4th Of July Fireworks Disaster

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A few years ago Sasha and her family visited relatives for the 4th of July. They had a really nice house that was right on a lake, which was awesome, and perfect for the Holiday. They could picnic right at the water's edge, swim all day, and could see the city's massive fireworks display from across the lake without having to deal with the crowds.
So, the night of the 4th comes along and they all settle down on blankets on the shore to watch the fireworks display. The fireworks were amazing, seemed to last forever, and Sasha was thinking to herself that this was definitely the best 4th of July ever!
After the finale, Sasha started to get up but her cousin Josh pulled her back down and said "wait a minute, the show isn't over!" He told her how their neighbors always get all these illegal fireworks and launch them after the big fireworks show is done. She though 'My gosh, this is fun and a little sketchy."
The whole illegal part raised a bit of a red flag, but it also sounded kind of cool and exciting, so, they all sat back down and just then their neighbors lit and launched the first firework. Keep in mind, they were amateurs, not professionals.
They had so many fireworks, lined up and down along the beach, and they were really awesome too - like having a whole second fireworks show. The problem though was, that with any illegal fireworks you just never know when one of them, or a bunch of them might be DEFECTIVE! And one of them was. "Oh MY! she thought.
Sasha watched as a big rocket looking thing was lit nearby, it seemed normal at first, fire coming out from behind and it lifted off the beach slowly - but then - suddenly - something went wrong and, after only lifting about two or three feet off the ground, it exploded! It wasn't supposed to go off until it was really high up in the air, and it sent these little flaming pieces of metal flying in all directions. It was a fireworks show gone wrong.
Sasha and her cousin Josh dove under the blanket, just in time, but her cousin Mikella was not so lucky. A little fireball hit her right in the head and immediately set her hair on fire. She ran around in circles, screaming and crying, and luckily the flames went out pretty quickly, but not before doing some real damage. Total fail!
She was crying so hard and there were burns on her neck - she was really scared, but Sasha and her cousin calmed Mikella down by singing Katy Perry's Firework! And it worked.
She literally was like a firework - literally half of her hair was burned off and her Mom had to do some magic hair styling to get it looking right again, which she did! Well, she had to cut it pretty short, but it was cute.
Everything ended up fine, even though it could have been a total disaster. Still, it was terrifying, and it went from being the best 4th of July to one she would never forget. Fireworks 2018.
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3 Jul 2018

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ETHAN CHRISTIANSON 5 jam yang lalu
Wen we wer up north a fire werk flew at my grandma 👵 and she grabbed my two little cousins and the firework hit her she got her hair and clothes singed but she was ok😦
Chili Propeler
Chili Propeler 8 jam yang lalu
isnot. July
Gushing Fear
Gushing Fear 9 jam yang lalu
I got hit in my arm pit by a firework
Makayla Garcia
Makayla Garcia Hari Yang lalu
Hey that's cool my name for Mikayla to
Makayla Garcia
Makayla Garcia Hari Yang lalu
My name is Mikayla like the girl from the storybooth
iiOmq_Jazzy ;-;
iiOmq_Jazzy ;-; Hari Yang lalu
So just kids have to stay away from illegal fireworks?
Ruby Heywood
Ruby Heywood Hari Yang lalu
My siblings and mum dad and my dad's friend who is like my uncle were doing fire works in garden my dad's friends set one on fire it raised up 2 feet then blasted i was scared and help my baby sis face ing the other side with her hood up we were not to close but it was still scary and it set are rabbit hutch on fire 🔥lucky my 🐇rabbit was not in there ☺
Bbystexh C
Bbystexh C Hari Yang lalu
Am I the only that loves her voice?
Amber Wills
Amber Wills Hari Yang lalu
The 4th of jliY is my Brthday
Edwin Steffen Bouman
Edwin Steffen Bouman Hari Yang lalu
Thats posted 3 july
Rock Lee
Rock Lee 2 hari yang lalu
That firework song is gay hate it
Allan Mendoza Ortega
Allan Mendoza Ortega 2 hari yang lalu
One time a firework smacked into my ass I got a rocket baby Jk but I got 2 degree burns 1 like =1 prayer
Prisilla Roberts
Prisilla Roberts 2 hari yang lalu
They exact same thing happened to me
Steven miller
Steven miller 2 hari yang lalu
awesome keep up the goooooood work
Little Avacado
Little Avacado 2 hari yang lalu
D Do Don Don' Do..... Wait... Im to lazy DON'T PLAY WITH ILLEGAL FIREWORKS KIDS🕯
gizelle beltran156
gizelle beltran156 2 hari yang lalu
My birthday after July. Can you say happy birthday
Gwensteph Salang
Gwensteph Salang 2 hari yang lalu
yep im philipines too 😃😃😃😃
vansh rathore
vansh rathore 2 hari yang lalu
Man you should've reported the incident to cops seriously didn't your cousins parents took any actions against them
Unicorn Believer
Unicorn Believer 3 hari yang lalu
-hair sets on fire- “BABY YOUR A FIREWORRRKKKKKKK”;))
GALAXY QUEEN YASSS!!!! 3 hari yang lalu
Her hair bands is the sign of France 🇫🇷
Anna Ross
Anna Ross 4 hari yang lalu
You look 10 and makayla looks 13 and your other cousin looks like 15
Judell A
Judell A 4 hari yang lalu
yet I see that every birthday parties, Halloween, Christmas, New year ( super nuts ),Canada day and , Camping ( holy sh*t ). Sometimes it' s just for fun or blowing up things.
