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Aug. 6, 2018 | Bobby Carter -- There was a shift in Mac Miller's boisterous demeanor as he started the third of his three-song Tiny Desk set. It's the first time he's performed tracks from his new album, Swimming, in front of an audience. On "2009," he rubbed his chin with clinched eyes, looking like a young man who's beginning to crack the code. Backed by a piano loop and a string quartet, he reflected on his journey's peaks and valleys thus far.
I ain't asking why no more
I know I'll take it if it's mine
I don't stay inside the lines
It ain't 2009 no more
Yeah, I know what's behind that door
With nearly a decade under his belt at 26 years old, these words ring like an artist twice his age.
We were introduced to Mac Miller via 2011's XXL Freshman Class, which featured a special crop of MCs such as Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill and YG, all of whom are now considered in the upper echelon of hip-hop. After his big splash, he's been able to find a groove and consistently release quality rap records, ultimately keeping his name in the conversation with the other young greats. His 2011 album, Blue Slide Park, reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200, the first independently distributed debut album to do so since 1995's Dogg Food by Tha Dogg Pound. These consecutive triumphs amassed plenty of fame, fortune and insurmountable obstacles, causing a stumble here and there. Throughout the years, however, Mac has brushed himself off and put it in the music.
For this performance, Mac Miller invited frequent collaborator Thundercat, who graced the Tiny Desk last year and will join Mac on tour this fall. Thundercat put on a dazzling shaker routine and played the deep centerpiece bass line on "What's The Use?" These Swimming iterations don't veer far away from the recorded versions, but here, his lyrics seem easier to interpret under live instrumentation.
Set List
"Small Worlds"
"What's the Use? (Feat. Thundercat)"
Mac Miller (Vocals), Thundercat (Bass), Justus West (Guitar), Klynik (Keys), Joe Cleveland (Bass), Kendall Lewis (Drums), Robin Fay-Massie (Violin), YaShauna Swan (2nd Violin), Lelia Walker (Viola), Melanie Hsu (Cello)
Producers: Bobby Carter, Morgan Noelle Smith; Creative Director: Bob Boilen; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Morgan Noelle Smith, CJ Riculan, Beck Harlan, Khun Minn Ohn; Production Assistants: Catherine Zhang, Téa Mottolese; Photo: Eslah Attar/NPR.


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Jeremy Bee
Jeremy Bee 20 detik yang lalu
Open letter to anyone that thumbs this beautiful performance down: FUCK YOU.
angel0nfire Menit Yang lalu
legend i miss u
Lebni Thodakee
Lebni Thodakee 22 menit yang lalu
cant stop crying
Nigh Hendry
Nigh Hendry 22 menit yang lalu
I get we're all in mourning for Mac, but can we discuss the fact that Thundercat played the fuck out of that bass with a fistful of big ass gold rings?
Ellen Garcia
Ellen Garcia 38 menit yang lalu
“ I was yay high and muddy lookin for what was lookin for me” I feel that. Rest In Peace Mac. Just getting to know his music and it really touches the soul.
Drewskii Doe
Drewskii Doe Jam Yang lalu
What’s the last song called
carmelle honore
carmelle honore Jam Yang lalu
Drewskii Doe 2009
Zachkills4 Jam Yang lalu
I come here 3-4 times a day. Anyone else?
Nate Berg
Nate Berg Jam Yang lalu
Where can I buy the hat Thundercat is wearing?
Zanny Boom
Zanny Boom 2 jam yang lalu
teary well Mac
Cezza Pleym Næss
Cezza Pleym Næss 2 jam yang lalu
relayNT 2 jam yang lalu
3:46 - 4:33 :(
mf_bm 3 jam yang lalu
Seconds in I loved this
jambi 3 jam yang lalu
Idk who that Queen is in the front row playing Violin with the black outfit and white shoes but Mashallah... What a beautiful human being. Rip Mac. Can't stop watching this.
most wicked692
most wicked692 3 jam yang lalu
Thak you for this, need to hear this before you passed..
Toria Sanchez
Toria Sanchez 3 jam yang lalu
Alysia Jones
Alysia Jones 3 jam yang lalu
The end of small worlds is my favorite...
