Running Away From Boys

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Have you ever had a full-blown crush on someone but whenever you had a chance to talk to them you fell apart. You were just too scared, nervous, anxious, embarrassed or whatever to actually do what you had been thinking of for so long?
That's how it was for Ginny. In this hilarious storytime, one of the students in her class was someone she had had a crush on forever, a boy that she thought was just super cute and super cool and perfect for dating, for crushing on! She was a total fan girl for this boy! And, one day at school, when Ginny's gym class and his choir class combined to walk around the track, she found out that he liked her too. Perfect, right? Great, right? Not so much.
Teen dating can be complicated!
When her friend told Ginny that this boy liked her too, that he wanted to date her - when he was old enough at least - she was so happy, but, when he then walked over to her to say hello - she ran. Literally, she took off at supersonic speed, sprinted away like an Olympic champion - left him in the dust. Not necessarily a thing boys you like want to experience!
Ginny didn't want to do that. She wanted to talk to him, of course, she wanted to be with him - but every time he tried to get near her, off she went! It was like her feet and her heart were totally disconnected, and her feet seemed to be in charge. She was always running away, more like sprinting away, practically leaving tire marks on the track each time! Ginny was freaking out, practically having a panic attack because "she loved him so much, OMG!"
She started thinking he must not like her, even though her friend assured her that he did - even still, always, she ran. Talk about an embarrassing story! Her feet were doing the opposite of what her heart wanted to do.
Eventually she couldn't outrun him, but by then it was kind of too late. Not quite a dating fail, since they never actually dated, but close enough to make her regret it. They became friends, and that's a good thing, and, Ginny has a crush on a new boy now - but this time, hopefully, she'll take some good dating advice and stand still to avoid another dating fail!
Today she's definitely say, "I ran away from a boy I liked, had a crush on and was scared to talk to - I was totally fan girling him. It was so embarrassing and terrifying at the same time. So If I had any relationship advice or dating advice to give, it would be chill, take a deep breath, face your fears and look cool doing it. But if when you open your mouth, you sound like an idiot, or your legs beginning moving really quickly like mine did, it will eventually be okay. Everyone has an epic fail. Boys 2015, boys 2016 and boys 2017 will forget all about it; kids, students, friends, teachers and parents will too. Well maybe not, but they will still love you no matter how hilarious, stupid, awkward and embarrassing you looked. And you will be better for it."

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Love your storyes!
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I have a story for you storybooth I don’t know how to post it to you though
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Hey storybooth i have a story for you but I don’t know how to tell you my story .
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Wow I thought my sister was the only one
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shrek iglina
shrek iglina Hari Yang lalu
I hate people like this so dramatic and F00KIN BASIC
Elani E
Elani E 2 hari yang lalu
I rejected everyboy who loved me 😭😭😭
Bharat 2mmx
Bharat 2mmx 3 hari yang lalu
I relate to this and worst thing is my mom gets laugh seriously how can she and then she tells that u have to be brave but I'm like if I see or hear boys I will be 1 km away . really I like to be alone in my room closing all the doors😑😑😑😑😑
Maddy Mae
Maddy Mae 3 hari yang lalu
Wow, that happened with me, but not at school 😳
cheryl perrino
cheryl perrino 3 hari yang lalu
Fuck that what the hell
cheryl perrino
cheryl perrino 3 hari yang lalu
Oh hell nah
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AddyLynn HereAgain 3 hari yang lalu
DrxpRates 4 hari yang lalu
A girl asked me out and I said I don't date perverts
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Gabriel Ortiz 4 hari yang lalu
Friend zoned
Daisy W
Daisy W 4 hari yang lalu
“One time we were in PE and he was in choir and....... *i was in PE*
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cherry dust 4 hari yang lalu
This is kind of odd
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This is story🤣🤣🤣🤣 But i dont even talk with him 😑😂
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She like a new person???
