George Foreman vs Muhammad Ali - Oct. 30, 1974 - Entire fight - Rounds 1 - 8 & Interview

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George Foreman vs Muhammad Ali
George Foreman defends the Heavyweight Championship of the World for the third time against former Champion, Muhammad Ali. Ali at 32, had been given little change against the fearsome puncher who had knocked out both Frazier and Norton, whom both had beaten ali in the past, in 2 rounds. The fight took place in Kinshasa, Zaïre (todays Congo), and was put together by promotor Don King. This is considered by many as the most significent fight of Muhammad Alis career. The fight was called Fight of the Year for 1974.
Their records at the time
George Foreman: 40-0
Muhammad Ali: 44-2


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samson olufemi
samson olufemi Jam Yang lalu
Anthony Joshua
Chris E
Chris E 7 jam yang lalu
Mixed feelings of what I did just watch. 8 rounds or 1 round repeated 8 times.
Chris E
Chris E 7 jam yang lalu
21 minutes of waffling damn!
Daniel Schafer
Daniel Schafer 12 jam yang lalu
george wouldn't change his game up, Ali did, ate those punches and KO'd him. just like rocky knocking out clubber
xzadeh 15 jam yang lalu
Ali best ever miss you
gene ellis
gene ellis 17 jam yang lalu
They drugged George Foreman and put something in his water ! No wonder Ali won
Adeshina Ajet
Adeshina Ajet 18 jam yang lalu
Foreman supposed to win the match, but it's too rush but Alli know hw to defend himself, lf l was at the stadium l should have told the commetator to warn foreman n't to rush.
Adeshina Ajet
Adeshina Ajet 18 jam yang lalu
Foreman supposed to win the match, but it's too rush but Alli know hw to defend himself, lf l was at the stadium l should have told the commetator to warn foreman n't to rush.
Matthew Fudge
Matthew Fudge 19 jam yang lalu
Foreman had nothing left by the time Ali knocked him out in the eighth round. Just a great tactical fight by Ali.
Matthew Fudge
Matthew Fudge 19 jam yang lalu
It's kinda sad that old fights like this one are better than what we're seeing now.
faisal butt
faisal butt 22 jam yang lalu
scientist of boxing M.Ali great man
Matthew Fudge
Matthew Fudge 22 jam yang lalu
Ali didn't just change his strategy. He changed it DURING THE FIGHT. Who else would have possessed the genius needed to pull that off?
Bill Xu
Bill Xu 23 jam yang lalu
غصوب غليون
غصوب غليون Hari Yang lalu
Mohammed Ali will remain the master of this game and will never be repeated
blair faulkner
blair faulkner Hari Yang lalu
sheesh, i never realized ali was such a jerk. he's an idiot. call it strategy or a mental game but an idiot is an idiot. was a good fight though, both are big talents.
Anthony Perry
Anthony Perry Hari Yang lalu
Foreman 40 fights 37 knockouts and he fought like an amateur. Ali spent the fight on the ropes. Poxy fight.
gerardo cruz
gerardo cruz Hari Yang lalu
did the ref go on to a career at the WWF/WWE? cuz he sucked
Lloyd Dettering
Lloyd Dettering 2 hari yang lalu
Frazier broke Ali's jaw, not Ken Norton. Norton only opened up what Smokin' Joe had already done.
TheCharlesJackson 2 hari yang lalu
48:15 this nigga Muhammad Ali 😂
Antonio Aquino Reyes
Antonio Aquino Reyes 2 hari yang lalu
Me gusta ria ver toda la pelea de taison
midnite fawn
midnite fawn 2 hari yang lalu
Clay remains a legend for all times, not for his fights but his morals during all his fights. He always tried to win the matches with least hits to the face of his opponents. R.I.P Mohammad Ali
Joe Young
Joe Young 2 hari yang lalu
only counted to 8, jus say'n
playerdude2 3 hari yang lalu
I think ali used foremans technique against himself..
