Alicia Keys, Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga Open The 2019 GRAMMYs

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Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama and Jada Pinkett Smith open the 61st GRAMMY Awards.
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11 Peb 2019

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Komentar 23 045
Recording Academy / GRAMMYs
Former First Lady Michelle Obama Steals the show at the GRAMMYs:
Daria luba Burbelo
Daria luba Burbelo Hari Yang lalu
Michael points down to her father satan when askes " who runs the world "? Pesky polydactyls get with the really real Messiah Jesus the Christ
bagoesdiemas Hari Yang lalu
i put my comment here, hope i can get new subscriber
Steve Allen
Steve Allen Hari Yang lalu
Hmmmmmm....but you baby have a different view than the rest of're in the minority being so fucking gorgeous. Whomever is waking up next to you is having a better start to their day than me...Have a lovely weekend. Steve.+Jan Maree Carmody
cool cock
cool cock Hari Yang lalu
+Steve Allen well said Allen.
cool cock
cool cock Hari Yang lalu
she didn't steal anything. if its not the grammy, any video involving obamas will have comments disabled. that's how in-secured they are.
Bent Soltane
Bent Soltane 4 menit yang lalu
That was my favourite part!
LSD in Wonderland
LSD in Wonderland Jam Yang lalu
Since when does diversity mean just wamen
tushar masram
tushar masram Jam Yang lalu
Alicia is so beautiful ... She is so gracefully and brings class on stage
Mere Arihi Pipi-Takoko
America is so cringe
The Alfonso Nation
The Alfonso Nation Jam Yang lalu
Michelle said 4 words and DESTROYED the crowd. Say what you will about her and her husband, they’ve undoubtedly made a monumental positive impact on the American people. Myself included.
Kirsty Jam Yang lalu
Amen Sisters and Brothers! x
Big Mass
Big Mass Jam Yang lalu
What the hell did Michele and Jada were doing there? It's not a political event
Kay ray Boss
Kay ray Boss Jam Yang lalu
That illuminate energy ⭐️ We sleep with eyes wide shut👁 Feed of each other’s vibe-🤫Thus we forget that the fallen was a great musician🤘🏾 #Woke #Stillamusiclover
Coconutman Thai Thai
Coconutman Thai Thai 2 jam yang lalu
Who runs the world, notice michelle pointed down not up.
AdA January
AdA January 2 jam yang lalu
At least 3 of this five .....are going to be on jail in the next year!!!!!
AdA January
AdA January 2 jam yang lalu
In this contest MUSIC=ILUMINATI
Tony Milan
Tony Milan 2 jam yang lalu
Please. Michelle Obama, Please Please Please Run For President.
Nicole Garofano
Nicole Garofano 3 jam yang lalu
And not a push up bra or breast enhancement among them! So refreshing!
BrokenAndroid 3 jam yang lalu
Michelle is the most boring man in the US.
Ramona McKenzie
Ramona McKenzie 4 jam yang lalu
MICHELLE OBAMA!!! My queen.... my IDOL
Sophia Ift
Sophia Ift 5 jam yang lalu
Who rules the world? What was Michelle pointing at? She pointed down. Who is down?
Tracy Harmon
Tracy Harmon 5 jam yang lalu
I cried listening to these magnificent women. Especially Michelle Obama. What an inspiration she is.
charming lady
charming lady 5 jam yang lalu
Oh my sh#t really?????
elisha capriz
elisha capriz 6 jam yang lalu
When a.keys asked, who runs the world(6:38) why did m.obama point down?
Denise D Cooper
Denise D Cooper 6 jam yang lalu
R'Mel Cornelious
R'Mel Cornelious 6 jam yang lalu
We love us some Michelle! My Southside sista!
Bag Lady
Bag Lady 7 jam yang lalu
Why jlo was there. She can't sing
avocado allie
avocado allie 7 jam yang lalu
1:35 taehyung = dolly partons #1 fan
lullabyemoon 8 jam yang lalu
How can anyone not see Michelle is a Michael?