Hanna Rae
Hanna Rae 3 jam yang lalu
Hannah Sachse
Hannah Sachse 4 jam yang lalu
An angel
Miss Mercury
Miss Mercury 4 jam yang lalu
My dog's name is Mac, and he's sitting with me as I watch this. We lost a great one 💔
Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan 4 jam yang lalu
Wish I was dead
Ryan Haskins
Ryan Haskins 5 jam yang lalu
Can’t believe this dude gone rest in the clouds
Daniel Fig
Daniel Fig 5 jam yang lalu
Best to listen to on a Sunday morning badass
Mr. Ekenna
Mr. Ekenna 5 jam yang lalu
RIP Mac Miller.
Bright Fame
Bright Fame 5 jam yang lalu
Im a pro when it come to my job. But really I'm just tryna start believing in god🙏🙏
Bright Fame
Bright Fame 5 jam yang lalu
Every word is a quote... I get her high cause an 👼 supposed to fly...
Bright Fame
Bright Fame 5 jam yang lalu
Making a remix to 2009. But could never have his amount of soul on it.... It's a masterpiece....Rip my biggest inspiration to stay true to being a pa white boy with some flavor💪👍👍
architutto genoveffa eleni
Such a shame...such a waste.... rst in peace sweet talented boy.
mary christie
mary christie 6 jam yang lalu
He was a damn good rapper R.I.P man
J 7 jam yang lalu
Tiny desk needs to bring 6ix9ine. True GOAT of this era
Ryan Nutt
Ryan Nutt 8 jam yang lalu
Small worlds is so good
Earth.Hawk 8 jam yang lalu
Damn Mac this was the best live performance you've ever done I miss u man
João Neves
João Neves 8 jam yang lalu
2009 is a masterpiece
julianna mae
julianna mae 9 jam yang lalu
rip Mac ily
TFL STUDIO 9 jam yang lalu
I never really listened to Mac Miller until after his suicide. ... You can hear his cries for help in almost every song. Wow. Such an incredible artist. #RIP bro.
Octopappa 9 jam yang lalu
Thundercat killing it on the egg ;D
Psyprus 9 jam yang lalu
Brown Ranger
Brown Ranger 11 jam yang lalu
I had no idea he had this much talent.. in an era where rap and hip hop needs its heroes more than ever.. shit. I guess that sounded like a batman plot.. he ain't batman.. but people who actually speak legitimate English with some depth to their lyrics is pretty rare. Haven't been this surprised by a tiny desk since tpain showing he doesnt need autotune
Frika Diez
Frika Diez 11 jam yang lalu
Brendan Devlin
Brendan Devlin 11 jam yang lalu
All these were better than the studio recording, so much emotion in these
Matt Thomson
Matt Thomson 11 jam yang lalu
In a mother fuckin instant I'll be gone ...
Adam Brenner
Adam Brenner 11 jam yang lalu
what an inspiration. thank you for everything.
Jon micheal
Jon micheal 12 jam yang lalu
One less wigger in the world
AceXprt 12 jam yang lalu
actually no...... hes fucking garbage... whos next?
AceXprt 12 jam yang lalu
The little white dead fuck was pretty good actually... what a shame...
KYMATICA * 12 jam yang lalu
Breeze aint flowin me motha fucka hold up you dont needa hold up
Oukai 14 jam yang lalu
This hurts so fucking much
Alexander Weisman
Alexander Weisman 14 jam yang lalu
This is like Nirvana's Unplugged.
Angelica 14 jam yang lalu
Finally got the courage to watch this. Sad/Happy tears. RIP Mac 💔
Larry Humbert
Larry Humbert 9 jam yang lalu
Same..Ive had this saved for weeks. Couldn't bring myself to watch it til just now. Fuckin amazing. He was just reaching his peak I think... Gone too soon
b l a c k o u t
b l a c k o u t 14 jam yang lalu
why do the demons haunt the good ones...
cindy talbo
cindy talbo 14 jam yang lalu
How can rap be this so good 💜😭
Nyaze Christian
Nyaze Christian 15 jam yang lalu
damn I wish that I didnt stop listening to him like I did
Linda Rae Smutz
Linda Rae Smutz 15 jam yang lalu
So great.
Lyle Lyle the Crocodile
Lyle Lyle the Crocodile 16 jam yang lalu
Mac holding back laughter when Thundercat played that crazy fill healed my heart a little.