Thelittlejokers Musically
Thelittlejokers Musically 4 hari yang lalu
Sing that would just make it worst
Sapphire Insanity
Sapphire Insanity 4 hari yang lalu
This is my 4th of July disaster *is they ran out of chips SMH 🤦🏻‍♀️*
Michael Diaz
Michael Diaz 4 hari yang lalu
Safa Rani
Safa Rani 4 hari yang lalu
Cool good i love it woa
Martha Santos
Martha Santos 4 hari yang lalu
Why do they even make illegal fireworks
KitKat 15
KitKat 15 4 hari yang lalu
I love how this girl tells stories
Harry Master
Harry Master 5 hari yang lalu
i don't want that fire works they sucks
XxAnìsah BarrientesxX
XxAnìsah BarrientesxX 5 hari yang lalu
Omg that happened to my fireworks on 4th of July it was sooo scary!
Sugar_High 5 hari yang lalu
This reminds me of something that happened when I was 4 years old. I went to a big family gathering at this giant lake house, and people were setting off fireworks. One of the fireworks failed, and made a really loud high pitched whistling sound, it went about 12 feet up in the air and landed stairt into the lake! Everyone was talking and it was dead silent as that firework was going off! Everyone thought it was going to explode into flames or something!
The FE2 Guy
The FE2 Guy 6 hari yang lalu
Omar Gonzalez
Omar Gonzalez 6 hari yang lalu
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Sad.
Omar Gonzalez
Omar Gonzalez 6 hari yang lalu
DID that rlly happend. Like if you agree.
Bluejay8730 6 hari yang lalu
StUpId NEigHbOrs
Pure Salt
Pure Salt 6 hari yang lalu
LopezGamīng CreepyAndMore
On e time I got hit by a firework 🎇 and I cried. But it didn't hurt me
Twin Turner's
Twin Turner's 8 hari yang lalu
Elizabeth Hernandez
Elizabeth Hernandez 8 hari yang lalu
And this why my little sister hates 4th of July
Need of the Overhaul
Need of the Overhaul 8 hari yang lalu
All the good fireworks are illegal so 🖕
Kenzie Lindsten
Kenzie Lindsten 9 hari yang lalu
When it’s December
Lance Lillie
Lance Lillie 9 hari yang lalu
I can tell she’s a pussy in real life
Imthealoneuser2 Paul
Imthealoneuser2 Paul 9 hari yang lalu
I feel bad about mickayla
abdirahman osman
abdirahman osman 9 hari yang lalu
Sunita Sharma
Sunita Sharma 9 hari yang lalu
We had fireworks in Diwali everyone burst crackers. My sister leg was burned by a firecracker. It was a second degree burn.
Luke D 1
Luke D 1 9 hari yang lalu
I have a lot of fireworks big ones
Ronan Jay B. Adducul PH
Ronan Jay B. Adducul PH 9 hari yang lalu
subscribe to me
TheKawwaiKiwi 9 hari yang lalu
Who else noticed how confident and amazing her voice and the audio is?!
Candyquake 9 hari yang lalu
You should have called the police.
Seussville Learning Center
its ok just be careful next time
skella PUN
skella PUN 10 hari yang lalu
Rosemarie Tyndal
Rosemarie Tyndal 10 hari yang lalu
I hope her neighbors die
Queenie Cheah
Queenie Cheah 10 hari yang lalu
That's why Katy Parry song is called 'fireworks ' and there's one line which is 'just own the night like the 4th of July'
Fernanda Aguilar
Fernanda Aguilar 10 hari yang lalu
i love the 4th of July😨😱😨😨😱😱😨😱😱😱😨😱😨😨
The Red Cupcake
The Red Cupcake 10 hari yang lalu
Title: July 4 Fireworks Disaster Date Made: July 3
Mari Universe
Mari Universe 10 hari yang lalu
I love her voice :D
Wiki Noly
Wiki Noly 10 hari yang lalu
More short storys!nooooooo!
