Running Away From Boys

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Have you ever had a full-blown crush on someone but whenever you had a chance to talk to them you fell apart. You were just too scared, nervous, anxious, embarrassed or whatever to actually do what you had been thinking of for so long?
That's how it was for Ginny. In this hilarious storytime, one of the students in her class was someone she had had a crush on forever, a boy that she thought was just super cute and super cool and perfect for dating, for crushing on! She was a total fan girl for this boy! And, one day at school, when Ginny's gym class and his choir class combined to walk around the track, she found out that he liked her too. Perfect, right? Great, right? Not so much.
Teen dating can be complicated!
When her friend told Ginny that this boy liked her too, that he wanted to date her - when he was old enough at least - she was so happy, but, when he then walked over to her to say hello - she ran. Literally, she took off at supersonic speed, sprinted away like an Olympic champion - left him in the dust. Not necessarily a thing boys you like want to experience!
Ginny didn't want to do that. She wanted to talk to him, of course, she wanted to be with him - but every time he tried to get near her, off she went! It was like her feet and her heart were totally disconnected, and her feet seemed to be in charge. She was always running away, more like sprinting away, practically leaving tire marks on the track each time! Ginny was freaking out, practically having a panic attack because "she loved him so much, OMG!"
She started thinking he must not like her, even though her friend assured her that he did - even still, always, she ran. Talk about an embarrassing story! Her feet were doing the opposite of what her heart wanted to do.
Eventually she couldn't outrun him, but by then it was kind of too late. Not quite a dating fail, since they never actually dated, but close enough to make her regret it. They became friends, and that's a good thing, and, Ginny has a crush on a new boy now - but this time, hopefully, she'll take some good dating advice and stand still to avoid another dating fail!
Today she's definitely say, "I ran away from a boy I liked, had a crush on and was scared to talk to - I was totally fan girling him. It was so embarrassing and terrifying at the same time. So If I had any relationship advice or dating advice to give, it would be chill, take a deep breath, face your fears and look cool doing it. But if when you open your mouth, you sound like an idiot, or your legs beginning moving really quickly like mine did, it will eventually be okay. Everyone has an epic fail. Boys 2015, boys 2016 and boys 2017 will forget all about it; kids, students, friends, teachers and parents will too. Well maybe not, but they will still love you no matter how hilarious, stupid, awkward and embarrassing you looked. And you will be better for it."

Everyone's got a story....we want to hear yours!

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Aidan Brennan
Aidan Brennan 27 hari yang lalu
storybooth dj46ejtebgafhdggggfh
Loosha M.
Loosha M. 29 hari yang lalu
I got it <3
The ultimate gamer
The ultimate gamer Bulan Yang lalu
storybooth you are the Best
Fun with alexia Alexandra
storybooth hi
yasmin Manafikhi
yasmin Manafikhi Bulan Yang lalu
storybooth I like a boy called josh he is so cute he all ready knows I have a crush on him because I told him I was nervous
Anna Rebel
Anna Rebel 11 jam yang lalu
This boy I hate, he won't stop following my friends and I.
Anna Borrow
Anna Borrow 19 jam yang lalu
Can I tell my story plz plz
BLOODY GIRL Hari Yang lalu
I have a friend, he is a boy. and he is asking me out. so, what should I say yes or no? he give me a month to think.
Candice Perry
Candice Perry Hari Yang lalu
It is alright to have boys as friends
arisu sama
arisu sama Hari Yang lalu
So me like
Flor Vaes
Flor Vaes 3 hari yang lalu
2018 thats me
Sweet Stitch
Sweet Stitch 4 hari yang lalu
Late squad where u at!?
thi khong
thi khong 6 hari yang lalu
a guy
a guy 7 hari yang lalu
That's pretty sad!!
