Box of Lies with John Cena

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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John Cena and Jimmy take turns trying to stump each other about what items are hidden inside their mystery boxes.
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Box of Lies with John Cena


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10 Okt 2018

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Komentar 1 495
prosketch OFW
prosketch OFW 2 hari yang lalu
6 guy was me btw
Funny Reactions
Funny Reactions 2 hari yang lalu
Ishita Sareen
Ishita Sareen 3 hari yang lalu
Why does everyone always pick 4? What, are the other boxes empty?
MinimiMax 3 hari yang lalu
It's the closest one to them
Mikhail Torralba
Mikhail Torralba 3 hari yang lalu
When you try to make a john cena meme but you see 80% of the comments are about the exact same thing
Techfyre Tube
Techfyre Tube 4 hari yang lalu
No bumblebees and preying mantis’ were hurt in the making of this video they were paid actors
risa cantu
risa cantu 5 hari yang lalu
You are trying to think of an untruth😂
Gacha_ Zodiac
Gacha_ Zodiac 6 hari yang lalu
Hahahhahahah *lmao*
Stefanija Ristovska
Stefanija Ristovska 7 hari yang lalu
oh come onnn, invite Brad Pitt already man, he will have the chance to shout "WHAT'S IN THE BOXXXX?!!?!?" u can even put it as a title and get 70milion views
Travione Moss
Travione Moss 7 hari yang lalu
Did he come here straight from Ellen?
Petra J.
Petra J. 8 hari yang lalu
I'm wearing my glasses, so I see John in FullHD.
andy walgenbach
andy walgenbach 8 hari yang lalu
Why is John cena so sweaty
Daniel Evans
Daniel Evans 9 hari yang lalu
*that tiny hand in that lipstick cracked me up* !!! 😂😂😂
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez 9 hari yang lalu
2:15 He could've given that lipstick to Nikki. Unless they haven't broken up 2:29 Ugh, make that "never!"
Monique B
Monique B 9 hari yang lalu
I remember when i was little i would ALWAYS watch wwe and i was a huge fangirl of John Cena i wanted to marry him 😆❤😌😏😂😂😂
ronindebeatrice 9 hari yang lalu
The bit where John remembered he mentioned early American television, so he added the Fonze to the driver seat was pretty brilliant really.
ginny weasley
ginny weasley 11 hari yang lalu
*tries to get in the frame* *Are you sure about that?*
Ansley Blakemore
Ansley Blakemore 11 hari yang lalu
5:05 that... is... TERRIFYING.
Kyla Sharma
Kyla Sharma 12 hari yang lalu
PMD15 12 hari yang lalu
How are you playing this game alone?
Evie-Ru Trout
Evie-Ru Trout 12 hari yang lalu
You know who he reminds me of? The guy who plays Lemony Snicket on A Series of Unfortunate Events. Just a little. His voice and when he's not smiling
عبد الملك العامري
jimmy is a great actor I start to believe that someone is playing with him .
Novus Talks
Novus Talks 13 hari yang lalu
John Cena is my new favorite person lmao
Natasha TSAI
Natasha TSAI 14 hari yang lalu
around 2:40. john said "you shang-hi(陷害) me" that means you just trick me/set me up. and it's in chinese.
Orlando Serpa
Orlando Serpa 14 hari yang lalu
Jimmy really be playing by himself. O.o he's so lonely.
Yuna Ali
Yuna Ali 14 hari yang lalu
Bird Box of Memes with Sandra Bullock
Memedeystroyer 14 hari yang lalu
jaiden perry
jaiden perry 15 hari yang lalu
Why is jimmy playing by himself
Georgia Walkinshaw
Georgia Walkinshaw 15 hari yang lalu
Jimmy: honey bee?¿ Me: it's a fucking honey bee😶
Addison Willis
Addison Willis 15 hari yang lalu
“Johnathan Cena”
xxx 82y
xxx 82y 18 hari yang lalu
Friends of BTS.
DANILO VELJKOVIC 18 hari yang lalu
These invisible Cena jokes are getting really f*king old.