GlitchHunter999 10 hari yang lalu
I have a cousin called josh
Lina Elif
Lina Elif 10 hari yang lalu
llblueberry 45
llblueberry 45 11 hari yang lalu
July is my month birthday
hunter gon
hunter gon 11 hari yang lalu
im in Philippines and i speak Tagalog
BunnyLover Crystal
BunnyLover Crystal 11 hari yang lalu
Ok so on 4th of July or bonfire night almost everyone in my neighbourhood set off at least more than 20 fire works and one time me and my family decided to go outside and watch it because it was literally above our heads, so we took videos and stuff like that mhm yea and one of them were SO LOUD my poor ears died ;-; R.I.P my ears👂🏻
Aesthxtic_.Leah. 11 hari yang lalu
That Blonde Girl Bogus she saying that wasn't me and your Not scary for your friend or family member who got her Hair damaged
Roy 11 hari yang lalu
Ok why
GoldenLG 12 hari yang lalu
I would steal the neighbor's illegal fireworks and send it to the cops
GoldenLG 12 hari yang lalu
her voice is music to my ears
MK Gaca
MK Gaca 12 hari yang lalu
My name is Mikayla Fuck
Twin'z Stuff
Twin'z Stuff 12 hari yang lalu
Bbaabbyyy yyoouurrr aaa fffiirreeewwwooorrkk
The Inksyvar
The Inksyvar 12 hari yang lalu
PROGUY TPG 12 hari yang lalu
Sike........ your dudu
kara -
kara - 12 hari yang lalu
Girl: and that's my story. Stay away from illegal fireworks kids! Me: *you are a kid*
Cup Head
Cup Head 12 hari yang lalu
in the philippines. there are a bunch of kids getting near at the firework that isnt fully explodes, everytime they stepped on it. it started to explode so.. very creepy in the philippines
F Ryd
F Ryd 12 hari yang lalu
Ughh im really annoyed at those neighbours
Aleeya Nurhnai
Aleeya Nurhnai 12 hari yang lalu
I love you voice
Joshua Balvaneda
Joshua Balvaneda 13 hari yang lalu
lol the ship was cool
Humberto Marquez
Humberto Marquez 13 hari yang lalu
I have a similar story it is not as bad. On 4th of july my neighbors were using illegal firework and a tree in a house caught on fire and the owner of the house was using a hose to set it off but it did not work. The firefighters had to come
Michelle Alvarez Lavender
Michelle Alvarez Lavender 13 hari yang lalu
Yes we did not have any other plans for tomorrow night
Neil Patel
Neil Patel 13 hari yang lalu
Twisted Kit
Twisted Kit 13 hari yang lalu
And this is why I’m afraid of fireworks
maria folivi
maria folivi 13 hari yang lalu
I feel really bad
FireFlyホタル 13 hari yang lalu
*Anyone hear Gunshots during the 4th of July?*
emikah-rae 13 hari yang lalu
the girl is stupid not to do something about it first thing
Austyn Jiraphat
Austyn Jiraphat 13 hari yang lalu
Thank You for now making me scared of even going 25m away from fireworks
Epic Daviii
Epic Daviii 14 hari yang lalu
At the end eye said stay away from illegal fireworks and the walks up to one and puts a bucket of water on it “Great advice thanks”
Sonia Santos Santos
Sonia Santos Santos 14 hari yang lalu
Why did you didnt use water
Jordan Nicholson
Jordan Nicholson 14 hari yang lalu
why does these storybooth people always cry? -_-
Crazyfire 14 hari yang lalu
2:04 she looks like a boy
sorowful dilo remade
sorowful dilo remade 14 hari yang lalu
Rest in peace your friend (MICHALA idk how to spell) HER HAIR IS ROASTED WEH WEH WEH
McFleury GaminZ
McFleury GaminZ 15 hari yang lalu
I remember that 2 years ago at our fourth of july, 1 firework was defective and it hit my best friend, my house, my chair, and my ankle. Now I am scared by it for LIFE.
Amy Ni
Amy Ni 15 hari yang lalu
What the fuck there is a store called illegal fireworks
Happy Doggy
Happy Doggy 15 hari yang lalu
This is why they are ILLEGAL!
Ethel Adamson
Ethel Adamson 15 hari yang lalu
Don't u mean 5th november
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 15 hari yang lalu
wow the parents could’ve sued the fuck out of them
mr pro
mr pro 15 hari yang lalu
Karlia Herbig
Karlia Herbig 16 hari yang lalu
Poor makayla
Noah Perdue
Noah Perdue 16 hari yang lalu
Shit we used to just fucking throw the big ass mortors at each other and burn each other and shit hell we even burned an old house down
steezy kane
steezy kane 16 hari yang lalu
After this uploaded 2 days later was my birthday
Martha Palma
Martha Palma 16 hari yang lalu
Girl do you now da wea
karategirlcass 16 hari yang lalu
#realatble my hair caught of fire 🔥 one time too
Vanessa Young
Vanessa Young 16 hari yang lalu
Hey my name is makaylah but you can call me makayla
educanba1 16 hari yang lalu
Heehehehehehehehegegeheg hwyehetetey h y uekGosh
educanba1 16 hari yang lalu
I love you
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