Nadia Lanier
Nadia Lanier 32 menit yang lalu
The same reason you can’t see you’re pay check to pay check broke.
Ashley Monjaras
Ashley Monjaras 8 jam yang lalu
Why when AK asked "who run the world", why did that Obama lady point down👇🏼 with a "yeap" type attitude??🤯🤯 Anyone else freaked out by that?
Lily Boyd
Lily Boyd 9 jam yang lalu
Are you serious what is this obsession with Michele have mercy.
Nadia Lanier
Nadia Lanier 31 menit yang lalu
It’s okay peasant. One day in your dreams you might become something better.
Michael Obama needs to sit tf down
Nadia Lanier
Nadia Lanier 31 menit yang lalu
You need to hand her a chair peasant.
Rosie Brind'amour
Rosie Brind'amour 9 jam yang lalu
Alicia Keys @ 6:37 Who runs the world? Michelle Obama points down! WTF??
Lady S
Lady S 10 jam yang lalu
Alicia Keys the best as always!👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Laurayesenia Caceresespinoza
they are giving importance to artists who really deserve it they should not be there .bts
Laurayesenia Caceresespinoza
I did not like bts
Laurayesenia Caceresespinoza
Attention hello. I want to tell you some things that have made me restless and I want people to know that these very successful prizes also listen to the botos of the people. First, thanks for such beautiful prizes, they have always been from the beginning and for that reason I want that this is ruined by so insignificant thing that you can remove the pre-readiness to be one of the most important awards of America not estoi agree that invite the Korean band bts I feel that they do not deserve to be there with the previlejio that involved being invited I think that you as an entertainment site and music awards that you should know how to satisfy us and listen to us more than 70% of your viewers are not armys and we do not like those characters are presented to a gala as importane as any other American prize them They are from a very different community that is the kpop that is totally opposed to pop. You are leaving opaque to the new stars that you would like a grammy or except the pre-market to present a winner they do not have enough talent to be there they have their prizes and the Americans others. I'm sorry if I get upset or do bad persecution I do not want it to sound racist or in bad taste what I say that's not my I only want to be tired of you not giving it to people who really messed up and pass on to those children without talent above all and I no longer sincerely enjoy any of these galas that were so important in our daily lives without fearing that people appear without any kind of talent and without reason to be there. make your name and that of their singers. I and many TVs are already tired of these events so I am reluctant to demand that they no longer invite bts if encerio they are worth our boto and persipcion please to be worth our boto we are already tired in their lack of professionalism. I hope that they take me into account and agan something about it because as well as ban all the effort made in that company is going to end for their lack of listening and professionalism when choosing their guests because more than just my are listening to many people tired of this type of events so childish. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my opinion and put it into practice. Thanks
Fernando Pires
Fernando Pires 12 jam yang lalu
That was a Grammy moment right there.
Charles Chouinard
Charles Chouinard 12 jam yang lalu
Gaga is so awkward ahaha i love her
EagerBeaver2218 12 jam yang lalu
Dry as hell. Grammy's going down the tubes
Casper lee
Casper lee 12 jam yang lalu
Gaga looked so different but stunning
Gooby likes cake Potatoes
Gooby likes cake Potatoes 12 jam yang lalu
I was watching this then the Amber alert for Riya went off and I was like: 👁👄👁
Kerry H
Kerry H 13 jam yang lalu
Jlo, be talking about the bronx like she lived in the hood. lmaooo, please stick to dancing... don’t sing love- Gaga, we love you.
Music Lover
Music Lover 13 jam yang lalu
Who is the cat in the hat? Oh, J-Lo you shouldn't have worn that hat.
Theuglyones 13 jam yang lalu
do nothing hippy, yhall would die of food posioning is the adults let you run the world...
Theuglyones 13 jam yang lalu
all self made women and some guys wife... obama lol im famous because my husband made me famous...
Nadia Lanier
Nadia Lanier 30 menit yang lalu
Don’t be an idiot all your life.
