Can A Blind Person Tell Identical Twins Apart? // Dolan Twins ft Molly Burke

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We sat down with our friend Molly who is blind to see if she could tell us apart... something even our mom struggles with sometimes lol.
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20 Nov 2018

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Unduh video:

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Komentar 23 141
sitaalisi 44 menit yang lalu
"I'm the more common sense-er" - Grayson HAHAHAHAHAHAH
Abby Mills
Abby Mills Jam Yang lalu
why am i just noticing how cute they are...
Tyler Dunn
Tyler Dunn 3 jam yang lalu
She really just said that for the room test Ethan was a mess
Lilly A.
Lilly A. 3 jam yang lalu
It’s probably easier tbh
TheTropicaltwinsjaz 3 jam yang lalu
Jeep rubicon? My dad has one exactly like that!
Ocean Wolf
Ocean Wolf 3 jam yang lalu
How does she drive if she’s blind?
Isabel Garza-Fry
Isabel Garza-Fry 4 jam yang lalu
kinda ship molly and Greyson 🤭
Brittany Griggs
Brittany Griggs 4 jam yang lalu
Never watched you guys, but the only thing I notice different is the one in white had a sharper chin, while the one in blue has a rounder chin
Sarah L
Sarah L 4 jam yang lalu
19:40 😂
SnakeBlitz 101
SnakeBlitz 101 5 jam yang lalu
She doesn't look blind
Gracie Carrillo
Gracie Carrillo 6 jam yang lalu
its so cool that she can tell Ethan for Grayson apart its just so cool and btw guys i loveeee uuuu
Jibanyan Studio
Jibanyan Studio 6 jam yang lalu
I'm half deaf
Zackthewinner 1
Zackthewinner 1 6 jam yang lalu
She don’t look blind
Naja sawadi
Naja sawadi 7 jam yang lalu
Triplets are more weirder than twins
kids Schneider
kids Schneider 7 jam yang lalu
my mom gets me and my brother mixed up and I am 11 and he is 7
Lindsey Chidester
Lindsey Chidester 7 jam yang lalu
“I see three 3 circular lights” “I can’t see color, can’t see shapes” Lol that confused me. Love molly though bought her merch. Lol
Anya Gotoy
Anya Gotoy 7 jam yang lalu
as they got older they look the same kinda but not like how they did when they were younger at like 15 😭lol
veronica bonilla
veronica bonilla 8 jam yang lalu
she ROASTED ethans room oh my
Luz Flores
Luz Flores 8 jam yang lalu
Pls come to El Pasó!
Layla the Unicorn
Layla the Unicorn 10 jam yang lalu
I expected Grayson to be the like dark dude and Ethan was like the like very like more into music and into more like light
LOVABLE NIKKI 11 jam yang lalu
*hI iM a DoLan TwIn*
Juniya Tewari
Juniya Tewari 11 jam yang lalu
Is no one going to talk about their animated outro? 😂😂 Kinda.... different
FirraCx 10 jam yang lalu
Lmao yea they changed it like long time ago
Mr Tibbs
Mr Tibbs 13 jam yang lalu
Get the Bogdanoff twins i'd be laughin like fuck to see her feel their weird fuckin big cat panther lookin face so puffy it looks like they got maced lookin motherfuckers
rii 6
rii 6 13 jam yang lalu
Ethan u made ma day
rii 6
rii 6 13 jam yang lalu
rii 6
rii 6 13 jam yang lalu
So say like pumpkin-patch
Alicia Garcia
Alicia Garcia 13 jam yang lalu
Molly is a bad ass i love her
Star Croes
Star Croes 14 jam yang lalu
On 20:00 she knew who was who bc she tried to smell ethan on 14:23 thats how she knew how they smell
Star Croes
Star Croes 14 jam yang lalu
On 20:00 she knew who was who bc she tried to smell ethan on 14:23 thats how she knew how they smell
Red Gold Crown
Red Gold Crown 15 jam yang lalu
Identical twins are weird because at one point they were actually the same person at some point in time. I know a pair of fraternal twins and even THEY look weirdly alike. But seriously, I predicted how she would tell the twins apart in the handshake-hug test because I saw how their ears touched the side of her head. I figured that if I couldn't see them clearly, I would have to rely on their earrings or something.
