CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 3 | Ep. 11: “Bye Bye Birdie”

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maude jones
maude jones 14 jam yang lalu
ship yay
maude jones
maude jones 14 jam yang lalu
she said tk noooooooooooooooo tk why did u leave me
maude jones
maude jones 14 jam yang lalu
i cryed no lie
Leslie Marivel
Leslie Marivel Hari Yang lalu
I literally started tearing up
Chetana Chap
Chetana Chap Hari Yang lalu
“Gobble Gobble Losers”!😂
EmMa eMmA
EmMa eMmA 2 hari yang lalu
Does Ronnie like stephanie
Ashley Does Gaming
Ashley Does Gaming 3 hari yang lalu
This Robby is kinda intense yk, He is cute , he is good with Ellie aka Brooke Lol. AND HE LOVESSS TO MAKE OUT WITH EVERY GIRL THAT IS HOT AND LIKES HIM ;)
Music Geek
Music Geek 3 hari yang lalu
What did I miss about Rooney is she lesbian???!!!
Hey.It's. Kaia
Hey.It's. Kaia 3 hari yang lalu
Does anyone know where Annie's/Rhyme's shirt is from at 13:10
Arianna Littlejohn-short
Arianna Littlejohn-short 3 hari yang lalu
Annie and Hayden are perfect together
johnchay hipps
johnchay hipps 3 hari yang lalu
i cant believe that rebescca plays in here
Riley Wania
Riley Wania 5 hari yang lalu
Billy's hat😹 And those glasses Outstanding
Jessica Castro
Jessica Castro 5 hari yang lalu
It was so rude at the end
Fely Cuenca
Fely Cuenca 5 hari yang lalu
Rebecca Zamolo
Samieh Pinder
Samieh Pinder 5 hari yang lalu
Rooney is bi 😟😔🤗😀
Ella Poulin
Ella Poulin 5 hari yang lalu
Annie is on the thumbnail of every chicken girls episode except for 2
Ella Poulin
Ella Poulin 5 hari yang lalu
Annie is on the thumbnail of every episode this season
Eternity Brown
Eternity Brown 6 hari yang lalu
Was that Rebecca Zamolo in the background stords the end of this episode
Zainab Tunkara
Zainab Tunkara 8 hari yang lalu
Parishi Gandhi
Parishi Gandhi 8 hari yang lalu
I miss Miles and Ellie :( like if you do too
Caitlyn Galbraith
Caitlyn Galbraith 8 hari yang lalu
When is season 4 coming out
Deepti Bakshi
Deepti Bakshi 8 hari yang lalu
When will season 4 come out Iam waiting for it
Payton Harp
Payton Harp 8 hari yang lalu
Aww, I miss Birdie and Rooney being partners in crime... (but never doing anything BAD)
Puppy Life Forever
Puppy Life Forever 8 hari yang lalu
Pale Mikaele
Pale Mikaele 10 hari yang lalu
Do you go it’s like I was sad when you and TK break it up I mean that’s so sad why am well I wish you guys get back team and get back to either chicken girls and get back with TK
Southerngrace 11 hari yang lalu
They seriously had to add lesbians to this show... ( RUINED IT )
Graakae 11 hari yang lalu
Simrah Islam
Simrah Islam 12 hari yang lalu
itsme Brooklyn
itsme Brooklyn 12 hari yang lalu
The tea has been scorching this past season
Kristen Kroeker
Kristen Kroeker 12 hari yang lalu
Who’s watching in 2019
Zach Fuckin Herron
Zach Fuckin Herron 13 hari yang lalu
ktfvhbc Bitgvjimx
ktfvhbc Bitgvjimx 13 hari yang lalu
I missed t k so much
Chyquie Phei Uy
Chyquie Phei Uy 14 hari yang lalu
lily and matt
Chyquie Phei Uy
Chyquie Phei Uy 14 hari yang lalu
TBH britney and robby has grat chemistry
Vlogspranksreactionchallenges mylifeasTy
I hope TK comes back
Emily Bailey
Emily Bailey 15 hari yang lalu
were is tk
Moiz Baig
Moiz Baig 16 hari yang lalu
lama alnami
lama alnami 16 hari yang lalu
Now honestly I only watch brat
Stephanie Delgado
Stephanie Delgado 16 hari yang lalu
Now Robbie regrets leaving 😕☺😊
Kenzie Grace
Kenzie Grace 17 hari yang lalu
Rooney was definitely jealous.