Michelle 8 hari yang lalu
A boy who liked me spent an entire class with my best friend just to find out the perfect way to ask me out and I ended up rejecting him twice since he’s popular with the white girls and he’s the reason why I have no white friends
livy luv
livy luv 10 hari yang lalu
Omg I did the same thing litteraly Friday So me and my friend have a crush on this guy and we made an agreement that if he said no to me then she could ask him out we talk to him everyday and when his class stared to leave lunch I was like "how am I going to ask him out" then she said "its easy, HEY JOSH, liv wants to tell you something" and in my mind I was having a panic attack then I ended up saying "its not important I'll tell you Monday" I dont know how I'm going to go to school tomorrow
Good story
نور احمد
نور احمد 10 hari yang lalu
هههههههه حلوه تضحك 😂😂😂
Conor Kelly
Conor Kelly 11 hari yang lalu
She is wierd
Skyla 11 hari yang lalu
I've been avoiding my crush for like a month now 😭😭😭 because one of my friends screamed out: OOOOOOO SOMEONE LIKE {Crush} OOOOOO. And one of my crush's friend Hows 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Fluminox 5284
Fluminox 5284 9 hari yang lalu
Michelle Zhou
Michelle Zhou 12 hari yang lalu
One time I was late to class and my crush was too after class we had to tell the teacher we were late I was shaking so much that after I finished talking and he was next I walked away super fast which likely gave him the wrong message Another time in a school club I saw him again and then sat not next to him and I just started laughing and I sounded like I was having a panic attack that was so stupid I looked so stupid
Alex Herrera
Alex Herrera 13 hari yang lalu
All these stories are making kids weak minded! I should be careful if you are a parent.
Aly 107
Aly 107 13 hari yang lalu
Oof ill say no even if I did like them ( I don’t want to date )
prety love
prety love 13 hari yang lalu
My story my name is Amany when I was 5 years old I was love my cousin mustafa I said:ohhhhh he is so much handsome and cute, when I had my BFF Renad I told her : I love mustafa, she said :Hmmm AMANY HAS A BOY FRIEND, when I was 10 years old I seen him all my body and leave him playing with me for 1 hour then one day he told me he don't love me , then I told Renad and I leave my love yah that's my story. 👧👭👫👭👍💝💓💔💔💓💝
Pwioedo pie hai Hår sau
Pwioedo pie hai Hår sau 13 hari yang lalu
I like a new person 2:14
Pwioedo pie hai Hår sau
Pwioedo pie hai Hår sau 13 hari yang lalu
Pwioedo pie hai Hår sau
Pwioedo pie hai Hår sau 13 hari yang lalu
Nabila Sarker
Nabila Sarker 14 hari yang lalu
I was dieing while watching this😂😂😂
Edi Lentini
Edi Lentini 14 hari yang lalu
I’m the same when a boy comes up to me I run and I’ll do it with any boy
Gabriela Palacio
Gabriela Palacio 14 hari yang lalu
This is happening to me
Adelyn Charity Balagon
Adelyn Charity Balagon 15 hari yang lalu
i will tell everybody
Blurry 15 hari yang lalu
K no one cares
Linda Lopez
Linda Lopez 16 hari yang lalu
*1:15* *if I have a crush maybe I'll tell them like that* 1 like= 1 potato
Alibaba G
Alibaba G 16 hari yang lalu
omg you are so funny you liked one and then another hahaha I had a crush on runen in my school and I broke up with him he was nice but he was mean to my friends
Alibaba G
Alibaba G 16 hari yang lalu
I ment Ruben
Templayz and more!
Templayz and more! 17 hari yang lalu
I have 6 letters for you: s e x i s t
Novel Sarker
Novel Sarker 17 hari yang lalu
0:45 when I get pre calc homework
Your_Kid_ Polar
Your_Kid_ Polar 18 hari yang lalu
0:06 I first thought that guy was the crush
ZYpeeR-Boii_ kinD
ZYpeeR-Boii_ kinD 18 hari yang lalu
Sorry to Say but she is so stupid
Fabian Nerio
Fabian Nerio 19 hari yang lalu
Damn u friend zoned the fuck out of that dude hope he fines a nice chick that won’t run away from him
??? 19 hari yang lalu
Hi I’m XxfuckyourightinthepussyxX and here is my story. I was abused as a child. When I was 8, I ran out of cheetos when I was sitting on the toilet. To this day, I never got over the trauma of that day.
