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Elle teaches her baby sister how to dance!!! **Adorable dancing sisters**
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21 Nov 2018

elle teaches her baby sister how to dancethe ace family elle teaches her baby sister how to danceace family elle teaches her baby sister how to danceelle teaches alaia how to danceelle dancingelle dancing with her sistersisters dancingbabies dancingbabies learning how to dancedance lessonsthe ace familyace familyace family dancingdance musicdance music for kidsdance vloghow to dancethe cutest baby dance



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ashleynicole955 3 jam yang lalu
Hey ace family! My name is Ashley and I recently had my baby boy Liam on October 3rd. I came across y'alls channel right at the beginning of my pregnancy. This was my first pregnancy and I got to experience it alongside Catherine. It was awesome to hear her stories and to relate to a lot of what she experienced. Catherine, you handled your labor with so much grace! You continued vlogging like it was nothing. You truly are an inspiration to women everywhere and you are an amazing mother! Thank you for your continuance effort to try to relate to your viewers, your generosity toward us and the laughs along the way! I would love to win a day in this contest to treat myself for a day. It would be a blessing! Thank you 😊 $ashleynicole955
Megan Garman
Megan Garman 3 jam yang lalu
Elle is so freaking adorable 😍 Cash app: $megangarman97
Roxana Perez
Roxana Perez 4 jam yang lalu
Who Else Knows Elle is Gonna be a Great Big Sister to Alaia 😀💙
Natalia Flores alejandro
Natalia Flores alejandro 5 jam yang lalu
*attempts to dance and follow Elle’s moves*
Jaylyn VanSchoiack
Jaylyn VanSchoiack 6 jam yang lalu
Hey ACE familyyyyy!!! I love watching you guys everyday and appreciate how much you give back. It’s people like you that I can watch and know what I want in the future. Thank you for all you do. I downloaded the app and have been subscribed! My cash tag is $jdogvans even if I’m not picked I hope you see this comment. Keep doing what you do!!❤️💜💕💕
Brianna White
Brianna White 6 jam yang lalu
my favorite part of every video is when austin goes “what’s going on everybody”😂😂😂
Kelly Vazquez
Kelly Vazquez 6 jam yang lalu
Nursey 7 jam yang lalu
Summer Kemp
Summer Kemp 7 jam yang lalu
I love the song not sure what’s it called tho 😩❤️❤️
Summer Kemp
Summer Kemp 7 jam yang lalu
Catherine your sooo beautiful love all you xx❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Summer Kemp
Summer Kemp 7 jam yang lalu
Love how she dance so good xx
Consuela Alexis
Consuela Alexis 7 jam yang lalu
Aye!! Get it Elle & Alaia💥😘😝 $GiveItAllToHim
Farzana Amin
Farzana Amin 8 jam yang lalu
Mayah Sandock
Mayah Sandock 11 jam yang lalu
Cashapp- mayahsandock One of my fav vids!!! This would be absolutley amazing to receive this gift. I am a young dancer that is constantly trying to push myself harder and further. The more the better! It would be a dream to perform at one of your guys events! Love watching you guys so much, you’re all truly inspiring with your outlook on life. I will comment on each video as I watch them all!😊
Tori Rose
Tori Rose 12 jam yang lalu
Yalls kids are too adorable!! Love the Ace family
Madeline Rae
Madeline Rae 12 jam yang lalu
$Macdonals Your the best!! down to alaïa you guys are blessed!!
Taylor Turner
Taylor Turner 12 jam yang lalu
She is literally the cutest!!
Brittany Fillers
Brittany Fillers 14 jam yang lalu
Katelyn Boysel
Katelyn Boysel 14 jam yang lalu
16:03 I can just picture Elle’s face while saying that 😂 Alaïa is looking at Elle like what are you doing😆
Ursula Santana Lopez
Ursula Santana Lopez 15 jam yang lalu
I love you ACE FAMILY ♥️💕 DONE🥰
jennifer Martinez
jennifer Martinez 16 jam yang lalu
Elle is too funny 😂😂 she’s is such an awesome big sister 💖
Karina Gallardo
Karina Gallardo 21 jam yang lalu
Olivia Kadolo
Olivia Kadolo 21 jam yang lalu
Bailei McNamar
Bailei McNamar 21 jam yang lalu
It would mean a lot to me to win some money. Because then I could fly my sister with cancer home for Christmas to surprise my mom. Cash app - $baileimcnamar
Olvie Kadolo
Olvie Kadolo 21 jam yang lalu
Lynna Spence
Lynna Spence 22 jam yang lalu
When are u guys restocking the merch store
Aliyah Nelson
Aliyah Nelson 23 jam yang lalu
Awwww I love love the ace family n the things your selling Austin the clothes phone cases backpacks water bottle I’m going to buy one I really love the backpack Elle chose n the water bottle everything was jus so nice😍😍😍💯🥰
Nana Valentin
Nana Valentin Hari Yang lalu
elle is so adorable
Sarinah Salleh
Sarinah Salleh Hari Yang lalu
Oh and one thing for Elle. Elle you have been a great sister oh and I love your family Elle.