Voxinity 18 hari yang lalu
ow i accidentally bit my own tongue
nell bell
nell bell 19 hari yang lalu
Why is he sweating so much
Fares Bdkkahbsbwhhdmnzhjsnjwhevmeumrhbf
And his name is John Cena
Fares Bdkkahbsbwhhdmnzhjsnjwhevmeumrhbf
And his name is Jimmy Fallon
Fares Bdkkahbsbwhhdmnzhjsnjwhevmeumrhbf
Now it’s
El Bigotes De La Tienda
El Bigotes De La Tienda 19 hari yang lalu
John Cena sucks at this game... lol
bigb Drumboy
bigb Drumboy 19 hari yang lalu
John Cena SUCKS pretentious douchebag that's thinks he's the shit, and tries to hard to be funny..... He's not no
Lily Abou Gouma
Lily Abou Gouma 19 hari yang lalu
Papa johns who?
Fetter Hippo
Fetter Hippo 20 hari yang lalu
Zoan 20 hari yang lalu
"You shanghaied me!" "Now that would be something to talk about. Heheh." *Y O U F-*
Weiyan Cheung
Weiyan Cheung 20 hari yang lalu
陷害 poison
Grady Moxley
Grady Moxley 20 hari yang lalu
John needs to know not to go into detail on lies
Sangeeta Dasappa
Sangeeta Dasappa 21 hari yang lalu
What a wast of time, jimmy knows the contents in the boxes, but not necesserly in the right order...well done jimmy! ... you won ! you won! ...Cheater cheater pumpkin eater hahah
Sleeepyy Knight
Sleeepyy Knight 21 hari yang lalu
Why does everyone say that john cena is not there??? In confused and seriously want to know why
SkyMaster Albani
SkyMaster Albani 13 hari yang lalu
because JC says, you can't see me
KND 21 hari yang lalu
is he balding? lmao
Sklouchechi 21 hari yang lalu
Enough with the John Cena jokes it's getting old. He's not even in the video wtf
poke digger 1
poke digger 1 22 hari yang lalu
John from bull Fernando
Nikki Guindon
Nikki Guindon 22 hari yang lalu
*AND HIS NAME IS...* *JoHn StAmOs!!!!*
SUPER PS4 GAMER 14 22 hari yang lalu
Did you remember I hate cena guy
Comp Som Anichi
Comp Som Anichi 23 hari yang lalu
"It's art." Haha
Maribel Orozco
Maribel Orozco 23 hari yang lalu
He Is 42 years old
Diamondelle84 22 hari yang lalu
Maribel Orozco
Maribel Orozco 23 hari yang lalu
John Cena
Ashkan 23 hari yang lalu
Does anybody know what song is it at the end of the video?
Dylan Watson
Dylan Watson 24 hari yang lalu
Jimmy playing with himself just like in the bedroom. Even his wife doesn’t like his games.
SuperKiller _NZ
SuperKiller _NZ 25 hari yang lalu
Holy fuck does he look like Jeremy wells or what
Melina Idalia
Melina Idalia 25 hari yang lalu
Wow John Cena really sucked at this game 😂
The Abdo Kallab
The Abdo Kallab 26 hari yang lalu
For the last john cena was really good
Sean Tanu
Sean Tanu 26 hari yang lalu
Is John sweating? Or is his awesomeness just shine through?
Sasha Does things
Sasha Does things Bulan Yang lalu
There are only three objects so they already know what box to pick
Moses Bulan Yang lalu
Jimmy lies, he obviously knows. He just wants the attention solely on him."It says open and twist" acts like he just read that and decided to do it. FAKE
Rae’Quan Morgan
Rae’Quan Morgan Bulan Yang lalu
Weird, I can only see an individual on the right side of the screen
LocalWeeb Bulan Yang lalu
i bet george washington would always loose on this game
deepak dhanik
deepak dhanik Bulan Yang lalu
I can't se him... But i can recognize his voice...
navroze92 Bulan Yang lalu
His hands are huge. No wonder people can't see him
พระจักรพรรดิ อริยเมตไตรย์
Harryx Stylesx
Harryx Stylesx Bulan Yang lalu
They say One I say Direction
Jordan Davison
Jordan Davison Bulan Yang lalu
These two in a cop movie.
