I Stole A Sick Fish From A Store

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Rowan and her friend were just driving around, ranting about something - she can't even remember what it was - and they were just in one of those moods that teenagers get into. Rebellious. Wanting to do something truly not good. So, of course, they went to Walmart.
Now, here's the thing about Rowan - she LOVES fish. She wants to major in Marine Biology, spends a ton of time studying and researching ocean life, and just happened to have a clean and new 10 gallon fish tank sitting at home, just waiting for fish. She was known as a student who loved fish, the "Fish Girl." If that was weird or not or if kids made fun of her, she didn't not care. Fish were her thing.
A light bulb went off. And even though inside, there was a part of her trying to get her not to suggest what she was about to suggest, she couldn't help it. The combination of her rebellious mood and her love of fish overcame her - "LET'S STEAL A FISH!"
Her friend Bianca couldn't believe what she heard - this wasn't like Rowan at all. Bianca didn't think they were actually going to go through with it - so she went along. But Rowan was serious.
They get to the pets, small animals, and fish section of the store and there, all by itself in a tiny little bowl, was a little blue Betta fish. It looked a little sick, with tattered fins, sort of swimming on its side. A sick fish, the perfect thing to steal and for the right reasons. It touched Rowan's heart, and all of sudden, it wasn't only about lifting a fish and doing something not good, it was about saving this little Betta from its sad Walmart fate.
When Bianca saw the sad sick fish, she was totally in, and Rowan came up with a plan. She told Bianca to go to the Fem Care aisle and get a box of pads, and then they emptied the pads into Bianca's purse.
Then, they took the container that the beta fish was in, and dropped it into the empty box - a perfect fit.
Neither of them had ever stolen anything in their lives, never shoplifted, and the minute they started walking toward the checkout counter they became nervous wrecks. They were shaking, and sweating, looking around, and Rowan started moving really slowly, over thinking it all.
Finally, they get to the checkout and pay for the box of pads, but NOT THE FISH! They did it, success, and they walk out to the car, when Bianca realizes she can't find her keys. They're nowhere, AND so they have to take their stolen fish back into the Wal Mart to look for the keys, which they don't find. And, only when they've given up and go back to the car to call a Mom, when they see the keys are sitting in the car. All of that extra fear for no reason!
When they finally get into the car she takes the fish out of the box - Gilbert - for his gills,.... Not only had she done something truly not good - stealing a fish - but she had also done something really good - freeing Gilbert from his terrible life in the pet section. She was super proud of her self, she saved a fish, but she also felt morally ambiguous - and didn't really mind the feeling at all. In fact, she loved it!
She realized that she never cleared the whole bringing a fish home to live with her thing with her parents, so, they concocted a whole elaborate story about a friend giving her the fish, and so, when she gets home she also realizes that her 10 gallon tank isn't ready for Gilbert.
She has to use a big cheese snacks container as a temporary home while the big tank gets prepared, but even in that Gilbert is like a brand new fish! When he finally got into his new tank, it was like a while new world for him - he's living the life of a king now.
So, even though she really did do something not good, really, it ended up being something really good. She's not suggesting that others do the same, of course not, but her story happens to have turned out for the best, for her, and for Gilbert the Beta Fish. While this is a funny video, it is also one that makes you think and wonder if she did the right thing. She believes that in this case stealing was the right thing to do to save the life on an animal, or in this case, a beta fish.
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Stealing... lying... what won't you lesbians do
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im talking to the girl that was talking this story
Your Dad
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are you lesbian
Bts_Jungkook_fan BTS!!!!!
I love Bettas
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I sneaked I stole every time I friends candy bar with a fish omg what about next a dog🕴🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟
Justin Walters
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Great way to teach kids that they can be immoral in order to accomplish something they believe has a moral outcome. You should do one where you blow up a Planned Parenthood building to save the babies!
sam metcalfe
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I want to be in marine biology
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Wait you're lesibian?!
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you are gay
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U really stole the tampons, paid for the fish.
Skye Coopsberg
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Wow wow wow you never got brought to Justice and they are millions of people out there behind bars for stuff they didn't do and you committed a crime and not brought to justice? But guess i'm the only one who cares so whatever
Anh Thach
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Bffs Holland
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Please never steal or shop lift.
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What’s inside the ReadMore button? It cost 1 like 🐠 🐟 💦 💦 You get a aquarium!