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Pretty Mangle
Pretty Mangle 7 hari yang lalu
Ashley the Fun Gamer And creator
0:11 one day we were is PE and he was in. Qwaier ( I don’t know how to say it) and we were in PE she said she was in PE twice
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Mia Rizo 8 hari yang lalu
The ende tho lol
Manuel Serrato
Manuel Serrato 9 hari yang lalu
I have a crush on a boy I always look at him in class
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Thanks <3 sorry I didn't write back right away
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i will sub to both your channels :)
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This is my other channel !
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You are cool I am going to sub with my other channel
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You better try this *ZEPISGUIDES. COM* Always works best for adding resources..
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You ugly kid
Marshmallow 12 hari yang lalu
can someone help!! so there is this guy that i kinda think is cute i mean you know hes good looking friendly funny blabla so i found out from my best friend (a boy that is very good friends with him) that he has a crush on me and my best friend told him to confess to me and he accepted it so now hes gonna confess to me idk when but im really scared?? like im literally under a panic attack right now idk what to do!! i like being single and i always rejected people that confessed bc i was like "im young relationships dont matter" but im 13 now and maybe i should accept it?? i mean im definitelly not saying no but i just dont know what to do once im in a relationship with him ://
Emma H.
Emma H. 12 hari yang lalu
What kind of an idiot is this person?
hope films
hope films 13 hari yang lalu
I'm in 7th grade lmao 😂
Minecraft Ninja boy
Minecraft Ninja boy 14 hari yang lalu
You sound like my cousin vanessa
Lizzcacher Theoneabdonly
Lizzcacher Theoneabdonly 14 hari yang lalu
I do exactly the same thing with my crush Jaden
•사만다• 15 hari yang lalu
i had a crush on some boy and he asked me for a hug but i rejected it ;-; i regret doing that
haya husein
haya husein 15 hari yang lalu
same as what I did to my first bf but I didn't like a new person.
ItsElaina 10
ItsElaina 10 15 hari yang lalu
This happened to me to. He wanted to talk to me because he liked me too. So I went to him and then I ran away. Then the next year he likes someone else. I still like him to this day. I regret everything I did. 😭
flostudies 15 hari yang lalu
I had a crush and I was too shy to ask him for his name so yeah. His name was a mystery to me for a year and its terrifying thinking of different random names that would suit his face. But rn, I know his name and I'm proud! Hahaha
Cat Love
Cat Love 15 hari yang lalu
At 2:35 tell me why her best friend and her crush are looking at each other and blushing
IsabellaTM 15 hari yang lalu
omg I'm the same
That Girl
That Girl 16 hari yang lalu
Can relate yeah
MoonlightLPS 16 hari yang lalu
Gaming Ninja7775
Gaming Ninja7775 16 hari yang lalu
I dated someone he didnt like me bc i wasnt white and liked my best friend cuz she was.....😖😖😖😖
Gaming Ninja7775
Gaming Ninja7775 16 hari yang lalu
She kinda sounds like jessie from disney channel
Jayson Juarez Dale
Jayson Juarez Dale 16 hari yang lalu
Hahaha I call the person I like sister maybe to just make them think I don't like them
Ally Mariethewolf/potato
Ally Mariethewolf/potato 16 hari yang lalu
Ok this thought me a lesson Don't be shy •~• And I'll talk to my crush hehe
Liliana Alvarez
Liliana Alvarez 16 hari yang lalu
Just like meee
Xxlolz popxX
Xxlolz popxX 17 hari yang lalu
I’ve been played with as in emotional and like “I like you” and ten seconds later “I can’t stand you” that I’ve lost hope in humanity like two times and the super weird thing is they both look alike and they have SUPER similar names like one was Landon and the other was Logan like this is no coincidence
Madison and Ethan Holguin
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Um hi
Madison and Ethan Holguin
Madison and Ethan Holguin 17 hari yang lalu
Don't be shy😊 you had a chance
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Secret ! I LOVE you ! 💕💕💕😂😂 LOVE it 😂😂
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I love your video 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
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I love this channel here I can practice my English listening. I'm Brazilian.
