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Drake - Nonstop

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Nonstop (Official Video)
‘Scorpion’ Available Here:
Theo Skudra
Jason Aita
Isaac Eastgate
Kyle Gregory Sanderson
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Dean G. Moore
Simon Lane
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Damien Viking Destiny
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Melanie Sanchez
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Ashley Gadd
Andrew Sanson
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Brennan Mercer
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Music video by Drake performing Nonstop. © 2018 Young Money/Cash Money Records


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Komentar 20 986
Cal Ram
Cal Ram 5 jam yang lalu
Mr. Moji
Mr. Moji 6 jam yang lalu
Anyone else see the camera man on the left at 2:10
Marco Morales
Marco Morales 6 jam yang lalu
Drake could fart on the track and it would be a hit!
Unicornstuff 8 jam yang lalu
I'm going nonstop bro
KaNe E
KaNe E 8 jam yang lalu
Where’s them pusha t fans at? Shit where’s pusha t even at? Anyone even heard of that lame ass nigga?
Esteban Rodríguez
Esteban Rodríguez 9 jam yang lalu
real cool flow
TheCorrinne66 10 jam yang lalu
👌👏👏👏 😘
IcaroYBN 11 jam yang lalu
Quem Veio pela intro do greg ferreira?
Mike Muntaser
Mike Muntaser 13 jam yang lalu
drake acting like he about to play in a game 7 in the intro
best channel
best channel 13 jam yang lalu
Listening it at 12 o pm clock before eams
andre nunes barros
andre nunes barros 13 jam yang lalu
Tem alguem do brasil ?
youngpancakes 14 jam yang lalu
Drada 15 jam yang lalu
Greatness, a true master of ceremonies
Jayden Erazo
Jayden Erazo 15 jam yang lalu
Lit Drake
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 15 jam yang lalu
1:17 looks like a 2k ad featuring drake
Lissa Sevigne
Lissa Sevigne 16 jam yang lalu
Love it
dre nicholls
dre nicholls 17 jam yang lalu
That crowd tho
Caleb VanBenschoten
Caleb VanBenschoten 17 jam yang lalu
Damn i wish i was at this show in London DAMN. 🔥🔥🔥
Jeannie Woody
Jeannie Woody 17 jam yang lalu
You kill x bich fuck you as you so bad
tuc 80
tuc 80 18 jam yang lalu
He took it back to his Memphis roots
Weezy981Arnold 18 jam yang lalu
lids hava a new owner too
Weezy981Arnold 18 jam yang lalu
drake vs who??
MLG Frog
MLG Frog 18 jam yang lalu
The thing I like about drake is that he doesent do drugs, like 6ix9ine but 6ix9ine is still a good rapper lol
Zenidinw Williams
Zenidinw Williams 18 jam yang lalu
Your stupid everybody get nervous. On stage stupid
S.A.Y 19 jam yang lalu
i dont like drake, but this fye
Leo Ramirez
Leo Ramirez Hari Yang lalu
Fire good shit Drake still ur fan iight
Melro Hari Yang lalu
Melro - MEGO Freestyle (NEW DANCE VIDEO) #2018 #NT4YL.🙏
A ri
A ri Hari Yang lalu
Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up! Look, I just flipped the switch (flipped, flipped) I don't know nobody else that's doin' this Bodies start to drop, ayy, hit the floor Now they wanna know me since I hit the top, ayy This a Rollie, not a stopwatch, shit don't ever stop This the flow that got the block hot, shit got super hot Give me my respect, give me my respect I just took it left like I'm ambidex Bitch, I move through London with the eurostep Got a sneaker deal and I ain't break a sweat Catch me 'cause I'm goin' outta there, I'm gone How I go from 6 to 23 like I'm LeBron? Servin' up a pack, servin' up a pack Niggas pullin' gimmicks 'cause they scared to rap, ayy Funny how they shook, ayy, got these niggas shook Pullin' back the curtain by myself, take a look, ayy I'm a bar spitta, I'm a hard hitta Yeah I'm light skinned, but I'm still a dark nigga I'm a wig splitta, I'm a tall figure I'm a unforgivin' wild-ass dog nigga Somethin' wrong with 'em, got 'em all bitter I'm a bill printer, I'm a grave digger Yeah, I am what I am I don't have no time for no misunderstandings again My head is spinnin', smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin', smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin', smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin' This a Rollie, not a stopwatch, shit don't ever stop Smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin', smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin', smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin', smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is Future took the business and ran it for me I let Ollie take the owl, told him brand it for me I get 2 million a pop and that's standard for me Like I went blind dog, you gotta hand it to me (Gotta gimme that shit, dog) Prayed, then I prayed again (Amen, Lord) Had a moment but it came and went (They don't love you no more) You don't wanna play with him (nah, nah, nah) They'll be mournin' you like 8AM (R.I.P) Pinky ring 'til I get a wedding ring (woah, yeah) Love my brothers, cut 'em in on anything (big slice) And you know it's King Slime Drizzy damn She just said I'm bae, I hit the thizzle dance (Mac Dre shit) Either hand is the upper hand (oh yeah, shit) Got a Bubba on my other hand (oh yeah, shit, yeah) This shit ain't no hundred bands (nah, nah, nah, nah) Palace look like Buckingham Bills so big I call 'em Williams, for real Reasons to go crazy, got a trillion for real They been tryin' me but I'm resilient for real I can't go in public like civilian for real And I hardly take offense Money for revenge, man, that's hardly an expense Al Haymon checks off of all of my events I like all the profit, man, I hardly do percents (I don't do that shit) A big part of me resents Niggas that I knew from when I started in this shit They see what I got and man it's hard to be content Fuck what they got goin' on, I gotta represent My head is spinnin', smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin', smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin', smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin' This a Rollie, not a stopwatch, shit don't ever stop Smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin', smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin', smokin' on the chicken, the bass is kickin' My head is spinnin' This the flow that got the block hot, shit got super hot
Kapil Kumar
Kapil Kumar Hari Yang lalu
Anuraag Gupta
CallmeHaz !
CallmeHaz ! Hari Yang lalu
Love. U. Drake
Aryan Narangr
Aryan Narangr Hari Yang lalu
Looks like Drake was doing KIKI challenge on the BUS 😂...
hudsontoo1212 Hari Yang lalu
Word on the skreeeets is Drake likes grooming little kids.... lame ass
Kyle Shirleson
Kyle Shirleson Hari Yang lalu
Pimping 4 Life... Ghost Like B.I.G. just hate like B.I.G. Cuz or Blood Ima scale (♎) dat mink out in London Don I'm The King Not an Bishop Pimping!!!
DuhItzGoat Hari Yang lalu
I was at the concert of drake at sprint center Kansas City anyone else?
Destiny Jackson
Destiny Jackson Hari Yang lalu
He took a big L on dis one
Agent 43
Agent 43 Hari Yang lalu
in gods plan he is so positive and happy that's what I like bout this rapper
g edmond
g edmond Hari Yang lalu
Yeaaahhhh Drake!!
Elijah Clark
Elijah Clark Hari Yang lalu
Drake x Tay Keith Album bout to be Crazy Af !!!💥🔥🔥
Brendan Delaney
Brendan Delaney Hari Yang lalu
Dj squeeky and mack daddy jule
Brendan Delaney
Brendan Delaney Hari Yang lalu
Pay respect to Memphis!
Brendan Delaney
Brendan Delaney Hari Yang lalu
Pay respect to Memphis!
Юлия Пяточкина
Jenny Garcia
Jenny Garcia Hari Yang lalu
Why is it more lit with the crowd?😁🔥
Rubens RX
Rubens RX Hari Yang lalu
You're the next drake. REVENGE
Niya Mealy
Niya Mealy Hari Yang lalu
I like this song
TheOneYouKnew Hari Yang lalu
Move to London with a Yuro step
Maestro Preserva
Maestro Preserva Hari Yang lalu
Fuck you Bitch. Dont ever use menphis samples. That shit is not for you
MACsai Hari Yang lalu
its me or that beat is out of control
XxKateTheUnicornxX Hari Yang lalu
Drake is the best like if you agree
shahabaz k
shahabaz k Hari Yang lalu
Indian anyone ?
best channel
best channel Hari Yang lalu
Listen this song before giving exams you will get 100% marks
Tasha Beckett
Tasha Beckett Hari Yang lalu
Who needs beats? check out Clark Make Hits
FUC A3 Hari Yang lalu
Got goosebumps
Blivee S
Blivee S Hari Yang lalu
-This is drake-
Love Buddy
Love Buddy 2 hari yang lalu
Drake back nonstop
James Wilkins
James Wilkins 2 hari yang lalu
Drake one of my favorite rappers and his blood line from my home town Memphis let's go
drakedani 9
drakedani 9 2 hari yang lalu
Nice bro
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 2 hari yang lalu
Must wield the chicken...