Viviana Wagner
Viviana Wagner 17 hari yang lalu
Rooney's jealousss
Alyia's awesome world
Alyia's awesome world 18 hari yang lalu
Birdie acting like a bitch why do she have to do this that's so wrong
Izzybizzy 0073
Izzybizzy 0073 18 hari yang lalu
When Elle started crying in the stall I felt sooo bad
Wanida McIntyre
Wanida McIntyre 19 hari yang lalu
12:57 I screamed with joy
Mohammad AlLahib
Mohammad AlLahib 19 hari yang lalu
7:40 what is the song's name
Aleah 0102
Aleah 0102 19 hari yang lalu
Ok my prediction is that drake will get mono then some how Annie and tk will be Juliet and rodeo probably not lol
Rubi's World
Rubi's World 20 hari yang lalu
Annie to little to have boyfriend like if u agree
Kabor Xiong
Kabor Xiong 20 hari yang lalu
Indiana is finding true 💕 love
Payton Monti
Payton Monti 20 hari yang lalu
Abi’s has her Caleb necklace on
Maebh Mardaze
Maebh Mardaze 20 hari yang lalu
She’s leisbien
Olivia G Holah
Olivia G Holah 21 hari yang lalu
why does Birdie remind me off that little porcupine Ash from the movie sing???? 😂
Jerry Manrique-Magadan
Jerry Manrique-Magadan 21 hari yang lalu
that turkey looks really good i wish i had a peace of that chicken.what do you do for thanks giveing?i have a party at my house it is so cool then we get to break a piata i love how my family celidratets xmis and also alot of uther stuff.
Jerry Manrique-Magadan
Jerry Manrique-Magadan 21 hari yang lalu
i dont know is this a good idea to leave with spike i feel like spike is a bad day if they dont know they are finding them spike is in big trouble for all of the problems this is a good episode.🐙
Emma feathers
Emma feathers 21 hari yang lalu
Omllll the memories of Annie and Hayden. Aka Ryme and TK
Emma feathers
Emma feathers 21 hari yang lalu
OMG when Ryme (Annie) ran out of the room during the rehearsal I started crying they would actually be so cute together. OMG I'm crying sm..😭💗😭💗😭
Ronald SQD
Ronald SQD 21 hari yang lalu
I hate when they add lgbt characters to shows that 5 yr olds watch bc the live comments are so homophobic srsly... I like the lgbt addition but hate the viewers saying yuck and shit
Roblox me And more
Roblox me And more 21 hari yang lalu
Roblox me And more
Roblox me And more 21 hari yang lalu
GymnastElla 888
GymnastElla 888 21 hari yang lalu
Melanie's World
Melanie's World 21 hari yang lalu
I’m doing a marathon 😂
Shanna Harriott
Shanna Harriott 22 hari yang lalu
Raissa Tabet Barros
Raissa Tabet Barros 22 hari yang lalu
Saloni Srivastava
Saloni Srivastava 23 hari yang lalu
Jalssy Hernandez
Jalssy Hernandez 24 hari yang lalu
You are on the chicken girl
Singing Girl
Singing Girl 26 hari yang lalu
I love you Rebecca and brathaley
Allison Troung
Allison Troung 27 hari yang lalu
I feel like birdy only has gone bad bc her brother T.K left and the divorce too
Lilly's Life
Lilly's Life 27 hari yang lalu
rebecca and billy are together in this show?!
