CUCO - Summertime Hightime feat. J-Kwe$t

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Summertime Hightime performed by CUCO featuring J-Kwe$t
Stream Chiquito -
Director - Abraham Recio (MU$TY BOYZ)
Producer - Ryland Burns
Production Company - Burning Film (
Agency - Premiere Music Group
Cinematographer - Jack Caswell
1st AC - Anthony Goodman
Steadicam - Parker Brooks
Stylist - Chelsea Gaspard
Assistant Stylist - Elvis Blu
Set Dresser - Angus Bernsen
Special Thanks: Mija MGMT, The Pacheco Family, Mellowgrass, Jackqueline Perez, Hannah Uribe, David "suscato" Rodriguez and all the homies that pulled up.


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25 Jul 2018

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Demonz N My Sleep
Demonz N My Sleep 54 menit yang lalu
4mil views already!? hes gonna blow up!
Fer Reyes
Fer Reyes 54 menit yang lalu
Cuco eres el mejor 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
Yara Pacheco
Yara Pacheco Jam Yang lalu
Me acabo de dar que hará un concierto en Barcelona. AHHHHHH. Me muero por escucharlo en vivo YA
xavi Bricño
xavi Bricño 5 jam yang lalu
mexican power ó power mexican
THE ELITE TACO 5 jam yang lalu
2:15 if you live in east LA you know what high school that is
ZURIX SMR 7 jam yang lalu
High time
Desylopez 14 jam yang lalu
Is he not with his gf anymore? :/
Slurp Juice
Slurp Juice 14 jam yang lalu
In hot box best friends in and high ass fuk🤣@chill vibes
Diego Casarrubias
Diego Casarrubias 15 jam yang lalu
yo i love this. saludos raza desde la cuidad de mexico.
Breydy Alessandra
Breydy Alessandra 16 jam yang lalu
Estevan Ramirez
Estevan Ramirez 18 jam yang lalu
The end is funny😂😂😂 4:19
Estevan Ramirez
Estevan Ramirez 18 jam yang lalu
Okay not 4:19 3:15
Miguel Ponce
Miguel Ponce 19 jam yang lalu
high with you
Kainhoo 19 jam yang lalu
Randy M
Randy M 20 jam yang lalu
Everyone in the vid dressed fucking weird all that vintage stuff not cool but the song nice
Fernan Aguirre
Fernan Aguirre 23 jam yang lalu
Ahhh ame esta cancion uwu que monito gg easy uwu
꧁TҺ૯ ૭คɱ૯Ր ʆคɿɱ૯ PRO꧂
Like por la tabla de novia XD
lostgirl 4l
lostgirl 4l Hari Yang lalu
That piece of wood really giving me Ed, Edd, and Eddy vibes
Jorlin Hernandez
Jorlin Hernandez Hari Yang lalu
3:33 Mac Miller is that you?!
yo Mistyh
yo Mistyh Hari Yang lalu
4:20 just what i like
Namra Masood
Namra Masood Hari Yang lalu
Hey notice the time stamp 😭😂
samantha cottrell
samantha cottrell Hari Yang lalu
Wth is this
Mlg Duckies
Mlg Duckies Hari Yang lalu
this is not epic
Anime 404
Anime 404 Hari Yang lalu
Hola la bandera de mexico atras xd
mario rodas
mario rodas Hari Yang lalu
Que fumado, exelente☺
Roberto Licardie
Roberto Licardie Hari Yang lalu
Does anyone know what's the song being played in the background @ 2:00 ? Love that bass :)
Valeria Trujillo
Valeria Trujillo Hari Yang lalu
Raza Méxicana prros🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Saika 2 hari yang lalu
Valeria Trujillo
Valeria Trujillo 2 hari yang lalu
La cumbia del minuto 1:59 Bien perra😎👌❤️
Valeria Trujillo
Valeria Trujillo 2 hari yang lalu
Desde México 🇲🇽 escuchando esto tan Perron 👌😎
AbbyNeedaHit420 2 hari yang lalu
I finally found yall youtube channel😁 lol nice I saw yall on fb and I lovveee this song omg 💖💖💖
Crakzan Xonic
Crakzan Xonic 2 hari yang lalu
Trap O R W A V E
Vutha Preng
Vutha Preng 2 hari yang lalu
Dude from Ed, Edd, n Eddy all grown up
Gomez 2 hari yang lalu
3:31 Escalera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jose Jimenez
Jose Jimenez 2 hari yang lalu
Repping LA
Jose Jimenez
Jose Jimenez 2 hari yang lalu
Summer time and wasting each other’s time ✨
Luis The cool kid
Luis The cool kid 2 hari yang lalu
This shit lowkey go hard 🔥🔥🔥
Curandero 2 hari yang lalu
Se le ve lo Mexas a kilómetros pinches ñeros y el cumbion de Fondo jajajaja Ahuevo. 😎
Rifai Alvin
Rifai Alvin 2 hari yang lalu
si demam
Lalo Lares
Lalo Lares 2 hari yang lalu
Winter time is the time I like to get High with you
Honey Bear Radio
Honey Bear Radio 2 hari yang lalu
did no one notice that the video is 4:20 long?
