Jason Momoa Made A HUGE Mistake While Filming Aquaman | The Graham Norton Show

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Explore Technology 6 menit yang lalu
great! Please visit my channel to keep up with the latest news
tdg1001 7 menit yang lalu
Jason Mamoa giggles O.o
Shagalaga Shag
Shagalaga Shag 10 menit yang lalu
Cocaine is a hill of a drug
Opus 11 menit yang lalu
The real mistake was making the film in the first place.
Kyle  Wheelock
Kyle Wheelock 12 menit yang lalu
What was the "HUGE" mistake?
Jack Barber
Jack Barber 18 menit yang lalu
His face in the thumb is hilarious!!!
Baiaman 19 menit yang lalu
He is so huge and masculine but so gentle cute$
Toaha Sunny
Toaha Sunny 20 menit yang lalu
Jason Momoa is so damn handsome Im sure he even makes straight men nervous.
Miggi 2006
Miggi 2006 21 menit yang lalu
Mario Galdamez
Mario Galdamez 23 menit yang lalu
Filming Aqua man was a mistake itself that movie looks dumb. And then they have this Steven Adams looking guy playing him. This is why marvel will always make better movies than DC
Pia 23 menit yang lalu
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA "one why dont you watch one of daddy's film's"
Jane Bacon
Jane Bacon 24 menit yang lalu
I SUPPORT PEWDIEPIE 25 menit yang lalu
He is just awesome!,,,,,
Blaze UP Productions
Blaze UP Productions 28 menit yang lalu
Ukima9 29 menit yang lalu
aquaman did an oopsie!
M_Bombs Away
M_Bombs Away 30 menit yang lalu
Who else is going to see this movie?
Fortnite is Bae!
Fortnite is Bae! 32 menit yang lalu
2 aquaman videos on trending, #1 & #2
LETIZIZ ARMY 33 menit yang lalu
What a friendly giant 😂
lifes good
lifes good 33 menit yang lalu
I find it to be pretty satanic actually. It's interesting the generational gaps on you tube. It's interesting how Satanism is prevalent and in your face these days. This generation is oblivious to it and the older folks totally see it.
Janelle Eden
Janelle Eden 33 menit yang lalu
Nice body 😂
Mgirl 34 menit yang lalu
Hello how are you......=======
R9 b1t
R9 b1t 37 menit yang lalu
Why is this GrahamGay guy #1 on trending? Literally everyone else has more views than this.
Mr. Ducky
Mr. Ducky 30 menit yang lalu
R9 b1t because this man is a legend unlike you
Kenneth Sotelo
Kenneth Sotelo 39 menit yang lalu
Name two movies of Jason no DC movies please
X Y 39 menit yang lalu
Lol they already posted this video
Ishrit Chavan
Ishrit Chavan 40 menit yang lalu
I did NOT make a mistake by watching this.
ali bouhachem
ali bouhachem 41 menit yang lalu
#1 on trending
Ankur Chhabra
Ankur Chhabra 42 menit yang lalu
Was that beer in the wine glass!?
K M 45 menit yang lalu
Jason had a Oopsie 😬
terrific786 46 menit yang lalu
My only dream in life is to rim this man.. ijsss 😛
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Bobur Babadzhanov 51 menit yang lalu
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Anime Oni 53 menit yang lalu
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Mighty Comics
Mighty Comics 54 menit yang lalu
*Bro, this dude is literally Rock Johnson but with a beard and long hair*
Utkarsh Tripathi
Utkarsh Tripathi 57 menit yang lalu This is for you my superhero
RaddDraggonator’s_bandages Aka_Satrlight-Playz
You mean Greenland. Greenland is icy and Iceland is warm and grassy
georgeblack96 Jam Yang lalu
You guys should check out my creepy Amazon commercial! 😂😂😂 Can you feel it? Go to my channel hahaha
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jam Yang lalu
why is he moving so much? is he on cocaine??
Jacob Dabney
Jacob Dabney Jam Yang lalu
So we're just gonna ignore that fact, that this video is incredibly clickbait?
Alberto Rynda
Alberto Rynda Jam Yang lalu
Movie about to be lit!
DiZzie Shockwave
DiZzie Shockwave Jam Yang lalu
He's trending number 1 and number 2 Wow
Cookie_ Xd
Cookie_ Xd Jam Yang lalu
pretty sure this is a reupload from when justice league came out, yikes
Athziri Gutierrez
Athziri Gutierrez Jam Yang lalu
Graham really is one of the best hosts not just in England but the world. Truly
Sachin Gopakumar
Sachin Gopakumar Jam Yang lalu
Isn't this an old episode?
Kevin Zambrano
Kevin Zambrano Jam Yang lalu
Corgi Boi
Corgi Boi Jam Yang lalu
This is the kinda guy that is a boss in mortal combat or something
White Gold
White Gold Jam Yang lalu
was it clickbait?
Tsetsi Jam Yang lalu
Jason is a beautiful woman!
iCanDi Jam Yang lalu
I love how protective he is of his family
Torigo Jam Yang lalu
А Джигурда изменился...
james Corduroy
james Corduroy Jam Yang lalu
Just noticed his lazy eye
rivu prince
rivu prince Jam Yang lalu
This movie wasn't made long ago... is the mistake.
Giovanni Regis
Giovanni Regis Jam Yang lalu
I can’t wait to watch Aqua man, this is going to be a *GREAT* movie. I can just tell.