Lilly's Life
Lilly's Life 27 hari yang lalu
we know she gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
XxLuna MoonxX
XxLuna MoonxX 27 hari yang lalu
Awww Rooney likes her that’s so sweet but I feel bad bc she didn’t return those feelings and have a girlfriend Edit:robin robins is ruining my ship by taking Robbie away
Jackie Brannon
Jackie Brannon 28 hari yang lalu
Roney got so jealous when Stephanie introduce her girlfriend :( I ship roney and Stephanie and have you noticed Indiana\roney comments alot indiana you and drake look cute together in real life not saying annie does not but yall are so cute together
Tessa Weaver
Tessa Weaver 29 hari yang lalu
Noooooooooooo this’s was the most serious one ☝️
Hannah Chavis
Hannah Chavis 29 hari yang lalu
For some weird reason I miss Annie/Rhymes long hair😂😂😂
theclubhouse of shaira
theclubhouse of shaira 29 hari yang lalu
i just can't stop repeating 12:47
khoodanielm 29 hari yang lalu
Ellie: Rhyme,never call me Brooke again. Me: Isn’t her real name Brooke tho? I pretty sure Annie still calls her that
Tinyshape Bulan Yang lalu
Galpal? Main squeeze? LOL what the heck
Essence Jackson
Essence Jackson Bulan Yang lalu
I love your videos a lot💖😀
Random Person
Random Person Bulan Yang lalu
does anyone know the song at 6:00???
Taytum Lee
Taytum Lee Bulan Yang lalu
I’m a fan of Rebeca love you
Themis Pxr
Themis Pxr Bulan Yang lalu
i miss tk sfm like ;(
Kylie harvey
Kylie harvey Bulan Yang lalu
Rebbaca Zamol
Moon. thetics
Moon. thetics Bulan Yang lalu
When tk was running in the end who else thought he was coming back
Jennylyn Yaon
Jennylyn Yaon Bulan Yang lalu
I like it very much
Leah Wahl
Leah Wahl Bulan Yang lalu
We are getting back to normal
Ishita Miglani
Ishita Miglani Bulan Yang lalu
omg imagine if Rooney is les and she dates Steph edit: oh
Drew Patton
Drew Patton Bulan Yang lalu
Rebecca did great!
nadia mohamed
nadia mohamed Bulan Yang lalu
I literally cried after the last scene's of like one vote for TK
Evelyn Morrison
Evelyn Morrison Bulan Yang lalu
Imagine how many times Annie called Billy dad during the scenes!
Evelyn Morrison
Evelyn Morrison Bulan Yang lalu
They have school on Thanksgiving? I know this is just a TV show on ID-vid, but isn't it supposed to be realistic?
Arika Ahther
Arika Ahther Bulan Yang lalu
Rebecca or her twin
nadia mohamed
nadia mohamed Bulan Yang lalu
Who else is crying seeing the part rhyme says that she is thankful for Tk I really really miss Tk and rhyme together
Kim Littrell
Kim Littrell Bulan Yang lalu
Micah Angelic Unto
Micah Angelic Unto Bulan Yang lalu
Lulä M.
Lulä M. Bulan Yang lalu
I think Rooney is going to like Stephanie
Samy Garcia
Samy Garcia Bulan Yang lalu
Alicia Marie
Alicia Marie Bulan Yang lalu
I miss birdie rlly much
Abigail Williams
Abigail Williams Bulan Yang lalu
is tk coming back?
Nevaeh Powell
Nevaeh Powell Bulan Yang lalu
What's part u at
Marga's Life
Marga's Life Bulan Yang lalu
I miss Chicken Girls. I'm re-watching this series again😂💛💛💛
Angelina Nicole
Angelina Nicole Bulan Yang lalu
Pug Unite
Pug Unite Bulan Yang lalu