Conor McGregor offered $10,000 to Khabib's friend for 'Crazy pictures' of Khabib,Dana on TJ

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Kenny Florian on Conor McGregor vs Khabib,
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Conor McGregor on Khabib,
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2 Okt 2018

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Komentar 3 969
Xavier Matinez
Xavier Matinez Bulan Yang lalu
I notice that nobody is talking about it and seems like most of you have missed it..When bisping is talking about Jones checkout what Jones is getting served and also checkout the chef in the bg lol it's the little things mma world you guys are the best
melur bobwait
melur bobwait Bulan Yang lalu
So Conor isnt ever gonna ko anyone in lightweight .. that power was a thingie in feather weight 1 0 0 %£
lamalogic fortnite
lamalogic fortnite Bulan Yang lalu
The build up to the rematch would be interesting.
bow tech
bow tech Bulan Yang lalu
Jon N shut up your inbred fuck
guysmalley Bulan Yang lalu
Nice, you are wonderful , lets give you a gold star
Joel T
Joel T Bulan Yang lalu
TheMrEpicsounds 17 hari yang lalu
Bisping: "inject it into his chicken breast" 🤣🤣🤣
Malik Shariff
Malik Shariff 22 hari yang lalu
Florian knows shit all,Khabib is king
Umar Khan
Umar Khan 23 hari yang lalu
khabib outclass connor in everyway. in arena huge support was for connor (fans). he (connor)was grabing cage with his feet. illegal knee to khabib head plus grabing his gloves and shorts refree was with connor ufc was with connor. despite of all these factors ur boy got smashed u ppl should b ashamed of urself if u talk crap about khabib.
Umar Khan
Umar Khan 23 hari yang lalu
you all dick heads who talks about connor left hand and one punch game where was that one punch when khabib standing infront off him for the whole third round.bull shit connor is just a one can beat khabib at lightweight understand the skills he got
Robert Hinton 3
Robert Hinton 3 Bulan Yang lalu
Well I guess that backfired
likewise4Gaming Bulan Yang lalu
Is Kenny EVER right? About ANYTHING MMA related?
PRIDE Bulan Yang lalu
Jon Jones ... why. What happend to the legend! Come back bro
staffie king 92
staffie king 92 Bulan Yang lalu
Guess I was crazy
Ahmed massari
Ahmed massari Bulan Yang lalu
wwwwwwww iam grea khib
Maspaijo Lastrock
Maspaijo Lastrock Bulan Yang lalu
Fuck !!!! Don’t talk about corner again !!!! He’s DONE
Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson Bulan Yang lalu
You don't know shit
Людмила Нам
Людмила Нам Bulan Yang lalu
Well, crazy pics of Conor are available and absolutely free on ID-vid. 😂😃😁. Seems, Khabib is 10 000 times more expensive than Conor😂😃😁
Don Guapo
Don Guapo Bulan Yang lalu
The beat part of this video is the John Jones scenarios 😂😂😂
Abu Yousef
Abu Yousef Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib is the best MMA superstar Conor "the and"
doni affandi
doni affandi Bulan Yang lalu
Conor pussy mcnugget
skully reckile
skully reckile Bulan Yang lalu
Big looooll! Khabib haters are...... Leave it😂
Kosa Senpai
Kosa Senpai Bulan Yang lalu
Happy ending🤣😂
eric mepho
eric mepho Bulan Yang lalu
Connor always pathetic lol
Avitar Magnus
Avitar Magnus Bulan Yang lalu
THIS SHOWS YOU CONOR HAS THE WORLD MAJORITY FANS AS THE WORLD LOVES CHRISTIAN CONOR and everyone detests islamics EVERYONE with an education, logic, heart and respect for Gods only son CHRIST!!!nothing goes to God but first through JESUS CHRIST!!!! destroy anything that is not 100% CHRISTIANS for CHristians for it is the devil of satan otherwise!!!!
TazKidNoah Bulan Yang lalu
maybe you want to proofread?! (suggestion)
san eee
san eee Bulan Yang lalu
These vids are terrible. Who subscribes to this. Click on it and it shows u a completely different story than the title of the video
Nova Lee
Nova Lee Bulan Yang lalu
Florian tips EVERY fight wrong 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kyle Reese
Kyle Reese Bulan Yang lalu
The Irish dick head.
Mustafa Anwar
Mustafa Anwar Bulan Yang lalu
Corner people are clearly looks sick talking abnormal and childish look what he is demanding crying like a baby
Jeff Matheson
Jeff Matheson Bulan Yang lalu
Mcgregor is out on his arse nowhere to go now... they’re queuing up to make him quit including ferguson 🤡
Jeff Matheson
Jeff Matheson Bulan Yang lalu
Aren’t we all sick n tired about hearing about this shit!? 🤡😂😏
said awdars
said awdars Bulan Yang lalu
Conner Mc Crazy.....Conner Mc Chicken....Bigmouth Mc gregor..
Fca Fanati
Fca Fanati Bulan Yang lalu
''Hey, maybe I am not prostitute like you, relax.''