Shahad  AlMakki Vlogs
Shahad AlMakki Vlogs 16 jam yang lalu
Best video
Shahad  AlMakki Vlogs
Shahad AlMakki Vlogs 16 jam yang lalu
İ loved it 😂😂❤❤❤❤
LPS Siskot
LPS Siskot 16 jam yang lalu
Molly roasts The Dolan twins for 24 minutes straight PS. I have Bad english
Lunaesca 16 jam yang lalu
They should have worn the same outfit because she can still see light and shadows and them wearing plain white and plain black could make it easier for her to tell.
Sophie 20 jam yang lalu
What if your parents accidentally changed you two and greyson is actually ethan ?🤔
Maria Jabbar
Maria Jabbar 21 jam yang lalu
starting from 21: 28, it looks like steam is coming out of ethan's head xD
Jordan Koller
Jordan Koller 23 jam yang lalu
Shipping Molly and Grayson 😁
adella 23 jam yang lalu
Omg legit got chills no kidding 9:29
Selena Espinoza
Selena Espinoza Hari Yang lalu
I love the outro
Life As Leah A type 1 Diabetic
“U have a bit of a throaty thing”
Kayla _WolfyGamer
Kayla _WolfyGamer Hari Yang lalu
Molly's Voice Sounds Like Demi Lovato
Natalie Playz!
Natalie Playz! Hari Yang lalu
I love the outro! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Star Lina
Star Lina Hari Yang lalu
She’s so freaking honest😅😅😅 like I would feel so awkward. But she was fun and chill I like her☺️
Alisha Hendrick
Alisha Hendrick Hari Yang lalu
Okay but who else was so happy they got to see molly drive
Isabella Hari Yang lalu
I wrote this with my elbow 🐶 Write a comment if you think I did but also do it with your elbow
Simster ShortFilms
Simster ShortFilms Hari Yang lalu
I'm not trying to get deep buuuut imagine your twin dying and every time you looked in the mirror you just saw your dead twin.
Celina Binkley
Celina Binkley Hari Yang lalu
Am I the only one who thinks Molly looks like a popstar with her two attractive bodyguards??
f i Ⴖ Ⴖ
f i Ⴖ Ⴖ Hari Yang lalu
How is she blind. ?
Melanie Nicole
Melanie Nicole Hari Yang lalu
12:24 had me dying 😂
Jaleel Shacklz
Jaleel Shacklz Hari Yang lalu
One is chewing gum too.
Galaxycat 340
Galaxycat 340 Hari Yang lalu
I have a twin ..... identical twin... for 14 years now ...... people really confused us a lot when we were little.. but now we don’t look that similar.... I can see the difference between u guys ....🤗🤗🤗
Felipe Victor
Felipe Victor Hari Yang lalu
Night Crawler
Night Crawler Hari Yang lalu
I wonder if her fingers are ok because she's touching their jawline in the thumbnail. 😊☺️
Autumn Schaeffer
Autumn Schaeffer Hari Yang lalu
11:09 I’m seriously not joking rn, as soon as I saw the arm in the frame, I knew it was Greyson. Not joking, no BS
DHRUV 98 TANWAR Hari Yang lalu
Twins life : birth - oh fuck we r twins - spends whole life looking and the similarities and differences - dies
Ashleigh Sparrow
Ashleigh Sparrow Hari Yang lalu
Anguela Silva
Anguela Silva Hari Yang lalu
Never heard of these guys til I saw this on my feed of discovery or whatever... but wow. This Grayson guy? YES. Their smiles are different too. Or am I just crazy and the only one who notices it?
Gacha_Girl 25
Gacha_Girl 25 Hari Yang lalu
I’m a twin
letmeuwu Hari Yang lalu
Shechaniah Hutton
Shechaniah Hutton Hari Yang lalu
How she going to drive the car. She can’t see
Bailey Olsen
Bailey Olsen Hari Yang lalu
Rip headphone users
Alexaa Gacha
Alexaa Gacha Hari Yang lalu
Ok so I have a step brother and he has been with me for one year and he still can’t tell me and my sister-twin apart
Wardah Arsalan
Wardah Arsalan Hari Yang lalu
Poor Ethan lol
Gavin Seals
Gavin Seals Hari Yang lalu
No she's blind idiot
Evelynn Hari Yang lalu
Second time Molly drove!?!💕
Mimi Hari Yang lalu
Hi I'm a Dolan twin, sent by cyber life.