Adem Birincikisi
Adem Birincikisi 13 jam yang lalu
apparently the guy back stage runs the world min 6:43
babyduarte86 14 jam yang lalu
I wonder who Lady Gaga was looking at when she said "But music told me not to listen to them" She was dead as staring at 1 person. Hmmmm
Cheetylicious meow meow
Cheetylicious meow meow 14 jam yang lalu
Oh look....its all the trannys together
Nadia Lanier
Nadia Lanier 29 menit yang lalu
Little tea cup grow up.
Sungirl 14 jam yang lalu
Tired of listening to the they said, or I ´m from the bronx shit I mean Michel Yes Yes Yes
moarbahd one
moarbahd one 14 jam yang lalu
Sh3s huge
Maria Garciaaa
Maria Garciaaa 14 jam yang lalu
Alicia sounds like Rihanna when she talks !
The Bunettes
The Bunettes 15 jam yang lalu
Michelle Obama: Breaths Crowd: goes crazy
sks *
sks * 15 jam yang lalu
BTS ❤️❤️❤️
App Apk
App Apk 15 jam yang lalu
This is a devil wirship people be warned
Nadia Lanier
Nadia Lanier 29 menit yang lalu
Get your need it badly.
Jackson Weber
Jackson Weber 15 jam yang lalu
I wish to see Tina Turner between these icons!
Leonardo Aragonese
Leonardo Aragonese 15 jam yang lalu
Alicia i love you
Simon M
Simon M 15 jam yang lalu
Who runs the word!? Not ladies.... Or men. You all know who really runs the show!
Simon M
Simon M 15 jam yang lalu
There were 4 ladies up there 🥒
Annaleise Guérin
Annaleise Guérin 15 jam yang lalu
Dolly Parton was right there... BUT BTS WAS BEHIND HER! ahhhhh ;lol
Mira Plasta
Mira Plasta 15 jam yang lalu
Who´s under that hat?
Katia Duverglas
Katia Duverglas 16 jam yang lalu
Satanic witches: and Big Mike is for sure, a man ...... 😂😂😂😂
Nadia Lanier
Nadia Lanier 28 menit yang lalu
Whatever you say you Krispy Kreme looking pig.
weee reachout
weee reachout 18 jam yang lalu
I'm crting much Real Love and Light to the goddesses
Tanja Pedersen
Tanja Pedersen 18 jam yang lalu
Michelle had me tearing up 😢❤️ we love you and please oh please run for president 🙏🙏🙏
Noyonica Chatterjee
Noyonica Chatterjee 18 jam yang lalu
Michelle needs to be the president. It needs to happen.
Fane Alexander
Fane Alexander 18 jam yang lalu
lmfaooooo. nothing like a youtube comment section to make sure to remind you that we have barely evolved past cave people. all of our technical progress means nothing when socially we still operate as monkeys and apes.
Mehofun Chan
Mehofun Chan 18 jam yang lalu
Is Michelle Obama a transgender
Nadia Lanier
Nadia Lanier 27 menit yang lalu
Go ask your grandmother about your momma first then come back.
mall rose
mall rose 19 jam yang lalu
alicia: what is better than this me: guys bein’ doods
zynkdina 7
zynkdina 7 19 jam yang lalu
Michelle Obama made the the Grammy Award more and more wonderful.....the audience was so....... Totally, so amazing.......
Chaplain C.D. No Chains
Chaplain C.D. No Chains 19 jam yang lalu
Satan has his children GOD HAS HIS, Idol's Worshipers Chase Grammy's, Believers Chase GOD
Sabrina S. Holmes
Sabrina S. Holmes 19 jam yang lalu
I truly loved that amazing energy in the room. For all five women but of course Michelle was greeted by millions of people she’s inspired. The lord blessed us with these talented and influential beings. They need to continue being themselves and aiding others for the sake of our generation. Now. DNDJDIRKDNDBD I LOVE YOU ALL 😭😭
When Death Declares War
When Death Declares War 20 jam yang lalu
Sjw much!