2000 GamerSucker
2000 GamerSucker 20 hari yang lalu
............i dont get it
JaadAvila 20 hari yang lalu
I was like that
JaadAvila 20 hari yang lalu
That signature blonde thoughhh
OhtheSuffering 21 hari yang lalu
I used to do this with my crush in middle school. A friend eventually told me that she was speculating that I hated her, which obviously wasn’t true. So I decided to make an effort to get her to notice me, and it worked for a short while, but by then a lot of my male peers had started developing their physiques and I no longer had a chance with her.
Sarah Mendoza
Sarah Mendoza 21 hari yang lalu
My chrush never likes me back😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
will 21 hari yang lalu
I keep seeing the girl with braces in every video
ivy great singer in hiding
ivy great singer in hiding 22 hari yang lalu
Flamin Hot Doritos
Flamin Hot Doritos 22 hari yang lalu
Its called a survival instinct 😏
Angie fuzz
Angie fuzz 22 hari yang lalu
I did the same thing. Now I regret running away from my crush when I was younger.
Kourosh Daneshi
Kourosh Daneshi 24 hari yang lalu
Why would choir walk out in PE???
Krista Burrows
Krista Burrows 24 hari yang lalu
I know I like a girl
gaming girl yt becerra
gaming girl yt becerra 25 hari yang lalu
Unicorn Sprinkles
Unicorn Sprinkles 25 hari yang lalu
This happened at my disco a few days ago
Taneil Francis
Taneil Francis 25 hari yang lalu
The story is not for children 😐😑😫😴😪😒😓🙁😔😕😬😨😧😦
Haretz tj
Haretz tj 25 hari yang lalu
I didn’t get it...why does her friend said “go away!” suddenly??
iLazer Gamer
iLazer Gamer 26 hari yang lalu
That's relatable, except I'm the boy in the story
Midnight Foxy
Midnight Foxy 27 hari yang lalu
i hide from my crush all the time
James Haverstock
James Haverstock 27 hari yang lalu
# Mapleshade3399
# Mapleshade3399 26 hari yang lalu
No, got an add bout't Groupan
Social Democracy
Social Democracy 28 hari yang lalu
It’s-Joe-Time Gacha
It’s-Joe-Time Gacha 29 hari yang lalu
*and one day we were in Pe and he was in choir and I was in Pe*
Crazy Dude but I'm a girl
Omg I send Fri request to my crush wish me luck pls 🙏🙏💓
Adrien DeMayo
Adrien DeMayo Bulan Yang lalu
I try to comment on every video but I don’t have that much time
Camila Hernandez
Camila Hernandez Bulan Yang lalu
its ok bc boy runway from me and my friénds but liké a game
donna boyle
donna boyle Bulan Yang lalu
0:10 well naw hi
JulianaYT Roblox
JulianaYT Roblox Bulan Yang lalu
I liked this video like that
Cubfan 114
Cubfan 114 Bulan Yang lalu
Ξέρω πολλά πράγματα
Cubfan 114
Cubfan 114 Bulan Yang lalu
Cubfan 114
Cubfan 114 Bulan Yang lalu
Cubfan 114
Cubfan 114 Bulan Yang lalu
Cubfan 114
Cubfan 114 Bulan Yang lalu
dead shog Cortez
dead shog Cortez Bulan Yang lalu
I have the same problem with my crush And the story is like mine
Bumble the cat
Bumble the cat Bulan Yang lalu
That’s me all the way. That happened to me and we "dated" but like I would never talk so then we eventually broke up but now we r friends but I wish we were closer and I like someone else now
seokie nie
seokie nie Bulan Yang lalu
he won’t date you cause u seem stupid
Brianna Ortega
Brianna Ortega Bulan Yang lalu
I love your vids
Gravity Galaxy
Gravity Galaxy Bulan Yang lalu
we were in pe he was in quior I WAS IN PE WE GET IT
Omg thats me running away from my crush
Show Squad
Show Squad Bulan Yang lalu
Shy ass
Snazzy Valღ
Snazzy Valღ Bulan Yang lalu
**whispers** *i secretly like you :))*
Cousin to cousin
Cousin to cousin Bulan Yang lalu
This reminds me of Kindergarten. (And i was really awkward BACK then)
Çŕýšţåľ Wolf
Çŕýšţåľ Wolf Bulan Yang lalu
One day i was in P.E. and he was in quire and i was in P.E. _Wut_
Ecaterina Pădurariu
Ecaterina Pădurariu Bulan Yang lalu
Don't run away from boys, make boys run away from you.
