Doing Kylie Jenner's Halloween Makeup

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! Today's video has an ICONIC special guest, Kylie Jenner. We tweeted each other and wanted to collab for a Halloween Makeup Tutorial using her brand new collection launching on Friday. We turn her into a spooky skeleton while talking about all things Kylie Cosmetics, billionaire status, fame, her baby Stormi, and our new friendship. Enjoy!!!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
WRITER: Eros Gomez
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


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9 Okt 2018

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James Charles
James Charles 3 hari yang lalu
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Can i get 50000 subscribers with one video please
I got maxed out james
Mauro soto
Mauro soto 9 jam yang lalu
James Charles what did u use to sketch out the lips
Fox Face
Fox Face 12 jam yang lalu
Totally voted
Fox Face
Fox Face 12 jam yang lalu
Love u!!!!
Jordan Crawford
Jordan Crawford 14 jam yang lalu
we love a spooky shister
Bill Corral Dee
Bill Corral Dee 24 menit yang lalu
I am so gonna do this halloween make-up this weekend. 😍 This will be my reference and i'll do some a bit changes for myself. Love you both. Thanks. 💋💀 📸: @billxcorral
Robyn Findlay
Robyn Findlay 28 menit yang lalu
first time i've actually seen her have a personality she's growing on me
Thomas Norton
Thomas Norton 42 menit yang lalu
And you wonder why the Muslims want to chop our heads off
Texting Storys-Roblox - and more
James and kyile saying hi sisters is 😍
Natalka Jam Yang lalu
Wishing someone
Wishing someone 2 jam yang lalu
i love halloween make up
Wishing someone
Wishing someone 2 jam yang lalu
wowwwwwwwwwww amazing
Simran Mann
Simran Mann 2 jam yang lalu
You just had another sister added into your beautiful family of makeup lovers!. You're really the *cutest*, James
Bella Hackett
Bella Hackett 2 jam yang lalu
She looks like she doesn’t care lol
Leelee’s Life
Leelee’s Life 3 jam yang lalu
Though how many guards are outside of james house 😂😂
Leelee’s Life
Leelee’s Life 3 jam yang lalu
Kylie is so cuteeee and so pretty 💖
Lucy Steele
Lucy Steele 3 jam yang lalu
The eyes are soooo pretty
Czuowiek 3 jam yang lalu
sarcastic tiger
sarcastic tiger 3 jam yang lalu
The queeennnssss
Benito 3 jam yang lalu
This is a big moment for sister james as well as sister kylie. WE LOVE A COLLABORATIVE SHISHTER
Babe Ariel
Babe Ariel 3 jam yang lalu
It’s honestly pretty shady that Kylie didn’t shout out James on her Instagram or anything. She’s willing to use the ID-vid and Beauty community when it benefits her but won’t throw some shine on James?
anahera maia
anahera maia 4 jam yang lalu
Still prefer Fenty💅
Faith Marie
Faith Marie 4 jam yang lalu
she whistles everytime she says the S and ever since I noticed it it's all I hear now omg (no offense still love her)
Sophia Silvestri
Sophia Silvestri 4 jam yang lalu
Can James do my Halloween makeup??
kiera phillips
kiera phillips 5 jam yang lalu
Can’t wait for the “James Charles annoying Kylie jenner for two minute straight” videos 💀
Miscre8ted 5 jam yang lalu
she looks better with her face covered, ty for this. don't ever let her take it off
Cassie Hondro
Cassie Hondro 5 jam yang lalu
What does he spray on the brush after dabbing it in the eyeshadow?
Katie Fuckyou
Katie Fuckyou 6 jam yang lalu
Wow ive hated kylie jenner for the longest time but ive never actually seen her talk or anything.. I cant believe im saying this; but shes so... normal. ugh. Like i would be friends with this girl irl. I just can't believe how regular she is.
astrid Cruz
astrid Cruz 6 jam yang lalu
Omg kylie is so cuteeeee 💕 ahaha
Guill Chauvet
Guill Chauvet 6 jam yang lalu
when james was like kylie's my fav sister *me crying inside
kpc jonny
kpc jonny 6 jam yang lalu
Yall niggas got the game fucced up
Richard Rivera
Richard Rivera 6 jam yang lalu
I feel like James could of done something better then this og makeup look, that has been done multiple times..tea sis
Soft. Teddy.Bear.