Renato Dutra
Renato Dutra 3 hari yang lalu
I could not see this fight ..... because I was born in March of 1974
Joseph Caesar Padrón
Joseph Caesar Padrón 3 hari yang lalu
His name was Cashious Clay.
jacob young
jacob young 2 hari yang lalu
U mean muhammad Ali
Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker 3 hari yang lalu
..........100 & something degrees in the ring ....Wee hours of the morning American time....1000'S chanting Ali!......Rope a dope.......This was a classic mind game.....(Forman & Ali) my all time favorite fighters.......
Skoric Darko
Skoric Darko 3 hari yang lalu
This fight remeber we like yesterday 1974. Y was 7 jears old. The fight the fights.ali bumaje
كايدهم كلهم
كايدهم كلهم 3 hari yang lalu
الله يرحمك محمد علي ويجعل مثواك الجنه كل عربي يشوف تعليقي يعطي لايك بنشوف كم عربي هون
New Jersey Smaaash
New Jersey Smaaash 3 hari yang lalu
56:03 announcer talking mad shit lmao
الحياة حلوه
الحياة حلوه 3 hari yang lalu
رحمك الله يامحمد علي كلاي واسكنك الله فسيح جناته
wayne newby
wayne newby 3 hari yang lalu
They all stood....
Hollman Jacid Noriega Montero
the best of the best alli
Lloyd Dettering
Lloyd Dettering 3 hari yang lalu
Ali was lucky that Archie Moore didn't tell him to pound on his shoulders like Archie used to do to his opponemts. Instead Foreman concentrated on punching Ali's midsection which led to Ali's ill health later. Maybe Archie was bribed
João Henriques
João Henriques 4 hari yang lalu
At 31:03 Ali gets hit really, really hard in the head. That would have taken out most people.
Tim Robinson
Tim Robinson 4 hari yang lalu
Phong Luong
Phong Luong 3 hari yang lalu
Vũ mô lp xem thêm
Tim Robinson
Tim Robinson 4 hari yang lalu
Doctor Swagger
Doctor Swagger 4 hari yang lalu
You could see majority of his team members, the people he hugged at his locker-room were white, Ali loved white as much as they loved him, Ali had problem with only "white oppressors" at his time, Ali was a symbol of equality,freedom and justice for all, these were the things he fought for outside of the ring, and at that time the government or those white with power were oppressing his people. So he was against them not against all whites in general
Ali Mohammed
Ali Mohammed 4 hari yang lalu
28:23 The women from then who display the round are very different from now.
Derrick Manning
Derrick Manning 4 hari yang lalu
He was the greatest in and out of the ring.
Ali Yasu
Ali Yasu 4 hari yang lalu
Is that all you got George!
mandy lodge
mandy lodge 5 hari yang lalu
pedro fonseca
pedro fonseca 5 hari yang lalu
Lamentavelmente muitas LUTAS COMPRADAS e combinadas. O DINDIN falando mais alto. A mídia CALADA pois as TVs comentam e teem patrocinadores. Pior pra quem conhece e se revolta com toda essa encenação.
zayida nesredin
zayida nesredin 5 hari yang lalu
Muhammed Ali, the Iron man. GREAT fighter, and human before fighter, Allah bless you..Paradise..
المنسي عبد الله
Ali is the king of all times.
abd Johary
abd Johary 5 hari yang lalu
Ali vary smart
Mikepeter Gumball
Mikepeter Gumball 5 hari yang lalu
Ali is just a traitorist cheat , toe to toe George would have wasted the yellow back Cassius . instead Ali used his usual cheat on the ropes , thats why that clay wouldnt fight rocky , rocky would have wasted him on the ropes. Ali was nothing but a scardy cat .
العراقي العراقي
حسين فاروق
abd Johary
abd Johary 5 hari yang lalu
يالله ما أجملك يا محمد علي... الله يرحمك
Tobias 5 hari yang lalu
Last night I dreamt of this fight. For me this is the real Fight Of The Century.
DeadHeatHipHop 5 hari yang lalu
if you guys like quality hip hop and no autotune please come check me out!
Checo Chocolate
Checo Chocolate 5 hari yang lalu
Alí el más grande,qué recuerdos.Q.E P .D.