MatoxyCBA Oliveira
MatoxyCBA Oliveira 2 hari yang lalu
Vim pelo Greg ferreira alguém mais?
Emanuel Freitas
Emanuel Freitas Hari Yang lalu
Eu kkkk
Tural Dr
Tural Dr 2 hari yang lalu
Как это слушать можно?
802 Vids
802 Vids 2 hari yang lalu
Dam Aubrey aka drake u r so hard. Lol thug name Aubrey. Wait wait hard core thug named Aubrey.
Alison O'brien
Alison O'brien 2 hari yang lalu
Hello people...I was going through a very rough divorce a couple of years back...I was heartbroken and depressed and I was almost out of my mind but I met a spiritualist that helped me through I and my husband have been back together for over a year now and we've been happy like never before all thanks to this man...if you're going through any rough patch with a lover be it wife,husband..boyfriend or girlfriend or you want someone to fall in love with you or you need any type of spiritual help in any aspect contact me on and I'd help you get in touch with the spiritualist and I can guarantee that he'll help you
Lara MSP
Lara MSP 2 hari yang lalu
cause you are a piece of shit
Lara MSP
Lara MSP 2 hari yang lalu
x is better then you
Lara MSP
Lara MSP 2 hari yang lalu
Lara MSP
Lara MSP 2 hari yang lalu
Lara MSP
Lara MSP 2 hari yang lalu
Lara MSP
Lara MSP 2 hari yang lalu
Lara MSP
Lara MSP 2 hari yang lalu
Lara MSP
Lara MSP 2 hari yang lalu
Jacob Turner
Jacob Turner 2 hari yang lalu
Nonstop mode 🔥👌👋
Taylor88 Productions
Taylor88 Productions 2 hari yang lalu
This a rollie of some quarters for some pop.
Husnain Naeem
Husnain Naeem 2 hari yang lalu
Well good for u bro
Isabella Xoxo
Isabella Xoxo 2 hari yang lalu
Fav song atm.
Ben Kihara
Ben Kihara 2 hari yang lalu
My day is never complete without playing this song...... at times i play it nonstop...😜
Jean Rosel Amari
Jean Rosel Amari 2 hari yang lalu
I can't stop myself from listening to this
Tyler Sykes
Tyler Sykes 2 hari yang lalu
Personally this is the best song he has ever made! At least top 3.
Jeffrey Skudlark
Jeffrey Skudlark 2 hari yang lalu
Gonz 2 hari yang lalu
Alex Cannon
Alex Cannon 2 hari yang lalu
3:11 Anyone else notice migos
mwas Alex
mwas Alex 2 hari yang lalu
now this the best of them all
John Gbenga Babington
John Gbenga Babington 3 hari yang lalu
You ain’t a dark Nigga nigga
KVN THEPRINCE 3 hari yang lalu
Can I be real, this video deserve a billion views, lyrics is dope. The beat is fire as fuck. I mean the homie always kill every track
Holly W
Holly W 3 hari yang lalu
This shit too cold
Tilak Patel
Tilak Patel 3 hari yang lalu
just some of drake things repeated again men he is a fucking legend
Cláudia Maria
Cláudia Maria 3 hari yang lalu
Lindo glória és espetacular mesmo 🙏💎🌺🇨🇻❣️🇵🇹
Dumbo&Gumbo ._.
Dumbo&Gumbo ._. 3 hari yang lalu
I went to the in Boston lit af concer
MichiganFan 23
MichiganFan 23 3 hari yang lalu
Jenny Craig
Jenny Craig 3 hari yang lalu
Hmm nice
Kareem Ajibola-Kameel
Kareem Ajibola-Kameel 3 hari yang lalu
nicholas arthur
nicholas arthur 3 hari yang lalu
Gotta be considerate that we wanna hear the song in the start too and not have to look up the lyrics. Like good song but the cheers killed the start personally
Grubik 's
Grubik 's 3 hari yang lalu
Rachel McCracken
Rachel McCracken 3 hari yang lalu
Slim N64
Slim N64 3 hari yang lalu
I haven't heard him say Drizzy in years a least he ain't forgot.
Beto castro
Beto castro 3 hari yang lalu
Alexandru Celmare
Alexandru Celmare 3 hari yang lalu
Drake pissing on all the ,,lil” motherfuckers
Deangelo Brown
Deangelo Brown 3 hari yang lalu
This 1 🔥🔥
Danielle Isden
Danielle Isden 3 hari yang lalu
Nonstop on repeat
mohamed cransh
mohamed cransh 3 hari yang lalu
i to be a signer
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