$1 Street Food Around The World

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From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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13 Sep 2018

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Ano Nymous
Ano Nymous Menit Yang lalu
in sweden you get nothing at all outside if you want anything else than a hamburger on mc donalds
KubaByali 4 menit yang lalu
Man: Ketchup, mustard ? Woman: Yes
Άννα Μαγιάτη
Άννα Μαγιάτη 4 menit yang lalu
Greek street food🇬🇷
ysabel gacha lover
ysabel gacha lover 7 menit yang lalu
Can you do Philippines
Maximus russo
Maximus russo 8 menit yang lalu
Sandwiched in between two breads aka a sandwich
kubobubo 10 menit yang lalu
Where is czech republik and Slovakia?
Idiot Eve
Idiot Eve 14 menit yang lalu
Chocolate y churros! We had those in Spanish class shame it wasn’t in this!
ElenaSerba 17 menit yang lalu
So... The Spanish one is called porra, not porro. Porro actually refers to a joint 😂😂.
Ikhsan Nur
Ikhsan Nur 18 menit yang lalu
In indonesia u can buy 7 indomies
BinEat 18 menit yang lalu
G4S 29 menit yang lalu
In iceland u get 1 chupa chups
Potato Sack
Potato Sack 32 menit yang lalu
This made me so hungry
Oskar9b 34 menit yang lalu
Am i the only one who got disturbed by the indian guy not having gloves on? ;--;
Lucas Oliveira Lacerda
Lucas Oliveira Lacerda 35 menit yang lalu
Brazil please !!!
TakedisL 35 menit yang lalu
Meanwhile im Canada you cant get anything with $1😭
Anhur Rubio Fernández
Anhur Rubio Fernández 36 menit yang lalu
Actually it's called porra not porro and it is also quite overpriced.
Ella Rydon
Ella Rydon 37 menit yang lalu
Is it just me but now I’m so hungry.
MaskedMildew 38 menit yang lalu
88 cents for those delicious pork buns!! That sounds so good.
zig6973 40 menit yang lalu
Trinidad "doubles" $0.71
Yoda 40 menit yang lalu
miguel angel maillo
miguel angel maillo 40 menit yang lalu
In Spain the "porro" cost 0,50 euros or 0,58 dollars
Gradiantsim1080p 49 menit yang lalu
Meanwhile in Denmark: Me: Can i have a hot dog? Worker: Yup. That will be 6$ Me: 🤨🤨🤨🤨
Sammie Lee
Sammie Lee 56 menit yang lalu
Where’s Thailand 🇹🇭 what we get for 1 baht is the weighing machine lol but 1 baht is like 1 pence sooo
Marcell Sipos
Marcell Sipos 59 menit yang lalu
Thai roti is awesome!
Nayeem180 TecHy
Nayeem180 TecHy Jam Yang lalu
Where is Bangladesh?
Tess van Alphen
Tess van Alphen Jam Yang lalu
Dutch street food pls❤❤
Shut Up
Shut Up Jam Yang lalu
In Perú you can buy your entire breakfast xD Soy milk + bread with (here is a lot of options) Or coffee with bread Or two tamales There's a lot of options 😂
drew 28
drew 28 Jam Yang lalu
And of course you skipped anything African....smh.
Beastin Out
Beastin Out Jam Yang lalu
Korea or France( I dont know if france has $1 food)
sean li
sean li Jam Yang lalu
Nyc hot dogs are the best even though I don't eat them as much as when I was little anymore. Something about a hot dog served from an ice cream cartish cart makes it weirdly taste better.
sean li
sean li Jam Yang lalu
It works in English but I like being extra
sean li
sean li Jam Yang lalu
Chinese pork buns are amazing and best by far when you ask for it in chinese.
Jort Manshanden
Jort Manshanden Jam Yang lalu
Jort Manshanden
Jort Manshanden Jam Yang lalu
or kroket
hsiu4425 Jam Yang lalu
$0.88 for 6 pork buns!? propbaly 3.99/2.99 in the US...
