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J. Cole "Album Of The Year (Freestyle)" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for "Album Of The Year (Freestyle)" by J. Cole.
The Off Season coming soon... All roads lead to The Fall Off - Cole
Directed by Simon David
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8 Agu 2018

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Komentar 23 903
Leonard Closson
Leonard Closson Jam Yang lalu
Cole is in his bagg boi!!!! Feed that man yo!!!
RuffhouseNC Jam Yang lalu
Dope. 🔥
Xantos Jam Yang lalu
Facts !!! Fuck this 9-5 shit
Peter Dodds
Peter Dodds Jam Yang lalu
i grew up around the ac dc adapters plug talk
mark deaconu
mark deaconu Jam Yang lalu
When you know he was gonna say big, but then he doesn't
Hip-Hop Top 9s
Hip-Hop Top 9s Jam Yang lalu
How TF is that a freestyle
B e N j A y E
B e N j A y E Jam Yang lalu
you are now living in cole's world.
Myles 6 𓅓6
Myles 6 𓅓6 Jam Yang lalu
Ohh shii he said oak cliff 👌🏽 can’t believe he rept is like that 🤪💰
A Jam Yang lalu
imagine em or 2pac on this beat
Donald Roby
Donald Roby 2 jam yang lalu
Him and K.Lamar are Hip-hop.
ismael cypher
ismael cypher 2 jam yang lalu
Bendy Bonilla
Bendy Bonilla 2 jam yang lalu
Cole Remurder This Beat ! #coleworld 4 Eva A Fan 😝🐑💜
Timo 2 jam yang lalu
*Fire AF!!!* 🔥
Geovany Rosario
Geovany Rosario 3 jam yang lalu
G.O.A.T. 🐐🐐
KrisTheLegend 3 jam yang lalu
is he that desperate for beats. smh
Ryan Black
Ryan Black 3 jam yang lalu
(visa) the future of Dreamville ill be home 2021. " a star is ablaze giving off smoke signals wait and see "
YOUNG MIKE. 3 jam yang lalu
NONPHIXION 47 4 jam yang lalu
About time worldstar shows good hip hop !
Davi Camargo
Davi Camargo 4 jam yang lalu
Coruja BC1 gringo
Rockeem Shields
Rockeem Shields 4 jam yang lalu
This how im coming my first song with Cole.
New Era
New Era 5 jam yang lalu
I know Nas sitting back smiling hard like...😁
Dont Know
Dont Know 5 jam yang lalu
Watch this on Shrooms lmao just sayin
Lurtz Connect
Lurtz Connect 5 jam yang lalu
WOW this homeless guy really can spit
Lando Parr
Lando Parr 5 jam yang lalu
"I came up around AC to DC adaptors, Plug talk" That's one of best things I've heard in a rap in a long time
Dynamic Killah
Dynamic Killah 7 jam yang lalu
K.a.a.n already killed this beat! Should of brought a different beat to rap to
Hyène Rassurante 2
Hyène Rassurante 2 8 jam yang lalu
Nigga fuck j cole
Hailé Szelasszié
Hailé Szelasszié 8 jam yang lalu
Maaaan, i had to listen a lot of crap here on WSHH till i find a track that worth listening.
Droskifullcircle 8 jam yang lalu
Check my page now to support real hiphop ! visuals and mixtapes droppin every month
René Rodriguez
René Rodriguez 10 jam yang lalu
René Rodriguez
René Rodriguez 10 jam yang lalu
Fok WIT ME 11 jam yang lalu
Lol. Cole names KOD album of the year. 😂
Brohlin 12 jam yang lalu
Im a artist from The Netherlands and I did a freestyle+videoclip to this beat. Check it out and lemme know what ya’ll think🙌🏼
I'll never be a millionaire
Too many bars!
Lax 818
Lax 818 13 jam yang lalu
Check my shitty ID-vid channel out where I post shitty Fortnite gameplay thank you and have a blessed day 🙂
IM_THAT_AUSTIN 14 jam yang lalu
This just introduced me too j Cole
OwenCawll 7 jam yang lalu
IM_THAT_AUSTIN If you like this, listen to 2014 Forest Hills Drive
natblida 14 jam yang lalu
This is true hip hop, there's meaning behind lyrics, no jewelry, no drugs, no flashing money, no luxury cars, no paid girls. J Cole you are true artist.
mbp85 15 jam yang lalu
Yo “I’ll probably vacation on Mars The flow is out of this world And so are the bars” Obviously the first meaning is obvious where he’s talking about his flow and his bars. But is he also referring to the recent mars probe discovery on Mars that there is evidence of underwater lakes on Mars? “The flow is out of this world” Then is he building on the “vacation on Mars” imagery by saying there are “bars” (like alcohol) on Mars? Double entendre.
