All McGregor Vs Khabib backstage Fights & scuffles

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fAQ tHe SysTEm
fAQ tHe SysTEm 9 hari yang lalu
#conortheman 💪💪 Khabib and his whole team are just crying pussies 🖕🖕🖕😏
เลิฟเฟอร์ ผู้ก่อการรัก
Khabib fight with punch Connor fight with mouth. Khabib no.1
nam hùng
nam hùng 13 hari yang lalu
mcgregor sủa nhiều rồi thua -)))
Risna Raisya
Risna Raisya 14 hari yang lalu
Yes khabib.. Allah huakbar..
BNCALWAYZ BNC 15 hari yang lalu
Conor is the best mma fighter
Tye 16 hari yang lalu
All khabib fans are Hippocrates... When khabob does it its cool.. but when conor does it its not fair
ANGRY BOY 16 hari yang lalu
khabib 👌👌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
ANGRY BOY 16 hari yang lalu
I'm Abubakar siddik, I'm a Muslim, I love Islam, I love Muslims, and love u khabib, from Bangladesh 💜💜💜💜💜👍👍👍👍
Sahidul Islam
Sahidul Islam 20 hari yang lalu
Fuck you mc gregor
Five Eyes
Five Eyes 23 hari yang lalu
McGregor is exactly what he sounds like An English Barracks Bitch Family who said exactly the same things to The Irish for 300 years. Does not represent the Irish just the utter morons who do not know our history.
Chan Dra
Chan Dra 25 hari yang lalu
dari awal saya sudah menduga ini hanya seperti permainan,merugikan sebelah pihak
Irshad Malik
Irshad Malik 27 hari yang lalu
groor khatam
Sulton Sahrial
Sulton Sahrial Bulan Yang lalu
Pada dasarnya islam akan menang.
yeyen mator
yeyen mator Bulan Yang lalu
ini bukan tentang agama.ini pertarungan di dalam ring, kalau anda melihat dari sisi agama berarti duniamu masih kecil think smart
tirage a toute les mois gratuit
Fuck la russie jespere il vont toute mourir
Erzinli Bulan Yang lalu
Nereye nereye kaçıyor 🇹🇷
Ahmed Hassan
Ahmed Hassan Bulan Yang lalu
Matheus Salustiano
Matheus Salustiano Bulan Yang lalu
LOL McGregor is funny , Khabib was humiliated
Matheus Salustiano
Matheus Salustiano Bulan Yang lalu
Islam is a lie , you can't possibly be sure it is not , because it is lol
Eky Suhernadi Madani
Eky Suhernadi Madani Bulan Yang lalu
bacot nya aja skalinya😂
Eky Suhernadi Madani
Eky Suhernadi Madani Bulan Yang lalu
bacot nya aja skalinya😂
Mustafa Kemal
Mustafa Kemal Bulan Yang lalu
Fucking irish bitches is so cool -))
Алик Назаров
Алик Назаров Bulan Yang lalu
Магрегор ты хай сталь снами Алах
Алик Назаров
Алик Назаров Bulan Yang lalu
Хабиб наш брат
Eti Kur
Eti Kur Bulan Yang lalu
Love u khabib,from indonesia
Azmil Kais
Azmil Kais Bulan Yang lalu
Will see and I'm pretty sure Conor never saw that coming
Firoj Alam Firoj Alam
Firoj Alam Firoj Alam Bulan Yang lalu
ye kamina ka to sb guru tor dala khabib ne
Sun0sky Bulan Yang lalu
Aamir Mansoori
Aamir Mansoori Bulan Yang lalu
Please WWE main back
Texas Proud
Texas Proud Bulan Yang lalu
Honestly I wish Nate Diaz would fuck both of them up. CONOR FOR A 3RD TIME.
dias said
dias said Bulan Yang lalu
gregor go to hell
سيزار البارون
مشجعين حبيب لعرب يسون لايك 😍😘
M. Anas
M. Anas Bulan Yang lalu
Mary Anthony
Mary Anthony Bulan Yang lalu
Nice one
Jacob Hatty
Jacob Hatty Bulan Yang lalu
Why is anyone surprised by this? Conor talks an unbelievable, obscene amount of shit. And finally somebody had enough of it. He broke their bus window. Of course those guys wanted to get payback and when they had their chance to they didn’t give a fuck that the cameras were rolling. Dana is an enabler. Conor got what he deserved and he should keep his fuckin mouth shut. It’s too bad that things went the way they did for Khabib- he deserved that belt. And that cocky shit who taunted him to jump the fence deserves to have his face broken too.
