My First Boyfriend Took Advantage Of Me

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Helen was studying at school when all of her female friends suddenly started finding boyfriends - either the same age or a bit older. Helen looked on them with envy - she wasn’t the prettiest girl, but she was ready for her first romance story as well. She was the only single girl left among her friends, and needless to say she felt really awkward when they went out and they all brought their dates with them.
But one day, Helen’s prayers were heard. She went to the mall alone, and while she was hanging around a guy came up to her to ask for her number. They chatted for a while; he was quite attractive and seemed to be a fairly interesting person to talk to. When she arrived home, he sent her a message, and they started chatting. They talked and talked for nearly the whole night through, and by 9 am when the time came to go to school, Helen realised that she was head over heels in love. When she finally saw him again, Helen felt her heart beat faster, and it became hard to breathe. Her love’s name was Joe, and he was 19. For Alice, it was pretty thrilling that he was so much older than she was, and yet his attention had fallen on her - and her alone. While they were drinking their coffee, Helen couldn’t take her eyes off him, while he seemed very interested in her life, asking lots of questions. At the end of their date he gave her a slight kiss. Gosh, Helen was now simply the happiest girl in the universe! She took a selfie with him so that she had material proof it wasn’t a dream.
The next day, Helen simply couldn’t keep these developments to herself. She went to school and revealed everything to her friends, showing them the selfie. They smiled in disbelief and asked if she was certain Joe wasn’t too old for her. She snorted - female envy is just so pathetic. Meanwhile, he kept texting her all the time. When she was in her classes and couldn’t respond straight away, he wrote her angry messages if she took too long. Oh, that’s so cute, she thought, he cares so much! When she arrived home, Helen boasted to her mom that she had found a boyfriend, and told her about him. Her mother frowned, looked at the selfie and frowned even more. “I disapprove”, she said, “he’s too old for you, and you’re going to have problems with him.” Helen ignored her, and her mom didn’t press the issue - she had always given her plenty of freedom.
And so Helen’s romance began without anyone’s approval, but that was just fine by her - because she had a new boyfriend called Joe who was genuinely interested in her. He kept messaging her and they met nearly every day. Unfortunately however, he refused to meet her friends, and told her that he didn’t want Helen to meet his. She agreed, because she thought that keeping their relationship half-secret was oh so romantic. Sometimes, he got a bit pushy with her. Apart from the fact that she was supposed to respond to his messages at once, he always forced Helen to meet him anytime he wanted - even if it wasn’t convenient for her. It happened pretty often, and she was starting to get a bit nervous about it. And she also didn’t like the way that sometimes when he gave her a lift home in the evening, he would get a little handsy. But she was so in love with him that she accepted it, even though didn’t feel comfortable about it.
But one day her eyes were opened. They were supposed to meet at 6 pm near the mall, but Helen arrived a little early. She saw Joe chatting happily with some other guys. She felt glad that he would have to finally introduce them to her and she would become his official girlfriend. As she walked over to them, Joe still hadn’t noticed her, and then she heard what he was saying. “You know, I got that 15-year-old idiot who is madly in love with me and she’s sure I’m her soulmate! She’s ready to do anything I want! You know what I mean?” - and they were all roaring with laughter. Helen froze. It was as if someone had punched her hard in the stomach. Her first thought was to leave, but then frustration and anger boiled up in her. She walked towards them and, facing Joe, told him he was a pathetic moron. She said: “You think you’re cool for taking advantage of a nice shy girl? At least I’ve been sincere all the time! And now look at how cool you are with a 15-year-old idiot shouting at you in front of everyone!” and with that, she left with her dignity intact. The last thing she saw was Joe’s face full of embarrassment and the amused expressions of his friends. Helen hoped he would remember that moment for a very long time.
Helen came home in tears and ran straight to her mom for support. She was a wise woman and told her she’d get over it, but also said she hoped Helen would learn her lesson. And indeed she did, and it proved to be a useful one for all the relationships that would come after. From that moment on, she was more attentive to what her partner really represented, and what her friends and family thought about him.

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10 Sep 2018

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Serves her dum ass right for dating as a 15yo....wait till your 18 to date anyone.
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yo yo yooooo
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The English in this video is fucking AWFUL
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W h o b r a g s a b o u t b e i n g a p e d o p h i l e ?
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I’m blue That’s all just blue
Kick the brat now
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“Age doesn’t matter” I think the cops are at your door already.
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I wouldn't go out with a man who would take advantage of me
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0:00-3:03; You’re just stupid. I’m 11 and I know how bad and snobbish that is.
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Age is just a number... and cops are just people
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Joe is my dad’s name...