Az Az
Az Az Bulan Yang lalu
***The Arrival Best fighter khabib no doubt about that Mc Georgor game over baby***
Az Az
Az Az Bulan Yang lalu
***Mc Georgor u ugly inside and also outside also he was thief when he was young***
Sohrab Khairuddein
Sohrab Khairuddein Bulan Yang lalu
You were wrong bitch Khabib won I bet you feel like a dumbass🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜🤜
Smite Bulan Yang lalu
IM sick of this rematch talk with conor vs khabib. Khabib DESTROYED connor, it wasnt even close and it's just going to happen again. I'd much rather see Tony vs Khabib, that's the fight people really want to see.
Usman Akhtar
Usman Akhtar Bulan Yang lalu
He want to destroy the image of kabib. cheap
Poccha Wanmos
Poccha Wanmos Bulan Yang lalu
Kenny Florian surely dont know abt MMA or who Khabib is...smh
Mercedes Rudametkin
Mercedes Rudametkin Bulan Yang lalu
Mercedes Rudametkin
Mercedes Rudametkin Bulan Yang lalu
Mercedes Rudametkin
Mercedes Rudametkin Bulan Yang lalu
David Adem
David Adem Bulan Yang lalu
Kakaine and Whiskey 6:40 😂😂😂
Marek Trochan
Marek Trochan Bulan Yang lalu
drt mcQack..
Joker Muska
Joker Muska Bulan Yang lalu
The dog still barking? Wow amazing dog.. #dogwithwhiskey
Joey411 Bulan Yang lalu
What I think should happen in the light weight division Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated Conor McGregor Tony Ferguson defeated Anthony Pettis . Next ufc that there all eligible soon as possible Khabib and Tony fight and Conor fights Anthony same card the winners of each match square off next available ufc event. This way Conor has to earn title shot and Tony gets his chance that he has earned. Also these would be huge fights with a great story.
jetpack johnny
jetpack johnny Bulan Yang lalu
Anyone else cherish the moment when kenny tells you whos going to win a fight and you know to go with the exsct oppoisite of what he thinks. And youll always prevail. And come back to get the satisfaction of victory.
Astral pilot. Richmond
Astral pilot. Richmond Bulan Yang lalu
I predicted khabib would win, how he would win and I was right
mc Full Throttle
mc Full Throttle Bulan Yang lalu
If I was on khabib Steam I would send them a picture of a naked old lady and like send it as a PDF so they will have to download it and then it pop up in their face
T Munson
T Munson Bulan Yang lalu
Do all these announcers know how stupid they all look now?
Gifted Somo
Gifted Somo Bulan Yang lalu
Conner is one salty mofo lol he got his ass handed to him lol stupid Irish gypo scum! Conner does not deserve a rematch cause the fight was no where near close at all! The gypsie bastard should quit!!!
Knarf Trakiul
Knarf Trakiul Bulan Yang lalu
Once I found out Khabib grew wrestling bears as a kid I knew he was going to win
I pay 0,01€ for a picture from connor Not more worth now...
Yuri Barone
Yuri Barone Bulan Yang lalu
Wow, Florian really talks out of his ass a lot...
Hemant Kerketta
Hemant Kerketta Bulan Yang lalu
How was conor allowed to get fake belts is beyond me.. all the while dana kept smiling.. tlk bout double standards
Nic Lungan
Nic Lungan Bulan Yang lalu
Fuk off connor mc chicken shit. U are already gonna lose your money from the many lawsuit. Fukin whore breed rasist
kay kay
kay kay Bulan Yang lalu
Dana white is always liking conors ass
what’s up 124
what’s up 124 Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib said it and he did it Mcgregor said it but tapped out Still his arrogance never quits tho 🤷‍♂️
Michael Snyder
Michael Snyder Bulan Yang lalu
Kenny I bet you think you’re a genius now. Careful when making predictions, such things can make you look foolish.
piyar ali shah shah
piyar ali shah shah Bulan Yang lalu
I have when khabib punches your chicken face 😂😂
S. ATASH Bulan Yang lalu
hahahahahhahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahha love khabib from afghanistan
shaho bilah
shaho bilah Bulan Yang lalu
Something artificial against real got the chicken will be fucked
davoud yasin
davoud yasin Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib smash
Jay Puyenbroeck
Jay Puyenbroeck Bulan Yang lalu
Ra Akhanaten
Ra Akhanaten Bulan Yang lalu
Conor on suicide watch. It's been a brutal week. 🍗🐓🐔🐥🐣🐤 bluck blaaak!!!
MrLaci0110 Bulan Yang lalu
Do not wright down Connor, he is just laying eggs after she got pregnant from Khabib. She will be back soon!!!