adrian vasquez
adrian vasquez 2 hari yang lalu
The ooo ooo oooo at 1:27 makes me tremble cuz it’s so nice
Eduardo Acevedo
Eduardo Acevedo 2 hari yang lalu
i hope i get in invited to one of these parties this upcoming summer lmao
Lowkey Tessa Msp!
Lowkey Tessa Msp! 2 hari yang lalu
2:30 Cucos Face 😂 (mood)
Lowkey Tessa Msp!
Lowkey Tessa Msp! 2 hari yang lalu
Croc Coeda
Croc Coeda 3 hari yang lalu
Porque esos bigotes tan feos alv
Hengky Sulaksono
Hengky Sulaksono 3 hari yang lalu
teler 26434645486x
Kill elOquint
Kill elOquint 3 hari yang lalu
If big nick was average size
filthy rich
filthy rich 3 hari yang lalu
Koo koo mane
Alan Gómez
Alan Gómez 3 hari yang lalu
La mejor de cuco
Jenni WazHere
Jenni WazHere 3 hari yang lalu
a whole bop 🤙🏼♥️
el qimico naturalbeat
el qimico naturalbeat 3 hari yang lalu
bien!! muy bien! :)
LuxuryHomes888 3 hari yang lalu
i fit right in on this party man... everybody chillin
Dani Ge
Dani Ge 3 hari yang lalu
So this is what Plank is up to now a days🤔 damn.
Juliana Camacho torres
Juliana Camacho torres 3 hari yang lalu
los hermanos 123456789
los hermanos 123456789 3 hari yang lalu
Summer time is the time I like to get high with you It's true Vibe with me, trip with me, let me spend my days With you [Cuco] Going up a hill and were on a pretty pill I'm just around the corner where the clouds meet up The mills Happiness is back ain't no one to me but you And no lies have come along everything I say is true If I'm on cloud 9 maybe 30 even 2 ain't no one Bringing me down my cause highest is with U So grab my hand and now let's go fly away from Town let's get to outserspace baby I'm telling U now That [J-Kwe$t] Baby come and share ya lovely vibes Baby come and share ya lovely vibes Baby come and share ya lovely vibes I'll promise that I'll make you mine tonight Shawty I don't really care, we could get drunk in the In the back of the trunk. You a perfect 10 no gas, no Pump, sippin on rum. Baby we young. Shawty don't Ever tell me that your done. Cause I wanna get a III Taste don't run Shawty you gorgeous, girl you should know dis Gotta so many things I never told ya [J-Kwe$t] Baby come and share ya lovely vibes Baby come and share ya lovely vibes Baby come and share ya lovely vibes I'll promise that I'll make you mine tonight Baby come and share ya lovely vibes Baby come and share ya lovely vibes Baby come and share ya lovely vibes I'll promise that I'll make you mine tonight
v4c4 Vaca
v4c4 Vaca 4 hari yang lalu
💚💚 te veo en Monterrey ,México
krazy388 4 hari yang lalu
When your girl likes this song, but you hate it
matan shitfuck
matan shitfuck Hari Yang lalu
Cindy Arevalo
Cindy Arevalo 4 hari yang lalu
Dyane Pineda
Dyane Pineda 4 hari yang lalu
quiero que cuco sea mi novio :(
s a d a l i e n
s a d a l i e n 4 hari yang lalu
Tablón se va a poner celoso
s a d a l i e n
s a d a l i e n 4 hari yang lalu
Like Si eres latino
Waldo Apaza
Waldo Apaza 4 hari yang lalu
I happy, bailando con mi tabla :¨> :D
LSX376VET 4 hari yang lalu
Niyati Somani
Niyati Somani 4 hari yang lalu
j kwest can have my babies
TannishThomas 4 hari yang lalu
this video has such a different vibe when you set it to default view, that 4:3 ratio looks clean
Julia Anahi Hernandez Molina
Estas bien gracioso Cuco, me encantas.