Emily E
Emily E 16 jam yang lalu
2009 gets me every time. He just looks so... sad. Still can’t believe he’s gone.
Tom Lang
Tom Lang 16 jam yang lalu
7:47 through 7:55 glimpse of Mac's personality.....we miss you Man, great performance, legendary.
Android Mods
Android Mods 17 jam yang lalu
So untalented
Joe Dougall
Joe Dougall 17 jam yang lalu
FabienEatWorld 18 jam yang lalu
RIP mac, rewatching this after his death is so painful, to see the light in his eyes and hear the passion in his voice and know hes gone 😥😭 this video is still beautiful , thank you tiny desk for your series
Yahne Young
Yahne Young 18 jam yang lalu
Cool Rick
Cool Rick 18 jam yang lalu
Can we please get this on spotify? Or something of the sort , id pay even to have this on my phone
matt estrada
matt estrada 18 jam yang lalu
Amazing ! Rest In Peace Mac
Nathan Quismondo
Nathan Quismondo 18 jam yang lalu
there's not a drug in the world that could get me as high as your music take me. been a fan since that first drop. love the whole time, rip you beautiful soul. #ripmacmiller
Gibson Price
Gibson Price 18 jam yang lalu
lonzo2389 18 jam yang lalu
2009 makes me wanna shed a tear...almost died in March this year and it just makes me feel some type of way, rest easy Mac...sorely missed
Jessica lara Valencia
Jessica lara Valencia 18 jam yang lalu
I just have this sense someone Mudered him.. Definitely
Shannon Geary
Shannon Geary 19 jam yang lalu
I keep coming back trying to make sense of it all. My heart just hurts that we lost this radiant soul. Simply incredible artist.
BassBreath100 19 jam yang lalu
Alexis Reyna
Alexis Reyna 19 jam yang lalu
He looks so sad like he wants to cry 😢
BassBreath100 19 jam yang lalu
sallyfen1 20 jam yang lalu
Chad Scheffel
Chad Scheffel 21 jam yang lalu
The 🐐
M A.
M A. 21 jam yang lalu
I miss you Mac.
Roofa Bombay
Roofa Bombay 21 jam yang lalu
Miss you young G.O.D.. Give the whole squad a job Gettem all paid...
atlantabrookyngal 21 jam yang lalu
Damn, you really gone my dude and you are really missed. If nobody ever told you before I'm glad you were here for a little while to share the space between my ears, my heart, body and soul. Rest easy sir. We'll all see you again.
Ana Smith
Ana Smith 21 jam yang lalu
TenPound Burger
TenPound Burger 21 jam yang lalu
Glad he’s dead.
Jasmine Prince
Jasmine Prince 22 jam yang lalu
This is dope...RIP such a great person and talent
Nick Gray
Nick Gray 22 jam yang lalu
What a soulful 17 minutes. Beautiful to have this performance captured so close to his passing. RIP Mac Miller.
Garneth Campbell
Garneth Campbell 22 jam yang lalu
rip Mac see you on the other side
Derian Cardoso
Derian Cardoso 22 jam yang lalu
He reminds me of life all over
Derian Cardoso
Derian Cardoso 23 jam yang lalu
l C
l C 23 jam yang lalu
Jesus this guy is such amusical genius some of you just dont get it and never will but the few who did we all know that God has some great music up there now. Wow such a shame.
Sherry W
Sherry W Menit Yang lalu
Right. You right.
Justin Howe
Justin Howe 7 menit yang lalu
He was more than just “good” homie. He was a genius and all of his music can prove it.
Brenda Fernandez
Brenda Fernandez Jam Yang lalu
The poetry just flowed through him 💕💕💕💕
Israel Hernandez
Israel Hernandez Jam Yang lalu
Calm down buddy. He was good, not a genius tho.