Trotskist Jam Yang lalu
Ждал шавуху
MaryMP Jam Yang lalu
It would be so cool if some european countrys were there :( like France, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria etc..
Rudy ArbuziQ
Rudy ArbuziQ Jam Yang lalu
Next Poland?!
CopyCat :3
CopyCat :3 Jam Yang lalu
Now im hungry
Roshni 2 jam yang lalu
Pav bhaji 😋
Thobile Thwala
Thobile Thwala 2 jam yang lalu
Can we get South African
Quaztry 2 jam yang lalu
I thought they’re gonna give you 🐶 in China for one dollar. But, dumplings are actually good for one dollar.
Mo Hak
Mo Hak 2 jam yang lalu
The fake acting is extra
Leon Unrecht
Leon Unrecht 2 jam yang lalu
Pleas germany ist great or babaria
Md. Masud Rana
Md. Masud Rana 2 jam yang lalu
Visit in Bangladesh
Alexa & stuff
Alexa & stuff 2 jam yang lalu
In the Mexico one I thought he was gonna get an elote since their 15-18 pesos depending on the size
GAME SLASH 2 jam yang lalu
Ска слюни текут Хабать хочу
DaTimeMuffin 2 jam yang lalu
viki goceva
viki goceva 2 jam yang lalu
Can you do Buldaria as well??
Yanngame06 2 jam yang lalu
Brazil ?
josehim7x 2 jam yang lalu
Tripleta of Puerto Rico :")
GamingIn&Out 2 jam yang lalu
1 EURO IS NOT 1 DOLLAR!!!!! ^^ :P
Thomas Arya
Thomas Arya 2 jam yang lalu
don't you forget about the Indonesian Fried Rice dude
De Game Bro's
De Game Bro's 2 jam yang lalu
Go to Belgium for real Belgian fries !!
itz NatioNinjaz
itz NatioNinjaz 2 jam yang lalu
피반 2 jam yang lalu
Well; I would recommend Odeng which is fish cake served with its soup made with seafood, 1 piece costs round 55 cents ;) Others might be like tteok bokki, kimbap, ramyeon, etc;
Joerginho XzX
Joerginho XzX 2 jam yang lalu
Italy ?????
Kelly vlogs
Kelly vlogs 2 jam yang lalu
JonnyTZG 2 jam yang lalu
DeuzeSee 2 jam yang lalu
Goto, or some deep fried hard boiled quail eggs enveloped in flour.
MyUserNameNotThis 2 jam yang lalu
Ok ID-vid i watched it *LEAVE ME ALONE*
Potato-Chan :3
Potato-Chan :3 3 jam yang lalu
Mmmm I love Churos And nachos AND SUSHI
ČłøùtĒdītš Yep
ČłøùtĒdītš Yep 3 jam yang lalu
Al_xz Games123
Al_xz Games123 3 jam yang lalu
Mcdonalds fast food? No 0:17 this both Fast food? God yes
Tøxic DînØ
Tøxic DînØ 3 jam yang lalu
Pali_KEKOKAZZOM 3 jam yang lalu
In Palestine 🇵🇸 it’s humus and falafel
노영상으로 구독자1000찍기 가능?
R u sure? No Korea here??? Hey korea's street foods are the best ever.......
Oda Kuşu
Oda Kuşu 3 jam yang lalu
in Turkey you can buy 8 bottles of water with one dollar try there
Lil Sabre
Lil Sabre 3 jam yang lalu
I was hoping you could show romania with "mici"
TRIZsTANDs demonx
TRIZsTANDs demonx 3 jam yang lalu
Thats expensive for them at that country
bendy the little devil
bendy the little devil 3 jam yang lalu
i want... ALL OF THEM!
