Ken Jeong Answers More Medical Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

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Ken Jeong uses the power of Twitter to answer even more common medical questions. Will you get the flu from a flu shot? Can stress make you sick? What IS E. Coli?

Ken's comedy special, "You Complete Me, Ho" is streaming on NETFLIX now.
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Ken Jeong Answers More Medical Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED


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18 Peb 2019

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Komentar 8 243
Asta Hadid
Asta Hadid Jam Yang lalu
Why a content like this always use apple product?
Annika A
Annika A Jam Yang lalu
Delger Unubold
Delger Unubold Jam Yang lalu
*She is always worth getting bronchitis for*
Slow Sloth
Slow Sloth Jam Yang lalu
How strong can the immune system be?
Default Jam Yang lalu
*or u die*
Hit or miss
Hit or miss Jam Yang lalu
He a mood
BuilderLemon Jam Yang lalu
1:46 this was hilarious 😂😂😂
Mustafa Diwan
Mustafa Diwan Jam Yang lalu
This shows up in my recommend so much, finally decided to check it out
MindedChunk6 Jam Yang lalu
Gonna commit forget how to breathe
Vergilnothat Jam Yang lalu
iCarly is Michael Jackson
BTS' 8th member
BTS' 8th member Jam Yang lalu
MicrominiX Jam Yang lalu
ID-vid made me click on this video so that I could get it out of my recommendation.
ebswift Jam Yang lalu
Going to see the doctor on set... "The doctor will see you now"... Ken, smiling, putting on gloves: "Hello, I'm your doctor, we just need to check a couple of things, this might hurt a little bit"...
diyahr gg
diyahr gg Jam Yang lalu
Luis don’t need brain
KittCat NotHere
KittCat NotHere Jam Yang lalu
very nice
Wet Wontons
Wet Wontons Jam Yang lalu
Does eating your boogers actually benefit you?
ivan 2
ivan 2 Jam Yang lalu
0:20 we see that
SSJake Jam Yang lalu
Joey Lopata
Joey Lopata Jam Yang lalu
I will watch it yt
Nihal Nair
Nihal Nair Jam Yang lalu
Hi I'm Kim Jung (un)
Reup One
Reup One Jam Yang lalu
If you have more than 3 questions in a tweet, you're an alcoholic.
2e Jam Yang lalu
Who else thought of Ken Jeong Un.
Nick Schoenrock
Nick Schoenrock Jam Yang lalu
chicken nugget bitch
chicken nugget bitch Jam Yang lalu
yasss 👏👏👏
Neece Productions
Neece Productions Jam Yang lalu
Wow!!! I love this… I love your channel and you’re uploads that is why I fusions this channel in my page because is one of my best ID-vid channel,,, and this is one of channel that inspired me to open my… Please fusions me in your channel and subscribe for me I wish to have a million sub.. like you. My channel is only for inspiration and comedy, you will love it even thou my channel is new you gonna love it…
I C Jam Yang lalu
Reminds me of the Rappin' for Jesus video where religious elderly try to look cool by using the N word.
Akram Suhaimi
Akram Suhaimi Jam Yang lalu
2 minutes in I'm already annoyed by his 'jokes'
Adam Durado
Adam Durado Jam Yang lalu
Is he really a doctor?
Vool2go Jam Yang lalu
sorry but 4 "i"s lol
Le Bao Huong Tran
Le Bao Huong Tran Jam Yang lalu
there are only 4 i's in that name
MaNameMaJEFF Jam Yang lalu
yes sir u have tetnis...
MrMawang CH
MrMawang CH Jam Yang lalu
Coli is masturb
Rick Serrano
Rick Serrano Jam Yang lalu
He is not even funny he sucks
oOdOdY 75Oo
oOdOdY 75Oo Jam Yang lalu
Choma Picha
Choma Picha Jam Yang lalu
I always confuse Ken Jeong with Kim Jong!!!😁😁
setten Jam Yang lalu
Alrev Dum-Dum
Alrev Dum-Dum Jam Yang lalu
5:36 that was my wife wo a doctor, XD
al-aurum Jam Yang lalu
love u doc
ìkkí Jam Yang lalu
Jokes and propaganda for flu shots , Illuminati the American way
十六夜Eun Jae
十六夜Eun Jae Jam Yang lalu
4:17 he lost his brain
Hammad Ali
Hammad Ali Jam Yang lalu
I want him to be my doctor and Spanish teacher.
JL Gaming
JL Gaming Jam Yang lalu
Fun fact : I saw him at the airport in Korea 😂
Chase Jam Yang lalu
Just imagine him being your gps guide 😂 i would love that
Q Lamperouge
Q Lamperouge Jam Yang lalu
whut??? its no. 1 trending here
Unicorn In Disguise
Unicorn In Disguise Jam Yang lalu
Lewis at 4:20 is just losing his mind.
Chthonian121 Jam Yang lalu
This guy is PURE comedy genius. You can tell Leslie Chow is Ken Jeong, just dialed up by 10. Kevin Hart has nothing on this guy
Chase Jam Yang lalu
I knew all asians were smart
Pradeep Soni
Pradeep Soni Jam Yang lalu
Jackie L
Jackie L Jam Yang lalu
Let’s trust Alexii Aliji, she only have 4 i’s.
