My Super Creepy Roommate From Craigslist

Steven D
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Max's creepy experience with his new roommate, Beth.
Story By: Mac1187
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References: Death Note, Future Diary
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28 Okt 2018

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Komentar 7 275
Tiasgottears 37 detik yang lalu
The text had 44 messages in it and this video is 4:44 minutes long and 44 is my “lucky” number
SimplyHuman 13 menit yang lalu
LMAOOOOO, I feel sorry for Mac.
mwells219 28 menit yang lalu
Look the poor girl probably just wanted you to give her the d.
Shade 29 menit yang lalu
ill still smash
Anonymous Remastered
Anonymous Remastered Jam Yang lalu
"She was tall" 5'10, really?
then benagcz
then benagcz 2 jam yang lalu
She just need C.. k in pussy otherwise girls go crazy
tomás caicedo
tomás caicedo 2 jam yang lalu
Sia made a Music vídeo si tu Shia. Sia and shia is almost the same name.
Vsatyk 2 jam yang lalu
Should've just dicked her down.
gd gf
gd gf 3 jam yang lalu
Id still date lol
Kevlar Vrus 57
Kevlar Vrus 57 3 jam yang lalu
Why did I get a boner half way through the video?
Ssammohsworld 3 jam yang lalu
Oh my gosh that is extremely creepy. If you get a roommate it's best to pick someone you know VERY well like a childhood friend. Seriously.
Sabri Satiu
Sabri Satiu 3 jam yang lalu
now I’m hungry for “domicos”😂🍕
adel sobhi
adel sobhi 3 jam yang lalu
Wow be careful who you live with
Guava222 3 jam yang lalu
she sounded nice
Jaz Will
Jaz Will 4 jam yang lalu
I'da bounced as soon as I heard the giggling 😬😬😬
Maia Thomas
Maia Thomas 4 jam yang lalu
marierose107 4 jam yang lalu
When you thought he was gonna be the creepy one because stereotypes, but I was wrong
Adolfo Perez
Adolfo Perez 4 jam yang lalu
Wtf 🤯
Brandon Ohrberg
Brandon Ohrberg 4 jam yang lalu
I have never met anyone like that, that's just messed up.
Stinky Dill
Stinky Dill 4 jam yang lalu
"This dresser will not divide us REEEEEEE!!!" Beth screamed as she tried forcing her way into Max's room.
Inzamam Irshad
Inzamam Irshad 5 jam yang lalu
She just wanted to get laid! U idiot
FernKnight Audio
FernKnight Audio 5 jam yang lalu
person man
person man 5 jam yang lalu
That's Hinata in descize, she thought he was naruto.
Levi Sta-Maria
Levi Sta-Maria 5 jam yang lalu
Lucky guy having a stalker. It's quite entertaining to have one lol. You get to have the runner and she's the chaser
Head Hunter
Head Hunter 5 jam yang lalu
... Do it ... Just ... Do it ...
fibble drip
fibble drip 6 jam yang lalu
I'm still not sure if this is supposed to be creepy or funny, I would shit myself from laughter if caught in a situation like that
Kyubey Incubator
Kyubey Incubator 6 jam yang lalu
Hot Where do I get a Beth-like gf?
Pelibin \_/trash
Pelibin \_/trash 6 jam yang lalu
This girl needs to back off I can slit my own damn throat
kaja nu'u
kaja nu'u 6 jam yang lalu
What a fuckin creep
Kevin Ha
Kevin Ha 6 jam yang lalu
START 7 jam yang lalu
let me suck farts out ya turd cutterp
Firenado 7 jam yang lalu
Nashe just wanted some D
Brandon HABITT
Brandon HABITT 7 jam yang lalu
was she hot
ElementalScythe 7 jam yang lalu
Whoever likes my newest vid gets a sub
suck an egg
suck an egg 7 jam yang lalu
People in the comments saying she should get the D watches too many anime. Good luck doing that in real life.
TomaatoGarden 8 jam yang lalu
NollieGazelleHeel 8 jam yang lalu
Id still hit
Fluidicheart9 YT
Fluidicheart9 YT 8 jam yang lalu
Luis Arriaga
Luis Arriaga 8 jam yang lalu
Still would have smashed
Rob Heine
Rob Heine 8 jam yang lalu
Ice fiend
pentalway 8 jam yang lalu
Meh, this story was more funny than scary.
Dirty Nwah
Dirty Nwah 8 jam yang lalu
I bet she was wild in bed tho
Simon Ghoul
Simon Ghoul 9 jam yang lalu
She just has a fetish with slitting necks from people who remind her of Shia Labeouf, that's it
Louise Nash
Louise Nash 9 jam yang lalu
Anyone else watching creepy stories by their self on their phone in the middle of the night and keep hearing creepy stuff around their house ? Or just me ? 😬😬😓😣
Pokémon Trainer Emelia
Pokémon Trainer Emelia 9 jam yang lalu
Beth looks like Dawn
MegA 9 jam yang lalu
Am I on the you tubes?
Alexander Reppen
Alexander Reppen 9 jam yang lalu
So scary
Fukushima Daichi
Fukushima Daichi 9 jam yang lalu
Benifet of being ugly. No crazy chicks will get obsessed over you.