Linnea Gore
Linnea Gore 20 jam yang lalu
Alicia Keys forever
DENISE BAKER 20 jam yang lalu
why did Michlle piont down when asked who runs the world
Western Girl
Western Girl 21 jam yang lalu
Nice one guys
l turner
l turner 21 jam yang lalu
I like the old Alecia better.
adrian lovato
adrian lovato 21 jam yang lalu
And JLo...of course, she changes boyfriends like tampons.
adrian lovato
adrian lovato 21 jam yang lalu
Is Gaga stoned?
adrian lovato
adrian lovato 22 jam yang lalu
Alicia Keys is so black even though you can tell the white in her is stronger
Claire Hanson
Claire Hanson 22 jam yang lalu
Who was those people because all i see is plastic bags talking.
Michael Deloge
Michael Deloge 22 jam yang lalu
Wonder when Michelle will run for president. I think that guy has a chance.🤪😂🤣😅🤮
Stormi Night
Stormi Night 22 jam yang lalu
Joy villa the only lady there
Stormi Night
Stormi Night 22 jam yang lalu
Satanic spirit cooking hollyweirdos yay
Stormi Night
Stormi Night 22 jam yang lalu
Wake up sheep
Nadia Lanier
Nadia Lanier 26 menit yang lalu
How about you take yourself back to sleep...a deep sleep.
Stormi Night
Stormi Night 22 jam yang lalu
On Point
On Point 22 jam yang lalu
Michelle Obama give me chills...Her presence and aura is so powerful. She's definitely a shining light and a great example for all of us; especially matter of our race or background. #MichelleForPresident🙌 #IllVoteInAHeartBeat❤ #ImJustSaying🤷
Mulki Lair
Mulki Lair 22 jam yang lalu
I saw a video of Gaga smoking weed outside Staples Center. That explains everything 😂
Stanley Seixas
Stanley Seixas 23 jam yang lalu
Michelle ícone global. Queen
Miss Gunst
Miss Gunst 23 jam yang lalu
That was impressive.....!
Wonder Girl
Wonder Girl 23 jam yang lalu
off i saw its ugh WHYYY THEY ARE TAKING OVER
Holly Mansfield
Holly Mansfield 23 jam yang lalu
Who is the woman between Gaga and Alicia Keys?
Inass Palestine
Inass Palestine Hari Yang lalu
Alicia wow Michelle is super amazing All of them are stars wow
GonjaGrowinGirl Hari Yang lalu
Look at those men! It's raining men!
8999Greg Hari Yang lalu
Michelle said there words before the world said I love you !!! That’s amazing she is so genuinely loved as whole nation and it freaking awesome !!
Maureen Awty
Maureen Awty Hari Yang lalu
Michelle Obama what a beautiful and intelligent woman she is 👍
rotikacangmerah Hari Yang lalu
SO EMPOWERING. Love this so much.
SolarG G
SolarG G Hari Yang lalu
Michael really helped trump become president,so thanks Michael
Zac Gadd
Zac Gadd Hari Yang lalu
Aww they brought a gorilla on stage. How sweet
Derek Ochaki
Derek Ochaki Hari Yang lalu
JESUS runs the world.... not music. I like some of the music but it doesn’t run the world.
Sylvia Spandow-Tassi
Sylvia Spandow-Tassi Hari Yang lalu
You ladies are so easily pleased. Why don’t you look up to someone who is Godly and not worldly.
Elvie Maroa
Elvie Maroa Hari Yang lalu
waw Alicia keys is natural😍😍😍
Melanie Padro
Melanie Padro Hari Yang lalu
How is BTS there but Billie eilish is not 😒😒😢😢😢😢😢
RenieLove B
RenieLove B Hari Yang lalu
What an honor to have the room roar when you open your mouth to speak. I admire her pose and humbleness. Aunty Michelle you rock
Rrrr Mmmm
Rrrr Mmmm Hari Yang lalu
Barack... you're blessed with a woman...... It's real.. I’m sure she has brought you good luck.. isn't it, bro...? What a blessed boy..
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