Duka 15 jam yang lalu
The niggas that disliked this Freestyle Is the same people that's bobbin they head to Lil Uzi or Young thug #BIG FACTS
Looney Mika
Looney Mika 16 jam yang lalu
Has anybody heard him say the bar licompared (like + compared).
Google Account
Google Account 17 jam yang lalu
"Hate to use stereotypes-but that's light compared to what a nigga get from Caucasians" Way to offer blatant stereotype representing an argument against stereotypes. Going to have to applaud you for this.
Jauman Gaskins
Jauman Gaskins 17 jam yang lalu I do free styles and songs of yungflyguy777 ig
TurKishsoulja 18 jam yang lalu
Another J cole Another bland beat Jcole should of been a poet since this aint it
the last emperor
the last emperor 16 jam yang lalu
Platinum without a features
Hong Sunhwa
Hong Sunhwa 19 jam yang lalu
O man he looks totally different !
Tdk OF
Tdk OF 19 jam yang lalu
0:34 He really couldnt find another word that rhymes with -ation so he thought of asian and put in a stereotype...
Mass Vape
Mass Vape 19 jam yang lalu
FUCK U TALKIN BOUT FAGGOT ASS MOTHERFUCKER????? IM WHITE... I been arrested twice for non violent drug offenses.... you stupid motherfuckers will always try to complain about something and say its color.. I know the world owes you everything right?? bitch ass motherfucker was a straight A student CLOWN
Jey Roachie
Jey Roachie 5 jam yang lalu
Mass Vape are u racist?
Mass Vape
Mass Vape 10 jam yang lalu
bra lmao
Mass Vape
Mass Vape 10 jam yang lalu
WORD!!! so I can get it tattoed on my face to be cool like you guys???????? pleaassseeeeeeeeeeee
the last emperor
the last emperor 10 jam yang lalu
Super savage bra
Mass Vape
Mass Vape 10 jam yang lalu
whos the e thug???? LMAO. why would u respond???? PUSSY
Brandon ブランドン
Brandon ブランドン 20 jam yang lalu
Subscribe to me show some love ;)
Victor Flores
Victor Flores 20 jam yang lalu
Nigga said shout out to Oak Cliff!! Which is in Dallas. I hear you fam we fuck with you in Dallas fam
Chris 20 jam yang lalu
J bodied this $hit
Kowan_KNC 20 jam yang lalu
DonWuan 21 jam yang lalu
Im ready for Bas, Cozz, Ari and the rest of the crew.
anthony c
anthony c 22 jam yang lalu
Dis ain't the album of the year it's the song of the century
DREW KABOOM 22 jam yang lalu
I got you
Bezo The Rebel
Bezo The Rebel 17 jam yang lalu
DREW KABOOM check out the song on my channel called head up to the sky
francis adesiyan
francis adesiyan 22 jam yang lalu
Nah mate Taboo | Ta13oo is better
Derrick Larkins
Derrick Larkins 23 jam yang lalu
0:54-0:57 Damn he just killed like 3 whole rappers
Karl Simmons
Karl Simmons 23 jam yang lalu
This is how you spit bars, just saying for the mumble stumble mother fuckers out here this is actually music okay... yeah sound come at me in the comments do your worst please 😊
Bezo The Rebel
Bezo The Rebel 17 jam yang lalu
Karl Simmons check out the song on my channel called head up to the sky
Dallas Witherspoon
Dallas Witherspoon Hari Yang lalu
Josue Morales
Josue Morales Hari Yang lalu
Sounds like old school cole. Like the warm up, Friday night lights ya know? #soundsgoodtome
terra bullz
terra bullz Hari Yang lalu
This is legendary 💯
J[x]NNY ACE Hari Yang lalu
The tunnels his in looks like *Tokens* "Necessary Evil" video. Go check that out and tell me if you think it might be... 🤔🤔🤔🤔
J ROSE SQUAD Hari Yang lalu
In good at math like I'm Asien 🔥🔥🔥🔥😰
Mark Tulloch
Mark Tulloch Hari Yang lalu
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 fire
Bezo The Rebel
Bezo The Rebel 17 jam yang lalu
Mark Tulloch check out the song on my channel called head up to the sky
Sebastian Hoyos
Sebastian Hoyos Hari Yang lalu
you ain't shit til you got offers in Prague haha!
Jadelis Baez
Jadelis Baez Hari Yang lalu
problem with the this game is this weak sea of rappers !!!!!!