Kami the God
Kami the God 9 jam yang lalu
Beth has a dick fam 😑
John Renard Show
John Renard Show 9 jam yang lalu
Why This Is Funny
John Renard Show
John Renard Show 9 jam yang lalu
I Love This Fanfic
Shadowseer 10 jam yang lalu
Would smash
DespacitoGamer420 10 jam yang lalu
You look round and it's him, *SHIA LaBEOUF!*
Bump- 10 jam yang lalu
So this is the chick that bought the ONE ticket to his last movie. 😂
Mr WTFish
Mr WTFish 10 jam yang lalu
Damn is this what the channel is all about
xy double helix
xy double helix 10 jam yang lalu
Home alone
David B
David B 10 jam yang lalu
lol I'l take "creepypasta that didn't happen" for $1000, Alex.
ATAA123 10 jam yang lalu
Jesus fucking Christ, dude...
orcn y
orcn y 10 jam yang lalu
But I just can't stop wondering. did max bang her bro?
CJ T 10 jam yang lalu
Don't use Craigslist....for anything.
Mario and Pokemon lover is undercover name
Yandare much?
llGødly Itzaell
llGødly Itzaell 11 jam yang lalu
He should of just hit that
Disingenuous surpass
Disingenuous surpass 11 jam yang lalu
This shit gave me chills lol
Sabrina Johnson
Sabrina Johnson 11 jam yang lalu
"White pale make-up long black hair" The first thing that came to my mind was that girl from the movie
Sr. M
Sr. M 11 jam yang lalu
Shia LaBeouf??? Da Faq?
Hello Everyone
Hello Everyone 11 jam yang lalu
We all know what she was thinking when she started playing with the lock and saying Max Parker. 😏
Dark Coat
Dark Coat 11 jam yang lalu
Hit that ass
rob mausser
rob mausser 11 jam yang lalu
If you ever sublet an apartment, by a door lock. They are cheap and easy to install. If the subletter refuses to let you have a lock on your door, thats a red flag, rent somewhere else.
Is Mayonnaise an instrument
Sounds like the perfect girlfriend.
Kasper Boeters
Kasper Boeters 12 jam yang lalu
WAIT was Shia her ex boyfriend and he reminded of him so she became angry!!
moonlight1d 12 jam yang lalu
Beth is just like my mother
Martin Delira
Martin Delira 12 jam yang lalu
This turned me on
Vegan Hea
Vegan Hea 12 jam yang lalu
Bom Italia
Bom Italia 12 jam yang lalu
There's actually a chance all of this could logically be explained more than likely she probably had some kind of social anxiety issue with OCD I myself have OCD and I have to do everything three times the raving thing she just could have been really upset and just trying to vent she may have had very few to no friends and he acted as someone she could confide in since they live together so she was just simply letting out all her anger about the X as for the steak knife could have been drunken Ness which granted isn't safe but still part of a social issue and mixed with alcohol cuz she could have been on some type of anxiety medication the texting again could also be part of that
DREE3267 13 jam yang lalu
Nope why
Nope why 13 jam yang lalu
>TFW you won't get a stalker qt3.14 gril
Observer Enlightened
Observer Enlightened 13 jam yang lalu
Viggo Sjöblom
Viggo Sjöblom 13 jam yang lalu
dafuq did i just watch
Very Bad Mobile Videos
Very Bad Mobile Videos 13 jam yang lalu
I just like the animation.
Ladahunter 13 jam yang lalu
Was beth hot?
kxnxum 13 jam yang lalu
why the hell get a roomate from craigslist?
JAMES GOODWIN 13 jam yang lalu
Plot Twist: Shia Infected her with the Shia Virus.
al Mamlūk
al Mamlūk 13 jam yang lalu
This is why you never find roommates on Craigslist. Or if you do, you make sure you sleep with a loaded .45 under your pillow.
MansonX 14 jam yang lalu
It’s animated and on the internet it must be true
mynameis bob
mynameis bob 14 jam yang lalu
Yuri from doki doki literature club
Chen Yong
Chen Yong 14 jam yang lalu
she just wants the D
Echoplex 14 jam yang lalu
Perfect gf
Crusader king
Crusader king 14 jam yang lalu
Shia might be fucked her
MR. Banana
MR. Banana 14 jam yang lalu can i contact her.....asking for a friend
Hello 15 jam yang lalu
I would love a girl to do this to me
Yam Jam
Yam Jam 15 jam yang lalu
I mean its that guys fault for staying after the first 500 things
Johan Titulaer
Johan Titulaer 16 jam yang lalu
She probably had psychological disorder.
kshamwhizzle 16 jam yang lalu
huh. guess I'd better get rid of my Shia LaBeouf pillow covers and duvet before apartment hunting next.
Kevin Sam
Kevin Sam 16 jam yang lalu
Man that was scary...honestly
Hydro Eyee
Hydro Eyee 16 jam yang lalu
5"10 isn't tall
erk goat
erk goat 16 jam yang lalu
I'm scared
Barco Basurero
Barco Basurero 17 jam yang lalu
She freaks me out but also makes me feel strangely aroused
Morian Sim
Morian Sim 17 jam yang lalu
What she was doing at 1:50 was a dead giveaway of what she REALLY wanted
Chewy Thomson
Chewy Thomson 17 jam yang lalu
Plot twist: she was on Ambian for most of their relationship
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