BM_A 36
BM_A 36 Bulan Yang lalu
Yes khabib... . Salam INDONESIA..
Beri You Live
Beri You Live Bulan Yang lalu
Fuck you connor
Dante question
Dante question Bulan Yang lalu
Arman Ahmad
Arman Ahmad Bulan Yang lalu
Arman Ahmad
Arman Ahmad Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib is great and ideal fighter.
Mehemmed isg
Mehemmed isg Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib Eagle.. From Azerbaijan. Allahu Akber
De'ann Pembrook
De'ann Pembrook Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib "Smashed you"! Conor no Honor... you are nothing more than a conman salesman for Dana & the UFC. Man up! Paulie Malignaggi has been right about you all along! Mad respect for Khabib!!! 🎉👊🏼😛
Radosny 2 bulan yang lalu
Te dzieci skończyły podstawówkę?
loay prodige
loay prodige 2 bulan yang lalu
Khabib the best the King
mang nasir
mang nasir 2 bulan yang lalu
What we learned here: don't ever mess with humble person
Half- Blood Prince
Half- Blood Prince 2 bulan yang lalu
i love you ..... KHABIB........ from> AJK
Samretheany Yim
Samretheany Yim 2 bulan yang lalu
My best friend is Irish but he does not act like this piece of SHIT CONOR...!!!
Farouk Boukerzaza
Farouk Boukerzaza 2 bulan yang lalu
حبيب انت بطل الأبطال👍
Pakistani Soldier
Pakistani Soldier 2 bulan yang lalu
We are lions
Pakistani Soldier
Pakistani Soldier 2 bulan yang lalu
This is power of a Muslim
yeyen mator
yeyen mator Bulan Yang lalu
this is not about religion. it's about strength in the ring. if you talk about religion means your world is too small, look at your world and think smart
Md Shorif bin
Md Shorif bin 2 bulan yang lalu
I love you kabib
Laskar Pelangi
Laskar Pelangi 2 bulan yang lalu
Khabib 👍👍👍
Archyz Voidz
Archyz Voidz 2 bulan yang lalu
Imran Khan
Imran Khan 2 bulan yang lalu
I love my lslam
motion slow
motion slow 2 bulan yang lalu
Khabib is best
SADIQ AYED 2 bulan yang lalu
Look how patience we muslims are...
Qorianaa ftrD
Qorianaa ftrD 2 bulan yang lalu
ciri² orang stres gitutuh udh di kuasai setan!! nafsu nya gde , hina agama orang, caci maki emg siapa yg ga marah klo agama ,negara dan ayah nya di hina???! cba siapa yg ga marah berarti dia tidak punya otak dia oon dari kecil ga di belajarin akhlak atau dia nya yg kagak mau belajar sih smoga dia di ampuni dosa² nya dan di balas oleh allah SWT khabib allahuakbar 💪❤
Basha Bhai
Basha Bhai 2 bulan yang lalu
Lion is always strong, Dog is always barking, Real hero KHABIB.💐🌹🌷 from India.
Andrik Farianto
Andrik Farianto 2 bulan yang lalu
Rusiannnn!!! Hell Good!!! With The Name of Allah, I proud
SàMo IsLàMo
SàMo IsLàMo 2 bulan yang lalu
yeah hamdullah
Bagoes Klethex
Bagoes Klethex 2 bulan yang lalu
fuck you mc gregor , too much talking. bullsite
TNL Uvais
TNL Uvais 2 bulan yang lalu
McGregor is full of shit talk...his jaws seemed to be dislocated. Lucky not getting his face smashed from Khabib
Suhail Shaikh
Suhail Shaikh 2 bulan yang lalu
I am also proud of you khabib very nice work keep it up well wishes from india
Zafran Afridi
Zafran Afridi 2 bulan yang lalu
We are proud of you habib you did the right thing some twats like mccregor deserve that and they need to respect others religion if they don't they will get the same as mccregor got it loads of love and respect from Pakistan ❤️🇵🇰
Vajid Mojji Baliyan
Vajid Mojji Baliyan 2 bulan yang lalu
Bull dog Conor
Joo lamin Joo
Joo lamin Joo 2 bulan yang lalu
Khabib he is cool person I like him..but the motherfucker deserved to lose the match McGregor fuck u little bitch
Gustaf 2 bulan yang lalu
Except he never smashed his face XD hahaha cry as much as possible over your religion. Conor never even mentioned your religion and yet you come here to talk shit because you are all keyboard warriors afraid of a real fight unlike your so called "savior" make him your next Mohammed then if he is such a role model going after innocent people after winning his biggest match ever. He is such a disgrace i wanted him to win but now he is just another guy with a loser mentallity
dzavit rahmanovski
dzavit rahmanovski 2 bulan yang lalu
Mcchichen bla-bla fighter🍾
Shanzal khan
Shanzal khan 2 bulan yang lalu
We proud of you Khabib, love, respect & greeting from Pakistan
สาทิต ชินไพร
I like you Khabib. And fuck Mc
Endri Setiawan
Endri Setiawan 2 bulan yang lalu
Fuck is dog gregorrr
Murat Ozezer
Murat Ozezer 2 bulan yang lalu
Malik Jd
Malik Jd 2 bulan yang lalu
I am proud of u kabib islam zindabad
Sathya Narayan
Sathya Narayan 2 bulan yang lalu
Connor Pussy McGregor
Md Hafeez
Md Hafeez 2 bulan yang lalu
Mcgregor only dog and gey
SAS SUMUT 2 bulan yang lalu
Miky tyson ke 2.. awalnya ngaku2 punyak TUHAN. Ternyata IBLIS lebih di andalkan 🤣
Дмитрий Донской
США вы сучки дрявые,всегда только таким образом ведёте себя.Позволяете Конору всё что угодно а Хабибу пояс заслуженный не выдали.МРАЗИ!!!