Bar3ly Int3llig3nt
Bar3ly Int3llig3nt Hari Yang lalu
I closed my eyes and I could tell them apart by only their voices. Lol I guess I'm good at this... ???
free shavacado
free shavacado Hari Yang lalu
Ethens like “I’m dead inside
Savannah Jones
Savannah Jones Hari Yang lalu
They do look different a little bit.
Jorja M
Jorja M Hari Yang lalu
17:15 Roasted
galaxy_ girl Mica
galaxy_ girl Mica Hari Yang lalu
I'm a triplet and it's so much worse
Nora Gomez
Nora Gomez Hari Yang lalu
“he’s a better driver but a bad person”💀💀😭
Geegee Pup
Geegee Pup Hari Yang lalu
Demi that you? 😮
Woahh. Dian
Woahh. Dian Hari Yang lalu
Ok Frfr I didn’t know they were gonna keep that out-Tro 😂
Kimchen 1976
Kimchen 1976 Hari Yang lalu
22:36 😂😂😂😂😂
Urja Sharma
Urja Sharma Hari Yang lalu
this was so cute i dont know what to say
Bubba Riffle
Bubba Riffle Hari Yang lalu
The Dolan twins are so 🤤❤️
Kk Edits ._.
Kk Edits ._. Hari Yang lalu
If i ever got to meet them, i would love to do the tell them apart test🤔😂
Nina Nina
Nina Nina Hari Yang lalu
I 💜 blind people because they are strong and smart
Kittaddy Hari Yang lalu
Teegan Peterson
Teegan Peterson Hari Yang lalu
You guys are hottt
Shirdie Saintil
Shirdie Saintil Hari Yang lalu
i was trying to see her drive 😭😭
The Harry Potter Potato
I’m a twin and I have short brown hair and my twin has long blonde hair, and my twin is a boy.... So yeahhh idk we’re fraternal
The Harry Potter Potato
Ethan sounds deeper
Cassidy Mckou
Cassidy Mckou Hari Yang lalu
Both outro’s killed me
Creeper Crazy
Creeper Crazy Hari Yang lalu
I am a twin. I relate. 👯‍♀️
Heronaconite Hari Yang lalu
There are distinctive differences to their faces
Karina Maldonado
Karina Maldonado Hari Yang lalu
My mom gets me confused with my 9 and a half year older sister she fricken 21
Taeslittle Nisa
Taeslittle Nisa Hari Yang lalu
thats so fake. she aint blind
Valeria Gutierrez
Valeria Gutierrez Hari Yang lalu
22:40 The first time I heard the outro (I usually leave when I see them saying goodbye,then I watch another video) I had earbuds in...I realized that was a *BIG* mistake... 22:45
Yumi_972 Hari Yang lalu
grayson is daddy
Tonja Harrell
Tonja Harrell Hari Yang lalu
Don't you think chewing the gum is a kind of give away? One smells minty and other doesn't.
Heronaconite Hari Yang lalu
These 2 fuckers are 18 years old?
lexi snyder!!!
lexi snyder!!! Hari Yang lalu
10:07 look at Grayson looking at her!!! EDIT: oh my god. as i'm watching this, it is so obvious that grayson has a thing for molly. I SHIP IT SO HARD
angel boswell
angel boswell Hari Yang lalu
When ur blind u can't see people's mouth move so u can't talk
Federico Ruiz
Federico Ruiz Hari Yang lalu
i was watching the outro for the first time and it scared me!?!?!?!!
Aleksandr McGovern
Aleksandr McGovern Hari Yang lalu
Who the cute guy in the back of the car tho
Aleksandr McGovern
Aleksandr McGovern Hari Yang lalu
Who the cute guy in the back of the car tho
Shannon Sings
Shannon Sings Hari Yang lalu
The only way I can tell them apart is because my cousins are identical twins and I just remember one thing about them with is how I remember them. But the wierd thing is that with both you two and my cousins the way I remember u is by your beards and the shape of your chins
Sarah SSincere
Sarah SSincere Hari Yang lalu
She’s better than the iPhone X DAMN
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