GachAnimations 20 hari yang lalu
When someone likes me I like them back bcuz I feel sorry for them and feel like I NEED to do it
Cuteunicornkatiasvologs 10
Cuteunicornkatiasvologs 10 20 hari yang lalu
She is so stupid ugh
Hailey Ebensteiner
Hailey Ebensteiner 20 hari yang lalu
Lol that's me right now I'm so stupid
Random Stuff :P
Random Stuff :P 21 hari yang lalu
You have proper issues bro. I liked a guy once and he came up to me and asked me out, I obviously said yes and he’s my boyfriend now. See? Simple ass pie! Ha, typooooo yea ima leave it there it’s pretty funny
RUBY ROSE ROBLOX 21 hari yang lalu
but her friend is inloved each other wt that boy!!
Praise Pathfinder
Praise Pathfinder 21 hari yang lalu
I hate these shy people in these stories
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Hi I subscribed
Laura Bird
Laura Bird 21 hari yang lalu
in 0:36 she look like playtime
White paw the warrior Cat
White paw the warrior Cat 21 hari yang lalu
I have a crush and I avoid him so I have a kinda not really similar story
MLG NUGGET 21 hari yang lalu
It is your fault he doesn't like you anymore,So LOL
arshi banger
arshi banger 22 hari yang lalu
I am like the only girl standing out. Everyone ligit uses ME to make their crush like them back just because all the boys are sooo nice and comfortable with me. I'm just like, BRUH just go up to them and talk to them!! Comment if u need help talking to ur crush!! Don't forget to like if u agree!!😁😁
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You ruined your chance buddy
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1:04 wait... She?
Danyela Sosa
Danyela Sosa 22 hari yang lalu
Maria Arellano
Maria Arellano 22 hari yang lalu
story time: so when i was in 8th grade i told alot of people who i liked so i told my cousin and he told all of his friends and his friends told my crush and the next day he walked up to me and said um is it true u like me and i was like um ya ig and ran fast af and he was like um wait u know um why do u like me and i was like its gonna take me yrs to tell u why i like u so we started talking more but then i found out we werent meant for each other 😭
Xandria Page
Xandria Page 22 hari yang lalu
I I' I'm I'm d I'm do I'm doi I'm doin I'm doing I'm doing t I'm doing th I'm doing thi I'm doing this I'm doing this b I'm doing this be I'm doing this bec I'm doing this beca I'm doing this becau I'm doing this becaus I'm doing this because I'm doing this because i I'm doing this because it I'm doing this because it g I'm doing this because it ge I'm doing this because it get I'm doing this because it gets I'm doing this because it gets l I'm doing this because it gets li I'm doing this because it gets lik I'm doing this because it gets like I'm doing this because it gets likes I'm doing this because it gets like I'm doing this because it gets lik I'm doing this because it gets li I'm doing this because it gets l I'm doing this because it gets I'm doing this because it get I'm doing this because it ge I'm doing this because it g I'm doing this because it I'm doing this because i I'm doing this because I'm doing this becaus I'm doing this becau I'm doing this beca I'm doing this bec I'm doing this be I'm doing this b I'm doing this I'm doing thi I'm doing th I'm doing t I'm doing I'm doin I'm doi I'm do I'm d I'm I' I
punkcat23 23 hari yang lalu
I...I...just don't have the words...u are so dumb...
Jason Jara
Jason Jara 23 hari yang lalu
You should add,"nervous
Nightguard girl Barabadan
Nightguard girl Barabadan 23 hari yang lalu
Nightguard girl Barabadan
Nightguard girl Barabadan 23 hari yang lalu
I like any person....Mmmmm😮😮😮😮😮
Shan ia
Shan ia 23 hari yang lalu
I don't have a crush because I'm a potato and because most people I meet are immature and not my type.
Pookie Dancer On Broadway
Pookie Dancer On Broadway 24 hari yang lalu
0:06 haha
파 레 스 가Valeska
파 레 스 가Valeska 24 hari yang lalu
I don’t run from boys cuz when I just raise one hand,they run away from me instead..