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* in *
Marilyn Nelson
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Are there supposed to be cameras and every single store just in case if somebody else tries to steal????????????
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If I was a worker I wouldn’t even care
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why would you do that and really
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Hundred fish I still 100 fish
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u didnt really steal it, u still kinda payed for it
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Wait is she gay OMG 💀
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this is weird
TJ Dickert
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This sounds a little fishy . . . . . But okay
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The first thing i ever stole was a pack of gum and i didnt feel shaky.
shawneika Sturdivant
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What if the police saw this
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This is not a hate homestead but you are... Gay
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You Are Having A Great Day Tomorrow Who is the best person in the world? Read the first two words
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Let’s just say that it takes a big “wish,” to steal a “fish!”
The Amazing Doge
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Why on earth did you share this story said that “I never got caught to this day” when you will now because everybody knows this now...
Squirtle,Charmander,Bulbasaur Team
How did she get in the car did she unlock it
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gamertown x 2 hari yang lalu
Gay hoe Adam and Eve Not a fucking gay couple i hate gays
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Is your girlfriend just your girlfriend or is it your friend
Postello 2 hari yang lalu
Don’t click read more She could do this it’s alowed cause there’s a fish in water.
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Dont fish cost 89 cents at petco
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It’s 2019
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GengarFIFA 3 hari yang lalu
I mean 0:04
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No hidden Camera's?
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You Will Have The Best 2019 Do you wanna know who’s is the best. Read the first word
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Well you know the other guy well he copied you
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You. Have. A. Girl frend. Gay
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Wait a second Did you say girlfriend? So that means your a tomboy
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I had A dog that lived with me for 5 years......then after 5 more years i got Beta Fish they lived for 2 years....and now i have two Cats
Ferret Ice cream
Ferret Ice cream 3 hari yang lalu
Wait wait wait! How did they get in the car if the keys were in the car!?!?
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Love ❤️ you
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I stole a PS4 controller
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Why you are a girl and you have a girl friend 😵😵👆😵😵💩💩
Arcitec_ 4 hari yang lalu
You stilled the FISH !!!😱😱
Clever Ass
Clever Ass 4 hari yang lalu
“Don’t follow my example” *Steals 9 sick fish in one day*
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The gaming Carat
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Gayyyyyyy 😂
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U are a girl and u have a girl friend so do that mean your gay it is ok to be gay it is cool 😎
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lps tj hell collie
lps tj hell collie 4 hari yang lalu
Wait are both of you girls if so its fine :)
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Where their security cameras because you could get caught
Coolchris roblox studio Games
2:56 😂
Unknown Moosekabob
Unknown Moosekabob 4 hari yang lalu
So why did you share this on youtube?
Gaming With Noah
Gaming With Noah 4 hari yang lalu
0:04 Every time I watch these storybooth cartoons, I think about how anti-Christian the world is.
Gaming With Noah
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Are you what?
ZachMoney 3 hari yang lalu
lol. Are u?
Avaura Grainger-McKnight
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jj gacha girl
jj gacha girl 4 hari yang lalu
at the beggining i heard about her with her girlfriend and i knew she was a lesbian
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she's lesbian
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i am going to call the police
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She is gay
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Girlfriend??? You are lesbian
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Meme Father
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Gilbert’s. Like. The. Friend. Fish. For. My. Elf. On. The. Shelf:harbert
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In the beginning the girl who was talking was like “ me and my GIRLFRIEND were driving “ does this mean she gay both kids were girls boi
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Hey guys I am selling three fishes if you lie think I’m lying go to my channel and see the girl like the person that was cool boy looking something just see that person they said thank you for the money for the the PS4 I’ll text you welcome and like I want to the house like I was delivering it and we had to stay with them couple days you guys think I’m lying yes check it out
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Your gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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I was i had a girlfriend too
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Gets arrested
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Snottish 6 hari yang lalu
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Wait how open up door of car if key in the kar 0_o
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Calling 911
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You have a girlfriend
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I have a batta fish his name is friday
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She is lasbeane
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Where did she mention that the fish was sick?
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Someone in my class is named bianca
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It’s not sick it’s healthy
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You guys are lesbian
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Wait you said your GIRLFRIEND
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They're Lesbian. ❤
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why are you telling us that you stole a fish on the internet now if a cop sees this he would probably find you and charge you with stealing.
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