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I feel bad for her.
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"Age doesn't matter" PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR
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romantic or illegal?
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“I made a selfie with him” “while we were taking coffee”
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that guy is a creep
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Fifteen is to young back me up here
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Like seriously
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I have a story to share
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the cops are in the way
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Mate,he's a nonce
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Good you go girl no one can take advantage of you
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“Age dosent matter” Really😂
space babe
space babe Hari Yang lalu
age doesn't matter and the fbi isn't real however my parents are 5 years apart but when you're like 20 its not that bad because you are both adults though its not this when there is a 15 and 19 year old like chill dude
space babe
space babe Hari Yang lalu
i don't have to worry about getting a boyfriend because im a lESbIan
Jeseca Barroga
Jeseca Barroga Hari Yang lalu
No offence.... but being in a relationship right away is too much and not a smart choice. It’s always nice to know the guy more than going right away... but I’m glad she learned from this.
Scarlett FanGirls238282uzlquhsowuwu
My first boyfriend was when I was seven I know its young but I've never been attracted to guys so I didn't want to feel weird so I took the opportunity to have a bf when he asked he ended up pulling me into the bathroom to make out and yeah I hated it... he also cheated on me and was three years older... I'm lucky I have a beautiful girlfriend who loves me and I love her
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So cringey
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Where do you even get these stores?? so inspiring
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"Age doesn't matter" 2yrs later is pregnat with 17 kids Got'em 👌
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Everything that happened was completely foreseeable I do not feel bad for you you deserved this
Elizabeth Escalante
Elizabeth Escalante Hari Yang lalu
Isn't it the same for almost every teenage girl? Annoying, isn't it?
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Foxy the Pirate Hari Yang lalu
*Your mom: I TOLD YOU BOI
Miss Meow
Miss Meow Hari Yang lalu
Lol my 16 y/o neighbour dating a 20 y/o man and they happily together😌
Harmonee Chudy
Harmonee Chudy Hari Yang lalu
I was her and my mom said he was too old for me she better not my dad is 7 years older than my mom
Gerardo Gomez
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I got my first got done it was a real lockdown
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There’s this thing on a phone it’s called silent mode.
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I'm have this one problem
Mr. Jazz moose
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It’s always that same guy as the boyfriend.
Julia Landauer
Julia Landauer Hari Yang lalu
your stories are nice but your grammar is horrific lmao
Michelle B Crystal sketches
If someone is older then you and they say they love you they really don't they just want your virginity
Kami Malzahn
Kami Malzahn Hari Yang lalu
I got a story similar to this however the “Calling me an idiot” thing does not exist in my story: This happened when I was still in school. I was a special needs student because I am autistic but I Am almost like other people; I am involved in many things such as art and theatre. I was not the only autistic kid in my district, my older brother is autistic too: he always had quite a bit of anger problems (especially with my cat ☹️) and communicating and being able to be willing to do something with his life. And then there was HIM: Eddie. Eddie was more autistic than me and my brother and had no friends to understand him but I did since we were in the same district and I was always trying to be a nice girl. I’ve known him since I was in elementary School, he was way older than me and a lot of grades ahead of me but it didn’t matter because we were always “Bus buddies” whenever we rode the special ed bus home. We would always talk about video games, (especially Mario games) things at school and hobbies. We became close friends and I even started bragging about him to my family. But like almost every other family: they were always protective of me and were concerned for me since he was ages older than me. My dad one day decided it would be best if we didn’t sit next to each other on the bus to keep the relationship steady. I reluctantly told Eddie about this and he was upset at first but then he learned to live with it. Time passed by quickly and I finally reached high school there was a lot of freedom at high school like going off campus for lunch but I chose to stay in the school grounds just to be safe. Eddie was there too and we were now in the same school together, but our relationship was a little different now: in high school, you’re not a little kid anymore and students mostly care about studying, career choices, and relationships with deep feelings. Eddie was doing okay in school but since he was a special needs student, he had to take a little more