Sarinah Salleh
Sarinah Salleh Hari Yang lalu
Is Elle going to a sleep over
Stefany Vergara
Stefany Vergara Hari Yang lalu
Cash App - StefVergara Hey Ace Familyyyyyy you guys are honestly soo inspiring and your family always stay positive and make the best of everything. ❤️❤️ But If I were to win the $1,000 I would honestly want to buy my parents something special for Christmas because they work so hard every single day and I would love to buy them something they would love ! Especially since Christmas is right around the corner. My dads birthday is also on Christmas too so it’d be perfect.
Juliannah Romero
Juliannah Romero Hari Yang lalu
Cash app :$JuliannahRomero
Kaliyah Scott
Kaliyah Scott Hari Yang lalu
Please I beg to Jesus do not change the color of dream or the lambo
Kaliyah Scott
Kaliyah Scott Hari Yang lalu
Or the lambo
Kaliyah Scott
Kaliyah Scott Hari Yang lalu
Kaliyah Scott
Kaliyah Scott Hari Yang lalu
Love y’all
Samantha Garza
Samantha Garza Hari Yang lalu
$Sam01g 2 new family members will be born and added into my family!!!!! Would be really nice if i could buy them both Christmas presents im gonna be an auntie for the first time.. i beee lookingg like somebody's auntieeee😍👶🏻❤️
Thaila-Alani Hari Yang lalu
I watch the Ace family literally day in and out and watch throwback videos they’ve made when Elle was smaller but literally never pressed the thumbs up, I just keep watching but now I’m making sure I PRESS THAT THUMBS UP cause they’re literally so inspirational. Coming up together and living their best lives, I couldn’t imagine how happy they must be when they look back at how tough things started. Literally love them
Ashley Moreno
Ashley Moreno Hari Yang lalu
Roses are red Violets are blue The part best part of the video Is at 13:22
Melissa Estrada
Melissa Estrada Hari Yang lalu
Elle is so cutee🥰hope one day I can meet you guys 😭
Chelsey Clay
Chelsey Clay Hari Yang lalu
$ChelseyClay Please pick me
ralph Winfrey
ralph Winfrey Hari Yang lalu
Ohhhhh nice cars can I have one
Alejandro Cabrera
Alejandro Cabrera Hari Yang lalu
were is the ace family store?
Cassy Gregston
Cassy Gregston Hari Yang lalu
I LOVE YOU ALL SUCH A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY PLEASE!! Please everyone like comment share and subscribe to this beautiful and such amazing family because they are making a big difference in this community!! $cassamillion!! Please I would be so greatful for all of you!!
Stteffany Duran
Stteffany Duran Hari Yang lalu
Hey ace family how u doing😄😇💕
Jenesha Elliott
Jenesha Elliott Hari Yang lalu
Hey ACE FAMILYYYYYY 👪🗣 I would definitely be forever grateful if I was the winner of the giveaway this month. I would use the money getting my 3 yr old presents for christmas, paying a couple bills, and putting food on my table for me and my son. It's been ruff but I'm trying to stay positive for my little one. Hopefully you see this comment. Love you guys ❤ Cash App Nesha3481
Marymichael Morse
Marymichael Morse Hari Yang lalu
please dont give me a shout out (it's a long story)
Thegirlkeke Hari Yang lalu
*Elle and Alaia are sooo cuteee😍😍💕✨❕and I will be definitely getting some of that merch♥️*
YMCMB BALLER Hari Yang lalu
HappyCloud Hari Yang lalu
Honey Catherine you are going to get used to the ace family stamp..
bigmeech1975 Hari Yang lalu
Elle is cute
Alondra Mariscal
Alondra Mariscal Hari Yang lalu
Alondra Mariscal
Alondra Mariscal Hari Yang lalu
Tnt Nation
Tnt Nation Hari Yang lalu
Liilcarm3l I love y'all so much
Jenna Dabish
Jenna Dabish Hari Yang lalu
$jennaAcefam 😭❤️
Hannah m
Hannah m Hari Yang lalu
Elle is so cute she's got the moves !!! 😘💃💖
Miller Williams
Miller Williams Hari Yang lalu
Lanya Hogue
Lanya Hogue Hari Yang lalu
Done👍liked suscribeed
Naydia Gonzalez
Naydia Gonzalez Hari Yang lalu
Cash app: $NaydiaG
Sabrina Marie Leff
Sabrina Marie Leff Hari Yang lalu
$sableff - HEYYY ACEEE FAMILLLYY.. I love you guys I remember when you first made your channel and I have never missed a video since
sana Tasneem
sana Tasneem Hari Yang lalu
$SanaTasneem Soo cute, Elle definitely got the dancing in her!
Emily Mohamed
Emily Mohamed Hari Yang lalu
Marion Paz
Marion Paz Hari Yang lalu
Doneee. You are all sooo cute😘
Jada mahone
Jada mahone Hari Yang lalu
Elle is so cute
Kaity Chapa
Kaity Chapa Hari Yang lalu
I miss y'all too
Ms.Crafts Fortnite
Ms.Crafts Fortnite Hari Yang lalu
Love u all💟😁😉😉
meme 12
meme 12 Hari Yang lalu
I have a great idea for you how about your child
sj day
sj day Hari Yang lalu
like the name!