Tomas Ramos
Tomas Ramos 23 jam yang lalu
Brad Smith
Brad Smith 23 jam yang lalu
Can this be uploaded to Spotify please :(
TheWildOne 62
TheWildOne 62 23 jam yang lalu
2009 lyrics I don't need to lie no more Nowadays all I do is shine, take a breath and ease my mind And she don't cry no more She tell me that I get her high 'cause an angel's s'posed to fly, and... I ain't askin' "Why?" no more Oh, no, I take it if it's mine, I don't stay inside the lines It ain't 2009 no more Yeah, I know what's behind that door Yeah, okay you gotta jump in to swim Well, the light was dim in this life of sin Now every day I wake up and breathe I don't have it all but that's alright with me Take it nice and easy, took a flight to see me Send you back home with a light that's beamin' The whole team 'bout to figure it out We ice cold, that's what winter's about And sometimes, sometimes I wish I took a simpler route Instead of havin' demons that's as big as my house, mhmm Have a ball with a dribble and bounce 'Cause the party ain't over 'til they're kickin' me out, yeah Isn't it funny? We can make a lot of money Buy a lot of things just to feel a lot of ugly I was yea high and muddy Lookin' for what was lookin' for me But I don't need to lie no more Nowadays all I do is shine, take a breath and ease my mind And she don't cry no more She tell me that I get her high 'cause an angel's s'posed to fly, and... I ain't askin' "Why?" no more Oh, no, I take it if it's mine, I don't stay inside the lines It ain't 2009 no more Yeah, I know what's behind that door Yeah they ask me what I'm smilin' for Well, because I've never been this high before It's like I never felt alive before Mhmm, I'd rather have me peace of mind than war See me and you, we ain't that different I struck the fuck out and then I came back swingin' Take my time to finish, mind my business A life ain't a life 'til you live it I was diggin' me a hole big enough to bury my soul Weight of the world, I gotta carry my own My own, with these songs I can carry you home I'm right here when you're scared and alone And I ain't never in a hurry You don't ever gotta worry Even when it's 7:30 and the time is runnin' low When your heart get cold See what's behind all them unturned stones And I'm a pro when it comes to my job But really I'm just tryna start believin' in God Now when it gets hard I don't panic, I don't sound the alarm Because I don't need to lie no more Nowadays all I do is shine, take a breath and ease my mind And she don't cry no more She tell me that I get her high 'cause an angel's s'posed to fly, and... I ain't askin' "Why?" no more Oh, no, I take it if it's mine, I don't stay inside the lines It ain't 2009 no more Yeah, I know what's behind that door I don't need to lie no more Nowadays all I do is shine, take a breath and ease my mind And she don't cry no more She tell me that I get her high 'cause an angel's s'posed to fly, and... I ain't askin' "Why?" no more Oh, no, I take it if it's mine, I don't stay inside the lines It ain't 2009 no more Yeah, I know what's behind that door
TriBoro Gigolo
TriBoro Gigolo Hari Yang lalu
Love this live concert, wonderful show.
Stephen Durant
Stephen Durant Hari Yang lalu
Struck tf out & I came back swinging . 🐐💯
Катя Шаркун
Катя Шаркун Hari Yang lalu
he was making such a great music... its very sad
Eric Mancia
Eric Mancia Hari Yang lalu
2009 fucked me up 😰😰 RIP 🙏🏽
Ricco The Rich
Ricco The Rich Hari Yang lalu
Rest In Power Mac Miller🖖 Mac is better than Em by the way That part 🔥
javi ben214
javi ben214 Hari Yang lalu
Yea i know wats behind dat door he really knowns now wats behind dat door
Ricardo Gomez
Ricardo Gomez Hari Yang lalu
17min of pure joy
Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan Hari Yang lalu
Too talented. What a damn shame
Tom Bufton
Tom Bufton Hari Yang lalu
Dominique Benavidez
Dominique Benavidez Hari Yang lalu
I cried watching this and I don't think there is anything more beautiful than this video... rip mac. miss u. i listen everyday. love you
TheFinalFlame Hari Yang lalu
Thundercat and mac looks so happy when they perform together. Before the news of ur passing, something told me to listen to Swimming. Came back to the dorm excited to talk about your album with friends, only to find out the bad news. Rip to a real one.
Vaughn Armour
Vaughn Armour Hari Yang lalu
I’ve watched this so many times I’m broken that I didn’t appreciate this man’s talent until it was too late. #ripmac
orlee blure
orlee blure 6 jam yang lalu
Every day..
Jas Hari Yang lalu
beautiful soul love him forever :)
Hared Sofía P.
Hared Sofía P. Hari Yang lalu
it's very hard to see this, I miss you mac :c
Prince Phezie
Prince Phezie Hari Yang lalu
Mac Miller - Inertia
Bulan Yang lalu