time to finish school so he was held back as a senior for 3 or 4 years(I am not really sure). I was on track with graduation by studying hard and paying attention in class. I even gotten roles in the school plays that are held every fall. And now let’s get to the weird stuff: every time Eddie found out I was enrolled in the school play, he would worry and freak out about me because he’s afraid I’ll do bad and plus he’s not into theatre. Then he started getting upset with me every time I don’t have time to hang out so I had no choice but to sit at the same table at lunch with him so he doesn’t flip out or cause a scene. Then we switched busses and he we were no longer riding the bus together and he was very upset, So I made him feel better by walking him to our busses, but that grew uncomfortable fast because every time I would be ready to go with my things, he will be there waiting for me. He even started hanging out with my best friend Margaret. I was thinking that probably he is hanging out with her to get to me more. And at the end of CTE classes he would always sit at the same empty table as me in the cafeteria. Even when we were riding the bus to CTE classes or our part time jobs, HE WILL BE THERE sitting behind, front, or across from me! It was driving me crazy so I told my parents and my special ed teacher about it and they told me that I need to stand up for myself and I was reluctant because he would flip out and get suspended but I took a little bit of courage to tell him to stop clinging to me all the time. He always let out humphs or sighs every time I told him to stop but I reminded myself to cool down. Them one time he asked me to prom and when I got home I wept, so I had to tell him that I wanted to go with my other friends and he was upset about that too. This torture went for quite some time and then graduation day care and it was a time when students separate ways but with care. I knew that this would be the l ast time I would see Eddie and never worry about him again and this was also the day Eddie graduates after all those years of being held back and finally moving on. He asked me and Margaret to have one last picture of him in our caps and gowns before he said goodbye since was graduating without being in the actual ceremony. I got my diploma and got a promise scholarship to the nearest community college. I am taking classes there now and I am so glad Eddie is not in the same college as me and free from his clingy ness. I was never mean to him but sometimes he got me a little uncomfortable. The truth is that I’m not interested in boys yet and I don’t know who is perfect for me. But it doesn’t matter now since I am currently studying and focusing on getting my degree. It just goes to show that sometimes a relationship with a boy does change when you mature and clingy people in relationships are too unhealthy. Thank you for reading!
Goryachyi Cacao
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Legit only reason I’m commenting is to kick that creep
Acelyn Fury
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that happen to my mom once
Acelyn Fury
Acelyn Fury Hari Yang lalu
+Goryachyi Cacao you too have a good evening
Goryachyi Cacao
Goryachyi Cacao Hari Yang lalu
Acelyn Fury Well I’m happy things turned out well for her :) have a good day!
Acelyn Fury
Acelyn Fury Hari Yang lalu
my dad is sweet and smart guy and he even told me how building a house works
Acelyn Fury
Acelyn Fury Hari Yang lalu
+Goryachyi Cacao yeah don't you worry my dad is way better than my mom ex boyfriend
Lauren K
Lauren K Hari Yang lalu
Ok why is a 19 year old wanting to date a 15 year old?
lynbae Hari Yang lalu
i am 16 and i never had a boyfriend lol
Dawn From Pokemon
Dawn From Pokemon Hari Yang lalu
I really liked the video, and that made me feel similar to Helen. I'm glad to hear her story :)
Ahmed Aden
Ahmed Aden Hari Yang lalu
he looks 22 like if you agree
deblina sutradhar
deblina sutradhar Hari Yang lalu
I am 15 and he is 16!
deblina sutradhar
deblina sutradhar Hari Yang lalu
I had my ist love at 15. now I am 15!
Pavla D
Pavla D Hari Yang lalu
*Age is just a number* Sure, and prison is just a building
Deanna Hobbs
Deanna Hobbs Hari Yang lalu
Yep been there....
Marshie creates /umbrie tube
Song for the vid is... Without me by hasley
Nix Arnett
Nix Arnett Hari Yang lalu
Yeah... a similar thing happened when i was 14.The guy was 2 years older than me and god damn this was the first love i ever felt towards anyone. he knew that and he abused that. He forced me to have sex with him, he emotionally abused me, he spread lies about me and used the alienation he caused as a leverage, and then checked out on me. Don't worry, though. I had a very significant growth spurt within the following year. He let his guard down around me, thinking i was still weak for him. I beat his sorry ass and then some.
Stiff Hari Yang lalu
Folks ass a sick rapist
im stew pid im stew pid
Your boyfriend can go fuck himself
Shekinah Flores
Shekinah Flores 2 hari yang lalu
And this is why I'm single...
Shekinah Flores
Shekinah Flores 2 hari yang lalu
And this is why I'm single...
Samantha Keast
Samantha Keast 2 hari yang lalu
DarkKnight_19 2 hari yang lalu
This is another channel obercoming storybooth
Katrina Pesayco
Katrina Pesayco 2 hari yang lalu
"Age is just a number" "And Jail is just a room?"
Annika Wade
Annika Wade 2 hari yang lalu
Honestly, I love my boyfriend, but he is moving a little to fast. I try to tell him, and he slows down, then speeds up again. I don’t wanna hurt him, and I don’t know what I should do. Can anyone give me some advice?