Brady Davis
Brady Davis 5 hari yang lalu
As much as I love, Ali, I think, Forman would've dropped him had he not tried to quickly rush him with everything he had in the beginning. The moment he did that, he lost the match already.
Four Winds
Four Winds 5 hari yang lalu
Rope a dope’
Najma Abdi
Najma Abdi 5 hari yang lalu
You can’t buy Ali’s facial expressions, he’s a champion by nature.
CocacolaBoy83 5 hari yang lalu
Moussa Camara
Moussa Camara 5 hari yang lalu
Ali est le meilleur boxeur de tous les temps, prions pour le repos de son âme !
displayfireworks1 6 hari yang lalu
51:48 Timber
tryarunm 6 hari yang lalu
Two of the greatest boxers ever. Each a credit to their sport. I see 11K dislikes. Please tell us what you disliked, for I am sure you have very valid points of view. I, frankly, as much as I admire boxers, would like to see the sport banned for the damage it causes its players.
Ui Ui
Ui Ui 6 hari yang lalu
The Great muslim boxer in the world..MUHAMMAD ALI.ALLAH BLESS U.AMINN..AMINN..AMINN..yarabbal alamin.
Blaxaider 6 hari yang lalu
There will never be a more epic boxing fight than this.
Keith Fiedtkou
Keith Fiedtkou 6 hari yang lalu
abdel masih yosef
abdel masih yosef 7 hari yang lalu
Muhammed Ali is now in the HILL hey was moslim thats why
Frank Morris
Frank Morris 7 hari yang lalu
I fell asleep...
duke earl
duke earl 7 hari yang lalu
notice how they tightened the ropes in the 5th round AFTER big George was out of gas....
ZAOUWV 7 hari yang lalu
Not only the Greatest boxer off all tome, he was the Greatest sportsman of the 20 th century. I remember waking up in the middle of the night beeing a Young kid watching the Great Ali.
duke earl
duke earl 7 hari yang lalu
the only significant bout gay ass cassius clay ever actually won, frazier beat him three times, Norton beat him three times, Liston threw his fights, notice the "Louisville lip" never offered to fight big George again.
Doctor Swagger
Doctor Swagger 4 hari yang lalu
hey loser, what did you achieve in your life,
Cam Tinley
Cam Tinley 7 hari yang lalu
Joe Frasier must have been watching a different fight from me. Ali clearly won those early rounds.
bordertide 7 hari yang lalu
Soon as this fight was made Muhammad told anyone and everyone who would heed or listen that he would whup Foreman and regain his title - which he did, despite the critics predicting Foreman by an early and career ending knockout. On paper Ali had little to no chance against the biggest puncher ever seen, but Ali was a one-off, an enigma of all puzzles. When it came to 'experts' analysing either boxing or human nature there was no allowance made or given for the superpower that was Muhammad Ali, a man who surpassed all superlatives for kindness, generosity, wisdom and boxing. We who saw him felt blessed, his peak kept changing - in and out of the ring. My only regret is the last fight he took should never have been allowed or made, whatever input or sway Ali had in that awful decision to take on the very talented very young, very strong and undefeated Larry Holmes, it was wrong. Muhammad Ali was the hero of Larry Holmes, Larry Holmes didn't want that fight, but - as a true pro - he took it on and finished it quick as he could. When Muhammad Ali left the ring for the last time we who loved him were relieved that - on the face of it - he'd left behind years fighting in the most vicious of sports relatively unharmed; that he succumbed to Parkinsons later in his life has been well documented. The legend in his own life time will become a legend in the lives of those who've yet to be born, such was his magnificence and impact on the world's biggest stages and arenas.
Kevin Gonzales
Kevin Gonzales 7 hari yang lalu
Greatest of all time, ALI! He's big as Forman, got class!
