$1 Cookie Vs. $90 Cookie

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"Cookies are an anytime food, so, no big deal."
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Pam Weekes
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23 Sep 2018

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BuzzFeedVideo 16 jam yang lalu
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Shella Geolagon
Shella Geolagon Jam Yang lalu
BuzzFeedVideo please do ramen in japan 🇯🇵 please 😍😍
Joe Ben
Joe Ben 3 jam yang lalu
if you are bored which you are i guarantee you will laugh and if you do refer this to your closest friend your day will be LITT
Teylor Perez
Teylor Perez 4 jam yang lalu
Can PLEASE meet Andrew and Steven?? You guys are absolutely AMAZING in every way!!!
LXT Vital
LXT Vital Jam Yang lalu
Why wouldn’t it be #1 trending
CultClassic/ DeadInside
Love Andrew's rendition of Glamorous at the end xD
ana mend
ana mend Jam Yang lalu
$90 dollars for a cookie thats almost 8hrs of work.
hbcublackgirl Jam Yang lalu
Was it Shane doing the voiceover for the $90 cookie?
Angela Puspita
Angela Puspita Jam Yang lalu
I guess you can say that the oat cookies are never *OAT* get it? Cuz OAT and OLD kinda sounds the same? No.......? Mkay then I just embarrassed myself °//////°
Rahul Prasad
Rahul Prasad Jam Yang lalu
1:32 that girls eyebrows are rounder than the Earth.
CaptAmerica1012 Jam Yang lalu
Let me guess, it has gold flakes and caviar?
Rahul Prasad
Rahul Prasad Jam Yang lalu
1:32 that girls eyebrows are rounder then the Earth.
Internet Dose
Internet Dose Jam Yang lalu
Cookies facts! 😭
megaman91646 Jam Yang lalu
How many types of cookies do you have here? ME: there better not be any raisin cookies Chocolate chip walnut, oatmeal raisin AHHH F*** there it is!
Tamanna Chander
Tamanna Chander Jam Yang lalu
I wouldn’t like the expensive cookie caz I hate icing ...but it is beautiful
Layla Dlynn
Layla Dlynn Jam Yang lalu
Screw the cookie. I just wanna try those real GOLD covered wings in New York. That is my life dream
worldhorizons Jam Yang lalu
adam was so cute offering the whole cookie lol
Shienara Jam Yang lalu
I love a community cookie. I also love Worth It! 😍
Anna Andal
Anna Andal Jam Yang lalu
Welcome back to Japan :)
Ellie Jones
Ellie Jones Jam Yang lalu
Yeah the episode was good and all BUT DID I HEAR SHANE MADEJ
Force0fWi11 Jam Yang lalu
"We gotta go to Japan now." **camera cut** "Ok we're in Japan now." I hate you.
aditya61273 Jam Yang lalu
Steven and Andrew should leave buzzfeed and start their own yt channel. Sure, Buzzfeed got them a start, but they would have much more freedom and in my opinion it would create a much better show. Like if you agree!
Now they are kinda running out of ideas.......
Rahman Fadhlu
Rahman Fadhlu Jam Yang lalu
Sh3she sh3
Sh3she sh3 Jam Yang lalu
Why andrew was soooo handsome❤😬
KVB Jam Yang lalu
WTF happened to Steven??
mari Jam Yang lalu
shane’s narration is why we have ryan narrating unsolved. i can’t take shane seriously lol
misskahu Jam Yang lalu
COOKIE TIME Cookies ♥️ Put you have to microwave them and make sure you have milk too.
로하 Jam Yang lalu
$90 cookie?? That sounds crazy
Yostar10 Jam Yang lalu
NO Cookie 🍪 fact!!!!!!?????☹️☹️☹️😭😭😭😢😢😿😿
Daniel Stark
Daniel Stark Jam Yang lalu
This is Bob 👶 every like means how old he would get up too
michael p etter
michael p etter Jam Yang lalu
gerry howard
gerry howard Jam Yang lalu
Victoria Ro
Victoria Ro Jam Yang lalu
"I like this cookie more than the last one because it's bigger"
Breanna Doray
Breanna Doray Jam Yang lalu
Gin and juice
CultClassic/ DeadInside
About time a cookie episode is made!
Shohana Mukherjee
Shohana Mukherjee 2 jam yang lalu
I am craving for cookies really hard right now.