David Tenorio
David Tenorio 24 hari yang lalu
i love story booth
Hulian 24 hari yang lalu
Asking out my crush tomorrow... Wish me luck! 😬😬😬
꧁༺Princess Dream༻ ꧂
Hulian i asked out my crush and he said he love me too and then i wake up It was a dream....whyyyyyyyyyuyyyyy(i’m not joking )
Elizabeth Helms
Elizabeth Helms 10 hari yang lalu
I have a boyfriend and he bought me a necklace and a stuff bear
NutellaGod101 Girl101
NutellaGod101 Girl101 10 hari yang lalu
Hi_I'm_ Selen he thought his friend tricked him,I didn’t really want to tell him it was me,I would freak out!XD
Hi_I'm_ Selen
Hi_I'm_ Selen 10 hari yang lalu
+NutellaGod101 Girl101 How'd it go?
Lily Lemur
Lily Lemur 11 hari yang lalu
How'd it go
Joseph Jackson
Joseph Jackson 24 hari yang lalu
Hi please subscribe to my channel
Claudia Alvarez
Claudia Alvarez 25 hari yang lalu
I hope they eventually date Or still talk at least TwT
Heather Animates
Heather Animates 25 hari yang lalu
That was funny I would be running through the hills
Foxe_Box 25 hari yang lalu
At 0:25 I thought the girl and the boy liked each other 😂
Ellie Mcgrath
Ellie Mcgrath 26 hari yang lalu
Bed is lava in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Like if you where to lazy to move👍
Archer Rage
Archer Rage 26 hari yang lalu
monkey splat
monkey splat 26 hari yang lalu
Jocelyn Cataraja
Jocelyn Cataraja 27 hari yang lalu
Not yet
Gacha Lia
Gacha Lia 27 hari yang lalu
Your just like my sister if we went to a all boy and girl school:3
maria  marando
maria marando 27 hari yang lalu
Girl!!! U had ONE chance... And you blew it
Caroline Mnayarji
Caroline Mnayarji 27 hari yang lalu
So one time there was a guy that I liked *shows ugly guy* like really like *shows hot guy*
Vesela Rusanova
Vesela Rusanova 28 hari yang lalu
Ther Is Nothing Scary About Boys And Why Is She Running Away From Them???
Abster 28 hari yang lalu
*Awh I love how kids express there selfs to have the guts to speak out and tell there own story*
deeq ali
deeq ali 29 hari yang lalu
U r so weird
Kynan Crouch
Kynan Crouch 29 hari yang lalu
You stupid STUPID girl
Genevive Ulanimo
Genevive Ulanimo 29 hari yang lalu
and i don’t i have a boy
Genevive Ulanimo
Genevive Ulanimo 29 hari yang lalu
why you didn’t tell your crush me too if he tells me he will be my girlfriend in my school i will kiss him but i am 7 and u am grade 2 so i will not
Sandy fay
Sandy fay Bulan Yang lalu
Rosa Torunn Adalsteinsdottir
Girl, your talking like boys own you.
daniela Bulan Yang lalu
i wouldnt say im bad talking to boys, more like i have COMPLETELY nothing to say, like im not the kind of person to share a random thing to a complete stranger or a new friend ig, but the least i do is let them take my side and then we have nicknames for each other and everytime we see each other we call our names and debate ig, its stupid, and when i try to talk to them a real conversation, its awkward
Tijahh Twinss
Tijahh Twinss Bulan Yang lalu
When i see my crush i just stand there then he stares at me than i just pretend im talking to one of my friends 😂
Queen Kimoria
Queen Kimoria Bulan Yang lalu
Cli cli cli cli cli cli click click a bation
LifeWithLeilani Aleman
LifeWithLeilani Aleman Bulan Yang lalu
I love this ID-vid channel but this video made me really mad cause like this girl is like really fricking stupid
Elijah Glover
Elijah Glover Bulan Yang lalu
WssaqAWA yyyyyyyya
5Pixles Bulan Yang lalu
She fucked up real bad this story makes me wanna just feel mad at the girl
Mini Marshmallow
Mini Marshmallow Bulan Yang lalu
0:06 I really thought it was him lol 😂
Aliaa Masoud
Aliaa Masoud Bulan Yang lalu
so you ran like usain bolt
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