Soft. Teddy.Bear. 7 jam yang lalu
Are you a girl or a boy
The Beau Me’Elle
The Beau Me’Elle 7 jam yang lalu
Sister... that was amazing 💕😩 y’all are perfect together !
Santhy Vlogs
Santhy Vlogs 7 jam yang lalu
Kylie Jenner is beauriful 😋
Matthew Montaño
Matthew Montaño 7 jam yang lalu
Does anyone know what he's using to do the black and white 💀 part?
ItzChey 25
ItzChey 25 7 jam yang lalu
Ok I’m loving this!
Jennifer Garcia Betanzo
Jennifer Garcia Betanzo 7 jam yang lalu
Kylie seems so likable!!
Walter Wiki
Walter Wiki 7 jam yang lalu
Omg James ur so a prp
Rebecca Li
Rebecca Li 7 jam yang lalu
sister spooky
TheAliLife 7 jam yang lalu
This makeup is honestly STUNNING. I AM SHOOK.
vx 7 jam yang lalu this a girl or a guy..?
MeSoKrazy Lol
MeSoKrazy Lol 7 jam yang lalu
Becareful their know for stealing ideas 🤑🤑🤑
Shalceley Carnelizon
Shalceley Carnelizon 7 jam yang lalu
I like how they both look at each other when talking. Like... I don't usually see that in collaborations. HAHAHA.
Oxouiredd408 408
Oxouiredd408 408 7 jam yang lalu
Oxouiredd408 408
Oxouiredd408 408 7 jam yang lalu
#Faze rug
Sahifa Madhar
Sahifa Madhar 7 jam yang lalu
haha sooo funny!!!! want to see more videos of u 2 !! 👯
Kiley Tortora
Kiley Tortora 8 jam yang lalu
Angie Mizaki
Angie Mizaki 8 jam yang lalu
You’re getting expoooooseeeed
Emin Akhverdyan
Emin Akhverdyan 8 jam yang lalu
travis come get yo girl 😂
Valley Viz
Valley Viz 8 jam yang lalu
Susie Buchanan
Susie Buchanan 8 jam yang lalu
You are so talented and I love Kylie! She is so normal... 💕🌸💕🌸
gaston gonzalez
gaston gonzalez 8 jam yang lalu
TRUMP 2020 all hail the king #2genders
Heather Clark
Heather Clark 8 jam yang lalu
I can't figure out who is prettier!?
yasmeen 8 jam yang lalu
Didn’t she do a collab with Gigi gorgeous?
Nicole Plays Roblox
Nicole Plays Roblox 8 jam yang lalu
Wow James Charles your really good at makeup also I just subscribe
CheesyBearz 8 jam yang lalu
Spooktober bitches
mariana gamez
mariana gamez 8 jam yang lalu
Do mines James 😍 lol
Xxx Tentacion
Xxx Tentacion 8 jam yang lalu
0:45 ‘’’s Halloween time (scream) that scream that was inserted 😂😂😂made me laugh sooooo sister hard
Sugar Lilly
Sugar Lilly 8 jam yang lalu
Omg so beautiful!!!! Both of you
NICOMEEKER 8 jam yang lalu
Aw I loveeee this! Can’t wait to see more of you spooky sisters! ♥️
Caitlin Shjsnen
Caitlin Shjsnen 9 jam yang lalu
3:08 he sounds like one of the white chicks lmao
Bayleigh Ingram
Bayleigh Ingram 9 jam yang lalu
You need to do Cardi B's makeup next time 😲😲😲😲❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Inky Potato
Inky Potato 9 jam yang lalu
You are very prettyful UwU
PolarGames 9 jam yang lalu
Faze Rug would have been hella mad. Lol
Alyssa Mcbride
Alyssa Mcbride 9 jam yang lalu
*spooky scary skeletons have left the chat*
Lilikoi Lia
Lilikoi Lia 9 jam yang lalu
its like she gets acne after and sews him
Kai Thomas-alston
Kai Thomas-alston 9 jam yang lalu
Andres Castillo
Andres Castillo 9 jam yang lalu
I love this..more videos with Kylie please
Marie Lisa
Marie Lisa 9 jam yang lalu
Kylie is gorgeous!