Aashish Yadav
Aashish Yadav Jam Yang lalu
can i trust this guy?
Mad Lad
Mad Lad Jam Yang lalu
What is Mr chow doing here
Fazli Jam Yang lalu
You dont forget to breathe *or you dieeee*
Regular Man
Regular Man Jam Yang lalu
Burai Jam Yang lalu
Eh, E.Coli in most cases is harmless
Death zone
Death zone Jam Yang lalu
Compare his appearance between this video and the last last year must’ve been rough for him
rehan dewangga
rehan dewangga Jam Yang lalu
someone should clip this 6:25
alina Madison
alina Madison Jam Yang lalu
We want more.
Mia Jam Yang lalu
can this dude be my doctor
nau sang
nau sang Jam Yang lalu
ken jeong is drunk
Mal Jam Yang lalu
"Worth getting bronchitis for" ahhhh 😍😍
BananaMan Jam Yang lalu
Random Video
Random Video Jam Yang lalu
Is this guy really a doctor 😂
gaelio bauduin
gaelio bauduin Jam Yang lalu
H U H G A Y ! ! !
S Ez
S Ez Jam Yang lalu
What a hilirious
Cerbirt Jam Yang lalu
You can see how excited he gets for questions that really peak his interest.
alina Madison
alina Madison Jam Yang lalu
Is he really a doctor?.
WarmCupOfCoffee Jam Yang lalu
Love it
Ishmam Zaman
Ishmam Zaman Jam Yang lalu
Who likes Leslie chow like me?hit the thumbs up if you like him👍👇
sweet lullaby
sweet lullaby Jam Yang lalu
E.coli=iCarly=Miranda Rights 😆😆😆
John Daniels
John Daniels Jam Yang lalu
You are hands down the best docto
Matt Cecil
Matt Cecil Jam Yang lalu
How do you know if you have tetanus. I don't know, usually you are dead. Correct me if I'm wrong but in medieval times they used to think people who got tetanus were being possessed because of the way it affects the nervous system
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Jam Yang lalu
Just a friendly reminder to subscribe to pewdiepie
Donnie Vitelloni
Donnie Vitelloni Jam Yang lalu
This should be a weekly series
Sam L-C
Sam L-C Jam Yang lalu
Right off the top of my fuckin dome. Hahaha
Brianna _
Brianna _ 2 jam yang lalu
Welp i know the meaning of the E. Coli before i watched the vid... NO JOKEEE Me:wait.. e.coli?!? We just discussed dat! Me:Easy.. Its Escherichia Coli!And im still young and i know that already... Thank the school.
rosesena06 2 jam yang lalu
Says stop swearing in tweets then during the entire video curses
Mister Noise
Mister Noise 2 jam yang lalu
Ken Jeong is a genius!
Aria Antoinette ritcherson
I thought the names of diseases that he said were bs but turns out it's real. Just googled him lol he really is a doctor😂
shan__yeol aeri
shan__yeol aeri 2 jam yang lalu
im happy they made another video and i enjoyed watching it
Rei lipe
Rei lipe 2 jam yang lalu
Pq isso ta no em alta ?????? Massa bacanudo kskskdk se eu entendesse seria ultil pra min esse video mais neh...
lowkey_fla 2 jam yang lalu
Anthony Malcomson
Anthony Malcomson 2 jam yang lalu
Has a Medical degree.... doesn’t know the right way a brain fits in the skull😂
Ramon Santos Jr
Ramon Santos Jr 2 jam yang lalu
I hit like before even watching. Because Ken Jeong.
Kurt Martelino
Kurt Martelino 2 jam yang lalu
I thought the flu shot makes you sick so that it could spread through your body easier. Read more
Rons Daily
Rons Daily 2 jam yang lalu
It was 4 I
BTS.IS. LIFEU 2 jam yang lalu
This doctor is swag
Stu Saville
Stu Saville 2 jam yang lalu
I need to get a Tetris shot...
Aldous Bendaña
Aldous Bendaña 2 jam yang lalu
Can't wait for the part 3!!!
It's Frannie
It's Frannie 2 jam yang lalu
I want him to be my doctor. 😂😂
Nico Marquez15
Nico Marquez15 2 jam yang lalu
Even though he is known for playing a dangerous chinese person, he seems like a nice guy
Satyam The Gamer
Satyam The Gamer 2 jam yang lalu
He is my inspiration, I like the way he drinks and answers to Questions
Random Things
Random Things 2 jam yang lalu
7:47 if there's blood in my urine it just means i'm on my period
Pro- Ballers
Pro- Ballers 2 jam yang lalu
Satyam The Gamer
Satyam The Gamer 2 jam yang lalu
I am just leaving this comment and will be seeing this after my death and before my birth.
Daniel Cheng
Daniel Cheng 2 jam yang lalu
I laughed so hard when the brain fell😂🤣
littleteethkeith 2 jam yang lalu
My man has the hands of a professional pick pocket.
BlazeTheFox124 2 jam yang lalu
F*ck yourself
Jophee Bejosano
Jophee Bejosano 2 jam yang lalu
Are you kidding me, he’s a doctor???
Kelly MacArthur
Kelly MacArthur 2 jam yang lalu
Twitterer: "I'm stressed and it's making me sick" Ken: "Don't be stressed"
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