Shaune Finegan
Shaune Finegan Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib is a new kind of animal this bloke is a bloody hybrid a real fighter and a real man the UFC should bow down to this fellow. Khabib sir you have my respect you have shown the world what it's like it to be a real fighter
Shaune Finegan
Shaune Finegan Bulan Yang lalu
Conor McGregor it's just a gobby little bully who has lost his way all he cares about is the limelight. And the supposedly big bad bully got bitchslapped around the ring. Go and hide your face, you're nothing but a gobby little bitch
Teezboy Joyboy
Teezboy Joyboy Bulan Yang lalu
U are really really chicken connor
E J D Bulan Yang lalu
Arrogant and cocky McConnor maybe realized by now of what happened
Alex Mathews
Alex Mathews Bulan Yang lalu
McGregor did it ha?
syiddiq aaron
syiddiq aaron Bulan Yang lalu
Well today.. connor lose like khabib has strip his face out of his head.
Pala Bincut Podum
Pala Bincut Podum Bulan Yang lalu
Connor got whacked and didnt know what hit him.His brain carried a hangover after the he forgets he is irish.
Faiyyaz Mohammed
Faiyyaz Mohammed Bulan Yang lalu
Conor is going the real psychic after the match
Ayaan Ibrar
Ayaan Ibrar Bulan Yang lalu
I'm from the future and khabib battered Conor
edjansosman Bulan Yang lalu
khabib already people champion mc chicken.... u to shame wat happen.... khabib dun care about 2 million... 10k is nothing to him n is brother idiot.... dis one of looser tricks they thinking like prostitute bisnes.... conor make a history of chicken fighter.... n tat will be Ireland king conor mc pussy... the whole world know that
Brandi Michelle
Brandi Michelle Bulan Yang lalu
Appsrently his whiskey is not the best
Brandi Michelle
Brandi Michelle Bulan Yang lalu
Um no.tony will be his worse opponent by far even nate diaz shit inj knew McGregor was gonna be eating his words that one of the best things to watch in the UFC!!
maik muda
maik muda Bulan Yang lalu
My favourite ufc fighter is jon Jones Anderson silva and khabib nurmagomedov
jarrod a
jarrod a Bulan Yang lalu
Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... oh shut up mc-tap-tap-tappity tap
odcrpo Bulan Yang lalu
What a horrible prediction 😂 spoiler 🚨McTapper got destroyed and Khabib jumped the McTapper cheerleaders 😂
likewise4Gaming Bulan Yang lalu
Crazy pictures? Nothing can be more embarrassing than copping a plea of “It’s only business” during a fight, getting your face beat in, beat at your own game on the feet, and then tapping out! Oh Conor, you’re adorable!🤣😂
Music Is Food For The Soul
Round one my ass. lol Khabib choked the life out of your stupid chicken.
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris Bulan Yang lalu
There's a reason this cocaine-head's bodyguards collected peoples mobile phones at the door upon arrival to his house-party. Just saying.
Maka Heimuli
Maka Heimuli Bulan Yang lalu
Kenny go suck Connor sweaty BALLS jeez 😆
O V Bulan Yang lalu
Mcchicken must want his ass beat again.
Raited Bulan Yang lalu
Brock Lesnar reminds me of Killbane from saints row 3 lol
Humanity And Culture
Humanity And Culture Bulan Yang lalu
RoboticsNShenanigans Bulan Yang lalu
Yeah Jon, waiters and busboys keep a vial of "banned substances" laying around just hoping you'll come to their restaurant >.>
bong mendoza
bong mendoza Bulan Yang lalu
Now Conor's image being smashed and wasted by khabib is all over social media, print, and TV shows! lol😂
7777 subscribers with no Videos Challenge Welcome
He is not the best Fighter he fought.haha....
Timothy Underwood
Timothy Underwood Bulan Yang lalu
That is called being smart not eating food from unknown sources
Awsm Life
Awsm Life Bulan Yang lalu
He did it
The Viper
The Viper Bulan Yang lalu
I predicted this shit - Mystic Kenny Florean
A H Bulan Yang lalu
Boycott the racist ufc if connor dosnt get arrested for racism
May Esbedinc
May Esbedinc Bulan Yang lalu
Thoses pictures don’t exist so he can keep his money to buy proper twelve
Mohammad Shahjahan
Mohammad Shahjahan Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib the real champ👑👑👑👑conar a looser👎👎👎👎smashed solid punches by Khabib 🥊🥊🥊❤️. 27-0 undefeated👍🏻👍🏻
Maahi Bulan Yang lalu
Irish people are very humble down to earth not like Conor McGregor
kama rulman
kama rulman Bulan Yang lalu
D Seng
D Seng Bulan Yang lalu
Kenny should win the award for most wrong commentary🏆🤣🤣🤣
Sonam Yangdon
Sonam Yangdon Bulan Yang lalu
this conor has got nothing to just to do cheap things.. grow up #conor #baby
FAKE TAXI Bulan Yang lalu
kejorafall Bulan Yang lalu
Conan Drystan
Conan Drystan Bulan Yang lalu
Conor got foooked.. accept it,move on.
marshall02' Bulan Yang lalu
Lol that first guy 😂 if i ever see that dude irl, imma show him this video and after that imma show him the video where Connor tapout and after that imma slap the shit out of him then says "round 1 my ass"