Christopher Marshburn
Christopher Marshburn 9 jam yang lalu
Kylie’s roots tho.
Chanel Esposito
Chanel Esposito 9 jam yang lalu
Look how excited Kylie is
Camila Antigua Valdez
Camila Antigua Valdez 9 jam yang lalu
She has make up on her hair... makes me want to stop using make up at all...
Chris Winchell
Chris Winchell 9 jam yang lalu
Nauya Vidahl
Nauya Vidahl 9 jam yang lalu
Watching at 0.75x, and I can finally understand what hes saying, wow.
Celeste Vazquez
Celeste Vazquez 9 jam yang lalu
Holy shit.. actually fucking shook
A Non
A Non 9 jam yang lalu
*Charles still not on the PR list*
Lilly Andeson
Lilly Andeson 9 jam yang lalu
# sister spooky
Bull Dull 99
Bull Dull 99 9 jam yang lalu
James is a girl now
vanessa akana
vanessa akana 10 jam yang lalu
OMG!! Loovveee this lol
Andrea Valentina Rodriguez Camacho
i like the makeup and i like kyle jenner makeup
allie wilson
allie wilson 10 jam yang lalu
She keeps winking..
Marika F
Marika F 10 jam yang lalu
She is so cute
Gimme Leaks
Gimme Leaks 10 jam yang lalu
Why does the makeup look like skull trooper
Zoe Taylor
Zoe Taylor 10 jam yang lalu
They should legit be bsfs
Emily Londt
Emily Londt 10 jam yang lalu
how is he so calm sitting next to kylie
Emily Londt
Emily Londt 10 jam yang lalu
11:09 "were like, Stisers"
Dyed Little Princess
Dyed Little Princess 10 jam yang lalu
This is absolutely amazing 💜💜💜
Britney 10 jam yang lalu
"Beef viewrs watch this"
Jdxo 10 jam yang lalu
Kylie is beautiful
Nayeli Guerrero
Nayeli Guerrero 10 jam yang lalu
Any Small ID-vidrs Want To Help Support Each Other... 😇✨
Dyed Little Princess
Dyed Little Princess 10 jam yang lalu
Oooo spooky season is here 😍🤩❤️
Jadync_101 Jadyn
Jadync_101 Jadyn 10 jam yang lalu
#heysisters love you sister james
Alexis Benally
Alexis Benally 10 jam yang lalu
That is crazy cool
Cherrilynn Lele Zhang
Cherrilynn Lele Zhang 10 jam yang lalu
Oh my god her skin is fucking GORGEOUS does she even have pores
Many Dolls Many Hearts
Many Dolls Many Hearts 11 jam yang lalu
When I saw this I was like... WHAT, no way that’s the real Kylie Jenner! 😂
poppin edits !
poppin edits ! 11 jam yang lalu
I love Kylie so much alfoskdi
Emily Larkin
Emily Larkin 11 jam yang lalu
ughhh total favs !
I Snappy
I Snappy 11 jam yang lalu
I confused is he a girl or a boy?
LooB0o 11 jam yang lalu
K y l i e Collab with M i k e a l A
Justin Shrock
Justin Shrock 11 jam yang lalu
Corgi_ Queen
Corgi_ Queen 10 jam yang lalu
Gorillaz,Marvel, and Fairy Tail is my oxagen ._.
I forgot that I had my volume on all the way and all I hear is "HeY SisTers" (+_+)
Slime Master
Slime Master 11 jam yang lalu
Can somebody in the comments subscribe to me? Or watch some of my slime vids?
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Grayson Dares Ethan!!
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