Cee Gee
Cee Gee 2 hari yang lalu
See what he is at 4:46
cbp onyeari
cbp onyeari 2 hari yang lalu
Alexa Gamer YT
Alexa Gamer YT 2 hari yang lalu
Ok...HOW THE HECK IN YOUR TOWN ITS NOT OK TO DATE AN OLDER OR YOUNGER MAN/WOMEN?!my mom is 40 and she was 34 when she introdused me to my stepfather AND HE WAS 26!!
Tyla May
Tyla May 2 hari yang lalu
Age is just a number And a jail sell is just a sell 🥺🙄
Tyla May
Tyla May 2 hari yang lalu
People like this disgust me
Karly_volley Ball_champ
Karly_volley Ball_champ 2 hari yang lalu
What do you mean you have to care if your fam disaproves my mom had a boyfriend and her mom disagreed and a few months later he became my step dad and he became a big part of my life and I ended up have an amazing little brother and my grandma ended up loveing my step dad like her own son!!so shut the f*** up caring what any one thinks. And my dad is only two ys older than my mom not fourteen so she wasn't stupid as yo ugly ass American
ShadowSilver 66
ShadowSilver 66 2 hari yang lalu
Glad she got a new boyfriend
Gravity Studios
Gravity Studios 2 hari yang lalu
Lucy Heartfilia
Lucy Heartfilia 2 hari yang lalu
FBI open up!
Grace Great
Grace Great 2 hari yang lalu
Wtheck she looks like Emily Elizabeth to me
That Kitkat
That Kitkat 2 hari yang lalu
Idk but is there any law that says you can't date people who are younger than you?? :/
Voidy 2 hari yang lalu
I wish i could forget my first love lol
Grace Blight
Grace Blight 2 hari yang lalu
Okay for everyone who's saying that he's too old your wrong The legal age is 5 years between minors/adults. If there both adults its any age
Victoria Gutierrez
Victoria Gutierrez 3 hari yang lalu
This is the best ID-vid channel EVER!!!!!!!!!
Just an Atøm
Just an Atøm 3 hari yang lalu
All these times *My recommended was wrong* And it still is.
Tlapi the Dutchie
Tlapi the Dutchie 3 hari yang lalu
“Age is just a number” And bullets are just a dollar.
Leonardo Garcia
Leonardo Garcia 3 hari yang lalu
Dude had a thanos chin
Wow I’m a Meme
Wow I’m a Meme 3 hari yang lalu
“Age doesn’t matter” if age doesn’t matter, how come kids can’t drive?
Wow I’m a Meme
Wow I’m a Meme 3 hari yang lalu
Thunder lightning 1212 Charm
Joe is the one who is the 19 year old idiot!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬 and that’s what you get Joe You asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!
L E A F 3 hari yang lalu
I’m sis had a boy friend…he was drunk and an Abuser…sooo they broke up
sugarblunt 3 hari yang lalu
if someone that old is into a 15 year old you just chasing a pedophile. Also your parents suck at life.
sugarblunt 3 hari yang lalu
But good on you for standing up dood shoulda punched him
RandomGreninja 3 hari yang lalu
Oh god, these types of girls are know, sometimes I question my fellow women’s sanity.
Dandelion Daily
Dandelion Daily 3 hari yang lalu
Age is just a number Jail is just a room
LUGC-CUG Gimm 3 hari yang lalu
My dad is 30 years older than my mom
ShuffleDance Offical
ShuffleDance Offical 3 hari yang lalu
why'd i felt like, i got punched so hard on my face when he said that.. LIKE I FEEL FOR YOU OML
Ramielle Daher
Ramielle Daher 3 hari yang lalu
Age doesn’t matter Until the FBI come
Jailani Gaming
Jailani Gaming 3 hari yang lalu
5 seconds later 10000000 message
Cringe with Belle
Cringe with Belle 3 hari yang lalu
I'd say 17 would be the oldest to date if you are 15, maybe 18 but 19 is wayyy too old
Unicorn rainbow
Unicorn rainbow 3 hari yang lalu
I loved this video, very informative.
Nemoforlife 3 hari yang lalu
In conclusion, dump Chad and get yourself a *Jeff*
Larry Caday
Larry Caday 3 hari yang lalu
Being a single person word be good And can you make a story of a young girl. high school is a fist year and the guy is a senior high
R Tsuki
R Tsuki 4 hari yang lalu
Hnnng this was so uncomfortable to watch you can see how he’s grooming her
PlanetDecay - Lizzy
PlanetDecay - Lizzy 4 hari yang lalu
*Me* (Pull up his number. Press the block sign) *COUGH COUGH* EY! IDIOT DUMBASS! (holds phone up. Blocks number) TIME TO DELETE NUMBER! (deletes number) *RUNS OUTTA THERE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! AT ALL MY SPEED*
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