Marlies de Grote-Jacobus
Marlies de Grote-Jacobus 7 hari yang lalu
Shahid Mehmood
Shahid Mehmood 7 hari yang lalu
Ali at his best in this fight.
kouzelník Reno
kouzelník Reno 7 hari yang lalu
Like a Rocky 3 ( Mr T vs Rocky ):-) Ali is my hero and inspiration for my live.....
infiniteuniversalthinking 8 hari yang lalu
ALL commentary throughout the fight - this is a close fight. Mohammed was this a close fight? Reporters NO NO NOOOO hhahahaha
Ahmed Yusuf Maxmed
Ahmed Yusuf Maxmed 8 hari yang lalu
This fight was amazing and fight made Africa great
Luca Jordan
Luca Jordan 8 hari yang lalu
Alì bomaye
kadogori mwinyi
kadogori mwinyi 8 hari yang lalu
And he still alive from what he did
kadogori mwinyi
kadogori mwinyi 8 hari yang lalu
He is a symbol of humanity
jeff governale
jeff governale 8 hari yang lalu
TE-SHAUN TV 8 hari yang lalu
Don Kings snake ass.....
Samuel Lugo
Samuel Lugo 8 hari yang lalu
Ali ,the best in the entire History !!
Abdul Mu'in
Abdul Mu'in 8 hari yang lalu
Muhammad Ali pujaannku sepanjang masa
Saleh Saeed
Saleh Saeed 9 hari yang lalu
The hero Mohammad Ali converted to islam on 1968 and changed his name .
Pascalle Donhuijsen
Pascalle Donhuijsen 9 hari yang lalu
is goeie
angelo hawley
angelo hawley 9 hari yang lalu
this is when boxing was boxing
Frank Kelly
Frank Kelly 9 hari yang lalu
This fight shouldn't have been stopped. Foreman was on his feet at '8' in the count, even after the referee began counting at '2'. Foreman was saved by the bell and should've been able to return for the 9th round and fight refreshed from the 1 minute interval. Dunno for certain, but Ali was a huge dog, as high as 15-1 at some sports books in Vegas. Could the fix have been in?
Glyne Martin
Glyne Martin 9 hari yang lalu
The only heavyweight i know of that never had the hardest or biggest punch...but used everything else to demonstrate the ART of boxing. RIP genius...
Christian Cole
Christian Cole 9 hari yang lalu
sign this petition
abdoul fashion designer
abdoul fashion designer 9 hari yang lalu
Masha Allah Mouhamad Ali .Allah Bless you Paradise Amenn
abdel masih yosef
abdel masih yosef 7 hari yang lalu
mohamed shit ist devil becaus is moslim and now in the hill
Pulsonar 10 hari yang lalu
Ali’s boxing robe is the coolest I’ve ever seen. He looks like an African chieftain, Foreman’s stalling tactics didn’t work it only enhanced Ali’s dignified entrance.
God Mane
God Mane 10 hari yang lalu
It’s crazy how footwork is now mainly use for defense like counter strikes and set ups but back than Ali really used it offensively like he moved around to avoid getting hit but would still try n go for the kill right after float like butter fly sting like bee
Alberto Reyes
Alberto Reyes 10 hari yang lalu
si, recuerdo esta gran pelea hace ya casi 44 años. tenia yo 28 años apenas.
Citizen World
Citizen World 10 hari yang lalu
"I got a radar built inside me." Now that explains quite a lot.
Semih ÇALIK 11 hari yang lalu
21:10 fight
Waldo Drumond
Waldo Drumond 11 hari yang lalu
aze qsd
aze qsd 11 hari yang lalu
الله يرحمو ويجعل مثواه الجنه يارب
liukang85 11 hari yang lalu
Talks about Allah, then shouts out to Hugh Hefner -_-
Dja Fridah
Dja Fridah 11 hari yang lalu
The legend Ali..
Junaid Khan
Junaid Khan 11 hari yang lalu
no one will ever be able to be like him. He's the greatest in the universe
Eduardo Gutiérrez
Eduardo Gutiérrez 11 hari yang lalu
El mejor de todos los tiempos, Alí
Teddy Roberts
Teddy Roberts 11 hari yang lalu
Amazing the punishment Ali was able to take. He must have pissed blood for a week after those body shots.
BISHOP298 11 hari yang lalu
*Muhammad Ali exists* Calls National Guard 0:11