Mujda Mhmd
Mujda Mhmd Bulan Yang lalu
Theyre so cute 😭
Jazzy Jaz
Jazzy Jaz Bulan Yang lalu
Cena wore this outfit on the Ellen show too, busy day apparently.
anne Bulan Yang lalu
he can't wear the same suit twice ?
Hazreti Nasus
Hazreti Nasus Bulan Yang lalu
Cut your hair pls you are more handsome like that pls
Monster AsCanBe
Monster AsCanBe Bulan Yang lalu
The last one I would have cuaght Cena in a lie when he said "black leather jacket" the fonze always wore brown 😑 you lieeee
Jefferson Tan
Jefferson Tan Bulan Yang lalu
I just see jimmy & a flying tuxedo....
Mujtaba Mohamed
Mujtaba Mohamed Bulan Yang lalu
John looks like Josh Brolin
VGMStudios33 Bulan Yang lalu
Im sick of these he's invisible comments..
James Debbarma
James Debbarma Bulan Yang lalu
i hear things
daydreaminboutwdw •
daydreaminboutwdw • Bulan Yang lalu
HE GREW HAIR?!😱😂😂😂😂😂
Jesus Jimenez
Jesus Jimenez Bulan Yang lalu
John cena is literally such a gentleman
Garrey Kowalson
Garrey Kowalson Bulan Yang lalu
What the hell is that what is that John cents hair what the hell is that
Magno-Lazarus Barbora
Magno-Lazarus Barbora Bulan Yang lalu
John Cena deadass lookin like a superhero's mild-mannered secret identity
Layne Dudas
Layne Dudas Bulan Yang lalu
His face is so oily lmao
Raj Prado
Raj Prado Bulan Yang lalu
Who else read the title with a tune?😂
Nyro Bulan Yang lalu
Yo i still remember long ago the last time i saw John Cena. He was in the ring and all of a sudden he took his hand put it right to his face, waved it and said "You Can't See Me". And Till this day i never saw him again...
Senopheria Bulan Yang lalu
What who’s John u can’t see dat shit
Emad AB
Emad AB Bulan Yang lalu
We want to see Brad Pitt playing this
George East
George East Bulan Yang lalu
How did Jimmy McFrickin know to open and twist the lipstick as if he knew that it’d be no ordinary lipstick. Jimmy knows al of the items in the boxes. His game is rigged
Owsm Ritik
Owsm Ritik Bulan Yang lalu
Sorry 6 Guys.....
Jacky 6498
Jacky 6498 Bulan Yang lalu
So... is John Cena count as telling the truth if he describe the object wrongly but not on purpose? 🤔
XxWHITE BOI28xX Bulan Yang lalu
John cena looks fresh out the Wild West
Bendy Wire
Bendy Wire Bulan Yang lalu
Does anyone else really wanna see Steve Carrel play this?
fae jung
fae jung Bulan Yang lalu
why does john cena look like phoenix wright
TechJunkie Bulan Yang lalu
He should play Jason-Gordon Levitt on steroids
Matthew Bulan Yang lalu
He is not playing alone you can see john cena playing duh
Abdullah Faisal
Abdullah Faisal Bulan Yang lalu
Your time is up much time is now
Kaylee Lopez
Kaylee Lopez Bulan Yang lalu
If that lipstick would of had a middle finger 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
sunrocks Bulan Yang lalu
I just found out that John cena’s full name is johnathan Cena
TheCarrifaery Bear
TheCarrifaery Bear Bulan Yang lalu
i notice how many of your game segments involve the practice of lying. weird.
Sadie Annette
Sadie Annette Bulan Yang lalu
Why is Jimmy talking to thin air? Never mind that, why is Jimmy talking to thicc air?
Nathaniel Pace
Nathaniel Pace Bulan Yang lalu
Kinda weird to see a grown man talk to himself on live TV. That's why jimmy makes the big bucks
Explodingtraps Bulan Yang lalu
cena looks like a 1930's mobster
Yo Ko
Yo Ko Bulan Yang lalu
I knew it was a lie because The Fonz has a BROWN jacket. I didn't see what was in the box.
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