Jey Roachie
Jey Roachie 3 jam yang lalu
Jadelis Baez Cole's a god
Jadelis Baez
Jadelis Baez 3 jam yang lalu
Jey Roachie
Jey Roachie 5 jam yang lalu
Jadelis Baez not Cole tho
Tariqdf1 Hari Yang lalu
"Before I had a deal I was givin niggas hell Now I'm giving niggas deals and they giving niggas hell" Damn
Recklezz Turnt Up
Recklezz Turnt Up Hari Yang lalu
J ColeX YBN Cordae
Tylor Sheets
Tylor Sheets Hari Yang lalu
Lyrics sound good. To bad half the shit he said wasn't true..
richard leegrand
richard leegrand Hari Yang lalu
Kod is the only album this year so far that I can listen to without skipping a track
KpR333 Hari Yang lalu
All the white boys aren't mad about what he said but get mad at Logic for saying it... lol foolish hype bois
S B Hari Yang lalu
Dreamville stacked like the Warriors 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Bezo The Rebel
Bezo The Rebel 17 jam yang lalu
S B check out the song on my channel called head up to the sky
Godly Hari Yang lalu
Making me proud
arroz420 Hari Yang lalu
Francisca Pino
Francisca Pino Hari Yang lalu
Kixoholix413 Hari Yang lalu
lyve af over oochie wally 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😲😎☻
Mercy Nicole
Mercy Nicole Hari Yang lalu
I can’t wait to see him tonight!!! 😍😍❤️
bully flames O life or no life
He's back this is j Cole
Bezo The Rebel
Bezo The Rebel 17 jam yang lalu
bully flames O life or no life check out the music on my channel
Brandon Savage
Brandon Savage Hari Yang lalu
Robbie D25
Robbie D25 Hari Yang lalu
J cole said u ain't shit till u got offers in Prague lol Czech Republic ain't shit it's one of the most racist countries in the world n I was born here
Aj Tiger215
Aj Tiger215 Hari Yang lalu
Who ever disliked this masterpiece are the white people and trash rappers he be talking about!
scratchy itchy
scratchy itchy Hari Yang lalu
Who else can make it that good !?!?! #HighStanding #OnAnotherLevel #ColeIsABeast 😵🤘🔥🙌🙌
Exhale777 Hari Yang lalu
Jcole my dude!!! We need a freestyle sesh.
Roozter Hari Yang lalu
Dreamville stacked like the warriors
Hilight kid
Hilight kid Hari Yang lalu
A book nigga pick that shit up🔥🔥
Robert Gallego
Robert Gallego Hari Yang lalu
will go down as one of the GOATS (already is in my book)
Himanshu Sagar HONEY
Himanshu Sagar HONEY Hari Yang lalu
I love you..any type of beat j cole is a proper killaaa🔥
CDouggg727 Casey
CDouggg727 Casey Hari Yang lalu
Besides Wayne... Cole been the GOAT of our generation
UpperEchelon Films
UpperEchelon Films Hari Yang lalu
Best rapper ever...subscribe to my page please
Deonte' McNary
Deonte' McNary Hari Yang lalu
So we gone act like Cole world ain’t pic Notorious BIG over PAC
Sofiane Bkz
Sofiane Bkz Hari Yang lalu
💥💥🔥 🔥 🔥
aimbotdion Hari Yang lalu
I like how j Cole is rich but he's not flexing like do you see his outfit lmao opposite of most of these mumble rappers
Fall Anta
Fall Anta Hari Yang lalu
cole the goat!
Vegeta Uchiha
Vegeta Uchiha Hari Yang lalu
Dax made a response.
TheGoldenDrex Hari Yang lalu
Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez Hari Yang lalu
Why you left cozz out tho?
zlatan yiida
zlatan yiida Hari Yang lalu
My respect to you,#GOAT COLE
awab 77
awab 77 Hari Yang lalu
If you dislike cole you are a bitch !
Johnboy Hari Yang lalu
Fwm my page💯💯💯💯
Muhammad Patel
Muhammad Patel Hari Yang lalu
The Fall off about to be a classic
Muhammad Patel
Muhammad Patel Hari Yang lalu
The off season bouta be fire
Angelo Padula
Angelo Padula Hari Yang lalu
Love J Cole... Cole World. Best white rapper out right now.
Angelo Padula
Angelo Padula Hari Yang lalu
UH..... Raised by white mother and abandoned by father..... He is half white and half black but the white mother raised him
Vegeta Uchiha
Vegeta Uchiha Hari Yang lalu
Angelo Padula He black tho.
Muhammad Patel
Muhammad Patel Hari Yang lalu
J Cole >
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