Neon 3 jam yang lalu
In Brasil u can buy 10g of weed for 1 dollar
TRIZsTANDs demonx
TRIZsTANDs demonx 3 jam yang lalu
Tom Michal
Tom Michal 3 jam yang lalu
pleas czech republic
Zion Josh
Zion Josh 3 jam yang lalu
1 dollar for 1 indian breakfast and you need to spend 100 dollars more for a doctor !
Joanna Gousiou
Joanna Gousiou 3 jam yang lalu
In Greece you can buy a sip of water for 1€
Joanna Gousiou
Joanna Gousiou 3 jam yang lalu
Greek street food please
MrPhoenix1138 3 jam yang lalu
Lmao, a porro in Spain is a joint... that snack in the video is called "porra"
Sckratex Gaming
Sckratex Gaming 3 jam yang lalu
Try lithuania "Kebabas"
FraNaPS3 3 jam yang lalu
NY hot dogs are literally aids
khonnchettra 3 jam yang lalu
Indian food... The way they've done it, so disgusting... No offense, Indianie... I mean it!
Supreme Pkn
Supreme Pkn 3 jam yang lalu
last food , idk he touched the bread too much i wouldnt eat it ,
viola lephooka
viola lephooka 3 jam yang lalu
But... Where is pizza?
Francisco Suarez Salazar
Francisco Suarez Salazar 3 jam yang lalu
3:26 JAJAJAJAJA THAT'S SO WRONG.. Porro means Joint in Spanish, it's PORRA 😂😂
Hannah, what are you doing?
2:37 he sounded like V when he speaks Chinese
Dylan Lim
Dylan Lim 4 jam yang lalu
Penang , Malaysia!!
yolin wong
yolin wong 4 jam yang lalu
Damn the China one u get 6 buns
relivo gamer
relivo gamer 4 jam yang lalu
Szidonia Toth
Szidonia Toth 4 jam yang lalu
dannz locker
dannz locker 4 jam yang lalu
1 dollar ? = WARTEG lah hahaha
Umai Lion
Umai Lion 4 jam yang lalu
Malaysia please
Yuru Liu Fu
Yuru Liu Fu 4 jam yang lalu
loved the editing and filming style for this video
slime maker EMA
slime maker EMA 4 jam yang lalu
Try South Africa's
Anal do Zé Mendigo Gabriel
Com 1 dollar no Brasil tu compra uma tonelada de pão :)
Lastaria MSP
Lastaria MSP 4 jam yang lalu
SHOULD OF DONE GYROS FROM GREECE (probably wouldnt of been 1 euro tho... damn that shits expensive)
Lily Becker
Lily Becker 4 jam yang lalu
Nanthakishore Karappilly
Nanthakishore Karappilly 4 jam yang lalu
indian and new york city
Wolf West
Wolf West 4 jam yang lalu
Istanbul street food
Felipe Herrera
Felipe Herrera 4 jam yang lalu
with $1 in colombia you can buy a 'papa rellena' or a 'empanada' or an 'Arepa' and a 250ml Coca Cola.
Squad De Familia Goals
Squad De Familia Goals 4 jam yang lalu
Pares in the Manila,Philippines for 35Philippine Pesos($.60)
Rex_Doom Intro
Rex_Doom Intro 4 jam yang lalu
In algeria 1 sandwich for 0.10 dollar😂
TetrisLuq 4 jam yang lalu
In malaysia you can literally eat 4 nasi lemak or have a fried noodle or fried rice or chicken rice
Nabeel Ahmed
Nabeel Ahmed 4 jam yang lalu
This made me hungry
$1 Cookie Vs. $90 Cookie
2 hari yang lalu
$47 Taco Vs. $1 Taco
Tahun Yang lalu
$3 Sushi Vs. $250 Sushi
2 tahun yang lalu
£5 Kebab Vs. £925 Kebab
10 bulan yang lalu
$5 Pie Vs. $250 Pie
5 bulan yang lalu