Shahid Ansari
Shahid Ansari 2 bulan yang lalu
Allah hu akbar
Дмитрий Донской
21EC 2 bulan yang lalu
fk Mcgregor that piece of crap, im glad he lost the fight and im not even Muslim, I just hate how much disrespectful Mcgregor is to everyone.
Rewad9 Mv
Rewad9 Mv 2 bulan yang lalu
طارق الطائر
طارق الطائر 2 bulan yang lalu
اهو دة الصح لازم المسلم يبقى قوى ويضرب الجميع بالجزمه ازى كان الدين دة هيخلينا نبقى جبان يبقى بنقصه
McDmz 2 bulan yang lalu
Connor like a dog and khabib is tiger
Sayid Hassan
Sayid Hassan 2 bulan yang lalu
❤❤❤❤ From Somalia we love you HABBIB you are legend broder allah bless you 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👀👀👀
Aitzaz Ali
Aitzaz Ali 2 bulan yang lalu
McGregor deserve more than this bloody baustard
Nilla Jasmine
Nilla Jasmine 2 bulan yang lalu
Connor is being too much,to Arrogant,no wonder khabib smash him till he sit in the floor...😂😂😂😂 Good job khabib...Alloh swt always be with you... And me from Indonesia really proud of you.. Once again Congratulations 🌹🍂🍁🤼‍♂️🥊🎉
Astro pagtatae
Astro pagtatae 2 bulan yang lalu
that is your carma bitch,its pay back time when you do something wrong to khabibs team
Astro pagtatae
Astro pagtatae 2 bulan yang lalu
now mcChiken where your fuckin ass now,bitch better to resign now moron irish asshole
Muhammad Rendy Azha
Muhammad Rendy Azha 2 bulan yang lalu
7:51 McGregor is first hit Khabib Team.
ali khan
ali khan 2 bulan yang lalu
I love you proved that you are the real rock....and you are great by religion as well
Erna Fitriani
Erna Fitriani 2 bulan yang lalu
Connor the big losser Too much talk, but fight like a bitch... Allahu Akbar... Khabib is the best
gta san andreas bütün MODLAR
Homoseksuel gregor.....
gta san andreas bütün MODLAR
No.1 Prince
No.1 Prince 2 bulan yang lalu
Stupid chicken
Sohail Khan
Sohail Khan 2 bulan yang lalu
Habib is Best fighter..... Love and respect from Pakistan Allah u akbar
Ahmad Elsirazi
Ahmad Elsirazi 2 bulan yang lalu
mcgragor said we will see and you see the loser is lose big mouth over too much speaking dumb shittttt
Rizwan Ansari
Rizwan Ansari 2 bulan yang lalu
You are the best khabib
YaSoO KhAn
YaSoO KhAn 2 bulan yang lalu
Love u khabib great love from Pakistan ❤🇵🇰❤
Geta Getulika
Geta Getulika 2 bulan yang lalu
chanel zakir
chanel zakir 2 bulan yang lalu
Fuck you Mcgregor
Drak preepers
Drak preepers 2 bulan yang lalu
Khabib has given the beating of the century to the arrogant McGrecor Khabib le a dado la paliza del siglo al arrogante McGrecor