Iman R
Iman R 2 jam yang lalu
Omg how do they teleport to japan?!!
Daneurism x
Daneurism x 2 jam yang lalu
Oh shut up seriously they get away with charging 100s of dollars because it took a while to draw? Psh I could do that
John John
John John 2 jam yang lalu
Can Worth It and Buzzfeed Unsolved boys swap work for a day, please?
Shitty Channel
Shitty Channel 2 jam yang lalu
Kung pinoy ka at naka attend ka na sa bday party ng max's. Alam nyo yung pinapamigay bago umuwi na cookie. Ganyan na ganyan lang yun eh. Sayang pera diyan HAHAHAHAHA no offense.
John John
John John 2 jam yang lalu
Imagine if it was Ryan instead of Shane, the cookie would’ve felt haunted lmfao
USEPROTECTION ZERO 2 jam yang lalu
Shane is My Kween
Shane is My Kween 2 jam yang lalu
Kookie from bts aaaahhhh
Ruby-Anne Whitfield
Ruby-Anne Whitfield 2 jam yang lalu
Yandere Stoner
Yandere Stoner 2 jam yang lalu
Please do a $1 condom vs $1000 condom.
Team Unfair Bear
Team Unfair Bear 2 jam yang lalu
rei is my fav ;)))
⚽️ 2 jam yang lalu
Are they forced to share items worth 1/20 of other episodes’ most expensive items?
FatGuyGaming 2 jam yang lalu
roses are red violets are blue *buzzfeed is garbage* and you know this too
asdayanafghjkleyo 2 jam yang lalu
Is that Shane
LAKSH MITTAL 2 jam yang lalu
Show this to Ramsey.. 😂 😂
gamer_ athletics
gamer_ athletics 2 jam yang lalu
Baseball fans subscribe to my ID-vid Channel. Doing a autograph giveaway at 320 subscribers
Emily H
Emily H 2 jam yang lalu
Oatmeal chocolate chip are my favorite cookies
Lukas Musinskas
Lukas Musinskas 2 jam yang lalu
I can't describe how much I love watching your videos guys!!
Jacob Chausse
Jacob Chausse 2 jam yang lalu
Why am I watching buzzfeed?
MT 2 jam yang lalu
Subscribe To Me & I'll Subscribe Back 🤗 I Have Great Music Content !
mangols12 2 jam yang lalu
1$ for a cookie? Wtf!
MT 2 jam yang lalu
Subscribe To Me & I'll Subscribe Back 🤗 I Have Great Music Content !
Mihan Suraweera
Mihan Suraweera 2 jam yang lalu
For real, it does not matter how expenive a value of an object can get, the same object can be bought for a lot less and would still fulfill your need. FOR LESSONS OF LIFE LIKE THIS- THINK ABOUT HOW YOU WILL FULLFILL YOUR LIFE
Michael Auyeung
Michael Auyeung 2 jam yang lalu
Also, Schmakerys in NY also really good and better the lowest cost option in this video. Don't believe me, go there try it yourself. You welcome
MT 2 jam yang lalu
Subscribe To Me & I'll Subscribe Back 🤗 I Have Great Music Content !
Joshua Kahky
Joshua Kahky 2 jam yang lalu
Adam.... You gotta hit the gym bud
MT 2 jam yang lalu
Subscribe To Me & I'll Subscribe Back 🤗 I Have Great Music Content !
R L 2 jam yang lalu
MT 2 jam yang lalu
Subscribe To Me & I'll Subscribe Back 🤗 I Have Great Music Content !
Gaetan Mermet-Grandfille
Gaetan Mermet-Grandfille 2 jam yang lalu
Weird, I always thought people who judge things by their price are esspecially the ones who are the less qualifyied to judge.
MT 2 jam yang lalu
Subscribe To Me & I'll Subscribe Back 🤗 I Have Great Music Content !
RacingTurtleFilms 2 jam yang lalu
Oh boy....I wonder which one they will pick. -_-
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 2 jam yang lalu
G I M M E. T H E. C O O K Ë
Saumya singla
Saumya singla 2 jam yang lalu
Damn, the pronunciation of mazedar is hilarious.