ArielDivyne Hari Yang lalu
You guys should definitely put Elle in a hip hop dance class, she would be amazing!! Like if you agree
jennaay 428
jennaay 428 2 hari yang lalu
why are you letting your daughter listen to that kind of music? no wonder she says more bad words than anything
Jenna Marie
Jenna Marie 2 hari yang lalu
Way to cute. Teaching her new little sister how to dance. Awww what a sweet big sister...
Maritza Talamantes
Maritza Talamantes 2 hari yang lalu
17:20 Elle is so adorable
Hadeeyah O
Hadeeyah O 2 hari yang lalu
Love this video
Megan Murphy
Megan Murphy 2 hari yang lalu
Elle is seriously so hilarious and so sweet!!
Shaé Powell
Shaé Powell 2 hari yang lalu
Sadie P
Sadie P 2 hari yang lalu
You guys are just so perfect!❤ seriously love watching you guys😍
Maria Garay
Maria Garay 2 hari yang lalu
That is cute Elle and Alaina are so cute
Itzel Lugo
Itzel Lugo 2 hari yang lalu
@22:23 she remindes me of Michael Jackson
Faith Young
Faith Young 2 hari yang lalu
😂😂😂 I love watching your videos you guys are amazing 💯. Please pick me my name for cash app is faithsbankapp
Jazmin Carpenter
Jazmin Carpenter 2 hari yang lalu
Done 💕
Kaylee Sings
Kaylee Sings 2 hari yang lalu
maria valdes
maria valdes 2 hari yang lalu
Andreallaguno I would buy my baby boy something he is 4 months old and a cutie and use it for college and my bff and i always wanted to start doing ID-vid videos any helpful tips
Elsie Strongosky
Elsie Strongosky 2 hari yang lalu
Elle is the best big sister ever. Maybe she will even do her hair one time
Royalty. Tyy
Royalty. Tyy 2 hari yang lalu
Carrie Dang
Carrie Dang 2 hari yang lalu
$CarrieDang I love you guys. Y’all are soo cute!
Awdre Henry
Awdre Henry 2 hari yang lalu
Tarshey Armstead
Tarshey Armstead 2 hari yang lalu
I got that color
Smile_likesunshine 2 hari yang lalu
Elle is the best big sister! It’s so exciting seeing her become so smart & her own big personality ❤️ can’t wait to see baby sshhhiisser grow as well ❤️ you guys are amazing! Love the ace family!!
Kallista Bout
Kallista Bout 2 hari yang lalu
Elle is such a good big sister ❤️
Omar Ahmed
Omar Ahmed 2 hari yang lalu
Elle is so adorable
Stephanie Arias
Stephanie Arias 2 hari yang lalu
cash app: $alexandra92018 Elle is such an amazing big sister already! God Bless you all for wanting to help others financially. The First thing I'd do is help pay off my daughter's day care fees that are starting to pile up, meanwhile I'm a teen mom studying to get a degree this semester and get a better paying job to provide baby items and spoil my baby girl. God Bless if I get randomly chosen.
Piffany 2 hari yang lalu
Yaqueline Chacon
Yaqueline Chacon 2 hari yang lalu
Hey AACEFamily! You guys are so amazing, kind, lovely couple and parents. I've honestly been with you guys since day one! 1,000 would really help me give my parents something nice for Christmas. They have never received something nice from me, and its something I want to do in order to give them a joyful Christmas this 2018 year. You guys won't guess what! Tomorrow will be my 17th birthday! Anyways, I've always wanted to get a shout out from you guys or maybe this month will be my lucky month, haha. I love you guys so very much. When I say I love you, I really do! I suffer from depression, and when I lay alone in my room, you guys literally bring a smile to my face. You guys make me be more positive within my self. I look up to the AACE family because, they make me want a good future, they help me be a better individual and to be kind to others. Life is too short to not color in the pages in your book of life. Thank you so much Austin Mcbroom, Catherine Paiz, Elle Lively Mcbroom, Alaia Marie Mcbroom, for bringing joy into my days and nights. You guys are the best. I can't wait for any future plans you guys come up with, just know that they will be extraordinary!!! Cash App is $edithchacon09
Carolina Lopez Romo
Carolina Lopez Romo 2 hari yang lalu
$onlycarolina ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Desiree reyes
Desiree reyes 2 hari yang lalu
MY HEART😭 she’s such a good little sister
JustThatAwesome TV
JustThatAwesome TV 2 hari yang lalu
Palmira Aguilar
Palmira Aguilar 2 hari yang lalu
Elle is such a good big seeshter lol $Plamira1 you guys are so awesome for doing this
Gharam Khalefah
Gharam Khalefah 2 hari yang lalu
Elle so cute I really love her and her baby sister ❤️♥️💕
Delmy Gonzalez
Delmy Gonzalez 2 hari yang lalu
No 😱😱
Melanie Gutierrez
Melanie Gutierrez 2 hari yang lalu
I clicked the bell and notification
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