Prince Masad
Prince Masad Jam Yang lalu
Click this button to make it appear magically blue. 👇
GED Gert
GED Gert Jam Yang lalu
This movie is gonna flop
Rifqi Channel
Rifqi Channel Jam Yang lalu
Man of Matt
Man of Matt 2 jam yang lalu
Jason Moana
Clint Northwood
Clint Northwood 2 jam yang lalu
Mistake is right
nibraz tazrian
nibraz tazrian 2 jam yang lalu
Jason mamma mia
Best of Scene
Best of Scene 2 jam yang lalu
The man who crashed his stationary bike..
Kitsunic Magic
Kitsunic Magic 2 jam yang lalu
Great vid. Sub to me, I'll sub to you
Jwad 2 jam yang lalu
Is that Hugh sitting there?
Sasha Wambary
Sasha Wambary 2 jam yang lalu
I love him hes awesome
Frank Soberon
Frank Soberon 2 jam yang lalu
que sexy esta ese aquaman.;)
Amien Fadhillah
Amien Fadhillah 2 jam yang lalu
Already watched the movie. My eyes had a total joy through the whole 143 minutes.
Snapparazzi 2 jam yang lalu
Number 1 trending hmmm. Good publicity for Aquaman
diverse Syr
diverse Syr 2 jam yang lalu
Cậu Vi
Cậu Vi 2 jam yang lalu
Cậu Vi
Cậu Vi 55 menit yang lalu
We can do it
Cậu Vi
Cậu Vi 56 menit yang lalu
Yes. Good bye
Clint Northwood
Clint Northwood 2 jam yang lalu
Good bye
Cậu Vi
Cậu Vi 2 jam yang lalu
I'm vietnamese
Sloth 1317
Sloth 1317 2 jam yang lalu
Cậu Vi hello
Tanvee P
Tanvee P 2 jam yang lalu
He's huge but he seems harmless and cute😄
Mate Kristo
Mate Kristo 2 jam yang lalu
Tom Thumb
Tom Thumb 2 jam yang lalu
Soul seller.
Rodrigo Fernety
Rodrigo Fernety 2 jam yang lalu
#1 trending and just 912 comments... Lol
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The Life Of Christina 2 jam yang lalu
Any small ID-vidrs wanna support each other? (I’ll stay subscribed)
panhneat La
panhneat La Jam Yang lalu
It's Just Ryan
It's Just Ryan 2 jam yang lalu
I don’t like Hugh Grant. Sorry to my overseas friends, but I don’t like him as an actor and I personally believe his popularity in the States only went so far when it came to rom-com movies. He was typecast a lot to play the the role of a geeky British foreigner who was some how still hot and sexually appealing even with the British accent, and I just never found any role he was in to ever be believable. And when you’re watching a movie, that’s what you want. You want it to be believable in some aspect, or at least be straight up funny, and as a comedic actor he’s sub-par at best.
jnkr4t_Krampus 2 jam yang lalu
Jason Momoa is my celebrity crush, just sayin'.
Ameen Abood
Ameen Abood 2 jam yang lalu
Minecraft Kid13
Minecraft Kid13 2 jam yang lalu
I’m agua man
Christian Addoh-kondi
Christian Addoh-kondi 2 jam yang lalu
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كربلاء روحي
كربلاء روحي 2 jam yang lalu
Fun Trust Info and Money
Fun Trust Info and Money 2 jam yang lalu
i think he is they are better DC
كربلاء روحي
كربلاء روحي 2 jam yang lalu
ممكن اتعرف he me neam ls saraa
كربلاء روحي
كربلاء روحي 2 jam yang lalu
Javo7 2 jam yang lalu
Bien esta
كربلاء روحي
كربلاء روحي 2 jam yang lalu
Saidielivpig -
Saidielivpig - 2 jam yang lalu
Was the mistake he made being in a DC movie?
Niranjan crestha
Niranjan crestha 2 jam yang lalu
🐋🐳 love that man
Merri Cat
Merri Cat 2 jam yang lalu
Hugh Grant was funny
A Crespona
A Crespona 2 jam yang lalu
Visit my channel🙏🏾❤️
Michele Swanson
Michele Swanson 3 jam yang lalu
Stay humble and keep the ALOHA spirit Jason. Fantastic actor and great guy! Shaka Bra!
كربلاء روحي
كربلاء روحي 2 jam yang lalu
هلو ممكن اتعرف
zll SYKO llz
zll SYKO llz 3 jam yang lalu
Why does it feel like I watch this already?🤔🤨
Peter J. Parker
Peter J. Parker 3 jam yang lalu
1:00 make this a meme please
كربلاء روحي
كربلاء روحي 2 jam yang lalu
Marina 3 jam yang lalu
Why does he seem apologetic?
كربلاء روحي
كربلاء روحي 2 jam yang lalu
كيفىك ممكن تعارف
Chucky chuck
Chucky chuck 3 jam yang lalu
I can't be the only one who thinks he looks like Mawi
Anh Star
Anh Star 3 jam yang lalu
Anyone else notice that the Aquaman poster behind Jason Momoa (not the one behind Jack) is actually moving? You can see water droplets dripping from the trident and the ocean waving around.
王信超 3 jam yang lalu
Anh Star
Anh Star 3 jam yang lalu
Keep track of my channel, this movie I will post at the time of the most possible !!!!!!!!!!!! He is damn perfect. He is damn perfect.
Light 3 jam yang lalu
Not getting totally naked? Every time i see him i get alittle gayer
jakedaniels 881981
jakedaniels 881981 3 jam yang lalu
why are hugh and jason always at the same show?
miguel lagos
miguel lagos 3 jam yang lalu
He would be a perfect Vandal Savage... but his personality is too "bro"
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