pedro ales
pedro ales 4 hari yang lalu
BRASIL ? 💛💚💛💚💛💚💛
samuel gonzalez
samuel gonzalez 4 hari yang lalu
Did I just witness a vine reference at 3:27 ????
Panda 69
Panda 69 4 hari yang lalu
Wow ur so underrated u needa be known more i just found out about u now because im depressed asf but bro u up there high with that flow of your i need this music in my life never stop make more and more cuzo
this is the chilliest party ever I would go ;)
Wolf Gang
Wolf Gang 4 hari yang lalu
Only clicked on this because of girl version plank 😂
TheProzac4dave 4 hari yang lalu
this song ends @4:20 so chill
XenoTehCyclops 4 hari yang lalu
I can’t get over this kick ass music video
Molina Videla
Molina Videla 4 hari yang lalu
Que linda es la vida ❤️
Rio CDM 5 hari yang lalu
viva mexico cabrones
The Braumx
The Braumx 5 hari yang lalu
me encatra esta cancion
Carla Michaelson
Carla Michaelson 5 hari yang lalu
Love the vibe of this video, kinda reminds me of the movie Napoleon Dynamite, when Pedro is having a Mexican party . 🇲🇽👏👏👏
Ezio K
Ezio K 5 hari yang lalu
I love that boi lmao
Kassandra Wolf 0428 :P
Kassandra Wolf 0428 :P 5 hari yang lalu
sounds like his other song
Meredith Lee
Meredith Lee 5 hari yang lalu
Why does Cuco looks like a better version of Big Nik?
Ducky Gamez
Ducky Gamez 5 hari yang lalu
its crazy to see how far you have gone Omar keep it bro👍🙌
Armando Diaz
Armando Diaz 5 hari yang lalu
So when I was in high school there would be these daytime skipping parties this video reminds me of my past lmao thanks Cuco!
bryant_man 5 hari yang lalu
Anyone else think he looks like a grow up lil nick?
Betzy Martinez
Betzy Martinez 5 hari yang lalu
his music is so hypnotizing
Luis Edgar González Fuentes
1:59 It sounds "El paso del gigante"
Hector Reyes
Hector Reyes 5 hari yang lalu
Who els heard the cumbia at 2:22 😂
jay girl
jay girl 5 hari yang lalu
2:04 " Beat his little yellow A**" 😂😂😂
Camila Alarcón Mrqz
Camila Alarcón Mrqz 5 hari yang lalu
Lo amé mrk!
Diego Escobar Gaviria
Diego Escobar Gaviria 5 hari yang lalu
Rolón 2:11 Algo Mexicano Que No? 💗
juliet Rose
juliet Rose 5 hari yang lalu
I love how this is exactly 4:20 minutes long
Memo Garcia
Memo Garcia 5 hari yang lalu
Escaleras ooooooooohhh
tim guthrie
tim guthrie 5 hari yang lalu
Post Malone cameo @1:08 is fire
Dingleberry Finn
Dingleberry Finn 6 hari yang lalu
When did the kid from Ed edd and Eddy turn Hispanic
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez 6 hari yang lalu
East LA vibe in my early 20's
Rybee1 6 hari yang lalu
Cuco your music is so awesome it has helped me through hard times and makes me really happy. Keep up the good work dude😀👍
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez 6 hari yang lalu
This shit was the gayest shit I ever seen wtf my niggas
joe humbarger
joe humbarger 6 hari yang lalu
Is that plank from ed edd and eddy ? He got a sex change
brian cruz
brian cruz 6 hari yang lalu
Pinche slapppsssssssss
Mikey Barros
Mikey Barros 6 hari yang lalu
Shoutout to The Female Plank ! 😂🔥
Xonnlix 6 hari yang lalu
1:28 - 1:30 I liked that small moment for some reason. When they said “OoooOoo..”
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