Yang lalu
looking like he sleep on highways
Old Soul
Old Soul 2 jam yang lalu
Give pewdiepie his show back and get lergen perl the fuckkkkk outta here
Ice Games
Ice Games 2 jam yang lalu
Logan Paul dosent deserve any of this, he is a retard that would suck dick of the money is good, and the people who love this dude are as just retarded as logan paul
Jesus Urrutia
Jesus Urrutia 2 jam yang lalu
Is this a MazeRunner rip-off? Sure looks like it but even shittier
TheApeBot 2 jam yang lalu
Alright as much as I don’t like LP this movie looks lit af
Nisal Ransika Samaranayake
This is a rip off of purge. 🤣🤣🤣
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas Jam Yang lalu
you a rip off of the guy who played in Bollywood
TerryGaming TGZ
TerryGaming TGZ 2 jam yang lalu
logan can actually be serious.
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas Jam Yang lalu
Nick Playz24
Nick Playz24 2 jam yang lalu
Logan Paul ur still trash
abbas rajkotwala
abbas rajkotwala 2 jam yang lalu
Scare PewDiePie
Cathal 2 jam yang lalu
What the fuck is this shit man honestly hahahahahaha
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas Jam Yang lalu
it's a turd fest
sam Olive
sam Olive 2 jam yang lalu
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas Jam Yang lalu
Daniel Yeh
Daniel Yeh 2 jam yang lalu
r u fkin kiddin me
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas Jam Yang lalu
I'm afraid not
skankhunt42 GS
skankhunt42 GS 2 jam yang lalu
cant wait to see this :DDD
Andrew 2 jam yang lalu
Is this a parody?
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas Jam Yang lalu
I'm afraid not
Agung Sedayu
Agung Sedayu 2 jam yang lalu
we need ScarePewdiepie season 2
Free Fire
Free Fire 2 jam yang lalu
So this what Logan been doing lol
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas 2 jam yang lalu
he ugly asf,😂
Izzatul 2 jam yang lalu
where can we watch if there's no youtube premium?
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas Jam Yang lalu
simple just don't watch it
THA HAM 2 jam yang lalu
Cool idea, but ID-vid and Logan should not be involved
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson 2 jam yang lalu
Didn't watch the trailer. Is this about Logan Paul's hair?
Lynette Simms
Lynette Simms 2 jam yang lalu
Get your beard cut
Jose Romero
Jose Romero 2 jam yang lalu
The first movie was good this I don’t know what the hell it is
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas 2 jam yang lalu
is that a joke the first movie is gay trash nigga
Angry Panda
Angry Panda 2 jam yang lalu
KSI needs to come and do a parody.
Sambath Cheat
Sambath Cheat 2 jam yang lalu
1 on trending
Ricardo Iribe
Ricardo Iribe 2 jam yang lalu
did you really Shane?
taken username
taken username 2 jam yang lalu
This looks like a bad mix of the purge and Maze runner 2. And thats pretty damn bad.
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas Jam Yang lalu
+Nisal Ransika Samaranayake maze runner isn't that bad tho your just a follower
Nisal Ransika Samaranayake
100 agreed
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas 2 jam yang lalu
the new maze runner was good tho and some of the purge movies are cool🤔😐
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas 2 jam yang lalu
Angry Panda
Angry Panda 2 jam yang lalu
I’m gonna not watch this because of Logan ok bye.
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas 2 jam yang lalu
he ugly asf😂
H Mascadri
H Mascadri 2 jam yang lalu
What the fuck is ID-vid thinking kills Pewdiepies show for being misrepresented but let this Fuck have a movie
chicken nigger
chicken nigger 2 jam yang lalu
Ok now release Scarce pewdiepie...
Universal_ME 2 jam yang lalu
Finally it will release lol
Noot TheToot
Noot TheToot 2 jam yang lalu
ID-vid's Golden Boy
Kyle 2 jam yang lalu
This dude generates money, ID-vid likes money, they don’t care about his past history...
Matt.Madness 2 jam yang lalu
I thought he got banned from doing ID-vid premium videos or was it just that it one series.
Antonio Pellicano
Antonio Pellicano 2 jam yang lalu
Since when the fu*k has Logan had a beard?!
PUBG GAMING 2 jam yang lalu
Logan looks so good with the beard
Erica Lee
Erica Lee 2 jam yang lalu
I thought youtube stopped funding him
Collin Cleaves
Collin Cleaves 2 jam yang lalu
Soo basically this is just the poor mans version of hunger games ... Riveting.
Rithy Kevin
Rithy Kevin 2 jam yang lalu
Fucking shit !!!
Gavin Reddig
Gavin Reddig 2 jam yang lalu
[Uploads video of dead guy] ID-vid - Well....You can still have your movie you lil stinker😉
Codi ADAMS 2 jam yang lalu
Cant wait
Youssef -ZA
Youssef -ZA 2 jam yang lalu
Where is scare pewdiepie
NDKfilms 2 jam yang lalu
Where's Thanos when you need him...
ozzy 2 jam yang lalu
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas 2 jam yang lalu
Jack Rodriguez
Jack Rodriguez 2 jam yang lalu
Anonymous Nonsense
Anonymous Nonsense 2 jam yang lalu
oh no...
COPTS08 2 jam yang lalu
Why does the blonde chick look like she needs to take a hard shit in every scene?
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas 2 jam yang lalu
she needs some dick bro😂
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas 2 jam yang lalu
Daniel joshua
Daniel joshua 2 jam yang lalu
Where's PewDiePie's ID-vid Original Series? This isn't fair ID-vid. Bring back Scare PewDiePie 😍 🔥
Vastvik Sharma
Vastvik Sharma 2 jam yang lalu
This ain't gonna be free Fella's......
Arian Recica
Arian Recica 2 jam yang lalu
I thought it was about his hair...
LarsTheGoof 2 jam yang lalu
ID-vid wtf are you doing....
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas 2 jam yang lalu
something gay
J.K Rowyourboat
J.K Rowyourboat 2 jam yang lalu
First jake paul was trending with shane then logan paul. What a time to be alive
Bring Me More Booze
Bring Me More Booze 2 jam yang lalu
Did we all just suddenly forget that this piece of shit filmed and exploited a dead body for his own monetary gain? Fuck all of you subscribers for still supporting this idiot.
SuperShadowGuard 2 jam yang lalu
So, this looks like Divergent and The Maze Runner put together with Logan Paul in it... Pass.
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas Jam Yang lalu
maze runner isn't bad tho at least not the newest one
Kaboom 2 jam yang lalu
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas Jam Yang lalu
that movie caught the clap
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