Malik Ipek
Malik Ipek Bulan Yang lalu
0:11 ha gadie
Avakin Vlogs
Avakin Vlogs Bulan Yang lalu
U is the stupied bitch ever u should have talked to him stupid i feel disappointed in u hoe
Love Existence
Love Existence Bulan Yang lalu
xd Kevin ,
xd Kevin , Bulan Yang lalu
itz EMILIE Bulan Yang lalu
*N O P E*
Ivania Reyes
Ivania Reyes Bulan Yang lalu
This is exactly what my friend when do and what I would do
AZ Elementist of Nature
AZ Elementist of Nature Bulan Yang lalu
I'm immuned to love
AZ Elementist of Nature
AZ Elementist of Nature Bulan Yang lalu
Single forever anyone?
AZ Elementist of Nature
AZ Elementist of Nature Bulan Yang lalu
The Flip Book Boy
The Flip Book Boy Bulan Yang lalu
That end though
oconmx Bulan Yang lalu
I thought you were gay or something...
Soraya Norhisyam
Soraya Norhisyam Bulan Yang lalu
i had a crush, I really like him, He likes me back, then later He gave me a card i was like whattt He Did blowkiss to me I was.... Ya know hehe
Uni No Dab21 3049
Uni No Dab21 3049 Bulan Yang lalu
Me when I was yong except I didn’t like them i had to make him mad at me to get rid of him literally he was so annoying
Damaris Payne
Damaris Payne Bulan Yang lalu
She sounds like *Hannah Matiana*
Abby Gamer
Abby Gamer Bulan Yang lalu
Ugly bitch
Jadamarie Edwards
Jadamarie Edwards Bulan Yang lalu
She said she really likes you at 1:04
Adorable Princess
Adorable Princess Bulan Yang lalu
Your voice reminds me of the girl from the movie the princess dairies
Rosario Regina Danry Panganiban
completely me.
reввυy411 B
reввυy411 B Bulan Yang lalu
I love it
Janet Ralte
Janet Ralte Bulan Yang lalu
Such a silly girl
Galaxy_Emerald Bulan Yang lalu
Once me and my crush were in the same team at a school event, and the whole day, I tried to make him laugh and also pretend that I don’t have a crush on him, and we ended up working together in a report we have to write about the event Then SOMEONE ruined everything a few weeks or months later by telling him that I stalked him(which is true) One like=1% that he wouldn’t mind the stalking thing at all
Oturei Sio
Oturei Sio Bulan Yang lalu
ok.. dats werd u dont run from boys u talk to tem and the point is u hav to make them not notice it.
10,000 subscribers without a video
Impossible! We are everywhere!
Hamster 101
Hamster 101 Bulan Yang lalu
Fucking idiot
weird anime-lovin' girl
weird anime-lovin' girl Bulan Yang lalu
1:17 "NOPE" me when my crush comes to talk to me, "NOPE!!! NOT HERE, NOT NOW, NOT EVER"XD
Stella McDermott
Stella McDermott Bulan Yang lalu
So mean
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