Juan Nerphfhf
Juan Nerphfhf 2 jam yang lalu
$90 Cockie
Philosophy 2 jam yang lalu
Kaitlin Moucka
Kaitlin Moucka 2 jam yang lalu
You guys should do a chocolate chip cookie episode. I would love to see the different types of chocolate different bakeries have! 💙
Michael Auyeung
Michael Auyeung 2 jam yang lalu
Cmon guys you should have gone to Insomnia Cookies for the lowest cost cookies. Easily the best and most affordable cookies in NYC. They even deliver nationwide.
Trash I
Trash I 2 jam yang lalu
I’m fine with with a McDonald’s cookie , Thank you
Dylan mclachlan
Dylan mclachlan 2 jam yang lalu
is no one going to address the fact that there wasn't any cookie facts?
Niyi Ayedun
Niyi Ayedun 2 jam yang lalu
Andrew had on Phineas’ shirt in Japan😂
terasuu 2 jam yang lalu
"can i feed you?" "no"
Blipy 2 jam yang lalu
victory royale!
DecemberGalaxy 2 jam yang lalu
Omg Shane's voiceover and Andrew's glamorous cover at the end LOL
Lalain Mashood
Lalain Mashood 2 jam yang lalu
annie is gorgeous wtf
Der Xiong
Der Xiong 2 jam yang lalu
Cookie fact ?????????
Niamh Maxwell
Niamh Maxwell 2 jam yang lalu
come to New Zealand
Koalzdzn 2 jam yang lalu
8:41 does anyone know the name of this song? I love how funky it is
Young Dogo
Young Dogo 2 jam yang lalu
I only clicked on this video to say who in the right fuckng mind buys a $90 cookie. Whet possessed u to say "hey let's buy an over priced cookie to see if it's better the A one dollar cookie" also I would not pay a dollar for that little cookie.
Yami Yugi
Yami Yugi 2 jam yang lalu
Only have enough to afford Oreos:/
Gagan Saini
Gagan Saini 2 jam yang lalu
Even if I was a millionaire.... I doubt I would be buying a "$90" cookie...
TheRAMBO9191 2 jam yang lalu
Chuck Fontenot
Chuck Fontenot 2 jam yang lalu
Hungry!!!! Q's dropping Crumbs that can save your Freedoms. Invest in freedom it invested in You
lin sam
lin sam 2 jam yang lalu
Ronald Pierre Louis
Ronald Pierre Louis 2 jam yang lalu
clash royaler
clash royaler 2 jam yang lalu
11 view, clicks on it 1.4m views
TakodaRA 2 jam yang lalu
I really want a chocolate chip cookie without chocolate chips.
Almighty G
Almighty G 2 jam yang lalu
Sauce waka OWEEE
Jannat Karim
Jannat Karim 2 jam yang lalu
"mazedar" means tasty bruh!
Gordon Vo
Gordon Vo 2 jam yang lalu
Number 1 on trending
Captain Buggy
Captain Buggy 2 jam yang lalu
I love how the trio has came closer and closer together over the course of this series.
Rock The Casbah
Rock The Casbah 2 jam yang lalu
This was so WORTH THE WATCH! I love watching all of you guys! Congrats on Trending #1 ❤️
Kayfam 2 jam yang lalu
i now want cookies
Annabelle Lecter
Annabelle Lecter 2 jam yang lalu
1$ enema vs 100000$ enema
Hemaima Proctor
Hemaima Proctor 2 jam yang lalu
Adam silently offering the rest of the rooster cookie to Annie CUTIE
Aseenah Rasulalah
Aseenah Rasulalah 2 jam yang lalu
Levain, please use gloves (My germaphobe self is screaming)
Max Marx
Max Marx 2 jam yang lalu
What does the Asian chick do on these worth it episodes? (Not Ree)
Stoop 2 jam yang lalu
I thought the title said $90 coochie
Gordon Vo
Gordon Vo 2 jam yang lalu
I want a cookie...let’s go to Tokyo
Tae Baby
Tae Baby 2 jam yang lalu
thats what she said 11:25
Matthew Lopez
Matthew Lopez 2 jam yang lalu
*Cookie Monster is T R I G G E R E D*
Nathan Prado
Nathan Prado 2 jam yang lalu
We'd be in Sweden and I'd eat a bit of gold covered poo from the queen of England... And I'd choose my eyes...
Gg 2 jam yang lalu
You didn't get any at Subway :(((
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